Chapter 783: Reverse Dragon Recall Technique

Chapter 783: Reverse Dragon Recall Technique

The Evil Infant Boy’s unusual reaction attracted everyone’s attention. Even the White Bone Demon Monarch had let out a cry.

“What’s going on?”

“Zzzt zzt! Pwack!”

The Soul Summoning Ghost Mother was holding a snake bone staff tightly when the Evil Infant Boy had rammed into her. Flames that looked like clumps of souls were burning around the staff.

The souls let out bone-chilling cries that caused many people to cover up their ears with pale faces. They didn’t dare to listen to it.

The Soul Summoning Ghost Mother’s old and decrepit body also caught this lightning-filled fire. It killed off a lot of the souls she possessed.

Thunder and lightning were the bane of all evil souls, while the Soul Summoning Ghost Mother’s secret art required the collection of many souls and wraiths.

Because the Evil Infant Boy had rammed into her, some of the thunder and lightning on his body was conducted into her body.

Some of the evil souls surrounding her body immediately perished because of the electricity.

“Get off me! Get the hell off me, Evil Infant Boy!”

The Soul Summoning Ghost Mother screamed while pushing the Evil Infant Boy away with all her might. While doing so, she waved her arms continuously to refine countless strands of yin energy to calm and nurture her souls.

There was an obvious hole several inches deep on the Evil Infant Boy’s chest after he was pushed away by the Soul Summoning Ghost Mother. An unhealthy red luster surfaced onto his pale white face.

A few seconds later, he spat out a mouthful of blood as his eyes turned spiritless instantly.

“Whoosh whoosh whoosh!”

The twenty-four layers of space projected by the Heavenly Mirror merged with each other and turned back into a giant mirror in just a short time.

The force applied onto the green flame light shield by the Heavenly Mirror instantly disappeared.

Countless green flame tongues of all sizes flew uncontrollably out of the giant mirror and returned to the light shield.

The light shield that enveloped Dark Wind Island and prevented anyone from seeing inside regained its dark green luster once more.

“Eh! The green flame light shield returned to normal!”

“Even the Heavenly Mirror had failed to break open Forefather Dark Wind’s mysterious formation. When did Dark Wind grow so powerful?”

“Was he aided by the evil dragons?”

“The evil dragons? I never heard  of evil dragons being proficient in the art of formations. How could they possibly aid Dark Wind in strengthening the island’s formation?”

“That is true. The evil dragons probably don’t have the ability to do so.”

The onlookers expressed their own opinions and thoughts about the turn of events with each other.

Above the island, the White Bone Demon Monarch’s were fixed at the Evil Infant Boy with eyes that were completely void of any humanity, “What’s going on?”

“I’m hurt.” The Evil Infant Boy said with a chilly expression as he withdrew the Heavenly Mirror. “The Forefather Dark Wind’s light shield is at least three times stronger than it normally is. The rebound caught me off guard too.”

“Why is there thunder energy inside that shield?!” the Soul Summoning Ghost Mother screamed. “Evil Infant Boy! You should know that I hate the power of thunder and lightning the most, so why did you ram into me while wrapped in lightning!? Do you know how many hidden souls I’ve lost?!”

“I wasn’t able to avoid you. I didn’t know this would happen either.” The Evil Infant Boy frowned.

“Alright stop arguing! Let’s focus on the task at hand!” The White Bone Demon Monarch interrupted their argument and said, “It seems that we’ll have to reconsider our tactic.”

“Let’s go to the Seven Eye Island and capture the evil dragons over there first. We can use them to threaten the people of Dark Wind Island later!” Gu Tuo of the Dragonman Race suggested.

“That’s a good idea!” Chi Yan’s eyes immediately lit up.

“That will work.” The White Bone Demon Monarch also nodded.


Inside the lush forest underneath the green flame light shield.

Eight Thunderblitz wood slabs stood tall as a big, colorful and lightning-made spirit diagram crackled in the middle of them.

Qin Lie was seated beneath the spirit diagram with his palms facing one another. A ball of thunder and lightning was beating softly like a heart.

Outside the Thunderblitz wood slabs’ formation, Gilbert and the other evil dragons were joined with one another as they surrounded Qin Lie.

The evil dragons’ scales were normally golden and sparkling.

But right now they looked dim and lightless. Gilbert’s dragon scales were even cracking in some parts.

The draconic spirit behind the evil dragon’s eyes seemed to have been extracted from their bodies. That was why they looked a bit listless.

“It’s unfortunate that this ‘Reverse Dragon Recall Technique’ can’t last for a long time.” Qin Lie suddenly sighed.

“The Evil Infant Boy and Soul Summoning Ghost Mother rammed into one another earlier. The Ghost Mother probably lost a lot of her hidden souls in the process, so they probably won’t attack us in a short while.” The Forefather Dark Wind said with gleaming eyes, “We can rest for a bit.”

When he said this, the evil dragons immediately exhaled a mouthful of murky air as their heads and tails relaxed.

The technique was momentarily paused.

Eyes closed, Qin Lie too withdrew his spirit energy and lightning before taking out some dried meat and spirit stones from his spatial rings. He quietly began to recover his physical energy.

The “Reverse Dragon Recall Technique” was a secret art unique to the Evil Dragon Race. This secret art extracted a bit of “draconic spirit” from the evil dragons. It was a special energy that was different from spirit energy and more like dragon’s life essence.

The draconic spirit had a lot of uses. It could empower a martial practitioner’s senses, soul, potential and even see through the world for a short time.

Gilbert and the evil dragons had arranged themselves into a secret formation so they could unleash the Reverse Dragon Recall Technique. Then, they applied their draconic spirit onto Qin Lie.

After obtaining a large amount of draconic spirit, Qin Lie was greatly strengthened in almost every aspect except his spirit energy.

Thanks to the amplification, he was able to inscribe even bigger and more complex spirit diagrams and connect the Profound Thunder Heart and the eight Thunderblitz wood slabs perfectly. He was able to unleash an attack that was ten times scarier than during the battle of the ground at Prism Continent.

That was also why he was able to inject the power of thunder into the green flame light shield and strengthen its barrier and restrictions without anyone noticing.

Moreover, he had dealt the Evil Infant Boy’s heart a sudden and heavy blow while he was least expecting it.

“If I’m not mistaken, the spirit diagram you inscribed with lightning is an ancient spirit diagram. Am I right, Qin Lie?” Forefather Dark Wind suddenly said.

Qin Lie stuffed another piece of meat into his mouth and looked up at Forefather Dark Wind. “Your insight is truly astounding, Forefather Dark Wind.”

“Hehe, I think I’m starting to understand Li Mu’s thoughts a little. I think… I think I know why he asked you to seek out the Evil Infant Boy.” Forefather Dark Wind rubbed his hands with obvious excitement. “Maybe there’s another way we can resolve our current predicament!”

“Oh?” Qin Lie looked astonished.

He revealed an inquisitive expression.

The evil dragons who looked like they were sucked dry of strength also gazed at him.

“It’s like this.” The Forefather Dark Wind’s eyes were gleaming with dark light, “While Evil Infant Boy’s Heavenly Mirror seems incredibly powerful, the fact is… that is not the Heavenly Mirror’s true power. If it was, even I must admit that my green flame light shield wouldn’t be able to withstand its might, even amplified by your thunder and lightning energy.”

Qin Lie sat up straight and recalled for a moment, “I do feel like the Heavenly Mirror isn’t as strong as I thought it would be. It didn’t feel deserving of its reputation as a famous Heaven Grade spirit artifact.”

“That’s because the Heavenly Mirror is currently damaged.” Forefather Dark Wind explained.

“Damaged? It’s that powerful even after it’s damaged?” Lu Heng cried out.

Forefather Dark Wind ignored his subordinate and continued to explain to Qin Lie, “If the Heavenly Mirror hadn’t been damaged, Feng Yi and Luo Han would have never let Evil Infant Boy to escape with the Heavenly Mirror! Even if the Evil Infant Boy hid himself in the Ruined Lands, Feng Yi and Luo Han would’ve invaded the Ruined Lands all the same to snatch the third most powerful spirit artifact of their sect back from his hands!”

“I see.” Qin Lie came to realization.

“It is rumored that Kong Qi had added an ancient spirit diagram he accidentally obtained into the Heavenly Mirror. While that is true, Kong Qi hasn’t actually mastered that ancient spirit diagram fully. The reason he lost all of his heart’s blood and perished not long after refining the Heavenly Mirror was because he was simply copying the spirit diagram without fully understanding it.”

“He hasn’t truly mastered or familiarized himself with the ancient spirit diagram before he added it into the Heavenly Mirror. Of course, the ancient spirit diagram still helped to create a Heaven Grade spirit artifact, but because he was equally unfamiliar with the spirit artifact, he suffered a rebound and died an early death.”

“Later on, when the Asura Race invaded the Land of Chaos, Feng Yi unleashed the true power of this Heaven Grade spirit artifact and was literally invincible for a time.”

Unfortunately, Kong Qi never truly mastered the ancient spirit diagram inside it. A forcefully drawn ancient spirit diagram was ultimately flawed.”

“During a particularly fierce battle, a problem suddenly occurred inside the Heavenly Mirror, and as a result Feng Yi himself was injured because he wasn’t able to suppress its internal abnormalities immediately. He was taken away from the battlefield by the experts of Celestial Artifact Sect after that.”

“Later on, every artificer in Celestial Artifact Sect came together to inspect the spirit artifact and discovered that the ancient spirit diagram was damaged during battle. That was why the Heavenly Mirror had suddenly gone out of control.”

“Because Kong Qi himself hadn’t truly mastered the ancient spirit diagram, the artificers of Celestial Artifact Sect had even less of an idea on how to repair the spirit artifact after Kong Qi’s death. Since no one could repair the Heavenly Mirror, it gradually became relegated within Celestial Artifact Sect.”

“The Evil Infant Boy was Kong Qi’s disciple. When he betrayed Celestial Artifact Sect and escaped from that place, he had probably stolen the Heavenly Mirror to preserve his memory of his master.”

“However, not even the Evil Infant Boy knew anything about ancient spirit diagrams, so he wasn’t able to repair it and thus could never unleash the Heavenly Mirror’s true power.”

Forefather Dark Wind explained everything in detail.

It was only after listening seriously to his story that Qin Lie muttered to himself with an odd look on his face. “He Yi and Luo Kexin had tried their absolute best to learn about the secrets of the ancient spirit diagrams. Could it be that they were planning to repair the Heavenly Mirror? That’s a coincidence alright.”

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