Chapter 787: White Bone Island Changing Masters

Chapter 787: White Bone Island Changing Masters

“I suggest you leave White Bone Island! From this day onward, White Bone Island will be called Blood Fiend Island!” Jiang Zhuzhe said, emphasizing each word.

Accompanying Jiang Zhuzhe’s shout was a curtain of blood-red light that fell from his Soul Altar.

All of White Bone Island’s residents seemed to be surrounded by a membrane of blood. The blood of all the living beings remaining on White Bone Island went out of control, causing the martial practitioners to radiate murderous intent.

“Alright! I will go! I want to see how long you can do as you please!” White Bone Demon Monarch thought for a moment. He waved his hand and said to his disciples. “Leave White Bone Island!”

“You think the present Black Voodoo Cult and the three families will dare to come attack even if they know I am in the Ruined Lands?” Jiang Zhuzhe smirked coldly, his eyes filled with blood energy. “After creating the three-level Soul Altar, so what if Jiang An came in person? I dare to publicly show myself in the Ruined Lands today, I never planned on hiding. I’m sending them a message that I am here, in the Ruined Lands!”

In the past, Jiang Zhuzhe had always been hiding to avoid the pursuit of Black Voodoo Cult and three families.

Then, he fled into the eastern barbarians’ territory not to be met with calamity.

Soon after, he hid in the Death Fire Mountain of Celestial Artifact Sect because the three families and Black Voodoo Cult were wary of Celestial Artifact Sect and didn’t dare to openly pursue him.

This was all because Jiang Zhuzhe didn’t have the strength to fight Black Voodoo Cult and three families.

But after third level of his Soul Altar had been successfully built, Jiang Zhuzhe ascended to the pinnacle of the Land of Chaos. He did not have to fear the pursuit of Black Voodoo Cult and the three families any longer.

That was especially the case since the three great families and Black Voodoo Cult were busy dealing with Earth Ghoul Race at the moment.

He dared to stand in the limelight. This meant he was confident that he could openly deal with Black Voodoo Cult and the three families by himself.

“As you wish! We are going!” White Bone Demon Monarch left with his disciples.

“White Bone Island has several strong corpses. They can be used to forge high level corpse servants.” Jiang Zhuzhe waved his hand.

Many Blood Drinkers transported coffins out of the three enormous ships and carried them onto White Bone Island.

Miao Fengtian, the patriarch of the Miao Family also came off the enormous ship. He took in a mouthful of air on White Bone Island and said, “This is even more suitable for us than the Death Fire Mountain of Celestial Artifact Sect!”

“These are the Ruined Lands, where the demons and unorthodox gather. That’s exactly what we are in the eyes of the world.”

Jiang Zhuzhe smiled faintly and said. His bloody aura, and the bloody light in his eyes quickly disappeared. He once again recovered his scholarly and refined appearance. “You need white bones that contain corpse power when cultivating the inheritance of the Corpse Progenitor. There are many here. The Ruined Lands have more of the materials we need. I wanted to come here a while ago. However, because the Ruined Lands are close to Black Voodoo Cult and I had yet to build the third level of my Soul Altar back then, I didn’t have the confidence that I could deal with Jiang An and so I stayed near Celestial Artifact Sect.

“Now, I am afraid of no one!”

Jiang Zhuzhe’s eyes were filled with undisguised pride.

“In the future, this Blood Fiend Island will be our new base!” Miao Fengtian also become excited.


Dark Wind Island.

“What did you say? The White Bone Demon Monarch was forced out of White Bone Island? Who is strong enough to have done that?” Forefather Dark Wind was alarmed by the newest information.

Lu Heng said respectfully, “I hear it was Jiang Zhuzhe of Blood Fiend Sect.”

“Jiang Zhuzhe?” Forefather Dark Wind’s expression changed slightly. “The one who a thousand years ago killed his master, imprisoned his senior brother Xue Li, and almost caused the destruction of Blood Fiend Sect, single-handedly?”

“That is him.” Lu Heng nodded.

“A thousand years ago, when he was still in the Nirvana Realm, he caused bloody storms and chaos to fill the world. A thousand years ago, countless people directly or indirectly died because of him. Compared to him, us old people of the Ruined Lands shouldn’t dare to call ourselves ‘demons.’” Forefather Dark Wind’s expression was strange. “So it seems that the Ruined Lands have welcomed a bloody crocodile. White Bone Demon Monarch has been ejected out of White Bone Island. I wonder if ‘that person’ has been disturbed…”

“Who?” Lu Heng stilled. “Forefather, that Jiang Zhuzhe possesses a three-level Soul Altar. In our Ruined Lands, who can match him?”

“If three-level Soul Altar experts could do as they please in the Ruined Lands, the Ruined Lands would not have stood for this long,” Forefather Dark Wind said meaningfully.

Lu Heng was shocked.

“Did Jiang Zhuzhe do anything else major after taking over White Bone Island?” Forefather Dark Wind asked.

“Temporarily not. I’m worried…” Lu Heng’s brow furrowed and he said in a small voice, “I heard that two years ago at the Setting Sun Islands, Qin Lie disrupted Jiang Zhuzhe’s master plan and caused Jiang Zhuzhe to fail at obtaining the body of the Blood Progenitor. Right now, Qin Lie is at our Dark Wind Island, and Jiang Zhuzhe is on the nearby White Bone Island. Forefather, do you think he will come?”

‘Who knows.” Forefather Dark Wind’s expression also turned grave.

He had not yet built the second level of his Soul Altar. He was slightly weaker than White Bone Demon Monarch.

If Jiang Zhuzhe really attacked, he would most likely have to flee and give up Dark Wind Island.

“We forced the White Bone Demon Monarch back and now Jiang Zhuzhe who is a hundred times more troublesome has come.” Forefather Dark Wind grimaced.

“I hope that he will not come.” Lu Heng sighed.

As the two spoke, an explosion rang from the tower that Qin Lie was in.

The wooden tower was almost completely destroyed.

Qin Lie came out, disheveled, among the thick smoke but his eyes were bright. He shouted, “Where is Senior Evil Infant Boy?”


The Evil Infant Boy appeared with a sharp sound and asked, “Are you alright?”

“Give the ‘Heavenly Mirror” to me. In at most four hours, I can repair it!” Qin Lie reached out a hand and demanded.

The Evil Infant Boy’s body shook. Without even thinking, he handed over the “Heavenly Mirror.”


Qin Lie took the “Heavenly Mirror” and returned to the site of the explosion. He found a relatively undamaged wooden house and sat down.

Forefather Dark Wind, the Evil Infant Boy, Lu Heng and others gathered near Qin Lie and waited in silence.


Frost Island.

The white-capped peaks were connected to each other. The underground of the island forever produced arctic flows that caused this island to be eternally sealed in ice.

At that time, in the frost palace at the bottom of Frost Island, the Ice Phoenix breathed in the cold energy and cultivated the inheritance of the Ice Emperor in her original form.

A year ago, when she left Frost Island, the dragonmen and lizards almost completely plowed through the island.

However, they didn’t find anything of value.

Then, Gu Tuo and Chi Yan came in person to plow Frost Island in search of the arctic mine. They had come out empty-handed.

The members of the Dragonman and Lizard Races could not adjust to the cold of Frost Island. Not having discovered any valuable mines, they left Frost Island.

The humans and other races’ martial practitioners that used to cultivate their ice spirit arts on Frost Island returned.

Frost Island slowly recovered.

The frost palace at the bottom of Frost Island had collapsed. Many wards, boundaries, and the ice shield that Ice Emperor left behind had been destroyed.

After the Ice Phoenix returned, she used her own power to build the frost palace and hid in it.

All of it had been done covertly.

Only Bai Li who also cultivated a frost spirit art managed to stumble upon Ice Phoenix, thus learning of her return.

The Ice Phoenix persuaded Bai Li with a promise of teaching her some frost spirit arts in exchange for Bai Li becoming her spokesperson and doing whatever Lin Liang’er couldn’t do.

“It’s been almost a month. Why hasn’t Qin Lie come? Bai Li, did you inform him?”

In the frost palace, the Ice Phoenix’s true body stood on top of an enormous transparent piece of ice. The ice was in the shape of a lotus, and each petal gave off arctic flows.

Bai Li stood next to the lotus-shaped ice. When she smelled the arctic flows, she could feel the frost power inside her quickly condense, filling up her frost natal palace to the brim.

She immediately realized the value of the lotus flower.

“Qin Lie seemed to be helping the Evil Infant Boy fix the ‘Heavenly Mirror.’ Before he finishes, he should not come over.” Bai Li bowed slightly. “Should I go and put in a word?”

“Go.” The Ice Phoenix said coldly.

Bai Li silently retreated.

Just as she left, two figures appeared from an enormous pillar of ice behind the Ice Phoenix.

“Qin Lie is really hard to invite!” Xu Ran lamented.

“Who could have expected he would take the fourteen evil dragons and throw himself into the Ruined Lands.” Tong Zhenzhen walked out by his side. “You and I have special identities. We will cause much speculation if we appear in the Ruined Lands, and also disturb ‘that person.’ We cannot go in person to Dark Wind Island, we can only wait for Qin Lie to come.”

“Jiang Zhuzhe, a true evil spirit, moved all of his Blood Drinkers from Death Fire Mountain in Celestial Artifact Sect. It seems that the Ruined Lands are going to be busy.” Xu Ran’s brow furrowed.

“Now that he possesses three-level Soul Altar, he qualifies to fight Jiang An. Black Voodoo Cult and the three families can’t spare him any attention, so he dared to publicly come to the Ruined Lands and establish himself,” Tong Zhenzhen said.

“That guy… even I cannot guess what he is thinking.” Xu Ran grimaced. “He clearly is on opposite side from Xue Li. In the Graveyard of Gods, Qin Lie ruined his plan. At the Setting Sun Islands, Qin Lie was the one who caused him to lose the body of the Blood Progenitor. He should hate Qin Lie. However, the first thing he did in the Ruined Lands was to massacre White Bone Island and force White Bone Demon Monarch to give up White Bone Island. I can’t tell what he’s thinking.”

“If he could persuade the White Bone Demon Monarch, and ally with the Soul Summoning Ghost Mother, Gu Tuo, and Chi Yan, Dark Wind Island would fall immediately and Qin Lie would be captured alive.” Tong Zhenzhen was puzzled. “But he didn’t do that. I don’t understand him either.”

“This person cannot be treated as an ordinary person. This is a madman from head to toe, an insane person who does not act rationally.”

“Even more terrifying is that this madman has a three-level Soul Altar. His actions are extreme too.. To achieve his goal, he would disregard anything. Even if all the beings in the Land of Chaos were to die, he wouldn’t even frown.” Tong Zhenzhen sighed.

“Even scarier is that the Ruined Lands don’t just have this one terrifying madman. If nothing unexpected happened, ‘that person’ should also be in the Ruined Lands. If he and Jiang Zhuzhe fight, their battle with ripples that could rival the ones on the Heavenly Calamity Continent and Illusory Demon Sect.” Xu Ran grimaced.

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