Chapter 810: Victor as King!

Chapter 810: Victor as King!

When Wen Bin and Chu Miaodan flashed away, the mental fortitude Illusory Demon Sect had when they invaded immediately collapsed.

"Return to the sect!"

The members of Illusory Demon Sect passed messages among themselves, shouting as they drove their chariots and ships to hurriedly flee from the island that used to belong to Pan Family.

"Big Brother Xue! Teng Ming is dead!" Mo Jun's anger burned in his eyes.

Xue Li trembled before he instantly became outraged. The Bloodthirsty Dragon roared as he flew with it into the air.

"Wen Bin! Do not think you can leave so easily!"

He used all his strength to charge in Wen Bin's direction. He wanted to injure Wen Bin even more severely.

At this time, Wen Bin was greatly wounded after the Spirits of Void and Chaos had consumed his two-level Soul Altar’s five element essence. He was in a poor state.

When he broke through the "Blood Arts: Soul Shackle," he forcibly used the power of the Soul Altar, causing his wounds to deepen.

As a result, even though Xue Li knew he wasn’t Wen Bin’s match, he still took the opportunity, confident in being able to deal him an ever greater blow.

Thus, Xue Li charged forward without any hesitation.

"Kill! Kill! Kill them all!"

Mo Jun shouted. He, Hong Bowen, Meng Feng, the surviving Blood Fiend Ten Elders, and the martial practitioners of Blood Fiend Sect used their abilities to chase after the fleeing Illusory Demon Sect members.

"Chase them."

Riding a crystalline war chariot, Qin Lie floated high above the water and sent an order to the eight god corpses with his soul.

The god corpses burning with blaze divine fire couldn't have won if they continued to fight against the two-level Soul Altar Wen Bin.

However, if it was just chasing after the fleeing Illusory Demon Sect members, there was no difficulty for the eight god corpses.

After receiving Qin Lie's order, the eight god corpses separated. They rode the wind and waved their enormous hands, dragging down Illusory Demon Sect's large flying artifacts.

Many crystalline war chariots, carriages, and spirit birds were destroyed by the giants’ hands.

The chariots had been blown into smithereens, falling down along with mingled flesh, bones and blood.

After Wen Bin and Chu Miaodan had abandoned them, the fleeing members of Illusory Demon Sect didn't have any ability to fight back. The eight god corpses massacred them.

Qin Lie looked on coldly.

The six Spirits of Void and Chaos excitedly returned to him after devouring five element essences from Wen Bin and Chu Miaodan's Soul Altars.

"Yiya! Yiyayiya..."

They excitedly waved their hands. They told Qin Lie about their joy after ranking up and the deliciousness of the two Soul Altars.

This time, Qin Lie could easily understand their strange language.

"After entering rank six, you can consume the five element essences inside Soul Altars? If beings with Soul Altars release them from the sea of consciousness, the Soul Altars will become your prey? They can become delicious food that can help you evolve?"

"When you become strong enough and reach rank seven, if you burrow into those Soul Altars, they cannot pull their Soul Altars back into their sea of consciousness?

"You.. will eat all of the five element essence corresponding to your element and the thunder type spirit materials from their Soul Altars?"

"When you reach rank nine, you will have the ability to force your way into their Soul Altars by infiltrating sea of consciousness of high level beings?"

"Later in your evolution, you primarily live by eating Soul Altars? The pure materials inside Soul Altars are your power sources for breaking through?"

Qin Lie silently listened to the six Spirits of Void and Chaos proudly describing their abilities to him.

After reaching sixth stage of their evolution, the connection between him and the six Spirits of Void and Chaos became even closer. He started to understand their language and know what they thought.

He also gradually realized the terrifying nature of the Spirits of Void and Chaos.

When these six Spirits of Void and Chaos described their present abilities and the abilities they would have in the future, Qin Lie suddenly became silent.

This silence remained for a long time.

He finally understood why Hester of the Asura Race had put so much importance on the Spirits of Void and Chaos and had been so nervous.

Unusual beings that lived on consuming the Soul Altars of other high-level beings were the most evil and terrifying heresy in the world. Just the ability to eat Soul Altars alone was enough for the Spirits of Void and Chaos to be more terrifying than all the evil spirits in the Ruined Lands!

Other than that, the Spirits of Void and Chaos could live within powerful spirit artifacts as artifact souls and could search for all kinds of treasures of the world.

Their blood also had many mysterious uses. When their blood was mixed with top-level spirit material, they could be forged into god level spirit artifacts.

The Spirits of Void and Chaos weren't just treasure all over with miraculous uses, they were able to consume Soul Altars. This meant that they could help him gain great advantages if he fought against Soul Altar experts in the future.

With the Spirits of Void and Chaos, the great majority of Soul Altar experts would not dare to release their Soul Altars when facing him.

Very often, terrifying spirit arts could only be cast when the Soul Altar was released from the sea of consciousness to fully express the power of a martial practitioner.

With these six little guys by his side, in the future, no one would dare to release their Soul Altar.

This was an astounding intimidation.

"Luckily I wasn't shocked by Hester back then and didn’t fall into temptation after his offer to give them away for Asura Race to raise." Qin Lie inwardly celebrated.

He finally realized the value of the Spirits of Void and Chaos. He decided that no matter how many spirit materials these six little guys needed for their advancement, he would do his best to provide.

With the Spirits of Void and Chaos, no matter how much he invested into them, he would only profit.

"Forces... Copper rank forces, Silver rank forces… In the end, only powerful forces can intimidate their enemies and protect their revenue streams, whether it be spirit stones or spirit materials. To help the six little guys evolve, Flaming Sun Island has to become even stronger and gather even more wealth and resources!"

At this time, Song Tingyu and Xie Jingxuan rode the Flowing Gold Fire Phoenix to slowly come close.

Ge Rongguang bowed towards him from far away. "Island Master Qin! This one is Ge Rongguang, starting from today, I swear to join Flaming Sun Island!"

"This one is Wu Siyuan, I swear to join Flaming Sun Island. As long as Flaming Sun Island exists, I will never betray it!"

"This one, Mao Yi, is willing to become a part of Flaming Sun Island!"

"This one..."

Dozens of Fulfillment and Fragmentation Realm martial practitioners bowed with folded hands on that Flowing Gold Fire Phoenix as they sincerely requested.

They requested to enter Flaming Sun Island, become a member of Flaming Sun Island, and live and die for Flaming Sun Island.

Qin Lie, who had been worried that there were not enough people and they didn't have enough middle-ranking manpower, hurriedly said with bright eyes, "Everyone, you are too polite."

On a fire phoenix, Song Tingyu smiled brightly and then said to those people, "Seniors, I hope that you can join our ranks with the status of foreign delegates. In the future, as long as you are on Flaming Sun Island, we will help you design your own spirit artifacts, and we will also be responsible for all the spirit materials you need for your cultivation."

"But, when Flaming Sun Island encounters a strong enemy, you will not stand by and watch.

"Even if the enemy is Illusory Demon Sect which you used to be part of, you must put your life on the line to fight for Flaming Sun Island!"

"I hope that you will think this matter over!"

Song Tingyu's smile faded as she continued to speak, and her expression became grave and focused.

"We have thought it over! We pledge to advance and retreat with Flaming Sun Island in the future! As for Illusory Demon Sect, from this moment forth, they will be our enemies!"

A martial practitioner whose brother had been killed by Chu Miaodan's pink crystal Soul Altar shouted, his eyes completely red.

"It’s the same for us!"

"We agree!"

"In the future, Illusory Demon Sect will be our enemy. We will advance and retreat with Flaming Sun Island!"

 More relatives and friends of the martial practitioners that Chu Miaodan killed to make an example expressed their attitudes in fury.

"Good! In the future, you will be a part of Flaming Sun Island!" Qin Lie shouted.

"Island Master Qin, congratulations on winning against Illusory Demon Sect and forcing Wen Bin and Chu Miaodan to flee. We are honored to have witnessed this great matter that will soon shake the world! This one is Xin’ah of Eclipse Sun Island. Would you spare us some time to discuss cooperation between our forces?"

“Congratulations to Flaming Sun Island, and Island Master Qin. I am Liao Shan of Heavenly Snake Valley, I hope to also have a discussion with Island Master Qin."

"This one is Jiao Shen of Scarlet Cloud Island. I also wish to discuss a partnership with Island Master Qin. Is this a good time?"

"This one..."

The leaders of different forces suddenly flooded in from all directions, giving congratulations in loud voices as they moved in with amiable expressions.

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