Chapter 802: I Am Your Opponent!

Chapter 802: I Am Your Opponent!        

Wen Bin and the others in Illusory Demon Sect had also heard the same news. They too knew that Blood Fiend Sect and Flaming Sun Island were coming to them in great numbers.

“Suicidal fools!” Chu Miaodan gave an order with a frigid look on her face, “Get ready for battle!”

“It will appear that Blood Fiend Sect thinks they are the same as one thousand years ago!” Wen He sneered.

Wen Bin summoned his two-level Soul Altar and flew out of the island while howling. He circled around the island once and looked at all the forces that gathered, either in the open or hidden.

“There are a lot of people who are watching this fight. There are people from other Silver rank forces, and those who wish to leave Illusory Demon Sect after evacuating from the Heavenly Slaughter Continent.”

Wen Bin looked at everyone with a heavy look on his face. “We must destroy Blood Fiend Sect and Flaming Sun Island! We must let all these onlookers know that we, Illusory Demon Sect, are not to be offended by minor forces even when we are busy fighting against the Blue Ghoul Race!”

To him, both Blood Fiend Sect and Flaming Sun Island were both minor forces. This meant that he looked down on them from the bottom of his heart, and he didn’t believe that they had any right to stand on equal footing with Illusory Demon Sect.

This was why Wen Bin was furious after Flaming Sun Island refused their demands to purchase the Blazing Profound Bombs. This was why he had mustered such a large force.

—He believed that he was better than them!

“You all don’t need to hold back! Don’t worry about severely wounding Qin Lie, all is fine as long as he isn’t dead!” Chu Miaodan shouted.

“From today onwards, we shall take back the Setting Sun Islands and everything that is rightfully ours!” Wen Bin yelled.

A lot of Illusory Demon Sect disciples roared back in response.

Most of these people were originally people under Wen Bin, Chu Miaodan, and Shi Xiuling. They had always objected to the old Illusory Demon Sect’s ways.

Just like Wen Bin, they looked down on today’s Blood Fiend Sect and that newly emerged Flaming Sun Island from the bottom of their heart.

They all thought that Blood Fiend Sect and Flaming Sun Island had stolen their territory.

That was why they were all excited at the opportunity to crush them.

“They’re here! Blood Fiend Sect is here!”


“They actually showed up!”

Suddenly, a clamorous noise rang from all over the island. A lot of random martial practitioners subconsciously cried out upon noticing their arrival.

Above the Flowing Gold Fire Phoenix, Song Tingyu stood with a straight back and glittering eyes. She looked incredibly imposing this way.

Beside her, Ge Rongguang stared at the direction where the sky was burning. He couldn’t help but look shaken when he noticed what they were.

Atop the golden luan, Miao Yangxu and the rest of the Blue Moon Valley’s forces were also staring.

The five valley masters looked surprised. Their expressions had all turned serious.

The eight god corpses that once caused great havoc in the Land of Chaos were currently covered in flames and lava. Their eyes were spitting out flame tongues, and their bodies were covered in what seemed like a precious armor of flames. They looked like burning hell or eight volcanos through the sky.

A person was sitting on the shoulder of the leading god corpse. He was covered in flames, so his true appearance couldn’t be discerned.

A scarlet river of blood was also flying together with the first god corpse. The martial practitioner inside it was brimming with a terrifying aura that made one lose control over their blood.

Behind the eight god corpses, a large bone warship followed closely as Blood Fiend Sect’s unique blood flag flapped in the wind.

The Blood Fiend Ten Elders were all dressed in blood red robes. They were standing in a row in front of the deck.

Many of the Blood Fiend Sect martial practitioners dressed in blood red robes had bloody eyes and scarlet skin. They looked like bloodthirsty beasts.

Further back, the Blood Spear martial practitioners carried themselves in extremely similar fashion. They also looked imposing while permeating with thick blood stench.

Among them, Lang Xie, Feng Rong and the Blood Guard’s bloody auras were so dense that they looked like bloody mist.

“Whoosh whoosh whoosh!”

Wen Bin was the first one to charge out of the island while stepping on two hurricanes. He immediately drew everyone’s attention.

“Have you come to demand your deaths before three days are even up?” Wen Bin said sinisterly.

He parked the gray colored two-level Soul Altar right in front of the eight god corpses and Xue Li. His body was covered in violent wind.

Balls of energy storms several hundreds meters wide exited his Soul Altar swiftly and appeared in the sky.

In just a short time, dozens of energy storms that looked like hurricane whirlpools blocked in front of Qin Lie’s path.

Every energy storm were overflowing with tremendous hurricane power that seemed capable of tearing any being apart.

All those beneath the Soul Altar experts including the Blood Fiend Ten Elders would be torn into shreds by those gray hurricanes.

“Whoosh whoosh whoosh!”

The turbulent hurricane whirlpools were also undergoing a series of shocking changes. At times, they would take the shape giant ancient beasts, and at times they would take the shape of sinister demon gods. They had also transformed into some unknown wraiths and vile souls.

Everytime the hurricane whirlpools transformed, greater power seemed to be nurtured inside them.

Countless invisible wind blades capable of tearing True Souls and Soul Lakes into pieces were silently spreading towards the surroundings.

Qin Lie gathered his soul consciousness and stared at the Soul Altar with lightning-filled eyes.

The two-level Soul Altar suddenly looked different after that.

After circulating Heavenly Thunder Eradication and staring at the two-level Soul Altar with soul-imbued thunder, he could see that the edges of the Soul Altar were covered in sharp blades. It looked like a roulette with sharp weapons around its edge.

It was obvious that the spirit art Wen Bin cultivated was the power of storm.

“How funny this is. The dog we worked so hard to raise is actually biting its master’s hand.”

Chu Miaodan’s words were sharp and unkind to the extreme.

While she was talking, a pink one-level Soul Altar flew out of the island.

Her Soul Altar looked like it was sculpted from pink crystal, and a lot of illusions were reflected from inside the Soul Altar. There were erotic female dancers, ferocious feeding gods, beautiful cloud palaces, hundreds of worshipping clansmen...

The pink, crystalline one-level Soul Altar spun slowly beneath Chu Miaodan as all kinds of illusions were displayed to everyone.

A lot of people’s souls went out of control after they saw that Soul Altar. They subconsciously looked at the illusions inside it.

Very soon, their eyes turned blank as if their souls had left their Soul Lakes.

Something strange suddenly happened Chu Miaodan’s illusions. A couple of soul shadows slowly turned clear inside the Soul Altar.

Qin Lie’s expression abruptly changed.

He suddenly realized that the soul shadows beneath Chu Miaodan’s Soul Altar looked the same as the martial practitioners who paid the most attention to her Soul Altar. Right now, he couldn’t sense any soul energy from these people’s bodies.

Before they knew it, Chu Miaodan’s Soul Altar seemed to have pulled these people’s souls into the Soul Altar and turned them into one of the many illusions.

“You damnable bastards, how dare you secretly interact with Flaming Sun Island. Don’t blame me for punishing you with death!”

The soul shadows that were slowly turning clear beneath Chu Miaodan’s pink Soul Altar suddenly grew frantic as they tried to escape.

Qin Lie noticed that the blank-eyed martial practitioners standing closest to Song Tingyu were bleeding out of their seven orifices.

The ferocious gods inside Chu Miaodan’s Soul Altars immediately grabbed those surfacing soul shadows and ate them alive.

The souls that were somehow dragged into the Soul Altar were turned into the ferocious gods’ food and devoured in no time.

The martial practitioners next to Ge Rongguang bled out of their seven orifices. The presence of their True Souls vanished completely.

“Old Meng! Old Meng!” Ge Rongguang shouted loudly.

“Big Brother Wan?” Song Tingyu also exclaimed.

Unfortunately, these people could no longer hear them no matter how loud they shouted.

“Don’t look at her Soul Altar!” Xue Li’s raspy voice shook the air.

A bit of bloody light actually exploded around Chu Miaodan’s Soul Altar as he shouted explosively.

Translucent blood beads spilled everywhere.

“Bang! Bang!”

The blood beads smashed against the pink Soul Altar and drenched it completely. They caused the illusions of the ferocious gods inside the Soul Altar to suddenly go out of control.

That Soul Altar suddenly started to spin intensely.

“I’ll go see what that bitch is capable of.”

A bloody meteor flew past Qin Lie and descended onto Chu Miaodan.

“Xue Li! Your opponent should be me!” Wen Bin snorted coldly.

The gray balls of storms abruptly took on the shapes of ancient beasts, pixiu, totem snakes, gouchen, torch dragon and so on. They were at least dozens of meters long, and they all let out earthshaking roars as they attempted to stop Xue Li.

Xue Li ignored the ancient beasts and didn’t change his course of descent towards Chu Miaodan.

Just as everyone was surprised by his inaction, the flame-enshrouded Qin Lie sitting on the leading god corpse’s shoulder suddenly let out a long howl.

The moment he did this, the eight god corpses burning with world scorching flames suddenly charged towards Wen Bin like eight blazing suns.

Each of these eight god corpses was burning with blaze divine characters, and all of their eyes were gushing out flame tongues at least a dozen or so meters long. They dragged giant tails of scarlet flames behind them with every movement.

Wen Bin’s face darkened as he was forced to summon his ancient beasts again to fight against the eight god corpses.

Suddenly, he understood that his opponent this time wasn’t Xue Li but the eight god corpses that once rampaged across the Land of Chaos.

More specifically speaking… he was fighting against Qin Lie, the puppeteer behind the god corpses.

“I am your opponent, Elder Wen.”

As expected, the flame enshrouded Qin Lie suddenly said cruelly.

“Qin Lie! Do you really think you can fight me using the god corpses with that Fulfillment Realm soul of yours?” Wen Bin laughed harshly.

“Why don’t you give it a try?” Qin Lie answered indifferently.

“Qin Lie!”

“That flame enshrouded person is actually Qin Lie?”

“When did he come back?”

“Can he really fight against the two-level Soul Altar expert Wen Bin?”

The duo’s conversation finally enlightened the people around them as to who the burning person was.

A clamor broke out yet again amongst the crowd.

Could a Fulfillment Realm martial practitioner really fight against a two-level Soul Altar expert, even if he controlled eight amazing puppets?

A lot of people shook their heads.

“You all will fight against those fiendish spirits of storm. I will destroy that storm Soul Altar!”

It was at this moment the first god corpse roared in a loud and ancient voice.

He pulled himself free from those ancient beasts, stepped on a sea of flames like a god of fire, held two fiery lava dragons in his hands and whipped at Wen Bin’s storm Soul Altar in domineering fashion.

“He, he’s talking!”

“He’s not a corpse!”

“He has a real soul!”

The onlookers’ excitement was ignited instantly.

Although they couldn’t understand the ancient language he spoke, they knew that a god corpse that could speak was no longer just a corpse.

He was now a high rank living being that had flesh, blood, and a soul!

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