Chapter 795: Coming to Challenge

Chapter 795: Coming to Challenge


Tang Siqi released her hand in panic, and the spirit tablets inscribed with ancient diagrams landed with a “clang” on the ground.

“Senior Sister, what are you doing?” Qin Lie snickered.

Tang Siqi was extremely embarrassed, her face so red it was almost dripping with blood. She tried to disguise it. “I was just too excited, look at my clumsiness…” She hurriedly crouched down to pick up the spirit tablets.

Dressed in a tight rose-red dress, Tang Siqi’s lush chest was tightly covered by the silk dress. When she bent down, her round behind became extremely tempting.

Qin Lie lowered his head to look, and his mouth felt dry. His eyes became even hotter.

“Gray Island is so prosperous only because of the basic ancient spirit diagrams you gave me. I…”

Putting the spirit tablets back into the spatial ring, Tang Siqi lifted her head as she talked.

Her voice suddenly stopped. Her teeth bit gently at her red and moist lower lip as she stared straight at Qin Lie.

Qin Lie seemed to not feel it, his burning eyes still locked onto her round and tempting behind.

Tang Siqi didn’t make a sound as she looked at Qin Lie. Gradually, even her neck became completely red.

A moment later, Qin Lie finally reacted. “Senior Sister, why did you stop speaking?”

His gaze moved and he noticed Tang Siqi’s gaze on him as well as the embarrassed flush on Tang Siqi’s neck.

“Cough cough!”

Hurriedly moving away his gaze, he coughed harshly and immediately changed the topic. “Senior Sister, has Gray Island arranged for someone to come with me to the Ruined Lands to purchase spirit materials?”

His gaze flashed as he embarrassedly avoided Tang Siqi’s eyes, his face also flushing.

He hadn’t expected Tang Siqi to catch him staring at her. Nor had he expected that she wouldn’t immediately stand up, instead staying in her half-bent position despite catching him staring. He couldn’t move his eyes away.

“Is it attractive?” Tang Siqi asked softly.

“Wh-what?” Qin Lie instinctively said softly.

“That place… is it attractive?” Tang Siqi slowly stood. In front of Qin Lie, she turned around, and showed her lush back and round behind encased in the tight dress completely in front of him.

“Cough, attractive.” Qin Lie’s voice was slightly dry.

“Previously, in the passageway under Armament City, you once…” Tang Siqi murmured with a red face.

Qin Lie couldn’t help but think back.

When the five forces had been sieging Armament Sect, he and Tang Siqi escaped into the secret passageway to return to the sect.

At that time… in the narrow secret passage, he wasn’t able to control himself and had committed offensive actions against Tang Siqi.

That time, Tang Siqi hadn’t turned angry. Due to that matter, Qin Lie gradually realized Tang Siqi’s thoughts towards him.

After so many years, when Tang Siqi mentioned what had happened in the past, the atmosphere inside the room became even more ambiguous.

“Sometimes, I really hoped that Senior Sister Rou was right. I hoped… you came back to Armament Sect for me.” Her back facing Qin Lie, Tang Siqi shook her head and said serenely, “But I know that you didn’t come to Armament Sect for me. I understand this. But you… at Armament Sect, you fought with Liang Shaoyang for me, and killed Liang Shaoyang for me. Also, when I was captured by Blood Shadow, when the Sect Master and the three reverends prepared to sacrifice me, you were the one that searched and saved me.

“If you had no feelings towards me, why would you fight for me twice, why would you save me so many times, and let me see so many valuable ancient diagrams.

“But if you did have feelings for me, why would you only find Miss Song and never search for me for private matters even though I have been always on Gray Island?

“I do not know what you are thinking.

“But I really want to know.”

As she spoke, Tang Siqi turned around and looked directly at Qin Lie without any fear and fragility.

Qin Lie was silent. A beat later, he suddenly sighed, “I already have…”

“During your time in Armament Sect, you had an engagement with Miss Ling before you met Miss Song. You met Miss Song after you met me. But since you two came back from the Graveyard of Gods, you… were clearly together.” Tang Siqi twisted her mouth. “She dared to steal you from Miss Ling, why can’t I steal you from her?”

Qin Lie was speechless.

“She can help Flaming Sun Island manage its wealth, I can forge Blazing Profound Bombs for Flaming Sun Island, I can accumulate endless wealth through Gray Island. I might not be able to do the things you can do, but what I can do… she can’t!” Tang Siqi’s face with bright with confidence.

Scratching his head, Qin Lie’s expression was strange. “This…”

“Island Master Qin! There is an urgent matter!” Mo Jun’s shout came from outside. “Please come out for a meeting!”

Qin Lie frowned.

“Go handle your own matters. I need to study these ancient diagrams,” Tang Siqi said softly, her head bowed.


Qin Lie did not say more. He stopped his conversation with Tang Siqi and hurriedly walked out.

Outside, Mo Jun of the Blood Fiend Ten Elders was frowning deeply. When Qin Lie came out, he grimaced. “Trouble is coming.”

“What trouble?”

“Trouble from Illusory Demon Sect.”

“What is happening?”

“You will know soon.”

As the two spoke, Qin Lie noticed people coming from the direction of Blood Fiend Sect. He looked and then his expression changed.

The two-level gray Soul Altar moved like a surging twister under a person.

There were dozens of marital practitioners dressed in the robes of Illusory Demon Sect beside that person. Among them were Shi Xiuling, Ju Ruijie, and Chu Miaodan.

Mo Lingye of Blood Fiend Sect, and Hong Bowen, Meng Feng and others of the Blood Fiend Ten Elders had ugly expressions. They were afraid these people would cause trouble so they hurriedly came.

“That is Wen Bin. He recently built his two-level Soul Altar. He has great influence in Illusory Demon Sect right now.” Mo Jun explained in a low voice.

“What about Yu Lingwei?” Qin Lie asked in shock.

“She is busy defending against the Blue Ghoul Race, her control of Illusory Demon Sect has weakened.” Mo Jun sighed. “Without any accidents, after the battle with the Blue Ghouls has concluded, she will be replaced by Wen Bin. In the past, Wen Bin was only one-level Soul Altar expert. Now that he has a two-level Soul Altar, he has the same cultivation as Sect Master Yu. He finally qualifies to oppose Sect Master Yu. Because of her connection of us, and because she took the experts to Prism Continent when Illusory Demon Sect was invaded, many elders in Illusory Demon Sect think that Sect Master Yu made a wrong decision and have negative opinion of her.”

Qin Lie concentrated.

Yu Lingwei was clearly on the losing side in this battle for power over Illusory Demon Sect.

She and her people at this time were busy fighting against the Blue Ghouls, doing the hardest work.

Elders in Illusory Demon Sect thought more and more highly of Wen Bin. As his influence gradually increased, he ultimately gained control over Illusory Demon Sect.

This time, Wen Bin came to show off his two-level Soul Altar and intimidate the Setting Sun Islands.

Shi Xiuling, Ju Ruijie, and Chu Miaodan also showing up meant they did not come with friendly intentions.

“Who is the person responsible for Flaming Sun Island?”

Wen Bin drove the two-level Soul Altar to float openly above Gray Island. He looked down on the artificers from Armament Sect below with a hint of concealed greed.

He clearly desired Gray Island and wanted to take Gray Island for himself.

Gray Island, composed of artificers, could forge Blazing Profound Bombs and many valuable spirit armors. Their value was hard to estimate even in his eyes.

The reason he came in person was not because he didn’t think anything of Blood Fiend Sect, but because of Gray Island.

Shi Xiuling and Ju Ruijie were beside Wen Bin. They saw Qin Lie, but they did not point him out.

Their eyes when they looked at Qin Lie carried a hint of hatred. They seemed to hate Qin Lie for humiliating them on Prism Continent and causing the other forces to feel disgust towards Illusory Demon Sect.

“I am,” Qin Lie said with a frown.

“Gray Island, Blood Island and this Flaming Sun Island, these three islands you named have always belonged to Illusory Demon Sect. Previously we just temporarily lent them to you. One of the conditions was that you would provide us with Blazing Profound Bombs!” Wen Bin’s cheekbones were sunken, his nose hooked, his eyes dark and harsh. He did not look like an easygoing person. “Right now, after discussing within our sect, we decide to take back these three islands. Please immediately leave this place!”

“Elder Wen, Sect Master Yu and I have a verbal agreement about the Setting Sun Islands. I…” Mo Lingye spoke.

“And you!” Wen Bin smiled coldly and looked back at the people from Blood Fiend Sect. He said, “I don’t care what agreement you had with Sect Master Yu. After our Illusory Demon Sect’s private discussion, all islands belonging to the Setting Sun Islands are to be given back! It’s the same for Blood Fiend Sect!”

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