Chapter 806: Regathering Scattered Souls!

Chapter 806: Regathering Scattered Souls!

Illusory Demon Sect was losing the ground battle completely. The fact that they were inferior was incredibly obvious.

Illusory Demon Sect’s advantage lay on the two Soul Altar experts Wen Bin and Chu Miaodan. Moreover, they had slightly greater numbers of Nirvana and Fragmentation Realm martial practitioners.

Unfortunately, Xue Li, Qin Lie and the eight god corpses stopped their Soul Altar experts from taking any advantage.

On the other side, the explosion of dozens of Blazing Profound Bombs completely annihilated their advantage at the back.

One side had high morale, while the other side was frightened and fearful. There was no longer any doubt as to who was going to win the ground battle.

The onlookers moved their gaze away from the ground and back to the sky.

In their opinion, the ground battle was more or less settled. Plus, its result had no effect on the battle in the sky.

Right now, the sky battle was the only battle that still seemed incredibly suspenseful.

Moreover, the victor of the sky battle could instantly change the tides of the ground battle.

Everyone was starting to pay attention to the battle in the clouds.

In the sky battle, it was Xue Li versus Chu Miaodan, Wen Bin against the eight god corpses and Qin Lie in a strange state.

One of the Wen Family Nirvana Realm martial practitioners who were supposed to attack Qin Lie was severely injured. The group also noticed Meng Feng and Hong Bowen doing their best to protect him, and since Qin Lie himself seemed to be in a strange cultivation state where he stopped trying to kill their people with the terrifying Profound Thunder Heart, along with the fact that the ground battle was going badly… they actually retreated midway.

After observing for a moment and finding no incoming enemies, and since Qin Lie was cultivating, Meng Feng flew back to the island to join the ground battle.

Hong Bowen was the only one who stayed behind to protect Qin Lie.

At first, Hong Bowen tried to awaken Qin Lie so that he could put all of his focus on the ongoing battle.

Unfortunately, Qin Lie didn’t respond to his calls.

A few tries later, Hong Bowen gave up and quietly waited for Qin Lie to wake up on his own.

Just like many other people, Hong Bowen was observing the battle between Wen Bin and the eight god corpses, Xue Li and Chu Miaodan.

After Chu Miaodan had summoned the Thousand Illusion Treasure Flag, an illusory world had appeared above her Soul Altar. Both the bloody bone dragon and Xue Li had vanished after entering that world.

A huge bloody cloud seemed to be trying to break free from the white illusory world.

Unfortunately, he ultimately wasn’t able to struggle free.

Sitting on top of her pink crystalline altar, Chu Miaodan seemed to be pouring all of her mind and spirit energy into the Soul Altar while controlling the world inside with the Thousand Illusory Treasure Flag. She looked like she was trying to literally refine Xue Li to death.

She herself had her eyes completely shut like an old monk in meditation. Nothing could be seen from her face or body.

On the other hand, the battle between the eight god corpses and Wen Bin was loud, flashy, and dizzying.

The seven god corpses that looked like fire gods roared, revealing giant fiery snakes crawling all over their bodies. While clutching fiery dragon whips, they smashed the many storm fiend spirits into pieces.

The leading god corpse was actually falling on top of Wen Bin’s storm Soul Altar like a giant mountain.

In the middle of the Soul Altar that looked like a giant whirlpool or tornado was a black core. It was shooting many deadly wind blades that cut at the god corpse’s body.

Many three-legged Golden Crows were letting out cries and flying around the god corpses, conjuring all kinds of divine blaze into existence.

The boiling lava flames swam into the tornado Soul Altar like rivers. The burning heat waves and lava pools seemed to be trying to fill up Wen Bin’s Soul Altar to the brim and explode it from inside.

The eight god corpses’ clash against Wen Bin was incredibly fierce.

Wen Bin’s storm Soul Altar was constantly spitting out countless black holes that looked like they could swallow anything.

The gray storm jets gushing out of the Soul Altar looked like mouths of ancient gods and devils, attempting to devour and tear the god corpses apart.

The god corpses struggled madly while activating countless blaze divine characters on their bodies. They looked like brilliant, sparkling stars that aligned together to form many strange formations and fiery barriers that contained secrets of the world.

The god corpses were also swinging their fists and blasting Wen Bin’s storm Soul Altar with fiery rocks that looked like summoned meteors.

In an instant, the storm whirlpool disappear to reveal the true form of the gray two-level Soul Altar.

One could vaguely see that the Soul Altar made of gray brown jade stone was slightly scorched. One could even see that some flickering sparks were slowly dying inside the Soul Altar.

The god corpses’ divine flames had seeped into Wen Bin’s Soul Altar during the intense battle.

This kept Wen Bin even busier and less capable of interfering with the ground battle. He had to muster all of his strength and protect his own Soul Altar from being damaged.

“Thunder Conception, heavenly thunder tempers the body and births a thunderous soul…”

Beneath the eight slabs of Thunderblitz wood, motionless Qin Lie sat as his thoughts spun loudly with rumbling noises.

Every time there was a noise, a gray-colored thunder sphere would explode into a mist of soul tendrils. When the soul tendrils fell into the Soul Lake, they transformed back into refined soul consciousness.

The lightning bolts and thunder balls fell down from above his head and turned his surroundings into a ravaged land of lightning.

In a daze, Qin Lie felt as if he had slipped into Forefather Terminator’s thunder Soul Altar and was swimming across a world made of pure thunder and lightning.

He could clearly feel that he was tempering his soul consciousness with thunder and lightning while cultivating Thunder Conception.

Every time his tendrils of soul consciousness moved, they would ignite the thunder and lightning power inside and explode.

The hundreds of millions of thunderous explosions happening everywhere in his mind were all caused by the spinning soul thoughts.

It was utter destruction.

Every time there was an explosion, the wisp of soul consciousness would be blasted into lightning soul tendrils that fell back to the Soul Lake. There, it would regather itself once more.

The soul consciousness that had reformed itself in the Soul Lake was much stronger and purer than before. It was able to carry even bigger amounts of thunder and lightning energy.

Then, the reformed soul consciousness exploded again as his thoughts spun.

After the explosion, the soul consciousness reformed itself inside the Soul Lake. Then, it exploded yet again... the cycle of explosion and rebirth happened non-stop.

It was a cycle of soul tempering.

During this process, he was in fact comprehending the real essence of thunder and lightning and attempting to see through the laws and principles operating behind this natural power.

He once saw the wonders of thunder and lightning from the Forefather Terminator’s Soul Altar. At the time, his understanding was superficial and not deep in the slightest.

But things have changed, and as his soul consciousness exploded again and again, his understanding and recognition of thunder and lightning was actually growing by leaps and bounds. He felt as if the walls that were stopping him from enlightenment were literally being blasted apart.

As his soul continued to explode, split and reform, his recognition of the thunder spirit art grew deeper and deeper.

He gradually forgot the passage of time.

Both the battle in the sky and the ground battle were still going on fiercely.

On the ground, many Illusory Demon Sect disciples slowly turned into corpses, never to wake up again. Wen He and Shi Xiuling were slowly losing more and more experts.

Two hours later, Illusory Demon Sect lost over five hundred people. Blood Fiend Sect and Blood Spear martial practitioners only lost over one hundred.

Three hours later, another two hundred Illusory Demon Sect martial practitioners were killed. Blood Fiend Sect and Blood Spear only paid thirty lives as a result.

In the sky, Xue Li was still struggling inside the illusory world of Thousand Illusion Treasure Flag and exhausting all of Chu Miaodan’s energy.

The eight god corpses slowly were slowly exhausting their reserves of divine flames as time flowed by.

Although the seven god corpses who were fighting against the storm fiend spirits managed to kill some of them, they were no longer burning with divine flames. They had exhausted tremendous reserves of divine energy and was starting to look weakened.

The lead god corpse was originally suppressing Wen Bin and preventing him from moving away at all.

However, after the blazing divine flames on the lead god corpse slowly faded, he was no longer able to cause havoc in Wen Bin’s storm Soul Altar.

His powers were fading bit by bit.

“Not good!”

“Hong Bowen was the first to notice that something was off. He heard from Qin Lie that the eight god corpses could only go berserk for six hours.

Six hours later, the god corpses would exhaust all of the heavenly and earthly flames and succumb into a weakened state.

Hong Bowen immediately realized that the flight to this place and three hours of intense, non stop battle had depleted much of the god corpses’ fiery power they absorbed from the Ring of the Burning Sun.

However, Wen Bin hadn’t been exhausted completely.

If the battle dragged on longer, if the eight god corpses could no longer stop Wen Bin from working together with Chu Miaodan and severely injuring Xue Li, and if Wen Bin interfered with the ground battle after that...

The more Hong Bowen thought, the more serious his expression became. The easy feeling in his heart was long gone, and he felt like he was being crushed by a heavy stone.

“This can’t go on!”

He knew very well that the moment the god corpses run out of power, Wen Bin could change the tide of battle single-handedly with his two-level Soul Altar.

If that happened, Blood Fiend Sect and Flaming Sun Island would be met with calamity. No one would be able to stop Wen Bin from killing them all.

“This isn’t good. Look at the eight god corpses, their flames are dying slowly but surely. They… look like they’re gradually losing a great power and are no longer able to suppress Wen Bin completely.”

“Mn, it will appear that Wen Bin will be able to escape from the eight god corpses’ control very soon. If that happens, Blood Fiend Sect and Flaming Sun Island will have been dealt with!”

“That’s right, a two-level Soul Altar expert can change the tide of a battle in no time!”

The onlookers had been paying close attention to the battle of Qin Lie’s god corpses, and as time went on they all noticed that the god corpses’ state.

On the other hand, although Wen Bin was also tired, he still wielded great power. He was obviously not exhausted to the point where he couldn’t continue the battle.

“I knew it, puppets are just puppets. There’s no way they could have an endless source of strength!” As expected, Wen Bin finally found the leisure to laugh harshly after realizing that the god corpses were running out of strength. “Did you really think that eight god corpses were enough to pin a two-level Soul Altar expert down forever?”

“Whoosh whoosh whoosh!”

While saying this, the storm Soul Altar beneath Wen Bin spun madly and tossed the leading god corpse away from it like a giant tornado.

Wen Bin himself fell down towards the ground and stood atop his two-level Soul Altar, growing more imposing by the second.

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