Chapter 803: Thousand Illusion Treasure Flag

Chapter 803: Thousand Illusion Treasure Flag

 The god corpse spoke and astounded the crowd.

Several years ago, the eight headless god corpses had made chaos on the sea, killing and eating countless martial practitioners.

That time, the nine Silver rank factions acted together and sent their strongest to imprison the eight god corpses.

After the Graveyard of Gods shattered, the eight headless god corpses regained their power, broke through the restraints of Celestial Artifact Sect and fled back into the deep waters.

When the god corpses appeared again, they were at the Setting Sun Islands and had regained their heads.

Starting from that, Qin Lie used the eight god corpses to gain fame in the Land of Chaos.

In the fight two years ago, the eight god corpses drove back Black Voodoo Cult, and the three families, resulting in Jiang Zhuzhe not being able to steal the body of the Blood Progenitor. Subsequently, the Setting Sun Islands and Flaming Sun Island had been established.

Two years later, the eight god corpses once again walked out of the water to fight for Qin Lie!

"Blaze divine fire! Golden Crow Cry!"

The god corpse at the front shouted in the ancient language of the god race. The flows of lava and flame suddenly gave off waves of vitality.

"Pop pop!"

Almost at the same time, the fire dragon whip in his hand struck Wen Bin's storm Soul Altar.

"A mere puppet dares to rampage in front of me!"

The storm Soul Altar underneath Wen Bin suddenly changed and became a gray and dark abyss that overflowed with savage storm power.

When the two lava whips came again, they were sucked in by the gray and deep abyss.

"Golden Crow Cry!"

The leading god corpse shouted angrily.

The heavenly fire that erupted out of his body contained agate-like beads of blood that changed wondrously.

Small three-footed birds on fire were birthed from the blood beads and dramatically grew bigger as they gathered the sun energy.

In a blink, three were a dozen three-legged gold birds that came out of that god corpse.

The three-legged gold bird were children of the sun. They were born from the sun, consumed its energy to grow. Ultimately, they became like divine beings that could control flames of the sun.

No one in the Land of Chaos had ever seen a true three-legged gold bird. However, once these three-legged gold birds that were made from the blaze divine blood as the source, and the sun energy as the skeleton, flesh, and blood, they immediately caused changes in the sun on the firmament.

Tens of thousands of fire energy rays rolled like a river of flame. It came down from the sun.

The three-legged Golden Crows bathed in the hottest of the flames and greedily swallowed even denser and more terrifying flame power.

They grew at a visible rate.

In a short dozen breaths, the three-legged Golden Crows were more than twice their original size.

"Burn the mountains, boil the oceans!"

As the god corpse at the front shouted, the three-legged Golden Crows waved their wings, stirring up oceans of flame and drowning out Wen Bin.

The flaming birds danced in flight around Wen Bin's two-level Soul Altar.

The roaring god corpse's copper hand formed into a fist of flame that landed repeated like meteors. He attacked Wen Bin's two-level Soul Altar.

On the Soul Altar, Wen Bin was completely covered by a storm barrier more than three hundred meters thick. His whole body was covered.

The two-level Soul Altar under his feet became soft and flexible after it turned into the deep whirlpool abyss.

The flaming fist of the god corpse landed like a meteor and smashed onto the enormous Soul Altar. As though hitting a marshmallow, the punches were blocked by the flexible storm barrier. The punches were unable to damage Wen Bin’s Soul Altar.

The other seven god corpses were fighting hard against the storm fiend spirits that came out of Wen Bin's Soul Altar However, they did not have the absolute upper hand.

But Wen Bin, who had sworn to attack and kill all of Blood Fiend Sect and Flaming Sun Island's martial practitioners, seemed to wither under the repeated attacks of the strengthened eight god corpses.

He seemed unable to take out more power to deal with the changes.


The roar of the Bloodthirsty Dragon, the ultimate treasure of Blood Fiend Sect, shook the sky in another direction. Xue Li rode the scarlet red bone dragon like a fiendish blood demon. He wasn't affected by Chu Miaodan's illusions at all. His eyes were filled with endless killing intent.

A pink crystal one-level Soul Altar. The illusions that appeared on the crystals seemed to be invaded by threads of bloody energy. The pink crystal had a tinge of bloody red.

Chu Miaodan sat on her pink crystal Soul Altar. Her eyes were closed, her spirit power flooding out and spreading behind her like a peacock displaying its feathers.

Her pure and dense spirit power furiously poured into the Soul Altar causing pink cotton flags to appear.

In a blink of an eye, dozens of pink flags stood on top of her Soul Altar and flapped in the wind.

The cotton flags didn't have anything on them at the beginning.However, as her spirit power poured in, various scenes appeared. Jade towers, heavenly palaces, vast godly mountains, thousands of rivers and streams, hundreds of countries declining.

When those scene came out, they started to show many seemingly real illusions over Chu Miaodan's head.

A completely new world, a separate secret realm, formed on the screen above Chu Miaodan's head.

"Thousand Illusion Treasure Flag!"

On the white bone battleship of Blood Fiend Sect, Mo Lingye's brow furrowed and her eyes became slightly worried.

"I hadn't expected this whore to merge the Thousand Illusion Treasure Flag into her Soul Altar. No wonder she is so arrogant. So she had this Heaven Grade spirit artifact from Illusory Demon Sect!" Mo Jun snorted.

Illusory Demon Sect was an old Silver rank faction and naturally had its own foundation. Naturally, they had Heaven Grade spirit artifacts.

This "Thousand Illusion Treasure Flag" was a Heaven Grade spirit artifact only slightly weaker than the "Illusory Demon Sphere." When all the flags floated into the air, they would form a separate world.

The strength of the Thousand Illusion Treasure Flag's owner would skyrocket in that small world and they would have absolute control over that small space.

As expected, when the Thousand Illusion Treasure Flag came out of the pink crystal Soul Altar, the strange bloody light in Chu Miaodan's Soul Altar was almost instantly cleansed away.

Chu Miaodan's struggling expression also disappeared. She became energized and spirited.

"Thousand Illusion Enchantment!" Chu Miaodan gritted her teeth and shouted.

Many pure, seductive, or cold immortal goddesses, demonesses and nymphs appeared from the facets of the pink crystal Soul Altar. They jumped and danced enchantingly, their clothing floating in the air as they displayed soul-stealing charisma.

Circles of pink light floated out of the Soul Altar. Each layer had the magical ability to lure the soul.

Even someone as mentally strong as Xue Li showed signs of losing his focus in his eyes when he was attacked by the pink light ripples.

Even the bloody bone dragon who possessed an artifact soul seemed to be slightly affected. It suddenly became tame and its dragon eyes showed lust.

"Come in!" Chu Miaodan's voice became as gentle as water.

Xue Li rode the bloody bone dragon, his eyes muddled, as he charged into the illusory world created by the Thousand Illusion Treasure Flag.

"Go kill the other people of Illusory Demon Sect!" Mo Lingye hurriedly ordered.

"Qin Lie is connected to every action of the god corpses. Go capture Qin Lie, if not possible... just seriously wound him! You must destroy his control over the god corpses!" On the other side, Wen He, Wen Bin's cousin, said to the core Wen Family’s subordinates around him.

Three Nirvana Realm martial practitioners immediately responded and flew out.

"Meng Feng! Elder Hong! Go protect Qin Lie!" Mo Lingye said.

"Beware of Qin Lie! He can conjure the "Profound Thunder Heart " of Old Monster Terminator. Do not give him time to set it up!" Ju Ruijie's expression changed as she suddenly thought of this matter and urgently called out.

"He's already started." Shi Xiuling called softly.

After jumping off the eight god corpses, Qin Lie had gotten onto the Flowing Gold Fire Phoenix with Lang Xie and the others.

He summoned eight slabs of Thunderblitz wood and formed a complex and mysterious ancient diagram.

An enormous ancient diagram quickly formed.

Inside the dense web of electricity, Qin Lie sat down silently. His palms facing each other, a ball of blazing electricity slowly appeared in his hands.

At the same time, the enormous lightning ancient diagram above his head changed and slowly formed.

Soon after, an enormous sphere of lightning floated above his head.

"Oh no!" Shi Xiuling's expression changed.

Ju Ruijie's eyes also showed great terror.

"Retreat! Retreat back! Anyone below the Fragmentation Realm, do not go near Qin Lie!" an Illusory Demon Sect martial practitioner who had been at Prism Continent and seen Qin Lie's lightning before suddenly shouted.

"He is this scary?" Wen He was astounded.

Even more Wen Family faction’s martial practitioners were puzzled. They did not withdraw immediately along with the person's scream.

They dazedly remained where they were.



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