Chapter 786: Fallacious Reasoning

Chapter 786: Fallacious Reasoning

Chu Miaodan left angrily with Illusory Demon Sect’s martial practitioners.

Mo Lingye, Mo Jun, Hong Bowen, and Meng Feng of the Blood Fiend Ten Elders had helpless expressions as they couldn’t stop the group.

“Ah, now I am afraid that we cannot use that large teleportation formation that Illusory Demon Sect has.” Hong Bowen smiled bitterly and shook his head. “It seems that Sect Leader Yu’s control of Illusory Demon Sect is growing increasingly weak.”

Mo Lingye’s brows locked. She sighed and said, “It’s my fault.”

“Senior Mo, will you blame us for refusing Illusory Demon Sect?” Song Tingyu came forward and bowed. “This Senior Chu wanted to keep purchasing Blazing Profound Bombs with the price of twenty thousand Earth Grade spirit stones. That is clearly robbery. Also, she was so arrogant and looked down on us from the beginning. With Illusory Demon Sect’s current predicament, I don’t understand where does her confidence come from?”

“It’s not just Flaming Sun Island, her attitude towards Blood Fiend Sect… is not much better.” Mo Jun’s expression was dark.

“Oh? She had a conflict with you just now?” Song Tingyu was astounded.

“She implied that Blood Fiend Sect took advantage of Illusory Demon Sect and everything we have now belongs to Illusory Demon Sect!” Mo Jun snorted. “This time, she came to form an agreement with Flaming Sun Island to purchase more Blazing Profound Bombs at low price, and another, she wanted Blood Fiend Sect to send experts to help them against the Blue Ghoul Race’s invasion. She wanted all of the Blood Fiend Ten Elders to go!”

“When Blood Fiend Sect fought against Black Voodoo Cult and the three families, Illusory Demon Sect stood by and didn’t try to help.” Mo Jun frowned. “It’s been only two years since that battle, Blood Fiend Sect is far from strong. We cannot divert too much power to help them against the Blue Ghoul Race.”

“So you refused?” Song Tingyu seemed to understand slightly.

Right now, Illusory Demon Sect was in a worrisome situation and under great pressure. Therefore, Chu Miaodan came in person to the Setting Sun Islands. There were two reasons for that. One was to have Blood Fiend Sect send forces, the other was for Flaming Sun Island to sell Blazing Profound Bombs at a low price to decrease the pressure on Illusory Demon Sect.

Blood Fiend Sect deftly refused her demand, and so did Flaming Sun Island.

Therefore, Chu Miaodan was naturally furious. After this matter, she would try to do all she could to get revenge on the Setting Sun Islands.

“Lingwei’s influence in Illusory Demon Sect is weakening more and more.” Mo Lingye sighed.

“Sect Leader Yu is losing control of the situation?” Song Tingyu was astounded.

“Lingwei was wounded in the fight on Prism Continent. Her situation is not good. Experts faithful to her were lost in the fight against the three ghoul races.”

“Inside Illusory Demon Sect, people led by Wen Bin and Wen He blame her for sending men to Prism Continent, and causing deaths of many experts. As a result, when the Blue Ghouls invaded, the true elites of Illusory Demon Sect were helping Terminator Sect on Prism Continent, causing Illusory Demon Sect to suffer great losses.”

“Also, I do not know what happened on Prism Continent. When Illusory Demon Sect was attacked by the Blue Ghouls, Terminator Sect, Heavenly Sword Mountain, Ten Thousand Beast Mountain and Heavenly Artifact sect did not send any experts to help.”

“Many Illusory Demon Sect’s elders doubt Lingwei’s abilities. On top of that, Lingwei is wounded, so she is losing control of the situation.”

“How would I dare to send martial practitioners of Blood Fiend Sect to Illusory Demon Sect when they are like this?”

“If I do send elite from Blood Fiend Sect after Lingwei loses control, they will become cannon fodder for Wen Bin and Wen He.”

“I had no other choice but to refuse.”

Mo Lingye sighed and explained her difficulties to Song Tingyu as well as the internal situation of Illusory Demon Sect.

“And Chu Miaodan dares to behave so arrogantly despite all of that?” Song Tingyu found it laughable.

“It’s because she thinks nothing of the present Blood Fiend Sect.” Mo Jun snorted. “in reality, many Illusory Demon Sect elders privately feel that Blood Fiend Sect should be subordinate to them and follow their orders! When they hear that we didn’t listen to their orders and refused to fight the outsider races alongside them, they won’t let it go.”

“All these years, while Blood Fiend Sect hid on the Heavenly Slaughter Continent, we did pay!” Hong Bowen added.

“Blood Fiend Sect has a long history. When we left Blood Cloud Mountain Range, we took all of the records in the sect’s library with us. When we reached the Heavenly Slaughter Continent, we copied those that had nothing to do with Blood Fiend Sect and sent them to Illusory Demon Sect!”

“This was a form of repayment!”

“So something secret like this occurred.” Song Tingyu was astounded.

As they talked, many martial practitioners from Blood Fiend Sect, Gray Island and Blood Island came out of the teleportation formations.

Their faces were filled with anger.

“Illusory Demon Sect does not allow us to use their teleportation formation! It’s not like we didn’t pay spirit stones?!”

“They are not allowing us to move to other continents through their teleportation formation!”

“This is sealing us completely!”

The people that came out of the teleportation formation unconsciously lowered their voices when they saw Song Tingyu, Mo Lingye, and Lang Xie.

Many people came forward and spoke of the situation, accusing Illusory Demon Sect to Song Tingyu, Mo Lingye and Lang Xie.

“Shi Xiuling of Illusory Demon Sect said that we will not be allowed to use their teleportation formation in the future! Now, if we want to go to the Heavenly Slaughter Continent, we have to use flying spirit artifacts, it will take so much longer!”

“Does Illusory Demon Sect want to completely break ties with us?”

“Our men are being sent back!”

As they spoke, more martial practitioners from Blood Fiend Sect, Gray Island, and Blood Island came out of the teleportation formation.

In the last recent while, the martial practitioners of Blood Fiend Sect, Gray Island and Blood Island took spatial rings filled with spirit stones to other continents through Illusory Demon Sect’s large cross-continental teleportation formation to purchase spirit materials.

The Setting Sun Islands slowly gathered some urgently needed spirit materials through this method.

Right now, Illusory Demon Sect didn’t allow them to use the teleportation formation to even reach the Heavenly Slaughter Continent.

This meant that the Setting Sun Islands and Illusory Demon Sect could only be travelled using flying spirit artifacts.

“There are no more spirit materials to use.”

“We’ve just been active for a dozen days.”

“Ah, it will be even more troublesome in the future.”

Many people were dispirited. They were angry with Illusory Demon Sect but had no idea how to resolve the situation.

“Before Li Mu left, he said that Qin Lie might build a teleportation formation in the Ruined Lands to connect with the Setting Sun Islands!” Tang Siqi suddenly said.

“The Ruined Lands?” Mo Lingye’s eyes lit up.

The expressions of Mo Jun, Hong Bowen, Meng Feng, and Lang Xie shifted.

“While the Ruined Lands are filled with killing and danger, all spirit materials can be bought there!” Mo Jun took a deep breath as his expression changed. “If we can really connect to the Ruined Lands, as long as we have enough spirit stones, we can purchase many spirit materials, including some rare ones that not even Celestial Artifact Sect can buy on the five continents!”

“The Ruined Lands are between us and Heavenly the Silence Continent. If we can build a teleportation formation halfway, we can connect to the Heavenly Silence Continent! And we can reach Terminator Sect after making a transfer through the Ruined Lands!” Hong Bowen became excited.

“Our Blazing Profound Bombs are worth at least a hundred thousand Earth Grade spirit stones in other places. In the Ruined Lands, they will be worth a hundred and thirty thousand! That place has a great demand for Blazing Profound Bombs. According to my knowledge, Celestial Artifact Sect, Terminator Sect, Black Voodoo Cult, and even Ten Thousand Beast Mountain and Heavenly Sword Mountain have connections to the Ruined Lands,” Meng Feng said.

Mo Lingye looked at the group and was secretly excited. “If Qin Lie can build a middle grade teleportation formation in the Ruined Lands, we will not have to rely on Illusory Demon Sect for anything! We can resolve all the troubles we have!”

“Also! Once the attack range of the Blue Ghoul Race increases and endangers the Setting Sun Islands, we can go to the Ruined Lands through the teleportation formation, and from there hide in Terminator Sect! We can both attack and retreat!” Mo Jun shouted.

“I hope that Qin Lie will succeed. If he succeeds, it will be the greatest of fortunes to the Setting Sun islands! Once we connect to the Ruined Lands, the Setting Sun Islands, Blood Fiend Sect, and Flaming Sun Island will experience another era of prosperity” Mo Lingye couldn’t suppress her excitement.

“Everyone, let’s wait for news from him.” Song Tingyu laughed softly with pride on her face.


The Ruined Lands.

Three blood jade ships that were thousands of meters long came out of nowhere. The ships were shrouded in a bloody aura as they moved deep into the Ruined Lands.

Along the way, the masters of the islands spread their soul consciousness to probe their surroundings.

But when their consciousness touched the blood jade ships, they felt as though they were gripped by the blood demon.

Many people jerked back their consciousness in terror.

“Blood Fiend Sect!’

“This isn’t Blood Fiend Sect of the Setting Sun Islands!”

“Jiang Zhuzhe! Jiang Zhuzhe’s Blood Fiend Sect!”

Many evil spirits felt great terror.

The three blood jade ships travelled until they stopped on White Bone Island where the White Bone Demon Monarch resided.

The expressions of three disciples of the White Bone Demon Monarch changed when they saw the blood jade ships, not knowing what to do.

White Bone Demon Monarch who had been cultivating on White Bone Island was disturbed and hurriedly charged out.

At the same time, many martial practitioners with red eyes and auras of blood jumped off the enormous blood jade ships.


A deep and calm voice came from the blood jade ship at the front. The voice was Jiang Zhuzhe’s.

His Blood Drinkers targeted the White Bone Demon Monarch’s subordinates and started to kill. Their roars resounded, making them seem like bloody demons. The light in their eyes was devoid of humanity.

The subordinates and disciples of White Bone Demon Monarch died left and right.

Many people were captured by the Blood Drinkers, had their throats torn, and their blood drunk.

Soon after, their bodies had been completely drained of blood.


White Bone Demon Monarch shouted angrily as he came out with his two-level Soul Altar made of bones, his hands waving in the air.

Many bones flew out of his white bone Soul Altar. They changed into bone arrows, bone daggers, bone hammers, bone soldiers, and bone axes that attacked the Blood Drinkers.

More bones flew out and turned into chains and white bone seal characters that caused the bones to explode, sweeping the battlefield.

Dozens of Blood Drinkers had been cut bloody by the bone arrows and daggers.

A three-level Soul Altar rose out of the enormous ship. Jiang Zhuzhe dressed in blood robes sat atop it with a flushed face and eyes that seemed to bleed.

Blood dripped off the edges of the three-level blood jade Soul Altar like a rain of blood.

The sky seemed to drip blood.

A bloodthirsty, savage, and mad aura seemed to shroud all of White Bone Island. The sky above White Bone Island turned bloody red.

Jiang Zhuzhe turned into a river of blood and drove the three-level Soul Altar next to the White Bone Demon Monarch.

A river of blood came, and inside the river many bloody figures could be seen. Their shouts and wails made them look as though they were from hell. They flew out of the blood river, turning into mysterious bloody characters that were about to imprint themselves on the White Bone Demon Monarch’s Soul Altar.

The billions of bone arrows, bone daggers, bone spikes, and bone soldiers that flew out of the White Bone Demon Monarch’s soul altar exploded into dust when they were touched by those figures of blood.

“Jiang Zhuzhe! There’s no conflict between us, why are you attacking my White Bone Island!” White Bone Demon Monarch screamed.

“Qin Lie also did not have a conflict with you, didn’t you try to attack him as well?” Jiang Zhuzhe snorted.

White Bone Demon Monarch’s expression changed. “You are taking revenge for Qin Lie? He comes from the Setting Sun Islands, the Blood Spirit Art he cultivates is different from yours! Two years ago, you even attacked the Setting Sun Islands, Qin Lie was the one that stopped you! Aren’t you archenemies? Why are you attacking on his behalf?!”

“He stopped me, and stopped my cause but he cultivates the Blood Spirit Art. He is a student of my senior brother, and naturally a member of my Blood Fiend Sect,” Jiang Zhuzhe said slowly. “The conflict between him and me is an internal conflict of Blood Fiend Sect. I will naturally resolve my conflict with him. However, you attacking him is slapping Blood Fiend Sect’s face. I will not let it rest.”

“What kind of fallacious reasoning is this?!” White Bone Demon Monarch bellowed.

“He is a member of Blood Fiend Sect. Therefore, even if there’s conflict between us, it’s an internal matter of Blood Fiend Sect. I will be the one to resolve it! I will not spare anyone who tries to interfere! If he is to die, I will be the one to kill him, not you!” Jiang Zhuzhe snorted.

As he spoke, countless droplets of blood shot toward the disciples and grand disciples of White Bone Demon Monarch.

Upon being touched by the blood droplets, they all died from their blood boiling.

At the same time, a huge web of blood fell from Jiang Zhuzhe’s three-level Soul Altar and restrained White Bone Demon Monarch’s Soul Altar.

White Bone Demon Monarch’s expression changed. He shouted, “Jiang Zhuzhe! What do you want?!”


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