Chapter 809: Soul Altar Devourers!

Chapter 809: Soul Altar Devourers!

The six Spirits of Void and Chaos suddenly disappeared from Qin Lie's side.

In this entire world, other than Qin Lie, no one else seemed capable of detecting their whereabouts.

On the island, the martial practitioners that belonged to different forces widened their eyes, releasing their soul consciousness as they searched around. They wanted to see what these six strange beings were doing.

But one could see them or feel them.

Only Wen Bin and Chu Miaodan, the two Imperishable Realm experts who had taken out their Soul Altars out of their sea of consciousness, felt a strong feeling of anxiousness after the Spirits of Void and Chaos disappeared.

They suddenly felt restless as though something terrifying was about to happen to them.

This was a wondrous precognition only Soul Altar experts had.

Several lights flashed in Qin Lie's view that suddenly moved towards Chu Miaodan's pink crystal Soul Altar.

Many intelligent people directed their attention at him after failing to find the six Spirits of Void and Chaos.

They noticed where Qin Lie was looking.

Consequently, their gazes followed Qin Lie's gaze to gather on Chu Miaodan's pink crystal Soul Altar.

Two blurry figures silently appeared inside the one-level pink Soul Altar.

If one looked closely, they would find a small golden beast and a bright silver snake.

"Those are..." Miao Yangxu shouted first.


Chu Miaodan suddenly let out a terrified scream.

As she screamed, she gathered all of her soul power. The souls inside her Soul Altar moved to catch the two outsiders who had charged in.

She recognized these two beings. They were the strange beings that had floated around Qin Lie previously.

"What are these things?!"

Almost at the same time, four blurry figures appeared inside Wen Bin's two-level storm Soul Altar.

The dark shadows gradually manifested into a small tree person, a miniature Fire Qilin, and an infant ant-eater. A thunder crystal beast could be seen too.

These were the other four Spirits of Void and Chaos.

"Crack crack! Crack crack!"

The hair-raising sounds of chewing and bones breaking came from Chu Miaodan and Wen Bin's Soul Altars.

They were horrified. The Soul Altars they had used countless treasures to form and nourish with their very own soul, flesh and blood were currently being consumed by the Spirits of Void and Chaos.

"No! Stop!"

Chu Miaodan shouted hysterically. At this time, she had no more energy to contain Xue Li within the Thousand Illusion Treasure Flag.

The flapping flags lost their source of spirit power. Adding the loss of soul consciousness to control them, the illusory world immediately collapsed.

Xue Li, who had been struggling in that illusory world, and the Bloodthirsty Dragon he rode charged out.

On the other side. The storm fiend spirits who flew out of Wen Bin's stormSoul Altar suddenly disappeared for no apparent reason

Chu Miaodan and Wen Bin looked in terror at their Soul Altars. They looked at the mysterious beings who had invaded and tried to do all they could to kill them.

Their soul consciousness should have absolute control over their Soul Altars, yet that control was being suppressed at the time.

After the Spirits of Void and Chaos charged in, their soul thoughts became sluggish, and all kinds of powerful spirit arts and techniques that relied on the Soul Altar to be cast could no longer be used.

A terrifying feeling of their Soul Altars escaping their control and ultimately being separated came from deep within their souls.

They had never been more terrified.

The Soul Altar was the basis of an Imperishable Realm martial practitioner. It was their life and soul, the core of a martial practitioner's great power.

Damage to the Soul Altar was a dozen times more serious than damage to physical body!

At this time, the six Spirits of Void and Chaos were inside their Soul Altars, eating spirit materials of the five elements that had been used to create them.

The structure of the majority of Soul Altars was made from materials of the five elements. The six Spirits of Void and Chaos targeted the essence of the metal, wood, fire, water, earth, and thunder elements inside the Soul Altars.

They consumed their respective element’s spirit materials.

When Chu Miaodan and Wen Bin built their Soul Altars, they mixed several types of spirit materials. Those rare spirit materials had become a part of their Soul Altar.

When the five element essence was consumed, this meant that the Soul Altar was immediately damaged, causing them to suffer wounds as well.

If Hester of the Asura Race was here and saw the six Spirits of Void and Chaos successfully rank up, he wouldn't dare to even let his Soul Altar out of his sea of consciousness even with his three-level Soul Altar cultivation.

Only a few people knew that the Spirits of Void and Chaos possessed another, dreadful name—Soul Altar devourers.

Even in the ancient era, experts that reached the Imperishable Realm and created their Soul Altar didn't dare to let their Soul Altars out of their sea of consciousness when the Spirits of Void and Chaos were present.

When the Soul Altar was inside the martial practitioner's sea of consciousness and surrounded by layers of consciousness, even “Soul Altar devourers”, the Spirits of Void and Chaos, could not easily come in and devour them.

But if the Soul Altars were revealed without the protection of the sea of consciousness, they were completely defenseless against the Spirits of Void and Chaos.

The Spirits of Void and Chaos who had just entered the sixth rank could easily infiltrate such defenseless Soul Altars.

Also, Wen Bin and Chu Miaodan didn't know that the Spirits of Void and Chaos had this terrifying trait and the reputation of being "Soul Altar devourers."

While they instinctively sensed danger, they did not put away their Soul Altar in time, nor did they use any spirit energy barriers to defend their Soul Altars.

The moment the Spirits of Void and Chaos invaded the two Soul Altars, the spirits disrupted the duo's control of their Soul Altars with their natural ability. They consumed five element essence, damaging the Soul Altars.

The arts performed with the Soul Altar that Wen Bin and Chu Miaodan used became ineffective.

"Put away your Soul Altar! Quick, put it away!"

Over from Illusory Demon Sect's side, Shi Xiuling saw the situation and shouted loudly.

Wen Bin and Chu Miaodan finally reacted. They furiously urged the Soul Altars and pulled them back towards their sea of consciousness.

The two Soul Altars floated and slowly flew towards their brow.

"Big Brother Xue! Attack them!" Mo Jun bellowed.

Xue Li, who had broken free of the Thousand Illusion Treasure Flag and rode the Bloodthirsty Dragon had yet to take out of Soul Altar in battle.

Right now, he could only use the power of the bottommost level of that seven-level Soul Altar. He had difficulties moving the Soul Altar so he didn't copy Chu Miaodan and Wen Bin in sending out the Soul Altar to fight.

The six Spirits of Void and Chaos ignored him as a result.

Otherwise, his seven-level Soul Altar would have driven the six Spirits of Void and Chaos mad. They would have immediately charged towards to him.

"Blood Arts: Soul Shackle!"

Balls of blood energy floated out of Xue Li's body to form a great power that could lure the blood and restrain the soul.

Bloody light landed like a bloody barrier.

Wen Bin and Chu Miaodan's Soul Altars became extremely slow when the enormous bloody shield landed as though countless hands were grabbing at the Soul Altars.

The six Spirits of Void and Chaos took the opportunity to continue eating the five element essence inside the Soul Altars.

Wen Bin and Chu Miaodan watched as their Soul Altars they had spent immeasurable amount of effort and time on became even more damaged. Their eyes turned red in urgency, and they almost let go of any restraints to fight Xue Li.

However, the six Spirits of Void and Chaos were like a bloody sword at their necks.

Able to take their lives at any time.

No matter how indignant they felt, how discontent or angry, they could only withdraw.

"Xue Li! Qin Lie! Our enmity is irreconcilable! As long as I, Wen Bin, live, I will do my absolute best to kill you! Next time, I will not even give Nan Zhengtian face!"

Wen Bin spat out a mouthful of blood. Storm fiend spirits flew out of the Soul Altar. When the spirits appeared, they spun wildly and exploded into countless wind blades.

The wind blade howled as they tore apart the enormous bloody shield in the sky. They rendered Xue Li's “Blood Arts: Soul Shackle” useless.

At the same time, Wen Bin and Chu Miaodan used all of their strength and finally managed to pull their Soul Altar back between their brows.

The six Spirits of Void and Chaos disappeared a moment before the two Soul Altars disappeared into their seas of consciousness.

"All members of Illusory Demon Sect, retreat immediately!"

Once he put away his Soul Altar, Wen Bin turned into a gray gust of wind, called out, and then charged in the direction of Illusory Demon Sect.

"Return to the sect!"

Chu Miaodan followed closely. She didn't dare to linger after putting away her Soul Altar and hurriedly left.

They didn't even bother covering Shi Xiuling and Wen He’s retreat.

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