Chapter 808: Beautiful Evolution!

Chapter 808: Beautiful Evolution!

Qin Lie looked around him.

The first thing he saw was the eight god corpses that ran out of divine flames. The god corpses were obviously lacking in combat strength as they made their way towards the island at a pace slower than norm.

The moment he saw that the god corpses had ran out of divine flames and the Illusory Demon Sect disciples still around, he realized that the situation was bad.

He then shifted his gaze downward.

At the island that was supposed to belong to the Pan Family, an old Blood Fiend Sect martial practitioner was gushing blood in midair. It made him look like the source of a blood stream that was pouring down from the sky.

The person no longer had any life in him.

“Old Teng!”

Hong Bowen’s eyes were red as his short and plump figure trembled softly along with his lips.

Qin Lie immediately recalled it being the surname of one of the Blood Fiend Ten Elders. He realized that the person Hong Bowen called “Old Teng” was probably Teng Ming of the Blood Fiend Ten Elders at the middle stage of the Nirvana Realm.

When Teng Ming fell, gray energy trailed behind his bleeding body.

It was obvious that he was killed by Wen Bin’s storm powers.

“Wen Bin has set his eyes on Bian Tao next.” Lu Yi frowned slightly.

It was another Blood Fiend Ten Elder who shared the same size and clothes as Hong Bowen. The man was spreading his blood red palms that looked like dustpans.

When he swung his arms around, blood red light swept all across the area and caused the Illusory Demon Sect martial practitioners to scream while retreating.

This person was called Bian Tao, and he was the Blood Fiend Ten Elder closest to Hong Bowen.

Right now, Wen Bin seemed to be wanting to devour Bian Tao in one gulp with his gray colored two-level storm Soul Altar.

“I’ll kill him!”

Hong Bowen finally couldn’t restrain himself any longer as he transformed into a ray of bloody light and flew towards the island.

Right now, the Blood Fiend Sect martial practitioners within a few hundred meters of distance from Wen Bin were all cut by sharp wind blades and storms. Their bodies were littered with bloody wounds that went as deep as the bones.

Many Netherpassage and Fulfillment Realm martial practitioners were instantly turned into bloody skeletons by the wind blades.

Surprisingly, the Blood Spear martial practitioners didn’t draw Wen Bin’s crazed ire despite being an entire level weaker than Blood Fiend Sect and lacking even a Nirvana Realm expert.

Perhaps these Blood Spear martial practitioners were just irrelevant to him.

After all, his objective was to destroy Blood Fiend Sect’s greatest strength in the shortest time possible.

“If you cannot stop Wen Bin from slaughter, then Blood Fiend Sect and Flaming Sun Island will be eliminated from the Land of Chaos after this battle.”

Lu Yi, the Blood Fiend Ten Elder who had forcefully jolted him awake from his cultivation said calmly with a calm tone and expression. He looked like an outsider who didn’t care about Blood Fiend Sect’s existence in the least.

Lu Yi was in fact unmoved.

Although Teng Ming was also a Blood Fiend Ten Elder like him, he didn’t even bat an eyelid at his death.

“Bian Tao, Hong Bowen, Mo Jun, and Meng Feng will die one after another.”

He flew away after throwing down these words. He didn’t have even the slightest resolution to defend Qin Lie in place of Hong Bowen.

 —He flew towards the direction Mo Lingye had evacuated to.

“Qin Lie! Stop Wen Bin!”

Some distance away, Song Tingyu on a Flowing Gold Fire Phoenix shouted loudly towards Qin Lie. Her beautiful face was riddled with urgency right now.

Qin Lie subconsciously looked towards that direction.

Song Tingyu, Xie Jingxuan, Ge Rongguang, many Blood Spear Guards, and martial practitioners who had sworn to serve Flaming Sun Island looked incredibly anxious.

Unfortunately, their combat strength was limited, and they wouldn’t be able to change the situation at all even if they did their best to fight the battle.

They had put all their hopes on the awakened Qin Lie.

Qin Lie’s face turned serious.

“He finally awakened, but it’s all too late. The eight god corpses no longer have enough strength to pin Wen Bin down, so he cannot take back control of the situation.”

Miao Yangxu shook his head. In his opinion, the battle was more or less done at this point.

He didn’t think the situation could be turned around.

“The reason Blood Fiend Sect and Flaming Sun Island had lost is because they lacked peak experts. If, only if they possessed two true Soul Altar experts who could restrain Chu Miaodan and Wen Bin, they may have had a chance to win this final battle.” Miao Meiyu gave her conclusion.

“Nurturing Soul Altar expert means an investment of a sea of spirit materials and a gambling with many years’ accumulation of wealth!” Miao Yangxu said seriously. “Our accumulated wealth can be ranked among the best of Copper rank forces, but even then we had to spend nearly three hundred years to accumulate the materials necessary to create the old patriarch’s one-level Soul Altar. Moreover, the old patriarch still had to borrow Jiang Zhuzhe’s strength at the very end to succeed.”

Miao Yangxu looked at his people. “And this is a successful example.”

“There were many other Copper rank forces stronger than us such as Sky Flame and Evil Eye. They too had late stage Nirvana Realm seniors who wished to create their Soul Altar and invested hundred of years of accumulated wealth.”

“Unfortunately for them, they failed.”

“Failure means loss of hundreds of years of spirit materials. It also means death of a late stage Nirvana Realm martial practitioner a sect invested many energy to raise.”

“A blow like this is practically fatal to a force.”

“However, a Copper rank force that wishes to ascend as a Silver rank force has no choice but to endure this risk not once, but many times!”

“If they fail, they must try again. If they fail again, they must try still!”

“If they succeed, if a Soul Altar expert really is born, it means that the sect has completed the ascension from a Copper rank force to a Silver rank force and risen to completely new heights!”

Miao Yangxu inhaled deeply and continued, “If Sky Flame and Evil Eye were guarded by Soul Altar experts, their great sect protecting formation would not have been destroyed by the Blue Ghoul Race so easily. It would have been a lot harder for the Blue Ghoul Race to commit mass slaughter in their domain too.”

“If that were true, Sky Flame and Evil Eye would still be standing on the Heavenly Slaughter Continent and not be eliminated by the Blue Ghoul Race!”

“As for us, the reason we dare stand here as an indifferent onlooker and not a petty force trying to curry favor with Wen Bin and Wen He by participating in this battle as cannon fodders is because our old patriarch has created a one-level Soul Altar!”

“Wen Bin did not command us to join the battle because he knows that our old patriarch has become a Soul Altar expert, and that he is close with Jiang Zhuzhe.”

“After Jiang Zhuzhe has created the third level of his Soul Altar, he immediately showed himself openly at the Ruined Lands and boasted his might. But why did neither Black Voodoo Cult nor the three great families raise an objection to his resurgence?”

“Why do you think Wen Bin dares attack the Setting Sun Islands but not fight Jiang Zhuzhe?”

Miao Yangxu threw out a series of questions.

The valley masters of the Miao Family and Miao Meiyu listened quietly without speaking.

They all wore thoughtful looks on their faces.

“Back when Moon Worshipping Cult ruled the Land of Chaos, they were considered a proper and accepted sect that was respected by thousands of other sects. Hundred millions of talented youths tried to get into their sect every day.”

“But after their decline and fall from grace, they immediately became evildoers who were hunted by all forces. Their disciples had to hide their identities and live in obscurity.”

“Before Jiang Zhuzhe had forged the third level of his Soul Altar, he only dared to hide in the dead volcanoes of Celestial Artifact Sect and operate behind the scenes. He didn’t dare to expose himself.”

“But now, has he not stepped out into the open and revealed himself as an evil spirit of the Ruined Lands? Did Black Voodoo Cult and the three great families not keep their silence?”

“This is all because he is now strong enough to change their minds.”

The Miao Family all nodded in willing submission and great understanding.

“Patriarch! Look at Qin Lie!” Miao Meiyu suddenly screamed.

At the same time, almost every martial practitioner of all forces concentrated their gaze onto Qin Lie.

Dazzling light balls of red, green, white, gold, yellow, and blue flew out from between Qin Lie’s brows. They wriggled and emanated with strong soul and life aura.

At first glance, they looked like six strange suns circling beside Qin Lie.

The scene looked extremely beautiful.

The six light balls glowed with dazzling halos, illuminating the sky in many colors and transforming it into a dreamy world of light and shadow.

“Yiya! Yiyayiya!”

Strange noises came from inside the six light balls. It was as if life was about to break out of its shell.

They were so stunned by the sight that they dared not open their eyes.

“Crack! Crack crack! Crack crack crack!”

The six light balls began to crack like chicken eggs. A lot of cracks started appearing on the glowing surface.

Suddenly, six strange life forms flew out of their respective light balls at once. The first thing they did was to consume the broken light shells. Then, they danced joyfully around Qin Lie.

For some reason, Wen Bin and Chu Miaodan who had summoned their Soul Altars in the open suddenly felt a sense of fear the moment the six strange life forms emerged from their shells.

It was as if the six life forms were a deadly threat to their exposed Soul Altars.

Wen Bin and Chu Miaodan subconsciously looked towards Qin Lie’s direction.

“Let’s see what kind of tricks you still have up your sleeves.”

Even Wen Bin had temporarily stopped trying to kill Bian Tao and focused his gloomy eyes at Qin Lie in doubt and deep thought.

Qin Lie’s many strange methods had put great pressure on him, so the moment he saw something strange happening around Qin Lie, he immediately paid great attention to it.

“Yiya! Yiyaya!”

The six Spirits of Void and Chaos circled around Qin Lie in unison and waved their tiny limbs around, seemingly trying to tell him something.

Surprisingly, Qin Lie actually could understand their strange language this time.

The Spirits of Void and Chaos were actually depicting the Soul Altars Chu Miaodan and Wen Bin had summoned out of their consciousness with their tiny limbs!

They cast frequent glances at the two Soul Altars like cats salivating at the sight of mice.

It was as if the Soul Altar that was the lifeline of a martial practitioner was an unparalleled delicacy to them!

“You want to eat them?” Qin Lie’s face looked a little unnatural.

The six Spirits of Void and Chaos nodded in unison.

“I’m worried that they’ll kill you all,” Qin Lie said again.

The six Spirits of Void and Chaos shook their heads in unison.

“In that case… go,” Qin Lie said with a bit of worry.

“Swoosh swoosh swoosh! Swoosh swoosh swoosh!”

In an instant, the six Spirits of Void and Chaos transformed into six beams of light and shadow, vanishing from sight.

Since they had taken their incorporeal, they vanished so thoroughly that not even a trace of their auras could be found.

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