Chapter 788: Promise

Chapter 788: Promise

At Dark Wind Island, Evil Infant Boy, Forefather Dark Wind and many of Dark Wind’s subordinates were staring at Qin Lie in astonishment.

Inside the wooden tower that had nearly crumbled into ruins entirely, Qin Lie was pressing a hand against the Heavenly Mirror while stabbing its surface sharply with his index finger.

Brilliant spirit light burst out of his fingertip, and it actually contained some chaotic energy capable of distorting space.

A crack suddenly appeared on the Heavenly Mirror. At first glance, it looked like the mirror itself had cracked in half, but upon closer inspection, one would realize that the crack had actually surfaced from inside the mirror.

The crack was a scenery between the spatial rifts inside the mirror.

Inside the mirror, the crack split the world reflected by the Heavenly Mirror into twenty-four layers.


A strange noise resounded from the Heavenly Mirror, followed by a burst of brilliant light.

The Heavenly Mirror abruptly escaped Qin Lie’s grasp and flew into the air.

Light poured out of the Heavenly Mirror and slowly formed an independent world.

Many mountains, seas, stars, planets, rising and falling tides, lush forests, roaring animals and many more images came from all kinds of worlds.

The twenty-four worlds weren’t completely separate at the center.

In fact, a huge path of light had connected all of them together.

While sitting on the ground, Qin Lie looked up to the sky and watched the twenty-four different layers of space created by the Heavenly Mirror. He looked astonished as the gigantic path of light connected the first level all the way to the highest, twenty-fourth level of space.

He suddenly recalled the scene where the Nether Realm and the Scarlet Tide Continent were connected together.

Back then, a gigantic mountain called the Heaven Stairway had stretched from the land where the Horned Demon Race was all the way to the clouds.

The Heaven Stairway had become a passage that connected the Nether Realm, ultimate blood ground, and the many levels of Nether Battlefield.

Song Tingyu and him had climbed the Heaven Stairway to finally make it back to the Scarlet Tide Continent.

Right now, the twenty-four layers of space created by the Heavenly Mirror were also connected by one giant path of light.

The energy contained within each layer was capable of merging with and replenishing energy of other layers using

This was a scenery that was missing when the Evil Infant Boy had employed the Heavenly Mirror earlier.

“A path of light that connects all twenty-four worlds. This is the true Heavenly Mirror!” The Evil Infant Boy’s voice trembled a little.

“Evil Infant Boy, has the Heavenly Mirror been fixed successfully?” Forefather Dark Wind’s eyes lit up.

“Yes, it has!” The Evil Infant Boy nodded strongly.

He extended a hand to grab the Heavenly Mirror, and the twenty-four different spaces displayed by the Heavenly Mirror abruptly transformed into twenty-four glass-like chips.

The twenty-four chips were glowing with an icy light and seemed to possess spatial power sharp enough to cut through everything.

The Evil Infant Boy’s mind moved abruptly.

Twenty-four translucent ice chips instantly transformed into twenty-four spatial blades that swam through the sky of Dark Wind Island.

Many spatial rifts were torn open by them.

One of the spatial blades casually passed through a bald mountain on Dark Wind Island.

The mountain was actually cut in half soundlessly by the spatial blade as if it was not made of soil and rock, but tofu.


The mountain peak tilted before collapsing heavily onto a mountain stream. The unbelievably smooth surface of the mountain suggested that it was cut by one of the sharpest blade in Spirit Realm.

Forefather Dark Wind was inwardly shocked.

The sharpness and strength of a single spatial blade was enough to worry him already, let alone twenty-four of these.

He never thought that the Heavenly Mirror’s twenty-four layers of space would also have an extraordinary mode that allowed them to cut through all things like this. It surprised Forefather Dark Wind a lot.

“Stop cutting up my Dark Wind Island, Evil Infant Boy!” he hastily shouted.

“It is repaired! This is the real Heavenly Mirror and the Heaven Grade spirit artifact my master forged!” The Evil Infant Boy’s childlike body danced in midair excitedly.

Meanwhile, a miserable looking Forefather Dark Wind kept yelling for Evil Infant Boy to calm down.

Qin Lie’s expression was a little odd.

He never thought that the Heavenly Mirror would be so powerful after it was repaired. If Evil Infant Boy were to rampage across Dark Wind Island using the Heavenly Mirror, then no one here could stop him at all.

Just like the White Bone Demon Monarch, the Evil Infant Boy also possessed a two-level Soul Altar. Moreover, he was a tad stronger than Forefather Dark Wind to begin with.

Right now, the evil dragon Gilbert hadn’t yet fully recovered, so even he and Forefather Dark Wind might not be able to beat the Evil Infant Boy together.

“Tell me, which island do you want to put my teleportation formation in? Is it Seven Eye Island or Dark Wind Island?”

While Qin Lie was deeply worried, the Evil Infant Boy finally withdrew the Heavenly Mirror. An extremely awkward smile actually appeared on his normally expressionless face.

The smile made everyone including Qin Lie feel a little scared.

—The Evil Infant Boy looked a lot scarier and sinister when he was smiling.

“Er, can I think for a moment and give you an answer later?” Qin Lie sounded a little dry.

“Sure! I’ll head back to Evil Infant Island first. Once you’ve decided, I’ll immediately move the teleportation formation on Evil Infant Island to an island of your choice!” It would appear that the Evil Infant Boy himself knew that his smile was ugly, so he quickly controlled his expression.

After nodding at Qin Lie and Forefather Dark Wind, he said nothing more and flew away from Dark Wind Island in utter satisfaction. In just the blink of an eye, he had returned to Evil Infant Island.

“Thank goodness the Evil Infant Boy didn’t break his promise, or else… there would be nothing we could do to stop him.” Forefather Dark Wind let out a sigh of relief.

“With the repaired Heavenly Mirror, I doubt he’d lose to the White Bone Demon Monarch!” Qin Lie said solemnly.

“Oh no, Evil Infant Boy would absolutely beat the White Bone Demon Monarch!” Forefather Dark Wind said seriously. “The Evil Infant Boy and the White Bone Demon Monarch were pretty even to begin with. Although the White Bone Demon Monarch might have a slight advantage before the Heavenly Mirror was repaired, now there is absolutely no reason to believe that the Evil Infant Boy would lose! Any Heaven Grade spirit artifact can alter the outcome of a battle between two opponents of the same realm, much less one as great as the Heavenly Mirror.”

Forefather Dark Wind was inflicted by great fear after he saw the power of the Heavenly Mirror. He knew that the Evil Infant Boy would definitely be the stronger martial practitioner than the White Bone Demon Monarch from hereon.

“I’d like to visit Frost Island,” Qin Lie said suddenly.

“Frost Island?” The Forefather Dark Wind looked surprised for a second. Then he nodded and said, “I’ll come with you.”

Qin Lie thought for a moment and said, “Alright.”

It wasn’t safe for him to travel alone through the Ruined Lands, since the evil dragons’ humongous size would alert everyone the moment they left Dark Wind Island.

Therefore, Forefather Dark Wind was the only person who could escort him to his destination without anyone noticing.

“Let’s go.”

Forefather Dark Wind was an efficient person. He immediately enveloped Qin Lie inside a bluish green light shield.

The light shield slowly turned into a dark gray color that looked very ordinary.

The jet of gray cloud that flew out of Dark Wind Island also shared the same color as the gray clouds on the sky. It wasn’t very eye-catching.

The gray cloud went around Blood Fiend Island, Soul Summoning Island, Gu Tuo and Chi Yan’s islands before finally flying leisurely towards Frost Island.

Fifteen minutes later, the gray cloud landed on top of a glacier.

“Please wait for me for a moment, Senior Dark Wind.”

“No problem. Go ahead.”

“Thank you.”

Qin Lie inhaled deeply before walking towards the ice caves leading down to the frost palaces. He purposely let loose his presence midway.

Not long after, Bai Li appeared from one of the ice caves and said happily, “You finally showed up!”

“Come with me!” She hurriedly beckoned.

Qin Lie entered the frost cave she was in.

A while later, Qin Lie was led by her back into the frost palaces.

“Please head out first, Bai Li,” the Ice Phoenix ordered using an indifferent voice.

Bai Li left respectfully.

Layers of icy light glowed from the Ice Phoenix’s true body before her figure shrank gradually.

Dozens of seconds later, she returned to the body of a human and walked towards Qin Lie. Behind her, a smiling Xu Ran and Tong Zhenzhen also appeared while holding hands.

“Kid, you’re an impressive one. You caused the three ghoul races a lot of trouble back at Prism Continent.” Xu Ran immediately praised laughingly the moment he appeared, “We failed to obtain true victory during the sky battle, but you managed to win us a real one on the ground. Not only have you hurt the three ghoul races deeply, you even forced them to escape to where they came from. That is no easy feat!”

“It’s all thanks to the Profound Thunder Heart the Forefather taught me. Otherwise, there’s no way I could’ve hurt all those ghouls.” Qin Lie also smiled.

“I heard that it’s not just the Profound Thunder Heart. At your current realm, there should be no way you could’ve increased the power of the Profound Thunder Heart so much so that it could harm a Nirvana Realm martial practitioner even if you were to pour everything into it!” Xu Ran said frankly with bright eyes, “It’s the ancient spirit diagram, isn’t it? I can’t believe there’s an ancient spirit diagram out there that can amplify the Profound Thunder Heart’s power of thunder and lightning by so much!”

“Ah, so you knew about this too.” Qin Lie laughed.

“I even know that Celestial Heaven Sect’s He Yi and Luo Kexin had attempted to trap you and steal the secrets of the ancient spirit diagrams from you!” Xu Ran said solemnly.

“That did happen.” Qin Lie nodded.

“To think that after you did everything in your power to fight the foreign races, going so far as make a deal with the evil dragons to deal the three ghoul races a severe blow, the Celestial Artifact Sect would turn their fangs on you immediately! Worse, they almost succeeded!” Xu Ran snorted coldly. However, he continued with a helpless look on his face, “Unfortunately, the human race wasn’t able to attain an overwhelming advantage over the three ghoul races during that battle. Even Old Monster Nan cannot seek out Celestial Artifact Sect and take revenge for you immediately.”

“I understand.” Qin Lie gave him a smile and said, “I’ll deal with Celestial Artifact Sect myself in the future.”

“The reason I’m here today is to inform you that some of three ghoul races’ clansmen have slipped into the Ruined Lands. They are probably here for you,” Xu Ran said with a heavy expression.

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