Chapter 793: Xue Li’s Change

Chapter 793: Xue Li’s Change

The Setting Sun Islands’ Song Tingyu and Gray Island’s Tang Siqi and Mo Hai had brought him massive pleasant surprises.

He didn’t think that the Setting Sun Islands would be transformed so thoroughly in just two years’ time. Not only have they accumulated millions of spirit stones, they were even able to refine high grade spirit artifacts like the Heaven Cloud Armor and Thunder Soul.

Although they still lacked elite experts, the Setting Sun Islands now far exceeded Profound Heaven Alliance and Eight Extreme Temple in every aspect.

Moreover, the Setting Sun Islands’ potential is far greater than the potential of two forces who reigned supreme on the Scarlet Tide Continent!

“Is Qin Lie here?”

While the group was discussing underneath Gray Island, Hong Bowen’s loud cry suddenly rang from outside.

“You can always play with this Heaven Cloud Armor and this Thunder Soul later.” Mo Hai knew that Qin Lie had to head out upon hearing Hong Bowen’s cry. “You are an artificer too, and the ancient spirit diagrams we studied all originated from you. I am sure you will understand their secrets and their usage with just a bit of study.”

“Thank you, Master Mo!” Qin Lie said seriously.

“You are the reason we are able to settle down in the Land of Chaos, continue our research of artifact forging, and obtain all kinds of spirit materials.” Mo Hai shook his head and said calmly, “To the Setting Sun Islands, Gray Island and Blood Island, you… are the one key figure we cannot do without.”

“Do you understand how important you are now?” Tang Siqi smiled beautifully.

“Then I will do my best to preserve my life!” Qin Lie laughed.

He didn’t spend more time researching the Heaven Cloud Armor and Thunder Soul. He had to come out earlier due to Hong Bowen’s repeated summons.

“You’ve finally returned!” Hong Bowen hurriedly walked over to him the moment he saw him, “Big Brother Xue and senior sister are both waiting for you!”

Blood Fiend Sect was desperately hoping to have a long discussion with him. They also wanted to know how he was doing and how they should cooperate further.

Qin Lie knew of Blood Fiend Sect’s desperation too, so he nodded wordlessly and departed from Gray Island alongside Hong Bowen.

A while later, he arrived at Blood Fiend Sect’s great hall under Hong Bowen’s guidance.

Xue Li, Mo Lingye, and the Blood Fiend Ten Elders were all present.

“You caused quite a lot of noise at Prism Continent, I see!”

Xue Li grinned and let out a chuckle. Invisible tides of blood seemed to be churning constantly from his body, causing anyone close to him to lose control of their energy and blood before they knew it.

The Blood Fiend Ten Elders and Mo Lingye had subconsciously moved some distance away from him as a result.

When Qin Lie came over, he felt stifled just after casting him a glance.

“This place here is rather tumultuous lately, and my realm hasn’t completely stabilized yet. I’m still not able to use the power of the one-level Soul Altar properly.” Xue Li pointed at his head.

There was a seven-level Soul Altar inside his head.

Xue Li had spent more than two years to finally reach the first level of the Soul Altar and use its powers.

However, his need to attain power as swiftly as possible was too much. It was obvious that his mastery of the first level of his Soul Altar was a little lacking.

“You’re moving too quickly,” Qin Lie said seriously.

“I know.” Xue Li nodded. “But I don’t have a choice. Right now, anything can happen to the Land of Chaos. Our relationship with Illusory Demon Sect has soured as of late, and the three ghoul races have invaded the Land of Chaos. Moreover… I heard that Jiang Zhuzhe has successfully created his third Soul Altar level at the Ruined Lands.”

Xue Li’s expression looked heavy. “I have no choice but to quicken my cultivation speed and improve my combat strength as quickly as possible, even if I have to take some risks in the process.”

“Take care of yourself.”

Qin Lie walked forwards and sat down at a chair next to the Blood Fiend Ten Elders. He said naturally, “The teleportation formation at the Ruined Lands belongs to the Evil Infant Boy. I helped him a great deal, so he’s going to transfer ownership of that teleportation formation to me. From now on, we can teleport directly to the Ruined Lands from the Setting Sun Islands without having to rely on the Illusory Demon Sect.”

“I told you all, didn’t I?” Xue Li laughed loudly while looking at the Blood Fiend Ten Elders. “I told you all that Qin Lie would resolve our biggest trouble.”

Mo Jun, Meng Feng, and Hong Bowen all nodded with smiles on their faces.

“Did Jiang Zhuzhe try to harm you at the Ruined Lands?” Xue Li suddenly said in a serious tone.

“For now, no.” Qin Lie shook his head.

“Now that he has created the third level of his Soul Altar, he is soon to become the scariest person in the Land of Chaos. Even Jiang An, Qi Yang, and Feng Yi may not necessarily be able to beat him! My good junior brother is a complete maniac, and he cares for nothing when he goes insane!” Xue Li said with a dark expression on his face. His bloody pupils were shining with an intimidating light. “But you don’t have to worry too much, Qin Lie. He probably won’t give you any trouble in the Ruined Lands.”

“Oh?” Qin Lie looked astonished.

“We had a mutual understanding with each other. We won’t raise a hand against the Miao Family in Blue Moon Valley, and he won’t invade the Setting Sun Islands or attack our people,” Xue Li said calmly.

“The Miao Family of Blue Moon Valley? They’re related to Jiang Zhuzhe?” Qin Lie grew more and more astonished.

“Jiang Zhuzhe and the Miao Family have ties with one another.” Xue Li didn’t hide this. “We don’t know exactly what their relationship is. This agreement was brought forth by Jiang Zhuzhe first, and we agreed to it only after an internal discussion.”

Qin Lie stared closely at Xue Li with slightly odd eyes. A long while later, he finally said, “You seemed to have changed a little.”

The old Xue Li would never have negotiated with Jiang Zhuzhe. He was of one track mind, and he hated Jiang Zhuzhe to his very core. The only thing he wanted to do with Jiang Zhuzhe was to kill him once and for all.

Xue Li was supposed to hate everything that was related to Jiang Zhuzhe!

He thought that all of his family’s sufferings were caused by Jiang Zhuzhe. He only wished that he could skin Jiang Zhuzhe alive and pull his bones out of his body!

But now, Xue Li looked unbelievably calm when he spoke of Jiang Zhuzhe.

The calm was incredibly bizarre to Qin Lie.

Something he didn’t know must have happened to Xue Li.

“A lot of strange things happen when a martial practitioner fuses with a Soul Altar, especially a seven-level Soul Altar.” Xue Li pointed at his own head again. His bloody eyes shone brightly, and his entire person was enshrouded in a kind of bloodthirsty sharpness. He was like a blood-stained blade that could tear apart the flesh of all living things. “While I was fusing with the first level of the Soul Altar, I began experiencing the past life of the progenitor in a daze. I must admit that while the progenitor’s Soul Altar gave me great knowledge, it also subtly influenced my character.”

Qin Lie looked startled.

Even Mo Lingye and the Blood Fiend Ten Elders were secretly scared on the inside.

They too had noticed that Xue Li’s change in behavior and conduct as of late. Previously, Mo Lingye had contacted Jiang Zhuzhe and come to a mutual understanding in the matter of the Miao Family.

But she never dared to bring this up in front of Xue Li.

This was because she knew how Xue Li more than anyone else in the world. She knew that Xue Li would never feign civility with Jiang Zhuzhe.

But Xue Li had actually brought up this matter on his own after he came out of his seclusion. Once he learned that she had contacted Jiang Zhuzhe, he actually didn’t go ballistic like she expected him to be. In fact, he had accepted the whole thing quite calmly.

Mo Lingye herself was wondering on the inside what strange things had come over Xue Li. It was only after Qin Lie had returned and asked about his condition personally that he finally told them the truth.

It was all because of his fusion with the Blood Progenitor’s seven-level Soul Altar.

So fusing with a Soul Altar could actually alter a person’s character too.

“Don’t worry, my determination to kill Jiang Zhuzhe will never change!” Xue Li grinned when he saw their shock. “However, I may work differently than how I used to.”

Mo Lingye and the Blood Fiend Ten Elders didn’t say anything.

Qin Lie looked very calm on the surface, but on the inside he suddenly noticed that Xue Li was growing more and more difficult to fathom.

In the past, Xue Li was a simple-minded person who didn’t know how to be flexible. He advocated solving problems through absolute violence, seldom bothered with petty schemes and tricks, and he never worked together with any of his enemies.

But today, Xue Li was able to come to a mutual understanding with even his sworn enemy, Jiang Zhuzhe.

This meant that the principles that used to restrict Xue Li in the past were now gone.

Xue Li’s way of conduct seemed to be slowly tilting towards the way the blood progenitor conducted himself.

In Qin Lie’s opinion, the current Xue Li was a lot scarier than the old Xue Li!

He subconsciously used his lifeblood essences.

The moment he did so, he acutely noticed that an instantaneous connection between Xue Li and him was formed. He could enter deep into Xue Li’s flesh, muscles, blood, spirit sea and even the seven-level Soul Altar.

Right now, the Blood Progenitor’s body and the surface of the seven-level Soul Altar were covered in countless complex and mysterious blood lines.

The Soul Suppressing Orb seemed to have imprinted these blood lines onto the Blood Progenitor’s body and Soul Altar by force. This allowed Qin Lie to wield the greatest possible control over the Blood Progenitor’s body and Soul Altar.

When he passed over the Blood Progenitor to Xue Li, he told him that something unpredictable had happened to the progenitor’s body.

This change allowed him to control the Blood Progenitor’s body and Soul Altar forever.

This meant that he could control the current Xue Li too.

Upon giving it a test, he noticed that the connection was still there. If he wished it to be so, he could still control everything everything about the Blood Progenitor’s body through this mysterious connection.

“If I am to become unlike me one day, if I am to be influenced too deeply by the progenitor, and if I were to commit something that is absolutely unforgivable…” Xue Li knew of his spying and said suddenly. “At least there is someone who can restrict me, stop me, or even kill me.”

Xue Li became completely calm once more after he said this. It was as if the final knot in his heart was finally resolved.

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