Chapter 796: Three Day Deadline

Chapter 796: Three Day Deadline

It was obvious that Wen Bin wasn’t just targeting Flaming Sun Island. He was trying to take out Blood Fiend Sect too.

When Mo Lingye, Mo Jun, Meng Feng, and the Blood Fiend Ten Elders heard that he wanted Blood Fiend Sect to leave the Setting Sun Islands too, their expressions turned dark.

They didn’t think Wen Bin would be this domineering.

“Who is the current sect master of Illusory Demon Sect right now?” Qin Lie asked loudly.

“Can you represent Illusory Demon Sect fully?” Mo Lingye also asked.

“When the war against the Blue Ghoul Race had settled down, my master… shall step down from her seat.” Ju Ruijie was riding on a crystalline war chariot right next to Shi Xiuling. She first threw a hateful glance at Qin Lie before saying slowly, “After that, Elder Wen will be the one to guide Illusory Demon Sect forwards.”

Mo Lingye’s eyes turned dim.

She didn’t realize that Yu Lingwei’s situation was this bad already. It was to the point where even her direct disciple Ju Ruijie dared cross over to Wen Bin’s faction brazenly and without fear of repercussions.


Mo Lingye sighed deeply in her heart and stopped trying to talk to them anymore. She was filled with regret towards Yu Lingwei.

She believed that one of the biggest reasons Yu Lingwei had lost control over Illusory Demon Sect was because she had tried to help her and Blood Fiend Sect.

She knew since a long time ago that the group led by Wen Bin was trying to seize Blood Fiend Sect while they were weak and reliant on them.

Some of them wanted to turn Blood Fiend Sect into a Copper rank force under Illusory Demon Sect.

In fact, the reason Illusory Demon Sect had lent its aid to Blood Fiend Sect, given them the Setting Sun Islands and allowed Gold Sun Island to return to Blood Fiend Sect was in hopes of subduing Blood Fiend Sect.

However, after Xue Li returned to Blood Fiend Sect, the sect obviously steered toward a path of independence.

As a result, Blood Fiend Sect and Illusory Demon Sect slowly grew apart from each other.

After Flaming Sun Island and Gray Island’s emergence, Illusory Demon Sect’s envy and anxiety grew by the day.

When Qin Lie and Ju Ruijie butted heads against each other at Prism Continent and ceased all trades of Blazing Profound Bombs with Illusory Demon Sect, the contradiction finally erupted into full-blown hostility.

When the Blue Ghoul Race invaded Illusory Demon Sect and caused Yu Lingwei’s authority to be severely questioned, Wen Bin seized the opportunity to rise his status.

Gray Island’s swiftly accumulating wealth and their artificers’ reputation in the Land of Chaos finally pushed Wen Bin and some Illusory Demon Sect martial practitioners to take action.

Mo Lingye knew that it was only a matter of time before the Setting Sun Islands and Illusory Demon Sect became opposing forces.

She just didn’t realize that it would happen so soon.

It happened so fast that she was taken completely off guard.

Xue Li had done his best to increase his strength as quickly as possible already, so much so that he was even showing signs of a fiendish rebound!

But even then, Xue Li could only unleash the power of a one-level Soul Altar expert.

Right now, Xue Li might not even be able to force Wen Bin to turn back.

Mo Lingye was very troubled.

“Who says that the Setting Sun Islands is Illusory Demon Sect’s?” A crystalline war chariot drove over from Flaming Sun Island. Dressed in bright, colorful clothing, Song Tingyu frowned slightly. “At the very beginning, the Setting Sun Islands belonged to a small Limestone force called Fish Dragon Association. The Fish Dragon Association’s people discovered these islands while they were roaming the seas and established themselves here, developing it into a force.”

“This Fish Dragon Association used to belong to Black Cloud Palace, and Black Cloud Palace was a Copper rank force beneath the Black Voodoo Cult.”

“If we really want to argue about ownership, the Setting Sun Islands should belong to the Black Voodoo Cult.”

“Later on, Island Master Xiang Xi of Gold Sun Island clashed against Fish Dragon Association and toppled them in the end. The Setting Sun Islands have existed ever since.”

“Gold Sun Island used to be attached to Illusory Demon Sect, so maybe the Setting Sun Islands do have a bit of connection with Illusory Demon Sect. In the past, that is.”

“But after Gold Sun Island had broken off from Illusory Demon Sect and rejoined Blood Fiend Sect, the Setting Sun Islands, a land under Gold Sun Island’s control, no longer has any connection to Illusory Demon Sect.”

“So on what basis do you think the Setting Sun Islands belong to Illusory Demon Sect?”

Song Tingyu’s crystalline war chariot stopped beside Qin Lie. She was fearless even though she was facing Wen Bin head-on. She orderly explained why the Setting Sun Islands had nothing to do with Illusory Demon Sect from the beginning to the end.

Both Qin Lie and Mo Lingye were secretly surprised by this.

“What a sharp-tongued girl!” Chu Miaodan smiled coldly. “Gold Sun Island used to be a vassal force under Illusory Demon Sect, so it is only natural that Setting Sun Islands belong to Illusory Demon Sect! The so-called break off between Gold Sun Island and Illusory Demon Sect was a decision made by Sect Master Yu alone, and it was never approved by the elders! In our opinion, it was Blood Fiend Sect intimidated Gold Sun Island so that they could forcefully take their territories for themselves. This is a direct conflict of interests!”

“Therefore, after Blood Fiend Sect has left the Setting Sun Islands, everyone on Gold Sun Island must stay behind.” Wen Bin’s gloomy eyes swept through the crowd non stop until it finally landed on the Xing brothers.

Both the Xing Family clansmen and Xiang Xi felt a little chill when they noticed his gaze.

Wen Bin hadn’t just come to chase Blood Fiend Sect away from the Setting Sun Islands. He was even planning to kill everyone of Gold Sun Island. This revelation caused the expressions of all Blood Fiend Sect martial practitioners to change dramatically.

A long time ago, the Xing Family was one of the five great families who served Blood Fiend Sect loyally.

Not long ago, it was Qin Lie who persuaded the Xing brothers to return to Blood Fiend Sect and even give up the Setting Sun Islands so that they could settle in.

The Xing Family was about as loyal as they could be to Blood Fiend Sect.

If the Xing Family and the martial practitioners of Gold Sun Island were destroyed by Illusory Demon Sect because of the disagreement between Flaming Sun Island, Blood Fiend Sect, and Illusory Demon Sect, Blood Fiend Sect would be the laughing stock of the entire Land of Chaos.

Mo Longye, Mo Jun, and Meng Feng wouldn’t be able to show their faces anywhere.

“Don’t say I didn’t give you time to think.” Wen Bin snorted coldly with his head hung high. “Three days! You have three days to evacuate from the Setting Sun Islands!”

“All Gold Sun Island denizens are forbidden from leaving. They are still part of Illusory Demon Sect!” Chu Miaodan said coldly.

“As for the artificers of Gray Island…” Shi Xiuling played the good guy of the trio as she said amiably towards Mo Hai and Tang Siqi, “If you are willing, you can stay forever at Gray Island and refine your artifacts. We will guarantee your safety on the name of Illusory Demon Sect. Moreover, we will double whatever Flaming Sun Island and Blood Fiend Sect gave you, and we will never interfere with your work. We will only do our absolute best to help you. The reason Illusory Demon Sect has stopped all trades of spirit materials to Gray Island wasn’t to attack you, but Blood Fiend Sect and Flaming Sun Island.”

All Illusory Demon Sect members forced themselves to put amiable smiles on their faces when they looked at Tang Siqi and Mo Hai.

In their eyes, Gray Island was a money tree that could earn them an endless supply of spirit stones.

“You only have three days!”

Wen Bin flew away on his two-level Soul Altar after throwing down this threat.

“If Gold Sun Island dares leave together with Blood Fiend Sect, we will deal with you as we do with traitors!” Chu Miaodan sneered and went away too.

“Don’t worry. As long as you’re willing to stay at Gray Island, nothing will change in this place.” Shi Xiuling smiled at Mo Hai and Tang Siqi. “We aren’t here to attack you today. Please understand where we’re coming from.”

Mo Hai and Tang Siqi frowned and kept silent.

“Take your time to consider.” Shi Xiuling sighed softly. “The situation out there is quite bad. The invasion of the Blue Ghoul Race, the hostile Black Voodoo Cult, and three great families. Illusory Demon Sect is the only sect that can protect you.”

She took Ju Ruijie away with her.

When Ju Ruijie left, she shot a cold glance at Qin Lie that could’ve carved him up if it could. She looked incredibly pleased and arrogant.

Illusory Demon Sect came as quickly as they came. All their martial practitioners were gone in the blink of an eye.

“If we were still as strong as we were a thousand years ago, none of them would’ve returned alive!” Meng Feng said fiercely.

“Qin Lie, can you tell me your thoughts?” Mo Lingye walked over and pondered for a moment. Then, she said with a bit of helplessness, “You once told me that Terminator Sect… is rather friendly with us. Is it true that they’re planning to invite us over?”

“What? Are you really planning to evacuate from the Setting Sun Islands?” Qin Lie’s expression changed slightly. “What about the people of Gold Sun Island?”

“Illusory Demon Sect didn’t know that you have a teleportation formation in the Ruined Lands. If we work fast, three days… should be enough to do everything. What can Wen Bin do once Gold Sun Island and us make it to Terminator Sect right beneath their noses?” Mo Lingye said. “The reason he’s so arrogant is because he thought we had no way of slipping away under their gazes.”

“That’s true! With the teleportation formation, we can reach Terminator Sect in a very short time!” Hong Bowen’s eyes also lit up. He looked like he had found light at the end of a tunnel.

“I guess that’s all we can do,” Mo Jun also said helplessly.

The Blood Fiend Ten Elders looked at him together.

“I’m not going to leave.”

Qin Lie shook his head under their gaze and told them his answer harshly.

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