Chapter 785: Instant Refusal

Chapter 785: Instant Refusal

Bai Li had been cultivating on Frost Island all this time. After the Ice Phoenix returned from Prism Continent, her soul wounds recovered and she returned to Frost Island.

In her human form, as long as she was careful, Lin Liang’er could hide in the Ruined Lands.

However, there were too many experts on Dark Wind Island right now. Forefather Dark Wind; White Bone Demon Monarch; Soul Summoning Ghost Mother; these people were all powerful.

Lin Liang’er was most likely worried that her identity would be seen through if she came to find Qin Lie personally, so she sent Bai Li.

Qin Lie’s mind spun and he understood what had occurred. He smiled at Bai Li, nodded and said, “After a while, I will go to Frost Island to find her.”

“Jia Yue returned to the white barbarian tribe,” Bai Li suddenly said.

Qin Lie’s eyes lit up and he hurriedly asked, “Does she have someone with…”

“Gao Yu?” Bai Li cut him short. “Yes, he is with Jia Yue. Right now, he is also with the white barbarian tribe.” Bai Li cut him short.

Qin Lie’s worries were eased. He laughed and said, “This is good.”

“Greetings. Forefather Dark Wind.”

“Greetings, Forefather.”

As the two spoke, several more people walked in from the outside. These people had respectful attitudes and hurriedly bowed when they came in.

They looked around as they bowed as though they wanted to confirm where the Evil Infant Boy was, and what had occurred here.

In truth, they wanted to know the reason that the Evil Infant Boy had separated from White Bone Demon Monarch and the others.

These people were mostly around Nirvana Realm, but behind them were the other powerful evil spirits in the Ruined Lands.

They had come as representatives of these people.

“Senior Dark Wind, I wanted to find a place to cultivate for a time. Also, in the near future … Gilbert and the others will remain on Dark Wind Island.” Qin Lie had no interest in exchanging courtesies with these people. He only wanted to comprehend the truth of the “Void Illusion” ancient diagram to help the Evil Infant Boy repair the Heavenly Mirror.

“Lu He! Take Qin Lie to find lodging!” Forefather Dark Wind ordered.

A female martial practitioner came forward and motioned for Qin Lie to go with her.

“Sister Bai, in a few more days, I will go to Frost Island to visit you.” Qin Lie smiled at Bai Li and then left after Lu He. He went to a peaceful part of Dark Wind Island to comprehend the “Void Illusion” ancient diagram inside the Soul Suppressing Orb.

The events of Dark Wind Island finally ended.


Flaming Sun Island.

A mid-sized teleportation formation stood in front of the stone tower that had belonged to Qin Lie. At this time, many martial practitioners were coming in and out.

Some of the people belonged to Blood Spear, some to Blood Fiend Sect and some were Gray Island’s artificers.

Song Tingyu stood in front of this teleportation formation, her eyes flashing excitedly.

“Senior Li is really generous,” Xie Jingxuan said softly.

“He is truly generous to Qin Lie!” Song Tingyu’s smile was wide.

The teleportation formation on Flaming Sun Island could not compare to the formations of Terminator Sect, Illusory Demon Sect, or Heavenly Sword Mountain which could cross continents, but it was still extremely valuable.

In the recent months, many martial practitioners of Blood Fiend Sect, Blood Spear and Gray Island travelled to the Heavenly Slaughter Continent’s Illusory Demon Sect through this teleportation formation.

According to Li Mu, this teleportation formation would be able to connect to the Ruined Lands soon.

And Qin Lie was in the Ruined Lands at the moment.

Li Mu had suddenly gotten this middle grade teleportation formation a fortnight after the bloody battle between the humans and foreign races on Prism Continent.

On that day, Floating Island appeared in the skies of Flaming Sun Island. Du Qianjie channeled power of space and moved the middle grade teleportation formation on Floating Island onto Flaming Sun Island.

Blood Fiend Sect’s Blood Fiend Ten Elders, Mo Lingye, and the other experts gathered after hearing news.

They were astounded at Li Mu’s actions.

After that, Li Mu gave Song Tingyu some words of warning, and told her that Qin Lie was in the Ruined Lands before he hurriedly left on Floating Island.

The new teleportation formation had been immediately put to use. Blood Fiend Sect, Blood Spear, and Gray Island’s martial practitioners used this teleportation formation to reach Illusory Demon Sect on the Heavenly Slaughter Continent. Then they passed through Illusory Demon Sect’s high grade teleportation formation to go visit other continents to purchase spirit materials.

The Setting Sun Islands’ shortage of spirit materials was eased by the creation of this teleportation formation.

A group of people appeared again.

“Blood Fiend Sect has an item teleportation formation. The Setting Sun Islands are even better off now. We have a teleportation formation, one that can transport both spirit materials and living beings. It seems difficult for the Setting Sun Islands to not prosper.

Song Yu of Profound Heaven Alliance came from the Scarlet Tide Continent, and brought a great amount of spirit materials.

He had been directly teleported from the ultimate blood ground from the Nether Battlefield to the Setting Sun Islands.

Coming with him were Xie Yaoyang, Xie Zhizhang, Song Siyuan and core members of Profound Heaven Alliance.

These people wore multiple spatial rings.

“Father, Uncle Xie, uncles, greetings!” Song Tingyu greeted happily.

Song Yu, Xie Yaoyang, and others saw the prosperity of the Setting Sun Islands on their journey. They passed through Gray Island, Blood Island and the present Flaming Sun Island. They saw the many palaces and people. They knew that the present Flaming Sun Island was perhaps even more prosperous than Profound Heaven Alliance and Eight Extreme Temple.

“Did you see this?” Song Yu walked as he said to Profound Heaven Alliance’s elders. “Flaming Sun Island has a seat in the Land of Chaos. Each Blazing Profound Bomb from Gray Island is worth cities. All the forces in the Land of Chaos desire them, and are willing to buy them at extraorbitant prices!”

“And Tingyu is the chief manager of Flaming Sun Island, responsible for all of the wealth of Flaming Sun Island on behalf of Qin Lie.” Song Yu had a proud expression.

The Profound Heaven Alliance elders of the Song and Xie Families had smiles as they nodded at Song Tingyu.

“Give the spirit materials we brought from the Scarlet Tide Continent to Tingyu. She will exchange them for an equivalent amount of spirit stones and some Blazing Profound Bombs. Does anyone have any concerns?” Song Yu asked.

“None!” the elders of Profound Heaven Alliance shouted in unison.

Soon, they handed the rings on their fingers.

Song Tingyu smiled as she ordered the young females, saying, “Record every article of these spirit materials!”

Because of the halt in dealings between Illusory Demon Sect and the Setting Sun Islands, Blood Fiend Sect, Gray Island, and Blood Island had to think of their own ways to purchase a variety of materials to supply their forging of Blazing Profound Bombs and daily cultivation.

The members of Blood Fiend Sect used the teleportation formation to go to other continents to purchase spirit materials.

Song Tingyu contacted her father and asked her father to gather spirit materials on the Scarlet Tide Continent which they needed urgently and could be on the continent.

On the Scarlet Tide Continent, many elders of Profound Heaven Alliance did not know the situation in the Land of Chaos. They were worried that Song Yu and Xie Yaoyang would stuff their pockets as respectively alliance leader and major family patriarch.

They wanted to come over and see for themselves.

At that moment, they personally saw the prosperity of Setting Sun Islands, the many martial practitioners of Blood Fiend Sect, Blood Island, and Gray Island.

They saw the crystalline war chariots, Flowing Gold Fire Phoenixes, and thousand of iron ships docked near Flaming Sun Island. These people of noble status in Profound Heaven Alliance realized the opportunity.

“What Flaming Sun Island doesn’t lack right now is spirit stones!” Song Tingyu said as she looked at the elder.

“Tingyu has really grown up!”

“I just knew that Tingyu would be extraordinary! I was not wrong!”

“Tingyu! You come from Profound Heaven Alliance. Do not forget Profound Heaven Alliance if you encounter some good fortune!”

Many of the Song and Xie Families’ elders said.

“I understand.” Song Tingyu smiled as she arranged for others to guide these elders from Profound Heaven Alliance to tour Flaming Sun Island and Gray Island to witness the scenery and present scale of operations on the Setting Sun Islands.

She also ordered her subordinates to inventory the spirit materials that Profound Heaven Alliance had delivered and send them Gray Island.

Song Tingyu was unusually busy.

On Gray Island, Tang Siqi, Mo Hai, and others would immediately start forging Blazing Profound Bombs when they had enough materials.

As the invasion of the three ghoul races developed and the fighting between humans and the foreign races began on Prism Continent, Heavenly Slaughter Continent, and Heavenly Calamity Continent, spirit artifacts like Blazing Profound Bombs that had huge area of effect became even more demanded.

A fortnight ago, during a fight between Illusory Demon Sect and the Blue Ghouls, Illusory Demon Sect used Blazing Profound Bombs they obtained before to kill a hundred-men troop of the Blue Ghouls. They achieved a great and complete victory.

The three families on the Heavenly Calamity Continent obtained Blazing Profound Bombs through various other channels and also heavily damaged the Earth Ghoul Race in their fights.

This caused the price of the Blazing Profound Bombs to skyrocket.

Later that day.

Mo Lingye of Blood Fiend Sect came in person from the Setting Sun Islands with several members of Illusory Demon Sect.

They wanted to meet the person in charge of Flaming Sun Island.

Soon, Song Tingyu, Xie Jingxuan, Tang Siqi, Mo Hai, Lang Xie and others in power on Flaming Sun Island gathered.

“I am Chu Miaodan of Illusory Demon Sect.”

A full-figured beautiful woman around forty years old came over to meet Song Tingyu and the others in the company of Mo Lingye.

“Chu Miaodan, one of the elders of Illusory Demon Sect, from the same generation as Shi Xiuling,” Lian Rou said softly.

“I am Shi Xiuling’s senior sister. I am now responsible for the spirit material business between Illusory Demon Sect and the Setting Sun Islands.” Chu Miaodan looked at the people of Flaming Sun Island and asked gently, “Who is in charge of Flaming Sun Island?”

Mo Hai, Tang Siqi. and Lang Xie looked at Song Tingyu.

Song Tingyu did not retreat. She stood out and said with a slight smile. “I’m temporarily in charge.”

“Good.” Chu Miaodan nodded gently and then said, “Recently, Illusory Demon Sect and Setting Sun Islands have come into conflict through misunderstandings. We had some internal conflict over the matter of spirit materials. However, we are united now. We decided that from now on, Illusory Demon Sect will provide the spirit materials to the Setting Sun Islands just like before. Of course, the conditions will be the same. Illusory Demon Sect will have first choice of Gray Island’s Blazing Profound Bombs, and the price… shall be the same as before. What do you say?”

“The price the same as before, twenty thousand Earth Grade spirit stones?” Lian Rou stilled.

“Of course,” Chu Miaodan responded.

A hint of scornful smile appeared on Lian Rou’s face. “Currently, the market price of one Blazing Profound Bomb is one hundred thousand Earth Grade spirit stones!”

“The price is just inflated, it doesn’t represent their real value. Also, twenty thousand Earth Grade spirit stones is the price we agreed on before. I think that everyone should abide by the agreement and show their integrity!” Chu Miaodan said.

“If there was integrity, we would not have been forced to gather spirit materials on our own up until now. If Flaming Sun Island hadn’t obtained a teleportation formation recently, Gray Island would not have had enough spirit materials to make Blazing Profound Bombs,” Lian Rou said neutrally.

“As I said already! We had some internal conflict before, that is gone now!” Chu Miaodan’s expression was not good.

She looked down on Lian Rou, Song Tingyu, and Tang Siqi who were weak in cultivation.

In her view, this so-called Gray Island’s practitioners were just insignificant people who had good fortune and could only forge Blazing Profound Bombs.

Deep in her heart, she even looked down on Blood Fiend Sect. She felt that Blood Fiend Sect only established themselves on the Setting Sun Islands by relying on Illusory Demon Sect.

Flaming Sun Island was just a subordinate of Blood Fiend Sect. Yet these people dared to bargain with her?

She was even more discontent with Blood Fiend Sect than Shi Xiuling.

But at this time, Illusory Demon Sect was pressured by the invasion of the Blue Ghoul Race. They had to purchase large number of Blazing Profound Bombs. She was forced to replace Shi Xiuling and come to the Setting Sun Islands to resolve this problem.

She thought that all the martial practitioners on the Setting Sun Islands would be grateful to Illusory Demon Sect for stopping their spirit material embargo on the Setting Sun Islands.

She thought that Gray Island would abide by the previous agreement.

She thought that she already was taking pity on Gray Island.

She hadn’t expected that Lian Rou dared to mock her.

“The master of Flaming Sun Island is Qin Lie. On Prism Continent, Qin Lie told Ju Ruijie of Illusory Demon Sect that Gray Island would never sell a single Blazing Profound Bomb to Illusory Demon Sect!” Song Tingyu took over and smiled apologetically at Chu Miaodan. “My apologies, we must listen to the orders of our ‘Island Master Qin.’ Regardless of whether the internal conflict in Illusory Demon Sect has been resolved or not, regardless of whether you will sell spirit materials to Blood Fiend Sect, we will not sell a single Blazing Profound Bomb to you.”

“Haha, the era of twenty thousand Earth Grade spirit stones for a Blazing Profound Bomb will never occur again.”

“You dare to say such a thing on Illusory Demon Sect’s territory. Aren’t you afraid that Flaming Sun Island will be destroyed?!” Chu Miaodan said harshly.

“Heavenly Sword Mountain’s Li Mu sent over this teleportation formation, and Duan Qianjie helped us settle it.” Song Tingyu pointed at the formation, and said with an unchanged expression. “The master of Flaming Sun Island is Qin Lie, and Qin Lie is the direct disciple of Forefather Terminator.”

Chu Miaodan’s expression darkened.

“If Illusory Demon Sect wants to test if Flaming Sun Island can endure their anger, go ahead.” Song Tingyu said, unaffected. “I heard that the Blue Ghoul Race are rampaging and attacking Illusory Demon Sect right now. If I was Senior Chu, I would not make new enemies for Illusory Demon Sect at this time. Of course, if Senior Chu really wants to have Illusory Demon Sect split, ultimately leading to its destruction… then this is whole another matter.”

“Good! Such a sharp-tongued girl!” Chu Miaodan smiled coldly, turned and left. “I want to see what a mere Flaming Sun Island can do!”

The group of Illusory Demon Sect martial practitioners left with suppressed anger.

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