Chapter 799: Ring of the Burning Sun

Chapter 799: Ring of the Burning Sun

On Blood Island, Qin Lie activated his bloodline power, the blaze divine characters inside his blood, and burned his blood essence to form the Ring of the Burning Sun.

A crimson sun floated seven feet above his head. Inside, boiling hot lava and flames roiled, and the sun fire became more and more savage.

A wondrous feeling of being connected to the flames of the world formed in his bloodline and poured into that crimson sun.

In this moment, he felt as though he was the source of all flames and could control them.

His bloodline could attract heavenly fire, move earthly flame, gather the power of the flames in the world to conjure the Ring of the Burning Sun.

The stronger his bloodline power was, the more terrifying his transformation would be, as well as his ability to control flames of the world. As a result the flames he could gather in the Ring of the Burning Sun would become even stronger.

When he learned the secret art Ring of the Burning Sun, he had seen some scenes, seen the top experts of the Blaze Family with their extremely evolved bloodline power. Their Ring of the Burning Sun seemed to instantly gather billions upon billions of sunlight rays, and cause all the volcanoes within a thousand or even ten thousand miles to erupt with lava.

The Ring of the Burning Sun was enormous as it floated in the sky and burned like a genuine sun.

A Ring of the Burning Sun of such a degree could cause an entire continent to turn to ash if it landed.

The Ring of the Burning Sun created by the strongest of the Blaze Family, if fueled with all of their blood essence, could burn an entire auxiliary world!

The strength of the Ring of the Burning Sun was related to the evolution of the bloodline.

At this moment, the Ring of the Burning Sun Qin Lie formed was just the size of a millstone. The flame power inside wasn’t enough to burn a continent.

But a volcano which had been silent for many years was affected and erupted with lava and flame.

With a thought, Qin Lie felt the change in that volcano and his eyes shone.

He suddenly stepped onto a crystalline war chariot and flew towards the sea island where Xiang Xi, Xing Yumiao and others were.

The Ring of the Burning Sun floating above his head was like his own personal sun that moved with him.

The Ring of the Burning Sun continued to float seven feet above his head.

“Qin Lie!”

Xing Yumiao, Xing Yuyuan, Xiang Xi, Xing Shengnan and other Gold Sun Island martial practitioners were in shock because of the volcano’s transformation. When they suddenly saw Qin Lie come with a burning ball of light above his head, their jaws dropped in shock.

They suddenly realized the erupting volcano underneath them must have been roused by Qin Lie!

“Boom boom boom!”

Fire shot into the air like pillars from the volcano. The fiery pillars flowed with thick lava and burning flames.

The Ring of the Burning Sun that floated above Qin Lie’s head finally moved away from him and landed on top of the pillars of fire.

In this moment, the rays of sunlight formed into another pillar of flame that fell from the sky.

The Ring of the Burning Sun floated above the mouth of the volcano, connected to the burning lava below and to the sun above.

Both heavenly fire and the earthly flames entered the Ring of the Burning Sun.

The Ring of the Burning Sun which was just the size of a millstone started to visibly swell as the heavenly fire and the earthly flames mixed within.

Inside the Ring of the Burning Sun, the earthly flames, heavenly fire, sunlight and bloodline energy mixed together to form a terrifying flame aura.


Roars suddenly came from Blood Island.

Eight waves of soul thought like eight invisible rivers immediately charged into Qin Lie’s clear Soul Lake.

Qin Lie’s Soul Lake started to dramatically expand. After ten breaths, it had doubled in size!

The Soul Lake had been nurturing the True Soul. When the Soul Lake and the eight waves of soul thought connected, Qin Lie’s soul perception multiplied.

“Thank you Master, for using god blood to awaken our soul remnant!”

“We swear to fight for Master!”

“We will be your god servants for life!”

“We will be honored to die to protect Master!”

The soul thoughts of the eight god corpses turned into loud and resonant soul voices that exploded inside his mind.

Qin Lie was stunned by the sound, his head ringing. He almost lost control of the Ring of the Burning Sun.

“I need your power! Your absolute best!” Qin Lie shouted mentally.

“We can bathe in the blaze divine fire to dramatically increase our strength quickly, this will work for six hours,” a god corpses’ voice responded.

At the same time, information about the “blaze divine fire” was passed into Qin Lie’s Soul Lake.

The “blaze divine fire” was the heavenly fire and earthly flame gathered and merged together by the Ring of the Burning Sun in addition to Qin Lie’s blood essence and blaze divine characters.

The eight god corpses’ remnant souls had been awoken by his god blood and were imprinted forever with his mark.

From now on, the eight god corpses would forever be his servants. Because their bodies had assimilated his god blood, the eight god corpses could adjust to all the mysterious spells formed from his god blood and cooperate with him to fight.

At crucial times, he could even use the life imprint of the god blood to forcibly absorb all the energies inside the eight god corpses, and take those energies to strengthen himself to fight against his enemy.

There were many secrets about God’s Servants and their masters. Part of these secrets came from the god corpses, and the rest was bestowed upon him by Demon Sealing Tombstone.

Qin Lie narrowed his eyes as small divine characters flashed through them. He absorbed his newly obtained memories.

“Qin Lie?”

Xing Yuyuan looked in shock at him, and inquired softly, hoping to attract Qin Lie’s attention.

Hong Bowen and Meng Feng hurriedly came from Blood Fiend Sect.

“What happened? Why did the volcano suddenly erupt?” Hong Bowen shouted loudly from far away.

“Elder Hong, why don’t you ask him?’ Xing Yuyuan pointed at Qin Lie.

Hong Bowen and Meng Feng immediately looked at Qin Lie.

At this time, the light flashing in Qin Lie’s eyes disappeared. He looked at the Ring of the Burning Sun that was still expanding and said with his soul, “Come over to bathe in the blaze divine fire!”

The eight god corpses standing on Blood Island suddenly flew into the sky and turned into eight lights.

In a blink, the eight god corpses stopped above the mouth of the volcano. Under the gazes of Hong Bowen, and members of Gold Sun Island, the god corpses squeezed next to the Ring of the Burning Sun, and reached out with their enormous copper hands to press on the swelling Ring of the Burning Sun.

Bright light exploded and rivers of lava and light streamed to their body along their arms.

Many blaze divine characters flashed from below their skin like flames and stars that illuminated their bodies.

The heavenly fire and earthly flames the Ring of the Burning Sun gathered passed through the lava and flames to be forcibly absorbed by the god corpses.

The power fluctuations given off the god corpses started to furiously rise.

“After absorbing the blaze divine fire, they will become stronger for six hours. However, I need to quickly release this power that doesn’t belong to them.”

Qin Lie pondered.

A moment later, he suddenly looked at Hong Bowen and asked, “Elder Hong, do you know where Wen Bin and the people from Illusory Demon Sect are?’

Wen Bin and the fighters of Illusory Demon Sect would return to the Setting Sun Islands after three days. In this time, they would not return to the Heavenly Slaughter Continent.

Journey between the Heavenly Slaughter Continent and the Setting Sun Islands would take more than three days.

Those people would have to observe the Setting Sun Islands in these three days, and prevent Blood Fiend Sect from secretly escaping with Gold Sun Island… they had to be nearby.

“Wen Bin, Chu Miaodan, and others are on the Pan Family’s territories and not far from us.” Hong Bowen looked in shock at Qin Lie and said, “Just around the Setting Sun Islands. There are also many of their people patrolling around and preventing us from leaving with Gold Sun Island’s martial practitioners. Maybe, they are also guarding against something else, for example, they do not hope that you will actually take the artificers from Gray Island and leave Flaming Sun Island within three days.”

“How long would it take to get to their gathering spot?’ Qin Lie asked.

“Two hours at most,” Hong Bowen replied.

“Elder Hong, may I trouble you to get Senior Xue Li to come in an hour, and your Blood Fiend Ten Elders as well as all of your martial practitioners in at least the Fulfillment Real?m!” Qin Lie’s eyes flashed with mad light. “An hour later, we will go and charge toward Wen Bin and the others!”

“Qin Lie! Are you mad?” Xing Yuyuan screamed.

Wen Bin and Illusory Demon Sect gave the Setting Sun Islands three days to prepare. Maybe they didn’t really want to burn all the bridges, and they didn’t truly want to fight to the death.

Their true aim was to force Blood Fiend Sect and Flaming Sun Island to concede and admit defeat. They wanted to force Flaming Sun Island to give them the right to buy Blazing Profound Bombs.

They might not even be prepared to fight.

But if Qin Lie gathered his forces and charged toward Wen Bin, then the two sides would not have any hope of reconciliation.

That not only meant breaking off all ties, but also meant a bloody battle would ensue, whose consequences would be hard to predict.

This course of action was too insane.

Especially because in the eyes of Xing Yuyuan and the others, Blood Fiend Sect and Flaming Sun Island were absolutely weaker.

If they suddenly attacked first, wasn’t that seeking their own deaths?

“Wh-what did you say?! Say it again!”

Hong Bowen’s plump face uncontrollably trembled, his small eyes filled with disbelief.

He had experienced great events in his life but at this moment, when he heard Qin Lie’s abrupt suggestion, he too felt that Qin Lie was insane.

“You want to attack Illusory Demon Sect? Qin Lie, you .. are sure?” Meng Feng’s body also shook.

“I’m very sure.” Qin Lie’s tone was calm but his face was as cold as ice. “Illusory Demon Sect possesses Wen Bin with two-level Soul Altar. I do not need Senior Xue Li to fight him, leave him to me, I can face him. I guarantee to give him a great surprise.”

“What?” Everyone shouted in unison.

“I guarantee that Wen Bin will not be a threat to you!” Qin Lie said, emphasizing each word.

Hong Bowen looked dazedly at him.

Dozens of seconds later, he nodded firmly. “I will tell every word to Big Brother Xue!”

He hurriedly left.

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