Chapter 789: Choosing a Location

Chapter 789: Choosing a Location

“Got it.”

Qin Lie looked perfectly calm and unruffled by the news of their arrival in the slightest. In fact, he even looked a little expectant.

A large majority of people in the Ruined Lands were evildoers. It might be a good thing for him if the three ghoul races were to cause trouble in the Ruined Lands and as a result clash fiercely against these people.

This was especially true now that a martial practitioner of unfathomable depths was now in the Ruined Lands too.

“I would suggest that you return to Terminator Sect and hide for a moment.” Xu Ran frowned. “Both the three ghoul races and Celestial Artifact Sect are out to get you. Your safety can only be guaranteed if you stay in Terminator Sect.”

“It’s okay, there are fourteen evil dragons in the Ruined Lands, and the Forefather Dark Wind and I are on friendly terms with each other. Unless the three ghoul races decide to invade the Ruined Lands en masse, I doubt they can do anything to me. As for Celestial Artifact Sect… It is even less likely for them to act wantonly in the Ruined Lands, so don’t worry.” Qin Lie thought for a moment while rubbing his chin. “Evil Infant Boy will be gifting me the teleportation formation on Evil Infant Island. I am currently thinking where it should be placed.”

“What? Evil Infant Boy is going to gift you his teleportation formation?” Xu Ran exclaimed.

“I heard that the Setting Sun Islands already have a middle grade teleportation formation.” Tong Zhenzhen’s eyes lit up.

“I am planning to connect with Setting Sun Islands.” Qin Lie admitted frankly.

Xu Ran exclaimed while hiding his surprise, “If the Setting Sun Islands were to be connected with the Ruined Lands, most of the problems they’re facing right now will be resolved!”

“Most of the problems?” Qin Lie exclaimed.

“You may not know this, but twenty days ago Illusory Demon Sect’s Chu Miaodan had personally gone to the Setting Sun Islands. She attempted to…”

Xu Ran briefly explained the argument that had happened on the Setting Sun Islands not long ago.

“Although the Setting Sun Islands now have a teleportation formation, they can’t actually connect it with Illusory Demon Sect’s large scale teleportation formation on Heavenly Slaughter Continent. Also, Gray Island used to be able to buy spirit materials through that teleportation formation, and it gave them some room to breathe while under Illusory Demon Sect’s economical lockdown. But now, that is no longer applicable.”

“Gray Island has completely halted all operations related to the Blazing Profound Bombs due to a lack of spirit materials.”

“A lot of Blood Fiend Sect’s blood pools have dried up, and they aren’t able to buy more precious spirit materials to fuse with the spirit beasts’ blood to cultivate their special spirit art.

“Over at Blood Island, the Blood Spear martial practitioners have also ran into problems in terms of cultivation.”

Xu Ran knew about Setting Sun Islands’ situation pretty well. He continued, “Originally, Terminator Sect has ordered a lot of Blazing Profound Bombs from Gray Island. However, Gray Island can no longer provide them.”

“All these problems could be solved if the teleportation formation here at the Ruined Lands were to be connected with the teleportation formation on the Setting Sun Islands!” Tong Zhenzhen interrupted. “The Ruined Lands may contain more spirit materials and resources than even the Illusory Demon Sect. Here, there are also many unique spirit materials that can only be found in auxiliary worlds and secret realms of foreign races. These are things even the Illusory Demon Sect cannot supply!”

“The Illusory Demon Sect isn’t lifting the lockdown on the Setting Sun Islands even though they’re about to be done in by the Blue Ghoul Race? What an unrepentant bunch.” Qin Lie sneered.

Even back at Prism Continent, Shi Xiuling, Ju Ruijie and other Illusory Demon Sect disciples had been purposely looking for faults and picking a quarrel with him. It was as if there was nothing he could do to please them.

He couldn’t stand their attitude since a long time ago.

When he heard that Illusory Demon Sect was going to punish the Setting Sun Islands even when they were assaulted by dangers from both inside and outside, he was both furious and angry.

“Evil Infant Boy is Luo Han’s junior brother, and the teleportation formation he’s building will not be lousier than Luo Han’s in the slightest! In fact, if the Evil Infant Boy possesses Celestial Artifact Sect’s level of wealth, he can even build a cross-continental teleportation formation!” Xu Ran pondered with bright eyes. “Evil Infant Boy is a reclusive and unpredictable person. He can kill someone just because they happened to say something wrong at the wrong time, and is an extremely dangerous person. However, he is a person who upholds his promises most of the time. Now that you’ve won his friendship, may I suggest that you leave the teleportation formation exactly where it was at the Evil Infant Island? Anywhere is fine as long as you can use it anytime you want!”

“The Evil Infant Boy is actually slighter stronger than Forefather Dark Wind.” Tong Zhenzhen smiled.

“You probably fixed his Heavenly Mirror, haven’t you? This Heaven Grade spirit artifact once caused a lot of havoc in the Spirit Realm. If it is undamaged, it may very well increase his strength by yet another level!”

“I know what to do now.” Qin Lie nodded thoughtfully.

“With a teleportation formation in your hands, your choice to stay in the Ruined Lands will be a lot less risky.” Xu Ran smiled and passed a jadestone to him. “This stone contains the method to connect to Terminator Sect’s large scale teleportation formation. The Ruined Lands and the Heavenly Silence Continent aren’t that far away from each other, so you can escape to Terminator Sect anytime you run into trouble!”

“You know, I think we should take advantage of our association with Qin Lie and teleport straight back to Terminator Sect using the teleportation formation on Evil Infant Island,” Tong Zhenzhen said gently.

“That’s right! Haha, even with our speed it will take at least ten days or so to return to Terminator Sect from the Ruined Lands! But if we use a teleportation formation, a brief instant is all it takes. The faster the better, after all, it’s time we lack, not spirit stones!” Xu Ran exclaimed.

“Do you want to go to Evil Infant Island with me right now?” Qin Lie suggested.

“That’s fine.” Xu Ran smiled and told Tong Zhenzhen, “You and I should disguise ourselves for a bit.”


“Qin Lie, I can fulfill my promise to you.” Lin Liang’er suddenly spoke up.

“You mean the absolute frost crystals underneath the frost palaces?” Qin Lie looked surprised.

“When do you want them?” Lin Liang’er asked.

“That can wait. I have something else I must take care of. If I need those crystals in the future, I’ll come and get them from you.”

“Well… okay.”

The Ice Phoenix remained in the frost palace while Qin Lie, the Terminator Sect husband and wife, and Forefather Dark Wind left Frost Island together.

“They are?”

A kind of fear suddenly rose from inside Forefather Dark Wind’s heart when he saw the couple walking out of the island. Even the veins on his temples were beginning to throb.

Xu Ran and Tong Zhenzhen had altered their appearance to be a lot darker and unassuming.

Xu Ran now had the appearance of an honest, down-to-earth man, while Tong Zhenzhen looked like an ordinary wife.

However, in Forefather Dark Wind’s eyes, the couple was like an unfathomable abyss that gave off a dangerous feeling at every moment.

This was the instinct of a Soul Altar expert.

“They are my seniors,” Qin Lie casually explained.

Forefather Dark Wind let out a secret sigh of relief and forced a smile onto his face. “Okay, okay.”

Xu Ran had a three-level Soul Altar, so no matter how he tried to conceal it, the soul-intimidating presence wielded by peak experts was constantly there.

Although normal people couldn’t detect it, Forefather Dark Wind was a Soul Altar expert. He could constantly feel the pressure.

His anxiety was only natural.

Just eight minutes later.

The group appeared outside Evil Infant Island as Forefather Dark Wind called out, “Evil Infant, Qin Lie and I have come to see you.”

“Bring them in,” the Evil Infant Boy instructed one of his subordinates indifferently.

A midget flew out of the island and bowed respectfully at the group before leading them into Evil Infant Island.

A few kilometers into a lush forest later, a teleportation formation that took up a couple hundred square meters or so appeared.

Evil Infant Boy was floating above the teleportation formation while holding the Heavenly Mirror. He looked up at Qin Lie and the rest of the people he brought with him and asked, “Come on, tell me. Where would you like me to move this teleportation formation? As long as it is the Ruined Lands, I can move it to any island you want.”

Suddenly, his expression changed slightly as his attention was abruptly caught by Xu Ran and Tong Zhenzhen. His eyes slowly turned serious. “And you are?”

Just like Forefather Dark Wind, he could feel the soul intimidating pressure that only peak experts like Xu Ran and Tong Zhenzhen could possess.

“They are my seniors,” Qin Lie explained again.

“Your seniors?” The Evil Infant Boy frowned deeply. “There is no way someone like this exists in the current Blood Fiend Sect!”

Xu Ran smiled and took the initiative to bow at the Evil Infant Boy. Then, he said politely, “I am Xu Ran.”

“You are Xu Ran of Terminator Sect?!” Both the Evil Infant Boy and Forefather Dark Wind exclaimed in unison.

“Yes I am.” Xu Ran chuckled.

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