Chapter 797: Predicament

Chapter 797: Predicament

“You’re not leaving?”

The elders of Blood Fiend Sect were clearly confused by this statement.

“Qin Lie, you have… a solution?” Mo Lingye said in shock.

“We still have three days, we can think of a solution. This time, I do not plan to retreat, Illusory Demon Sect is not a foreign race, they cannot force us to the precipice!” Qin Lie said gravely.

“It is a foolish dream to move all the resources of the Setting Sun Islands away through a mid-sized teleportation formation in three days.” Song Tingyu added. “Blood Fiend Sect, Flaming Sun Island, and Gold Sun Island. These three parties have thousands of martial practitioners. Even if that teleportation formation worked non stop, we might not be able to move everyone away.”

“We have large amounts of spirit materials, spirit stones, palaces, furnaces and cultivation rooms on Gray Island. They took a great amount of our resources. If we retreat, we will not be able to keep those things, we will suffer heavy losses.” Lian Rou sighed.

“The same with Blood Island. The blood pools, the ships, the flying spirit artifacts, those cannot be transported through the teleportation formations,” Feng Rong said.

“Even with the teleportation formation, we will not be able to move all of the items in a short three days,” Tang Siqi said, worried.

“Sometimes, we must sacrifice and give up some things.” Mo Lingye looked at them, and sighed deeply. “I understand your feelings. When Blood Fiend Sect was under siege back then, did we want to retreat? But what could we do?”

“Back then, if I was not decisive and took the secret records of Blood Fiend Sect and the present Blood Fiend Ten Elders to leave secretly before the fighting started, there would be no Blood Fiend Sect of today, and the true core of the sect would not have been preserved.”

Mo Lingye’s brow was furrowed as she urged for them to agree. She was willing to lose some things in order to leave safely.

“Qin Lie, I heard… you are close to Old Monster Terminator, and have close connection to Li Mu and Duan Qianjie, what do you think?” Hong Bowen reminded.

Mo Jun, Meng Feng, and the others lit up, hope reigniting in their minds.

Nan Zhengtian; Duan Qianjie; Li Mu; if they were willing to appear and come to the Setting Sun Islands, Wen Bin and Illusory Demon Sect would not be willing to move rashly.

“You are not thinking of the bigger picture.” Mo Lingye shook her head and said, “Just like how Terminator Sect and Heavenly Sword Mountain did not interfere when we were attacked by Black Voodoo Cult and the three families, they will not appear this time. This is a fight between two forces. Blood Fiend Sect and Flaming Sun Island are not subordinates of Terminator Sect and Heavenly Sword Mountain. They have no reason to interfere.”

“What about Duan Qianjie?” Hong Bowen didn’t give up.

Last time, because Duan Qianjie was present, Black Voodoo Cult’s Soul Altar expert was kept in check and couldn’t escape.

People remembered Duan Qianjie’s strength.

As long as Duan Quanjie was present, Wen Bin would not dare to move and attack the Setting Sun Islands.

“Senior  Duan has simply repaid the favor he owed me last time.” Qin Lie destroyed Hong Bowen’s wishful thinking.

The group became silent.

A bloody light suddenly flew out of the sky and landed in the center, manifesting into Xue Li’s figure.

When Illusory Demon Sect had come, he had been cultivating in seclusion to recover his strength as soon as possible.

He let Mo Lingye handle all external matters, and didn’t care about them.

Yet Wen Bin had made too much noise with his visit, his voice when he ordered Blood Fiend Sect and Flaming Sun Island to leave was too loud.

Xue Li already learned the entire matter.

“Old Hong, tell Qin Lie in detail about what is going on with Illusory Demon Sect and Wen Bin,” Xue Li ordered when he came.

“Big Brother Xue, you already know?” Hong Bowen was shocked.

“Yes.” Xue Li nodded.

Hong Bowen thought for a moment and then said, “Speaking of nothing else, everyone should listen about Illusory Demon Sect’s Soul Altar experts.”

Qin Lie and others nodded silently.

“Illusory Demon Sect’s Soul Altar experts consist of two-level Soul Altar expert, Sect Master Yu, Wen Bin who now also has a two-level Soul Altar, Chu Miaodan with one-level Soul Altar, and someone called Yu Tong. Only these four are known to be Soul Altar experts. ”

“That Yu Tong used to support Sect Leader Yu. Even now, he is fighting alongside Sect Master Yu against the Blue Ghoul Race.”

“Chu Miaodan has always been on Wen Bin’s side. The two are close, you can see this from how the two came shoulder-to-shoulder.”

“What we are truly going to face is Wen Bin and Chu Miaodan. Illusory Demon Sect’s Nirvana Realm martial practitioners are not many more than ours.”

Hong Bowen explained.

Qin Lie frowned slightly. “Illusory Demon Sect only has four Soul Altar experts? They do not have a three-level Soul Altar?”

According to what he knew, the Silver rank factions in the Land of Chaos such as Terminator Sect, Black Voodoo Cult, Heavenly Sword Mountain and Celestial Artifact Sect all had three-level Soul Altar experts.

Three-level Soul Altar experts were the pinnacle of Silver rank factions. If a faction didn’t have a three-level Soul Altar, this faction could not be considered top-tier.

“No, Illusory Demon Sect has an expert who is in the late stage of the Imperishable Realm and possesses a three-level Soul Altar,” Mo Lingye suddenly said.

Everyone looked at her in shock.

Everyone knew that she was close to Yu Lingwei, they had once become sworn sisters, and it was natural that she knew secrets of Illusory Demon Sect.

“Do not be nervous, that person … is in a special situation. He has some problems and cannot leave Illusory Demon Sect. Unless people invade Illusory Demon Sect, he can’t leave and fight. You don’t have to worry about him,” Mo Lingye explained.

As she said this, people sighed in relief.

“So what we have to face will be the two-level Soul Altar Wen Bin and the one-level Soul Altar Chu Miaodan?” Qin Lie asked.

“Pretty much.” Mo Lingye nodded and said, “But no one can match Wen Bin.”

She knew that Xue Li had assimilated one level of Blood Progenitor’s Soul Altar. Even if he was fighting Chu Miaodan, he would not be at great disadvantage.

However, the present Xue Li could not fight against the two-level Soul Altar Wen Bin.

“I might be able to hold off Wen Bin!” Xue Li thought and then his eyes flashed. He said, “Someone needs to face Chu Miaodan!”

He suddenly looked at Qin Lie.

Qin Lie said in a calm tone, “The eight god corpses will have no problems against Chu Miaodan!”

“Big Brother Xue, how much confidence do you have if you fight Wen Bin now?” Mo Jun said urgently.

“No confidence.” Xue Li shook his head. “But Wen Bin wouldn’t dare to fight to the death with me!”

Mo Lingye’s expression was worried. She looked at Xue Li and then at Qin Lie. She sighed inside and did not continue to urge them.

She knew that both Qin Lie and Xue Li were people that were not willing to surrender, and even in hopeless straights, would fight to the death.

She didn’t want an open conflict with Illusory Demon Sect, but after Xue Li decided and Qin Lie followed, she chose to remain silent.

Her silence meant she supported their decision.

Qin Lie suddenly raised his head, his mind rippling as his eyes landed on Blood Island.

“What is it?” Meng Feng was puzzled.

Xue Li’s eyes narrowed and he felt with his soul consciousness. He said in shock,” Such strong remnant soul thoughts!”

Lang Xie’s mind moved. “Coming from the eight god corpses?”

Qin Lie nodded and didn’t say anything. He drove the crystalline war chariot and hurried to Blood Island.

Xue Li, Mo Lingye, and the members of Blood Fiend sect followed in shock.

A short time later, the group gathered on Blood Island.

The eight god corpses were hidden in the water next to Blood Island. Their muscled bodies were bare and their originally lifeless eyes flashed with light.

The Demon Sealing Tombstone floated at the center of the eight god corpses. Mysterious seal characters flashed across the smooth surface of the tombstone.

A strange field formed between the Demon Sealing Tombstone and the eight god corpses as though to attract remnant soul thoughts.

Tendons moved like snakes on the bare bodies of the eight god corpses eerily.

Qin Lie looked in shock into the air.

Dozens of rice-sized black dots slowly appeared under the light of the sun. The black dots gradually grew bigger, and strong soul flucuations appeared in the center.

Mirages appeared from the black dots. They flew by like falling meteors.

The lights were like a storm that landed on the heads of the eight god corpses.

The eyes of the god corpses showed rich emotion. They seemed to be slowly gathering their soul, on the verge of awakening.


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