Chapter 790: Returning to Flaming Sun Island

Chapter 790: Returning to Flaming Sun Island

When the Evil Infant Boy and Forefather Dark Wind found out that the newcomer was Xu Ran, their eyes showed a strange hint of respect.

The Evil Infant Boy had been Kong Qi’s disciple before, Luo Han’s junior brother, and a member of Celestial Artifact Sect.

Forefather Dark Wind was a disciple of Heavenly Sword Mountain.

They all knew some things about Xu Ran.

They knew that Xu Ran had been extremely popular in Terminator Sect and his cultivation talent surpassed Nan Zhengtian’s. All of the elders thought highly of him and thought that he had the highest hopes of breaking through to the Void Realm.

After the old sect master failed to ascend to the Void Realm, Xu Ran and Nan Zhengtian were the two most promising candidates to become his successor

At that time, Xu Ran’s prospects looked slightly greater in the eyes of many people.

However, to everyone’s surprise, Xu Ran gave up on the fight to become the sect leader of Terminator Sect, took Tong Zhenzhen with him, and disappeared.

Uncontested, Nan Zhengtian successfully took the throne. Then, using Terminator Sect’s resources, he built his Soul Altar, slowly increased his strength, and then became the strongest figure in the Land of Chaos.

Many people thought that if it wasn’t for Xu Ran taking a step back in the past, if he had persisted in fighting to the death against Nan Zhengtian, one of the two would have died, and the other would have been heavily wounded.

If that had been the case, Terminator Sect would have been greatly impacted and Nan Zhengtian wouldn’t have grown that strong.

In the later years, Xu Ran repeatedly returned to Terminator Sect when it was in danger and helped Terminator Sect resolve its troubles with all of his power.

In the invasion of the Asura Race and the fight against Black Voodoo Cult, Xu Ran played a major role

Terminator Sect rose strongly and became the strongest Silver rank force in the Land of Chaos, while Nan Zhengtian was considered the strongest.

However, in the eyes of more people, Xu Ran helped Terminator Sect even more.

It could almost be said that Xu Ran’s sacrifice created today’s Terminator Sect.

A person like this was worthy of respect, including evil spirits in the Ruined Land such as Forefather Dark Wind and the Evil Infant Boy.

“So it is Mister Xu.” The Evil Infant Boy awkwardly raised his folded hands in a gesture of respect. Even his unchanging cold face seemed to slightly melt.

“I have long wanted to see you!” Forefather Dark Wind felt a wave of respect.

“You are too polite. We have come this time to remind Qin Lie to be careful of the three ghoul races. Also… if you do not object, we’d like to return to Terminator Sect from here?” Xu Ran looked at the Evil Infant Boy.

“This teleportation formation will belong to Qin Lie. He can use it as he sees fit,” The Evil Infant Boy responded.

“Many thanks!” Xu Ran responded seriously.

“Mister Xu is too polite,” the Evil Infant Boy said, waving his hand.

“Qin Lie, give that jade stone to Evil Infant Boy, ask him to connect to Terminator Sect,” Xu Ran commanded.

Qin Lie nodded and then gave the jade stone that Xu Ran had passed him to the Evil Infant Boy.

The Evil Infant Boy grasped and probed iti with his consciousness before coming to a corner of the teleportation formation.

His left hand suddenly lit up and rainbow lights crossed. He imprinted the position of Terminator Sect on the teleportation formation.

“It is done.” The Evil Infant Boy was full of confidence. “You two can return to Terminator Sect right now.”

“Qin Lie, be careful. Remember, if the situation of the Ruined Lands turns ugly, you can return to Terminator Sect like us.” Xu Ran urged before entering the teleportation formation hand in hand with Tong Zhenzhen. Then he said to the Evil Infant Boy, “Please send us on our way.”

“You are not afraid I will do something?” The Evil Infant Boy’s gaze was strange.

Xu Ran smiled, shook his head and said, “I believe you will not harm me.”

The Evil Infant Boy looked deeply at Xu Ran. After a while, he said, “I will send you off.”

The spatial spirit stones, Ethereal Jade and Fate Crystals on the border of the teleportation formation lit up at the same time.

Twisted spatial lines twisted at the center of the teleportation formation, showing the spatial distortions.

Xu Ran and his wife became wrapped in the flashing light.


Intensive light flashed. Xu Ran and Tong Zhenzhen disappeared from the center of the teleportation formation.

At the same time Forefather Dark Wind smiled and handed a jade stone to Qin Lie. “This is the position for the teleportation formation on Flaming Sun Island.”

Qin Lie took it and memorized the coordinates. Then he handed the stone to the Evil Infant Boy and said, “May I trouble send me on my way?”

The Evil Infant Boy had a shocked expression. “You are also leaving the Ruined Lands? Where do you plan to move this teleportation formation then?”

“I don’t plan on moving it at all. Leave it at Evil Infant Island. I only need the right to use it. This way, senior doesn’t need to gather materials to build another teleportation formation,” Qin Lie said with a smile.

Evil Infant Boy stilled and then nodded. He said, “Your choice.”

As he said this, he handed a jade stone to Qin Lie. “These are the spatial coordinates for the teleportation formation.”

Qin Lie took it and memorized it. Then he crushed the jade stone and walked into the teleportation formation.

Each teleportation formation would have an unique spatial coordinate. The connection between teleportation formations required accurate spatial coordinates. Otherwise, the teleportation would fail and other unexpected dangers would occur.

The spatial coordinates of the teleportation formation could only be obtained by strong people who had thorough understanding of space.

For a teleportation formation, any movement, even if just an inch, meant change of its spatial coordinates  

This was why Li Mu had Duan Qianjie move the teleportation formation onto Flaming Sun Island for him. Any change in the teleportation formation’s location would change its spatial coordinates.

Li Mu hadn’t studied spatial power deeply, and could not accurately obtain the spatial coordinates through the space nodes.

Duan Qianjie might not know how to create teleportation formations, but getting spatial coordinates was easy for him.

“I will not stay too long on Flaming Sun Island. Senior Dark Wind, please help me take care of the fourteen evil dragons,” Qin Lie said to Forefather Dark Wind.

“Gilbert will quickly recover. When he recovers, they will not need my help.” Dark Wind grimaced and said, “In the Ruined Lands, if one fought alone, even White Bone Demon Monarch wouldn’t be able to win against the evil dragons. Only Jiang Zhuzhe and that certain individual would have a high chance of winning. If they have any thoughts about the evil dragons, I won’t be able to stop them.”

Qin Lie frowned.

“Go, you are of no use here. If Jiang Zhuzhe and ‘that person’ come, just accept it,” Dark Wind waved his hand and said.

Thinking for a moment ,Qin Lie knew that Forefather Dark Wind was right. With his cultivation, even if he stayed, he could not affect people of high power level such as Jiang Zhuzhe.

Even so, he had to stand guard over this place so he quickly made a decision.

“Senior Evil Infant, please send me.”


Another strong ray of light shot out of the teleportation formation. When the light faded, Qin Lie’s figure disappeared.


Flaming Sun Island.

Many people from Gray and Blood Islands gathered to find Song Tingyu to discuss important matters.

The teleportation formation that Li Mu had moved over had stopped. It couldn’t fulfill its purpose.

Gray Island, Blood Island, Blood Fiend Sect could not replenish the spirit materials they needed urgently.

The production of Blazing Profound Bombs was also forced to stop.

“In the future, I’m afraid we will not be able to purchase any spirit materials from Illusory Demon Sect. Our people are even having a difficult time even entering the Heavenly Slaughter Continent’s Illusory Demon Sect.” Lang Xie’s eyes flashed with bloody light as he said gravely, “I have tried to act against the Miao Family of Blue Moon Valley recently. Blood Fiend Sect has tried to stop me. They are afraid that this would infuriate Illusory Demon Sect and cause them to invade.”

“Qin Lie is not here. No one else can control the eight god corpses in the water. If someone in the Imperishable Realm were to come, not just us Flaming Sun Island, even Blood Fiend Sect will be in trouble.” Song Tingyu’s brow was furrowed. “I had my father gather spirit materials on the Scarlet Tide Continent to lessen our lack of spirit materials. However, the Scarlet Tide Continent is too remote and the spirit materials they produce are limited. I’m afraid they cannot completely satisfy our demands.”

“If we can connect to the Ruined Lands, all our troubles will be immediately resolved!” Tang Siqi said.

“I studied the Ruined Lands. This place where evil spirits and foreign races reside has many islands which are connected to the auxiliary worlds that the foreign races live in. Therefore, the treasures and materials they possess are as vast as those of Illusory Demon Sect, but are of even higher variety!” Mo Hai was excited in anticipation. “In the Ruined Lands, as long as one has enough spirit stones, they can buy any spirit material! Even some forbidden items, toxic medicine, phantoms, and wraiths are being sold there.”

“I hope that Qin Lie can build a teleportation formation connection to us.” Lian Rou said hopefully.

“He will succeed. In these last years, he rarely failed at what he wanted to achieve!” Song Tingyu held blind faith in Qin Lie. She stubbornly believed that Qin Lie could realize everyone’s wishes.

In reality, in these many years, Qin Lie had never disappointed her.

In the Graveyard of Gods, she had been struck with the voodoo poison and was robbed of all hope. She couldn’t see any hope of surviving.

Qin Lie had carried her on his back and found Ye Yihao. In the end, he stole the voodoo insect blood from Ye Yihao and saved her.

She fell deeply in love with Qin Lie after that.

“Island Master Qin has returned!”

“Island Master Qin has come out of the teleportation formation!”

At this time, loud cheers sounded from the Armament Sect and Blood Spear martial practitioners.

Inside the building, Song Tingyu, Lang Xie, Tang Siqi, Mo Hai, Feng Rong, Liang Rou, and the others stood up abruptly.

Their eyes flashed excitedly.

They hurriedly walked out of the hall. When they came outside, they saw Qin Lie standing in the middle of the teleportation formation with fragments of light slowly fading off.

After more than a year, Qin Lie’ presence was even deeper, his eyes were sparkling

“I heard you guys have encountered a bit of trouble?” Qin Lie smiled in a care-free manner.

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