Chapter 794: Ancient God’s Men

Chapter 794: Ancient God’s Men

After coming to a mutual understanding regarding the usage of the teleportation formation, Qin Lie left Blood Fiend Sect.

When he parted ways with Xue Li, he saw something a little different in Xue Li’s eyes.

It made him feel a little heavy.

It was true that the Blood Fiend Sect was hard-pressed to deal with the Illusory Demon Sect, Jiang Zhuzhe, the three ghoul races’ invasion, and the attack of the Black Voodoo Cult and the three great families.

Because they didn’t truly have a Soul Altar expert who could stand up to these threats, every Blood Fiend Sect disciple and elder felt that their situation was precarious. They were being pushed around in every aspect.

In the face of such a predicament, Xue Li was forced rise to the occasion and increase his strength as fast as possible.

That was why Xue Li went into seclusion again and again without waiting for his mind to fully stabilize. He forcefully fused and increased his affinity with the Soul Altar in order to obtain more power quickly.

However, his excessive need for speed had obviously caused some problems to occur during his fusing with the Blood Progenitor’s Soul Altar.

In fact, Qin Lie was starting to feel that Xue Li was going out of control.

Xue Li’s final words clearly stated that he knew that he was experiencing problems, and that trouble might befall him in the future.

However, he was ultimately able to resign himself to his fate because he knew that there was at least someone who could stop him and restrain him if he obtained great power from the progenitor’s Soul Altar but experienced a fiendish rebound as a result. He was glad to know that someone would be able to set him straight should he stray from the righteous path in the future.

Qin Lie understood that Xue Li had placed his hope on him.

“I hope that you won’t sink deeper and deeper until you lose yourself completely one day. If that were to happen…”

Qin Lie sighed with a dark expression on his face. He no longer pondered over the matter.

He quietly arrived on Blood Island.

“Island Master Qin!”

“Hello, island master!”

“Are you here to check on our cultivation, island master?”

A lot of Blood Spear martial practitioners walked out of the woods to greet him. Many blood pools were built between these woods.

However, a lot of these blood pools didn’t have blood inside them right now.

“Qin Lie, have you found the way to use your bloodline during your trip to the Heavenly Silence Continent?” Lang Xie walked over. The rich stench of blood brimming from his body abruptly churned.

Qin Lie’s blood suddenly boiled as a mad wave of blaze spread towards the surroundings, burning everything in its path.

Lang Xie looked surprised. “It looks like you’ve learned a lot of things from your trip!”

He was extremely sensitive towards blood, so he could sense just how far Qin Lie had come since the time he was starting to learn about his bloodline more than a year ago.

“I’ve unlocked the mysteries of my bloodline.” Qin Lie nodded.

While the duo were talking to each other, many Blood Spear martial practitioners moved away from the place voluntarily.

While chatting to each other, they arrived next to Blood Island before Qin Lie passed over a spatial ring solemnly to Lang Xie. “This ring only contains Blazing Profound Bombs, and some of them contain terrible poison too. In other places, these poisonous Blazing Profound Bombs may cause huge commotion, but in the Ruined Lands they are perfectly fine. No one will lambast you for using them because all evil and wicked things can be used openly on the Ruined Lands. Therefore, you must be careful when you take the Blood Spear martial practitioners away to train in that place.”

“I understand.” Lang Xie accepted the spatial ring and pondered for a moment. “Gray Island and Flaming Sun Island require protection of strong martial power, especially Gray Island since it is a force made up of extraordinarily skilled artificers. They will only grow more eye-catching in the future, and without the protection of a super expert they will only be devoured utterly by the Illusory Demon Sect, Celestial Artifact Sect, and Black Voodoo Cult in the future.”

“We are lacking true experts.” Qin Lie knew this very well.

“We don’t have enough time, so I can only take them to the Ruined Lands and baptize them in blood so that they may grow as fast as possible, even if some of them will die in the process,” Lang Xie said with a hint of cruelty.

Qin Lie nodded without saying anything.

He contacted the eight god corpses with his soul consciousness. The moment the thought arose, his bloodline began to surge frantically.


The god corpses that looked like little hills swiftly rose from the deep sea and gathered around Qin Lie.

The eight god corpses’ eyes were shining with godly light, and a shocking aura that felt as hellish as the boundless sea was coming off them.


The Demon Sealing Tombstone appeared of its own accord and unleashed seven godly lights from in front of Qin Lie’s chest.

At the same time, a profound and vague tremor appeared from inside the Demon Sealing Tombstone. It was a tremor made up purely from vague divine language that only Qin Lie could understand.

“Blood, fresh blood, the blood of our race…”

The confusing messages kept entering Qin Lie’s brain through the Demon Sealing Tombstone.

Qin Lie quickly came to a realization.

The translucent, shiny, red lifeblood essences that looked like carnelian necklace entered the Demon Sealing Tombstone like a string.

The Demon Sealing Tombstone abruptly glowed brightly in blood color and split into seven rays of light.

The seven godly chains flew out of the Demon Sealing Tombstone and wrapped around the necks of the seven god corpses. The chains were covered in tiny divine characters, scarlet blood threads, and indiscernible murmurs.

The Demon Sealing Tombstone seemed to be forcefully pouring segments of inheritance into the god corpses’ bodies.

A distant yet loud, ancient, and desolate chant of divine characters resounded intermittently from the Demon Sealing Tombstone as if it would reach the the Heavens.

Qin Lie acutely sensed that soul fragments were seemingly attracted from space far, far away, deep in the outer space and unknown lands, speeding through the void.

These soul fragments seemed to originally belong to the eight god corpses and were part of their very being. They were just temporarily forgotten and left at the ends of the heavens.

Some of the knowledge regarding the god corpses sparkled in Qin Lie’s mind, making his eyes look deeper and deeper.

The god corpses’ true name was Ancient God’s Men. They were also called God’s Servants.

They had come to Spirit Realm along with the Heaven Fighting Race who called themselves gods from outer space. They called themselves God’s Servants and God’s Men, and they were absolutely loyal to the Heaven Fighting Race.

The servants of the Heaven Fighting Race possessed tremendous physical strength that could literally move mountains and seas. It seemed that their sole purpose of birth was to fight and die for the Heaven Fighting Race.

No one knew where these God’s Men came from. They only knew that the Heaven Fighting Race had absolute trust in them and loved them more than even the evil dragons.

Many God’s Men were killed during the War of the Hundred Races. After the Heaven Fighting Race had retreated from Spirit Realm, news of the God’s Men slowly faded into nothingness in the Spirit Realm. No one was able to find their whereabouts.

It was rumored that the Ancient God’s Men had gone to the outer space alongside the Heaven Fighting Race. It was also rumored that the Ancient God’s Men had slipped to the bottom of the sea, awaiting the day the Heaven Fighting Race returns.

There were even people who said that the Ancient God’s Men had changed their appearance and shrank their bodies, mingling among men and waiting for an opportunity to rise again in revenge.

Not even Qin Lie knew which saying was the truth. It was because he hadn’t obtained any information or memory regarding the Ancient God’s Men from the Chaos Blood Realm. As a result, his knowledge of the God’s Men was limited.

“They’re stronger than before. I can feel it in their energy and blood. I can feel even now… that they are swiftly growing stronger,” Lang Xie suddenly said.

He could see clearly threads of godly light wrapping around the god corpses’ bodies and causing their aura to rise quickly. Their souls were also extremely turbulent, almost as if a warrior’s soul was swiftly awakening from its sleep.

Qin Lie looked into the void and muttered, “More soul fragments will be joining them soon. When that happens, they will grow even stronger.”

Lang Xie’s eyes lit up.

“We don’t need to wait here. These eight god corpses will return to the bottom of the sea after they’ve absorbed the soul fragments. You don’t need to worry.” After his bloodline had awakened, his connection with the god corpses had grown much, much stronger.

He acutely sensed that he was able to form a connection with the eight god corpses as long as they were within a hundred kilometers from him.

“I’m heading for Gray Island. Get yourselves ready, we’ll be leaving for the Ruined Lands pretty soon.” Qin Lie added.

Lang Xie nodded.

Qin Lie went away on a crystalline war chariot.

Fifteen minutes later, he went into Tang Siqi’s cultivation room and saw her holding her cheeks and blanking out in front of a spirit tablet.

“Senior Sister Tang.” Qin Lie smiled faintly after he came in. “What are you thinking so hard about?”

“N-nothing.” Tang Siqi’s beautiful face blushed, and emotions circulated in her eyes. She rolled her eyes at Qin Lie and scolded the bastard for picking the one question he shouldn’t be asking.

—She was wondering how to get Qin Lie to pay less attention to Song Tingyu, and more attention to her.

“For the past year, I’ve learned a couple more ancient spirit diagrams. Come and take a look.” While saying this, Qin Lie walked up to her and passed over the spirit boards with the Materialization, Realization, Void Illusion, and Soul Sealing ancient spirit diagrams.

Qin Lie had created these ancient spirit diagrams in a special way so that the spirit energy contained in every spirit thread was as clear as day.

Tang Siqi could study, research and extract every bit of detail of the inscription process from the spirit boards and master them this way.

Ever since he learned that Flaming Sun Island had earned their status today all thanks to the basic ancient spirit diagrams, he knew that they would be the key to Flaming Sun Island’s rise to power.

It was also the root of the problems between Gray Island and Celestial Artifact Sect.

Mo Hai had continuously improved during his study of the basic ancient spirit diagrams, and he was now capable of refining an Earth Grade Six spirit artifact.

The appearance of the Heaven Cloud Armor and Thunder Soul only reaffirmed his belief that Gray Island would be able to bring him more pleasant surprises as long as he provided them with more complicated and high grade ancient spirit diagrams!

“New ancient spirit diagrams?” Tang Siqi trembled.

She hastily rushed towards him. Maybe it was because she was too excited, but her soft, tender hands actually grabbed onto Qin Lie’s hands instead of the spirit tablets.

Qin Lie couldn’t help but feel moved by her touch. The light in his eyes abruptly burned brightly.

His gaze on Tang Siqi had turned almost hot enough to burn into one’s skin.

He definitely felt affection for Tang Siqi.

In fact, this beautiful woman who had given him much aid back at Armament Sect had always challenged his self-control.

At the time though, Ling Yushi was more important to him. That was why he had been suppressing his affection for Tang Siqi all those time.

His love was only dedicated to one person at the time.

However, after entering the Nether Continent alongside Song Tingyu and the Horned Demon Race, after his life experiences had been enriched, after he lived through one seemingly hopeless situation after the other and after he became joined with his former personality… his view on relationships slowly changed before he knew it.

He started to think less of the future, and appreciated the now more than ever.

In terms of relationships, he was no longer holding himself back and now obeyed his true desires.

Right now, Tang Siqi had become the most talented artificer on Gray Island, and her skills were progressing rapidly. Moreover, she had mastered the ancient spirit diagrams he gave her.

Moreover, Tang Siqi obviously liked him, not to mention that she now possessed an extraordinary status on Gray Island. If she was emotionally hurt by him, and if she were to transfer her affection to someone else, there was the possibility that Gray Island’s ancient spirit diagrams and many of his secrets might be leaked to the public.

Be it for private or public purposes, he had no reason to let Tang Siqi slip through his grasp.

His thoughts solidified his determination even further.

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