Chapter 807: Moon God Guard

Chapter 807: Moon God Guard

“Not good!”

Mo Lingye looked at the battle from afar. She had not truly participated in the battle from the start until now. But when she saw Wen Bin tossing the lead god corpse away from his storm Soul Altar, her expression abruptly changed.

“Miss, the situation is bad!”

One of the Blood Fiend Ten Elders, Lu Yi had been staying inside the white bone warship, protecting Mo Lingye all this time. He too noticed the change and became anxious on the inside.

He was originally a servant of the Mo Family, and he had joined the Blood Fiend Sect along with Mo Yunwu. That was why he addressed Mo Lingye as “Miss”, and he had not changed this habit despite the passing years.

“Xue Li is still trapped inside the ‘Thousand Illusion Treasure Flag’, and Qin Lie… has suddenly become lifeless. The eight god corpses can only maintain this state for six hours, and their time… is almost up.”

Lu Yi frowned deeply as his expression grew more and more serious. He was wondering how to best protect Mo Lingye from harm.

He viewed himself as a member of the Mo Family, and he didn’t particularly care even for the life or death of Blood Fiend Sect. In his mind, Mo Lingye’s safety was his first priority, and everything else was secondary.

“Quickly, think of a way to wake Qin Lie!” Mo Lingye said urgently.

“No, I must stay by your side.” Lu Yi shook his head and ignored her instructions, “Miss, I promised your father a long time ago to defend your life to my death. To me, all is fine as long as you are alive, even if Blood Fiend Sect is to die in the process.”

His tone was incredibly firm when he said this.

“You, you single-minded lump of wood!” Mo Lingye stomped her feet anxiously.

She knew very well that Lu Yi was the strongest cultivator out of all the Blood Fiend Ten Elders even though his actual ranking wasn’t high.

The late stage Nirvana Realm Lu Yi was once taught all kinds of Blood Fiend Sect secret arts by Mo Yunwu. Besides that, he had other deadly tricks up his sleeves.

She heard from her father that he had saved Lu Yi while he was grievously wounded and taken him in as a servant.

Lu Yi had joined the Mo Family in order to repay the favor.

Mo Yunwu had never inquired Lu Yi about his past. Neither had Mo Lingye.

However, both her and her father knew that Lu Yi probably had a great background, and that the other spirit art he secretly cultivated was extremely powerful.

However, Lu Yi seldom used his old techniques and arts.

“Can you stop Chu Miaodan from focusing fully on the Thousand Illusion Treasure Flag? MoLingye asked again.

“You don’t have to worry for Xue Li, he will not be harmed. That Chu Miaodan can trap him, but there is no way she can wound him seriously. Killing him is even more of a pipedream.” Lu Yi concluded without bothering to look. “Xue Li has merged together with the Blood Progenitor’s physical body and seven-level Soul Altar. After the fusion, no one can kill him even if he cannot unleash the progenitor’s full power. His physical body and Soul Altar are by themselves the strongest spirit artifacts Xue Li can wield, so it is absolutely impossible for Chu Miaodan to kill him even if she was to exhaust all of her strength.”

“If Xue Li doesn’t come out, no one can deal with Wen Bin. Wen Bin is strong enough to change the tide of battle instantly!” Mo Lingye said urgently.

“In that case, please leave this place first while I awaken Qin Lie. I will check with him and see if he has a way to turn this around.” Lu Yi finally nodded.

Mo Lingye glanced at him, but didn’t expect him to relent. She knew that he was a single-minded person.

“Alright, I will leave for the moment. Please awaken Qin Lie for me.” While saying this, she summoned a couple of trusted aides and gave them some instructions. Then, she flew away from the white bone warship.

Right now, most of the onlookers were staring at Chu Miaodan, Wen Bin, the eight god corpses, and Qin Lie.

No one was paying any special attention to Mo Lingye’s movements.

Lu Yi stood and waited quietly until Mo Lingye went away from this dangerous place. It was only then that he sought to find an opportunity to act.

By now, Wen Bin had completely suppressed the eight god corpses. In fact, he was able to affect the ground battle.

A new storm flew out of his storm Soul Altar and transformed into a fiendish storm spirit. It rushed towards a nearby island.

The moment the fiendish spirit had descended, it set its sights on Mo Jun and spat long jets of air at him. The wind wrapped around Mo Jun immediately.

Mo Jun, publicly known as the strongest martial practitioner among the Blood Fiend Ten Elder, suddenly vanished from everyone’s eyes.

“Elder Wen is helping us!”

The Illusory Demon Sect disciples suddenly grew spirited after they saw the storm fiend  spirit.

Wen He, Shi Xiuling and Ju Ruijie became invigorated as well.

They knew very well just how destructive a two-level Soul Altar expert could be.

Without an equivalent two-level Soul Altar expert, Wen Bin alone could slaughter every martial practitioner of Flaming Sun Island and Blood Fiend Sect!

“Kill! Kill them all!”

Wen Bin shook off the eight god corpses and drove his cyclone-like two-level Soul Altar towards the island.

The fiendish storm spirits transformed into fearsome ancient beasts and let out earthshaking roars.

The losing Illusory Demon Sect disciples grew spirited at his interference.

But Blood Fiend Sect and Flaming Sun Island’s martial practitioners turned white when they saw a two-level Soul Altar expert joining the fray.

“The sky battle is the one that truly decides the final picture! The power of a top class expert exceeds all other factors!” Miao Wenfan exclaimed.

The onlookers looked very moved when they saw Wen Bin breaking out of the eight god corpses’ encirclement.

Song Tingyu, Xie Jingxuan and Ge Rongguang turned deathly pale.

No one could stop Wen Bin right now.

The moment Wen Bin stepped onto the island, all Blood Fiend Sect and Blood Spear martial practitioners would lose their lives. The Nirvana and Fragmentation Realm experts they possessed would be killed off in no time, thus allowing Illusory Demon Sect to turn around the ground battle entirely.

Hong Bowen couldn’t help but sigh deeply in depression and helplessness as he looked at the still slumbering Qin Lie.

If Qin Lie hadn’t suddenly grown quiet for almost three hours, If Qin Lie could control the Profound Thunder Heart and severely wound more Illusory Demon Sect martial practitioners...

Then Wen Bin might’ve retreated with the remainder of Illusory Demon Sect before the eight god corpses could run out of power.

—That was because Wen Bin and the rest of the Illusory Demon Sect didn’t know that the god corpses could overperform for six hours only.

Unfortunately, Qin Lie had suddenly fallen into a slumber during the most critical moment, and as a result didn’t manage to put his greatest advantage, the Profound Thunder Heart, to full use.

This enabled Wen Bin to hold out until the god corpses had ran out of divine flames.

“Truly, both our success and failure are due to the same person.” Hong Bowen thought sorrowfully.

“Eh? Lu Yi! Why have you come here? Aren’t you protecting Sister-in-law?” While lamenting, Hong Bowen suddenly noticed that Lu Yi had slipped closer and stood still behind Qin Lie.

Although Lu Yi was one of the Blood Fiend Ten Elders, he had never truly blended with the other nine people. The only thing he did was to stay by Mo Lingye’s side like a shadow.

Hong Bowen knew that Lu Yi didn’t actually care about Blood Fiend Sect. In his eyes, the ‘Miss’ Mo Lingye was his only priority. Nothing else was more important to Lu Yi than defending her from danger.

He didn’t care about doing any other task. He showed no interest towards anything else either.

Lu Yi’s sudden arrival surprised Hong Bowen greatly. He didn’t know what he was trying to do.

“I have come to awaken Qin Lie by force under the Miss’ order.”

After saying this, two blurry crescent moons abruptly appeared in Lu Yi’s eyes.

Hong Bowen was startled by this.

Before he could react, the crescent moons glowing with pure moonlight actually flew out of Lu Yi’s eyes and charged into Qin Lie’s.

They vanished into the corner of Qin Lie’s eyes in a flash.

“Moon Worshipping Cult! The Great Refining Art of Moon Essence!” Hong Bowen couldn’t stop himself from exclaiming softly.

The spirit art Lu Yi was executing was obviously Moon Worshipping Cult’s secret art, the “Great Refining Art of Moon Essence”. This secret art used the cold energy of dark moon to wash one’s soul and nurture the thoughts in one’s Soul Lake. It was a very profound spirit art.

It was rumored that the martial practitioners who were well-versed in the Great Refining Art of Moon Essence could use it to temper their soul. At its final stage, the martial practitioner could even transform their True Soul into a dark cloud that possessed all kinds of mysterious characteristics.

The martial practitioners who were given the right to cultivate the “Great Refining Art of Moon Essence” were all the most essential members of Moon Worshipping Cult. They were called “Moon God Guards” and were the strongest martial power Moon Worshipping Cult possessed.

Many years ago, Moon Worshipping Cult was the strongest Silver rank force in the entire Land of Chaos.

However, the rise of Terminator Sect and the frequent civil wars that broke out within Moon Worshipping Cult ultimately led to its decline

Many years later, Moon Worshipping Cult slowly transformed into the number one evil sect of the Land of Chaos due to some unknown reason, and all their disciples were called evil spirits as a result.

This caused the true disciples of Moon Worshipping Cult to hide their identities.

It was obvious that Lu Yi was a core member of Moon Worshipping Cult. Since he cultivated the Great Refining Art of Moon Essence, he was at least a Moon God Guard!

When Moon Worshipping Cult was still the ruler of the Land of Chaos, the Moon God Guards was its greatest martial power. They were respected by all forces.

“Moon Awakening Technique!”

Lu Yi released the crescent moons and the called out to Qin Lie with his soul. He was trying to awaken Qin Lie from his cultivation peacefully.

This was the way that dealt the least damage to the soul.

Suddenly, Lu Yi was taken by surprise. He actually saw some remnants of moon essence aura in Qin Lie’s mind when the all seeing divine light of his cold moon technique entered Qin Lie’s mind and soul.

It was a pure moon energy that a true Moon Worshipping Cult disciple could only collect from the cold moon by cultivating every night.

“Could it be…”

Ripples of emotion appeared in Lu Yi’s eyes because he thought that Qin Lie was a “surviving member” of Moon Worshipping Cult. For the first time, emotions appeared in his ever calm mind.

He didn’t know that this moon energy was leftover energy from the time Yue Ji, Shui Ji, and Ye Ji broke through Qin Lie’s memory barrier with a stream of cold moon energy.

“Wake up.”

The crescent moons abruptly exploded into many mysterious crescent-shaped soul characters inside Qin Lie’s mind.

Qin Lie, who was still tempering his soul with heavenly thunder was abruptly startled to wakefulness.

“Zzzt zzzt zzzt!”

The sparks on his body were instantly dispersed.

“What’s going on?” He questioned Lu Yi in dissatisfaction.

“Take a look yourself,” Lu Yi answered indifferently.

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