Chapter 791: Brimming with Vigor

Chapter 791: Brimming with Vigor

“You finally came back!”

Lang Xie stepped into the teleportation formation, reeking of blood, his eyes filled with the desire to fight.

He examined a part of the teleportation formation responsible for recording the spatial coordinates. His bloody aura grew heavier as though blood was going to swell up from his skin. “You came from the Ruined Lands?”

Qin Lie laughed. “Of course.”

“I want to take the Blood Spear martial practitioners into the Ruined Lands!” Lang Xie said gravely.

Mo Hai, Feng Rong, Song Tingyu and others were startled upon hearing these words.

“Lang Xie, why are you in such a hurry to go to the Ruined Lands?” Feng Rong’s brow furrowed.

“Even if there was no teleportation formation connected to the Ruined Lands, I decided to take a share of the Blood Spear martial practitioners to travel to the Ruined Lands!” Lang Xie’s brow carried a tinge of irritation. “There are no more worthwhile opponents around the Setting Sun Islands. Because of Blood Fiend Sect, I cannot attack the nearest Blue Moon Valley. The only one left is Illusory Demon Sect. It seems that in the nearest future there won’t be any large battle against Illusory Demon Sect.”

Everyone was astounded.

They knew what Lang Xie said was the truth.

There used to be only four forces near the Setting Sun Islands—Black Cloud Palace, Heavenly Sea Pavilion, the Pan Family and Blue Moon Valley.

As of that moment, the Pan Family, Black Cloud Palace, and Heavenly Sea Pavilion had been destroyed. The only one left was Blue Moon Valley. Blood Fiend Sect had urged multiple times for Blood Spear to not attack.

A while ago, Lang Xie arranged for some martial practitioners of Blood Spear to pass through Illusory Demon Sect’s large scale teleportation formation to go to other chaotic places.

After Illusory Demon Sect completely cut off its connections to the Setting Sun Islands, Lang Xie’s remaining Blood Spear martial practitioners could only move around the Setting Sun Islands.

This clearly was not Lang Xie’s usual style.

“Cultivating alone will not increase battle strength, or easily increase one’s realm. Only fighting, only baptism by blood can keep Blood Spear’s teeth sharp and increase their true strength!” Lang Xie’s expression was solemn. “The Ruined Lands will be a more suitable land for Blood Spear. I will move a portion of the Blood Spear martial practitioners to that place so that they can be tempered with blood!”

“The Ruined Lands is filled with evil spirits and other races. There are many strong people. Will Blood Spear’s present strength… be enough?” Qin Lie frowned.

“People will naturally die in battle. Back on the Scarlet Tide Continent, Blood Spear would only keep the elite. Only those that lived through hard battles repeatedly could be considered a true Blood Spear martial practitioner.” Lang Xie looked at the martial practitioners behind him and said coldly, “After entering the Ruined Lands, some of them will die, some will be eliminated, but some of them will grow even stronger!”

“Lang Xie, your leadership method is too cruel and the fatality rate is too high,” Mo Hai said with a sigh.

“Blood Spear is Blood Spear! They are not artificers, they should be born for the bloody battlefield and not shrunken back in a corner cultivating!” Lang Xie was unaffected. “Today, they have more rare materials, higher level spirit armor and artifacts, more valuable medicine and pills compared to Flame Volcano! If they cannot use the conditions you created, and only know to bury their heads and cultivate, we cannot truly adjust to the chaotic situation of the Land of Chaos!”

“That is logical.” Song Tingyu nodded softly.

Qin Lie thought for a while and said, “After you enter the Ruined Lands, it will be better to first move around the perimeter. There are a bit less powerful evil spirits there.”

“I know our limits.” Lang Xie nodded.

“Prepare spirit stones. We will go to the Ruined Lands to purchase the spirit materials we lack, we will go and purchase in great amounts!” Qin Lie laughed and said.

“Come with me.” Song Tingyu smiled brightly.

“Alright,” Qin Lie said.

Song Tingyu led the way at the front and led him into the secret storehouse underneath Flaming Sun Island. When Qin Lie entered the storehouse, his eyes lit up.

The underground storehouse that was dozens of acres wide had many enormous shelves covered in glowing spirit stones.

The spirit stones were bright and clear as they flashed with a gentle light. Qin Lie couldn’t imagine the number of spirit stones.

“This storehouse is just for storing Earth Grade spirit stones. Five hundred shelves, each one can hold three thousand Earth Grade spirit stones. And all of the shelves in this storehouse have been filled. There is one million and five hundred thousand Earth Grade spirit stones here. This is more than what Profound Heaven Alliance accumulated over so many years!”

“There is another storehouse like this on Gray Island holding a million spirit stones. The storehouse under Blood Island holds five hundred thousand.”

“From these three storehouses, there are more than three million Earth Grade spirit stones!”

“A powerful Copper rank factions in the Land of Chaos will at maximum have three million Earth Grade spirit stones after three hundred years!”

“And we used two short years to gain so many spirit stones!”

“Other than spirit stones, we have many spirit materials, crystalline chariots, ships and large flying spirit artifacts.”

Song Tingyu’s eyes glittered.

“What do we lack?” Qin Lie became excited.

In a short two years, under the management of Song Tingyu, Tang Siqi, Mo Hai and Lang Xie, Flaming Sun Island accumulated such astounding wealth.

He never dreamt that Flaming Sun Island could become so wealthy.

“Maybe today’s Flaming Sun Island is far behind Profound Heaven Alliance and Eight Extreme Temple in number of martial practitioners, but in wealth, it has far surpassed Profound Heaven Alliance and Eight Extreme Temple! Right now, what we lack are powerful martial practitioners, we lack people who are truly strong, especially those in the Fragmentation and Nirvana Realms.” Song Tingyu sighed softly. “But accumulating powerful martial practitioners cannot be accomplished in one step, we need a long period of time to nurture them. Also, we need more people with forging talent to join. I’ve already arranged for people of Armament Sect to go to Scarlet Tide Continent to pick people.”

“Mn, it is not easy to accumulate talents in this area.” Qin Lie didn’t have any other solution.

“We do not have any Black Iron or Limestone rank factions. We do not have any lower ranks to replenish our blood. Consequently, our martial practitioner growth is even slower.” Song Tingyu frowned. “The Copper, Black Iron and Limestone rank forces around the Setting Sun Islands belong to Illusory Demon Sect. If we keep on staying here and propagate, we can only take from Illusory Demon Sect. If that happens… our conflict with Illusory Demon Sect will escalate even further.”

“It is slightly troublesome.” Qin Lie sank into thought.

“However, this time is a good chance. If we can use it well, we may be able to get a lot of fresh blood.” Song Tingyu smiled cunningly.

“Good chance?” Qin Lie stilled.

“The Blue Ghoul Race is committing huge slaughters in Illusory Demon Sect’s territories. Sky Flame’s experts have almost all died, even Demon Eye is being attacked by the Blue Ghouls. Sky Flame and Demon Eye are the two strongest Copper rank forces under Illusory Demon Sect. Because Illusory Demon Sect Master Yu Lingwei had been on Prism Continent and caused the core lands to be attacked, the forces have been full of complaints and started to doubt Illusory Demon Sect’s abilities.”

“Smaller factions on the Heavenly Slaughter Continent are afraid that the Blue Ghoul Race will gradually reach their territories. Recently, they have been retreating in our direction.”

“I noticed that recently, many martial practitioners have come to the nearby empty islands. They seem to be building houses.”

“Those people are factions under Illusory Demon Sect. They came because they are afraid of the Blue Ghoul Race.”

“What do you want to do?” Qin Lie’s eyes glittered.

“I want to recruit them.” Song Tingyu laughed lowly and said, “I didn’t have a way before. But now that there is a teleportation formation between Flaming Sun Island and the Ruined Lands, they can go through that teleportation formation into Terminator Sect. For many people, the strongest of the Land of Chaos, Terminator Sect, is the best place to find refuge.”

“Do what you want!” Qin Lie said gravely.

“We might offend Illusory Demon Sect…”

“They have already greatly offended us!”

“You are not afraid of their Soul Altar experts?”

“We will deal with whatever comes! Also, even if Illusory Demon Sect attacks us, they have to first resolve the problem of the Blue Ghouls within their borders! Right now, it appears the battle between us and the three ghoul races will not end anytime soon!”

“Then can I really do this?”

“Relax and just do it!”

Walking out of the underground storehouse, Qin Lie’s emotions surged as he looked at the newly built palaces on Flaming Sun Island and the enormous ships and Flowing Gold Fire Phoenixes parked nearby on Gray and Blood Island.

“Maybe, not long in the future, a new Silver rank force named 'Flaming Sun Island' will appear in this world!”

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