Chapter 801: Boosting Support!

Chapter 801: Boosting Support!

At the island where the Xing Family clansmen were.

The volcano that had been inactive for many years had its gushing geocentric flames and lava around the crater absorbed completely.

A sunfire pillar that fell from the sky were joined and fused together at the Ring of the Burning Sun.

By now, every bit of divine flames present at the Ring of the Burning Sun were sucked dry.

The Ring of the Burning Sun that was created from Qin Lie’s blood essence, the heavenly and earthly flames vanished completely.

Now, it was the mountain-like bodies of the eight god corpses that were burning with blaze divine fire. The flames made of heavenly and earthly flames were currently circulating around them like ribbons.

The vast divine might that was surging out of the eight god corpses shook every expert’s soul.

The divine flames that gushed out of their pupils were like fire breaths of giant dragons, extremely shocking.


A bloody light flew over.

Xue Li cast a deep glance at the eight god corpses after he landed on the ground. Then he asked Qin Lie, “Are you really sure?”

Qin Lie nodded.

“Alright!” Xue Li inhaled, looked up and let out a long howl suddenly.

A gigantic warship made of bones rose into the sky form the sea. Mo Jun, Meng Feng, Hong Bowen, and the rest of the Blood Fiend Ten Elders were all dressed in blood red robes and standing tall on the deck. They were brimming with tyrannical, bloody aura.

Many Blood Fiend Sect disciples were scattered on top of the warship. Their auras were steady, and their pupils were shining with bloody red light.

In just an hour’s time, Blood Fiend Sect had made all the necessary preparations and gathered all their martial practitioners.

“Whoosh whoosh whoosh!”

A Flowing Gold Fire Phoenix flew over from Blood Island. Lang Xie, Feng Rong and another two hundred or so Blood Spear Guards also appeared.

After Lang Xie had achieved a breakthrough, he was now at the early stage of the Fragmentation Realm. Feng Rong was at the late stage of the Fulfillment Realm, and the rest of the Blood Spear martial practitioners were at the Netherpassage Realm. Only a small number of them reached the Fulfillment Realm.

This force was definitely much weaker compared to Blood Fiend Sect right now.

However, they were many, many times stronger than they were back at Armament Sect. Even at the Scarlet Tide Continent, they were a match for Eight Extreme Temple and Profound Heaven Alliance.

Every Blood Spear martial practitioner was holding a beautiful spirit artifact and was clad in shining spirit armor. Their equipment were just as good as Blood Fiend Sect’s, if not slightly better.

Even more important was the fact that Lang Xie and Feng Rong both carried a large amount of Blazing Profound Bombs with them right now. In a large-scale battle like this, the amount of damage the Blazing Profound Bombs could cause was almost immeasurable.

“Let’s go!”

When Qin Lie saw that Lang Xie had arrived with his Blood Spear martial practitioners, he nodded and sent out the order to set out.

“Whoosh whoosh whoosh! Whoosh whoosh whoosh!”

The eight burning god corpses actually bent down before taking off into the air. Because their legs and heads were joined with one another, at first glance it was almost as if an entire mountain range had been pushed to the sky.

Qin Lie stood inside the flames on the shoulder of the leading god corpse.

He was obviously unaffected by those flames.

“Follow Qin Lie!” Xue Li shouted in a deep voice.

He then transformed into a scarlet light and flew at the same speed as the god corpse beneath Qin Lie. He looked like a bright rainbow on the sky.

Behind him, the bone warship and the Flowing Gold Fire Phoenixes followed and jointly flew towards the Illusory Demon Sect’s gathering spot.


“What? Blood Fiend Sect and Flaming Sun Island had left the Setting Sun Islands? Are they really going to evacuate from their homes?” At Blue Moon Valley, Miao Yangxu, the patriarch of the Miao Family stood up with a frown on his face.

“I don’t think so.” Miao Meiyu shook her head.

The five valley masters set their gazes on her at once.

“From what I heard, Blood Fiend Sect and Flaming Sun Island are heading toward the place where the Illusory Demon Sect’s forces are gathered,” Miao Meiyu said.

“Is it a negotiation for peace?” Miao Wenfan sneered with great ridicule, “Is it a not a little too late now?”

“It’s still better than to be completely slaughtered.” Third Valley Master Miao Kang laughed.

“Hmph! And here I thought Blood Fiend Sect and Flaming Sun Island have real backbones! Are they not obediently submitting to Illusory Demon Sect after learning that Wen Bin and Illusory Demon Sect’s experts are really going after their lives?” Miao Wenfan sounded extremely disdainful.

“It doesn’t look like they plan on negotiating for peace either,” Miao Meiyu said softly.

“Oh?” Miao Yangxu looked at her. “Then what is it?”

“If they really are planning to negotiate for peace, they only need to send Mo Lingye and Qin Lie. They didn’t need to set out en masse.” While the five valley masters of the Miao Family were still surprised, she continued, “From what I heard, Blood Fiend Sect had sent out their bone warship. The eight god corpses of Flaming Sun Island had also taken to the sky. Nearly every Blood Spear martial practitioner was mobilized for this trip.”

“Heavens above! Have they gone insane? They’re obviously launching a do or die attack!” Miao Zunsheng turned pale with fright.

“Reckless! How utterly reckless!” Miao Wenfan screamed.

“Insane! They’ve all gone insane!” Miao Kang abruptly rose from his seat.

“Let us head over and watch right now!” Not able to suppress his shock any longer, Miao Yangxu trembled and sent out the word immediately.

A middle-sized giant golden luan soared into the air while the Miao Family’s five valley masters, Miao Meiyu and other Miao Family experts hurriedly got onto the vehicle. They swiftly flew away from Blue Moon Valley.

At the same time, Song Tingyu, Xie Jingxuan, dozens of Blood Spear martial practitioners, and Ge Rongguang’s people had also gotten on a Flowing Gold Fire Phoenix and were flying toward the Pan Family’s domain.

The Pan Family’s former territory wasn’t far away from Blue Moon Valley. It was also quite close to Ge Rongguang and his people’s island.

Both Blue Moon Valley and Song Tingyu had obtained firsthand news and departed quickly in response. That was why they had reached the Pan Family island before Qin Lie and the rest could arrive.

A giant golden luan showed up first.

Later on, a Flowing Gold Fire Phoenix flew over leisurely and stopped when it was tens of kilometers away from the island.

Not long after, a random assortment of crystalline war chariots got close to the island as well.

These people who came later were just like Ge Rongguang. They were all afraid that the outsider race would invade their homes, so they had moved over from the Heavenly Slaughter Continent.

The other reason was that some of them were dubious people. These people were spies from either Black Voodoo Cult, the three great families or other forces from other continents. They were all attempting to buy Blazing Profound Bombs directly from Gray Island.

Before Qin Lie and Blood Fiend Sect could show, a lot of unknown people had already received the news beforehand and rushed over to this place.

They acted so quickly that they actually got ahead of Qin Lie.

“Why have you spread the news in advance?” A calm looking Xie Jingxuan asked in a soft voice on the Flowing Gold Fire Phoenix.

She knew that Song Tingyu had purposely notified all surrounding forces such as Blue Moon Valley about this matter.

As a result, these people had shown up before Qin Lie and Blood Fiend Sect even departed from the Setting Sun Islands.

All kinds of unknown people were gathered to watch a show prior to Qin Lie and Blood Fiend Sect’s arrival.

This occurrence was in fact conducted by Song Tingyu.

“Not only must we win this battle, we must make sure that everyone is here to witness it!” Song Tingyu’s beautiful breasts were bouncing as she spoke, clearly excited, causing nosebleeds all around her. “After we’ve won, the Illusory Demon Sect will not dare to provoke us any more! This battle will shed the image that Flaming Sun Island is just a group of people with good artificers but no true strength. Therefore, we must let everyone know that Flaming Sun Island has the strength to protect its own wealth, and kill all thoughts of greed and hostility in all of these vultures’ minds!”

Xie Jingxuan looked shocked for a moment. “You are this sure that we will achieve victory?”

“Qin Lie is the one who asks for war this time, so I believe that he won’t let all of us down. The reason I’m boosting support for him now is so that Flaming Sun Island can obtain the highest amount of profit later!” Song Tingyu said in full confidence.

Xie Jingxuan stared blankly at the madness and blind trust in her eyes.

A while later, she nodded softly and spoke to herself with a voice that only she could hear. “They were right. In this regard… I am far inferior to you.”

“What did you say?” the excited Song Tingyu asked in puzzlement.

Xie Jingxuan regained her cool and answered, “I finally understood how you managed to seize Qin Lie when Ling Yushi wasn’t around.”

An odd gleam flashed across Song Tingyu’s eyes, but she simply smiled and said nothing more.

“Miss Song, are you sure your people will rush over and attack Illusory Demon Sect head on?” Ge Rongguang still looked to be in disbelief as he asked for confirmation again.

“What will be your choice if Illusory Demon Sect led by Wen Bin loses this battle?” Song Tingyu countered with a question.

“We shall submit to Flaming Sun Island wholeheartedly!” Ge Rongguang raised his hand and made an oath. “This time, I swear that we won’t break our promise!”


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