Chapter 805: The True Power of Flaming Sun Island!

Chapter 805: The True Power of Flaming Sun Island!

Under the leadership of Mo Jun and Lang Xie, thousands of Blood Fiend Sect and Blood Spear martial practitioners charged towards the island which originally belonged to the Pan Family.

There, many members of Illusory Demon Sect responded with shouts. Their bodies gave off the radiance of spirit energy as they welcomed the incoming enemies.

The blinding spirit artifacts flew like stars into the sky, long rivers of spirit energy dragging out far behind them and shooting down bloody rain.

The martial practitioners on both sides were above the Manifestation Realm, and numbered five to six thousand in total. If a melee battle started, fatalities would immediately occur.

"Blazing Profound Bomb! Explode!"

Lang Xie's expression was cold as he snorted. Crimson metal balls flew from his hands like meteors towards where the Illusory Demon Sect members were gathered.

"Bomb them to death!"

Feng Rong was merciless. She also threw Blazing Profound Bombs toward the island.

The Blood Guards of Blood Spear hesitated and reluctantly took out Blazing Profound Bombs they kept to save their lives. They threw the bombs out as well.

Flaming meteors seemed to fall from space.

The flaming stars seemed to have eyes. They gathered to where the Wen Family members and Chu Miaodan's subordinates were.

"Blazing Profound Bomb! So many Blazing Profound Bombs!"

"Illusory Demon Sect is going to suffer!"

Miao Yangxu, Miao Wenfan and the other valley masters changed expression and shouted when they saw the flaming balls.

On the other side, Song Tingyu and Xie Jingxuan, as well as Ge Rongguang and the others became alert.

No one knew the power of so many Blazing Profound Bombs exploding together better than they did!

"Boom boom boom! Whoosh whoosh whoosh! Crick crack crick!"

Like tens of thousands of fireworks exploding at once, the sky split and the earth sank where the meteors landed. Countless gray balls of thunder rampaged, bolts of lightning danced, all of it inside a sea of raging flames.

The large island gave off burdened snarls as though it was having the greatest of earthquakes.

One bottomless hole after another appeared on Illusory Demon Sect’s gathering place, which was now furiously burning and giving off huge clumps of smoke.

In but an instant, almost a thousand of Illusory Demon Sect's members had been buried forever in these deep craters.

Including more than twenty Fragmentation Realm experts!

"Wait, wait a moment!"

Mo Jun raised his hand and stopped the Blood Fiend Sect members that were about to charge. Shock was written all over his face. His eyes even held a hint of trepidation.

The Blood Fiend Sect martial practitioners behind him hurriedly stopped. They looked dazedly at the enormous craters, and the Illusory Demon Sect experts who had suddenly disappeared.

Even the members of Blood Fiend Sect who were their enemies felt their lips were dry. They unconsciously licked their lips. They were speechless.

Around the island, the spectators that belonged to different factions were completely silent.

Even Song Tingyu and Xie Jingxuan's eyes were wide.

Dozens of Blazing Profound Bombs in one attack almost shattered this enormous island, ultimately creating dozens of enormous craters acres large, as well as causing thousands of Illusory Demon Sect's strongest to perish.

Flames still lingered in the area.. They burned inside the holes, in the forest outside of them, and even in the sky above.

It looked as though they could never be extinguished.

After paying the price of thousands of lives, more Illusory Demon Sect martial practitioners were burned by the flames, touched by the thunder, struck by lightning. They gave hair-raising screams from the island.

Cut-off limbs. Severed heads, scattered body parts... the scene on the island was terrifying.

Such power was astounding!

Everyone knew that the Blazing Profound Bombs were terrifying, but the majority of people didn't know that the explosions would overlap, exponentially magnifying their might, resulting in an explosion ten times stronger than ten separate explosions!

Thousands of Netherpassage Realm, Fulfillment Realm, and Fragmentation Realm practitioners together were stronger than the majority of Copper rank forces. At least, the Scarlet Tide Continent's Profound Heaven Alliance and Eight Extreme Temple didn't possess such power.

Just one explosion. It only took several dozen Blazing Profound Bomb to wipe what was equal to a powerful Copper rank force!

This was the destructive power of the Blazing Profound Bomb in battles between forces.

"The battle on the ground... has finished early." Ge Rongguang concluded after a long dazed moment.

When he looked at Song Tingyu and Xie Jingxuan, he and the martial practitioners around him felt sincere respect.

Perhaps… this respect was just a cover for great terror hidden deep within their hearts.

—Sometimes fear and terror could give birth to true respect.

"This, this is the true power of the Blazing Profound Bomb?" This is Flaming Sun Island's power?" Miao Wenfan murmured to himself soullessly as though he lost all of his strength.

He had always looked down on Flaming Sun Island.

In his mind, Flaming Sun Island was just Blood Fiend Sect's subordinate. What was a force that didn't even have a Nirvana Realm expert?

They had just a single true Fragmentation Realm martial practitioner, Lang Xie. He had also broken through just recently.

If this force encountered Blue Moon Valley, wouldn't it be defeated easily in one fell swoop?

He always thought that Flaming Sun Island was not worth a mention.

In reality, many of the spectators had similar opinions as him.

Their impression of Flaming Sun Island was that they were just a force composed of skill artificers. They were only able to establish on the Setting Sun Islands due to Blood Fiend Sect's protection.

They didn't think that Flaming Sun Island had the ability to protect themselves.

Until today, until now, until this moment!

When dozens of Blazing Profound Bombs exploded together, when this island almost collapsed, when thousands of Illusory Demon Sect members were instantly killed!

They finally understood what terrifying power Flaming Sun Island possessed!

In the battle in the sky, Qin Lie used the eight god corpses to match the two-level Soul Altar Wen Bin.

Qin Lie who could control the "Profound Thunder Heart" killed more than a hundred Illusory Demon Sect experts with the terrifying rumbles of thunder.

He also serious injured Nirvana Realm experts!

This was Qin Lie's own strength!

The battle on the ground was resolved by dozens of Blazing Profound Bombs exploding together, and finalizing the victory!

This was the true power of Flaming Sun Island they now displayed!

"It seems that all of us underestimated Flaming Sun Island. We thought they relied on Blood Fiend Sect to survive and their own strength was irrelevant. Now it seems... even if they fought against Blood Fiend Sect, they would not lose greatly. Also, it was Qin Lie who gave the body of the Blood Progenitor to Xue Li, letting him possess the power of a Soul Altar expert. Otherwise, if they fought, no one in Blood Fiend Sect would be able to rival the eight god corpses. They would be on the losing side."

Miao Yangxu, the patriarch of the Miao Family frowned and then sighed deeply.

After today, he would completely end his thoughts of being enemies with Flaming Sun Island and taking back the territories that the Miao Family had lost.

Even if Miao Fengtian came back, he would not be able to win against Qin Lie who possessed eight god corpses. Could the rest of them withstand the waves of Blazing Profound Bombs?

Miao Yangxu felt powerless.

"It's laughable that I thought that Flaming Sun Island were only artificers and didn't have any true power. We thought that you relied on Blood Fiend Sect to survive." Ge Rongguang shook his head and then bowed to Song Tingyu. He said apologetically, "My eyes are bad in old age, and I wasn't able to see Flaming Sun Island's true power. I had hesitated all this time. Miss Song, forgive me, starting today, I, Ge Rongguang, will follow Flaming Sun Island with all of my heart!"

"We pledge our fealty to Flaming Sun Island!"

"We are willing to fight for Flaming Sun Island!"

A dozen of martial practitioners gathered around Ge Rongguang. Just a moment earlier, their friends and relatives had been killed in body and soul by Chu Miaodan's pink crystal Soul Altar. They didn't feel even one iota of good feelings towards Illusory Demon Sect.

At this moment, seeing Qin Lie and Xue Li taking up all of Chu Miaodan and Wen Bin's attention, and Flaming Sun Island using dozens of Blazing Profound Bomb to kill almost a third of Illusory Demon Sect's martial practitioners, they immediately pledged their loyalty.

"Will you continue to ignite Blazing Profound Bombs?"

Above the island, Mo Jun waited for a while and saw the wild ripples below subside. He turned to look at Lang Xie.

Lang Xie shook his head. "No."

Mo Jun sighed in relief. He waved his hand and said, "Charge!"

Blood Fiend Sect's members charged forward.

"Kill!" Lang Xie ordered.

On the island, while the ripples from the Blazing Profound Bombs had calmed, there were still hundreds of injured parties.  At this moment on the island, wails and cries rang out.

Shi Xiuling, Wen He, and Ju Ruijie only showed great terror on their faces.

They knew that Flaming Sun Island must have kept some Blazing Profound Bombs. They hadn't expected them to keep so many, and even moreso hadn't expected them to dare throw all of them together.

What they regretted even more was that they had hurriedly fled back to the island to avoid the attacks of the Profound Thunder Heart. They hadn't noticed that the crowds were tightly packed.

When they recognized this, it was too late.

They paid a painful price for their mistake.

"They do not have any more Blazing Profound Bombs, everyone, endure. Wait until Elder Chu and Elder Wen have some attention to spare. They will let the enemies pay in blood!" Wen He shouted and hurried to steady morale. He wanted people to fight back.

At this moment, no matter how proud he was, he could see that they were on the losing side due to thousands of their members killed and the drop in morale.

He knew that they could only stay on the defensive in the ground battle. They had to wait for Wen Bin and Chu Miaodan to defeat Xue Li and the eight god corpses before they could reverse the situation.

Regardless of whether he acknowledged it or not, the explosion of dozens of Blazing Profound Bombs had set the general state of affairs. Victory and loss had been determined from the start.

"I've told you long ago not to burn our ties with the Setting Sun Islands. Ah..."

Shi Xiuling looked as Blood Fiend Sect and Blood Spear's martial practitioners killed their way through. She sighed helplessly and lamented inwardly.

She didn't agree with becoming enemies with Setting Sun Islands.

But alas, both Wen Bin and Chu Miaodan dismissed the Setting Sun Islands. They were too greedy for Gray Island’s artificers and wanted to seize their money-making potential for themselves.

Her urgings had been ineffective.

Now, it seemed that regardless of whether Illusory Demon Sect won or not, Illusory Demon Sect would become a joke in the Land of Chaos. Their influence would decrease, and they may not have the ability to stop the invasion of the Blue Ghoul Race.

She looked at the members around her, and their panicked expressions. She seemed to see Illusory Demon Sect declining.

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