Chapter 792: Heaven Cloud Armor, Thunder Soul Blade!

Chapter 792: Heaven Cloud Armor, Thunder Soul Blade!

“Qin Lie, come visit Gray Island.”

Tang Siqi saw him walk over, bit her lip, and greeted Qin Lie.


Qin Lie briskly answered. Accompanied by Tang Siqi, Mo Hai, Lian Rou, Yi Yuan and others, he went from Flaming Sun Island to Gray Island.

On Gray Island, palaces similar to those in the Armament Sect occasionally erupted with thick flames. Many young and inexperienced looking-youths were learning the artifact forging way under the shouts of former members of Armament Sect. They were smelting some small artifacts using fragments of low-ranking materials.

“Artifact forging is an art repeatedly tempered through thousands of experiences. Only those that throw their minds and bodies into the path will obtain success.”

Yao Tai’s voice came out of a magnificent palace. His tone was stern. He seemed to be teaching those apprentices basic knowledge.

“Master Yao is responsible for teaching the apprentices?” Qin Lie said in shock.

“Not just so.” Mo Hai’s expression was one of approval. “Yao Tai actually has great potential in artifact forging, also… he is willing to work hard. When he concentrates, he forgets to eat and sleep!After he came to Gray Island, he obtained many of Armament Sect’s spirit diagrams. After thinking on them, his spirit diagram inscription level skyrocketed. Right now, he can make Profound Grade Three spirit artifacts. He has great abilities!”

“He is also suited to teaching. He is patient and those students trust him.” Lian Rou added.

“There is something you might not know. It is funny to speak of… last time when Li Mu came, Master Yao was stunned when he saw Li Mu. He was speechless for a while.” Tang Siqi said, laughing. “So it turns out that Master Yao entered the artifact forging profession because he had bought a book from Li Mu’s shop. When he returned home, he found some basic spirit diagrams inscribed in that book. Just like that, Master Yao accidentally started to learn artifact forging. In the end, Tu Shixiong recruited him to Nebula Pavilion.”

“Master Yao always thought he got a great bargain from Senior Li Mu. After that incident, he didn’t dare to return to Li’s Shop, afraid that Li Mu would want the book back.”

“When he saw Senior Li Mu drive the Floating Island over here, he was stunned for a long time.”

“Senior Li Mu actually remembered Master Yao. He was the one who mentioned this matter. We learned that Master Yao learned forging because he bought a book from his shop.”

“Master Yao was in Nebula Pavilion yet he didn’t know Senior Li Mu had once forced the chief hall master of Asura Hall to retreat without a fight.”

“He hadn’t known Senior Li Mu’s identity. He was extremely unprepared when he suddenly encountered Senior Li Mu.”

Yi Yuan and Lian Rou laughed as well.

Qin Lie didn’t laugh.

“Uncle Li…”

He gradually pondered this and his eyes lit up. He looked deeply towards the palace where Yao Tai was.

The reason he learned artifact forging from Yao Tai was due to Li Mu’s encouragement. In truth, he learned a lot from Yao Tai.

Yao Tai had an extremely firm foundation in artifact forging. In the days he had studied from Yao Tai, his artifact forging skills had improved rapidly.

When he learned that Yao Tai had “accidentally” bought a book with basic spirit diagrams from Li Mu’s shop, he thought  that Li Mu had done it deliberately.

Maybe, at that time, Li Mu saw Yao Tai had forging talent so he lent a helping hand.

“How is Master Yao’s forging talent?”

As he thought this, he looked again at Mo Hai and asked seriously.

“His talent is outstanding. On top of that, he is willing to work hard and has a zeal. I believe he will be greatly accomplished in the future!” Mo Hai thought and then gave a highly positive review. “In the future, he may surpass me and become the top forging artificer on the Scarlet Tide Continent!”

Qin Lie was astounded.

Even Lian Rou, Tang Siqi, Yi Yuan, Feng Rong and the others’ expressions changed.

They didn’t know that Mo Hai thought so highly of Yao Tai.

“Li Mu once talked to me alone. He told me that Yao Tai’s zeal for artifact forging is the same as Nan Zhengtian’s obsession with the martial path!” Mo Hai’s expression was serious as he dropped another bomb. “Li Mu said that if Yao Tai could obtain higher level spirit diagrams and continue to study them, his skill in artifact forging may be one day as formidable as Nan Zhengtian’s level in the martial way!”

When the words were said, everyone was completely stunned. They instinctively looked in Yao Tai’s direction.

Forefather Terminator Nan Zhengtian was the strongest martial practitioner in the Land of Chaos.

In the last hundred years, no one could shake Nan Zhengtian’s status. Jiang An, Qi Yang, Feng Yi, those once glorious people were surpassed one by one by Nan Zhengtian.

Yao Tai’s skill in artifact forging might have hope of reaching Nan Zhengtian’s level in the martial way?

Everyone didn’t quite believe it.

“I understand, I understand everything. It seems that Uncle Li’s eyes are keen.” Qin Lie suddenly smiled lightly after the shock. One of his greatest questions was answered.

“Should we call Master Yao over?” Tang Siqi asked carefully.

“No need.” Qin Lie smiled and shook his head.

“Then let us continue. I have some things I want to show you.” Tang Siqi’s beautiful eyes flashed with light.


Under Tang Siqi’s guidance, Qin Lie and Mo Hai came to the biggest palace on Gray Island.

They went through a passage deep in the palace to a secret underground room similar to the one on Flaming Sun Island.

On the shelves there, over forty Blazing Profound Bombs were placed. Next to them, there were nine Blazing Profound Bombs with dark green patterns. Those clearly contained potent poisons.

“Forty-five Blazing Profound Bombs are Flaming Sun Island’s reserves. These are not sold and kept in preparation.”

“These nine… special... Blazing Profound Bombs contain dozens of poisons. When they explode, anyone that touches a bit of the poisonous liquid or inhale the poisonous smoke will die unless they are in the Imperishable Realm or higher!”

“This kind of Blazing Profound Bombs is too strong. We are worried that orthodox people will condemn them. Therefore, we kept them a secret and didn’t sell them outside.

“We didn’t even sell one to Blood Fiend Sect. we told them that the materials needed were too rare so we could not continue to produce them.”

Tang Siqi introduced in a soft voice.

“Give twenty Blazing Profound Bombs to Lang Xie. Also, let Lang Xie take five of these poisonous ones. He is taking Blood Spear to the Ruined Lands. At that place, no matter how malicious or poisonous the thing is, it can be used without any restraint. He can use it at any time.” Qin Lie rubbed his chin,  thought and then said, “The remaining four … I will take them. Maybe I will meet a strong ghoul and make them suffer a great defeat!”

“They had been prepared for you.” Tang Siqi smiled slightly and gathered all of the Blazing Profound Bombs into a spatial ring. She immediately handed it over. “You are the island master of Flaming Sun Island. Flaming Sun Island possesses all it has today because of you. Only if you are alive and well will Flaming Sun Island have great prospects.”

“The present Flaming Sun island is the work of all you people. I usually roam around outside, how much help can I be to Flaming Sun Island?” Qin Lie laughed dryly.

“Flaming Sun Island has today and was able to accumulate so much wealth because of the Blazing Profound Bombs. And the core spirit diagrams of the Blazing Profound Bombs came from you. Those ancient diagrams… are what Flaming Sun Island relies on to survive, the reason we can match Celestial Artifact Sect!” Mo Hai’s expression was stern as he said gravely, “As we studied the ancient diagrams, we found that the existence of the ancient diagrams are the crux to Gray Island and Flaming Sun Island’s survival! Right now, we are the ones that are responsible for studying the ancient diagrams and inscribing the last spirit diagrams on the Blazing Profound Bombs. To the new apprentices, and the artificers from the past Armament Sect, we only teach them the spirit diagrams from Armament Sect.”

“The ancient diagrams are our greatest secret, and the core treasure of Flaming Sun Island. We cannot be careless and let it slip!” Tang Siqi said seriously.

They knew very well how wondrous the ancient diagrams were.

“Master Mo can already forge Earth Grade Five spirit artifacts,” Lian Rou said. “The reason is because he has been studying those ancient diagrams recently. He applied them during artifact forging, and he has advanced rapidly in his skill at artifact forging and inscribing spirit diagrams.”

“All of us are quickly increasing our abilities at inscribing spirit diagrams,” Tang Siqi said.

“This is all due to the wonders of the ancient digarms!” Mo Hai emphasized each word.

Pausing, Mo Hai took out a set of light spirit armor and a wide and simple long blade. He handed them to Qin Lie.

“This spirit armor is called the ‘Heaven Cloud Armor.’” After my thorough tests, it should be around Earth Grade Five. The Heaven Cloud Armor is made from nine rare kinds of cloud essence sand, and mixed with twelve extremely light gold and silver essences in addition to thirty-six auxiliary materials. I personally forged it. There is a compound spirit diagram inside with ancient diagrams as the core. You should wear this Heaven Cloud Armor in the future. It will greatly boost your defenses.”

“I named this longblade ‘Thunder Soul.’ Earth Grade Six. This was also made specially for you. The forging of ‘Thunder Soul’ also consumed large amounts of rare spirit materials. We used the special spirit materials we purchased from other places on this. The total value of these spirit materials is close to a million Earth Grade spirit stones.”

“You can channel thunder power into ‘Thunder Soul,’ as well as the frost, earth or even blood spirit powers!”

Mo Hai inhaled slowly and showed a rare tinge of pride in his eyes. “This armor and blade are my current masterpieces. Maybe it cannot compare to the works of the true artificing grandmasters of Celestial Artifact Sect, but after adding in the ancient diagrams, these two are unique in some aspects. You will learn how after using them.”

Qin Lie looked dazedly at him with one hand holding the Heaven Cloud Armor and the other holding the Thunder Soul. Those two items felt extremely suited to him.

Those two spirit artifacts seemed to belong to him. He might have just temporarily given them to Mo Hai for safekeeping and was now taking them back.

Only extremely suitable spirit artifacts would produce this feeling when they entered the hand.

Under Mo Hai and Tang Siqi’s gaze, he took off his outer robes, stripped his upper half naked and put on the Heaven Cloud Armor.

The Heaven Cloud Armor was so thin it could barely be felt. After he wore it, there were balls of spirit clouds that flowed and gathered on his organs inside the amber suit. They protected his vital spots and the most dangerous acupoints.

Qin Lie’s eyes lit up.

He suddenly channeled spirit energy into the spirit armor.

The blurry wisps of clouds suddenly became clear as though balls of light were gathered on his heart and vulnerable spots. They formed a gentle and warm, yet extremely sturdy shield of light that protected his entire body.


He poured his thunder power into the Thunder Soul in his joy, Heavenly Thunder Eradication circulating through his body.


Like thunder on a clear day, an explosive sound came from inside the Thunder Soul. It was so loud the eardrums of people in the room felt pain, and their hearts started to beat wildly.

The blinding streaks of lightning seemed to wrap around Thunder Soul like snakes. The already wide Thunder Soul seemed to multiply in size. Lightning flickered at the tip of the long blade and was several meters long.

“Zzzt zzzt zzzt!”

The blade energies that jumped out of the blade tip stabbed the thick stone floor and caused the stone to shatter.

Qin Lie’s eyes lit up even brighter.

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