Chapter 782: Heavenly Mirror

Chapter 782: Heavenly Mirror

“What? The White Bone Demon Monarch, Soul Summoning Ghost Mother and Evil Infant Boy are attacking Dark Wind Island?”

“Those evil dragons are around too?”

“Is it because of Gu Tuo and Chi Yan?”

“Lively! How lively!”

“Let’s go! Let’s head over and watch their fight!”

“We must attend!”

The surprising battle drew the attention of every evil spirit and all foreign races in the Ruined Lands. All kinds of strange beings hurried towards Dark Wind Island.

Flying spirit artifacts, spirit birds and a huge crowd swarmed the island from every direction.

Hundreds of evil spirits and foreign races’ clansmen gathered outside Dark Wind Island in no time.

Some of those people were either floating in midair or riding willow leaf boats, observing the battle from all angles. Some people suppressed their excitement, some were getting ready to attack. There were even more people who itched to see situation grow even more chaotic.

“It has been a long while since the Ruined Lands were this lively.”

The White Bone Demon Monarch looked at the evil spirits and foreign races all around them with a ridiculing look on his face.

“Yeah, the Ruined Lands have been peaceful for a very long time.” The wrinkles on Soul Summoning Ghost Mother’s face shuddered once as she cast a glance at Evil Infant Boy. “We need to do something.”

Gu Tuo and Chi Yan had stopped yelling since a while ago.

When the five evil spirits noticed that the evil dragons and Forefather Dark Wind hadn’t fallen for their taunts and charged out of the green flame light shield, they decided to save their breaths.

They began planning how to break through the shield by force.

“Yao Tian is not that guy’s real name. His real name is Qin Lie,” Evil Infant Boy suddenly said.

“Qin Lie?” Gu Tuo of the Dragonman Race frowned deeply, “I think I heard that name from somewhere before…”

“Me too.” Chi Yan echoed in astonishment.

“Is it Qin Lie of the Setting Sun Islands?” The White Bone Demon Monarch exclaimed.

Both he and the Soul Summoning Ghost Mother turned to look at the Evil Infant Boy.

“That’s right. It’s that Qin Lie.” The indifferent look on Evil Infant Boy’s face seemed like it would never change even when ten thousand years old had passed. He said coldly, “He has close ties with Blood Fiend Sect, and Forefather Terminator holds him in high regard. I heard that he has strong relations with Heavenly Sword Mountain too.”

“So you’re saying that we’re in a bit of a trouble?” The Soul Summoning Ghost Mother frowned.

“No, we’re not.” The Evil Infant Boy said icily, “I’m telling you his identity now so that you may be prepared to deal with the consequences later. Not that I think that you all will be afraid of anything.”

“That’s true.” The White Bone Demon Monarch grinned and said proudly, “Here are the Ruined Lands, and we are evil spirits, people who have strayed from the right path in their eyes! So what if he’s backed by Blood Fiend Sect? What if he’s backed by Forefather Terminator? Even if the nine great Silver rank forces were to attack the Ruined Lands once more, we could just go into hiding again and wait out the assault. We can just treat it as a trip to some auxiliary worlds to find new spirit materials. Dozens of years later, everything will go back to normal once more. What can they do then?”

“I’m just informing you all about this so you may prepare beforehand. Once this matter is done, we should leave the Ruined Lands for a moment to avoid the Forefather Terminator,” the Evil Infant Boy said indifferently.

“Mn. Forefather Terminator is the most troublesome cultivator to deal with. He might actually ignore all consequences and strike the Ruined Lands.” The Soul Summoning Ghost Mother agreed. “But even then fourteen evil dragons are worth the risk! When this matter is over, I will seclude myself in a secret realm I explored and build the second level of my Soul Altar!”

“Have you made up your minds?” the Evil Infant Boy asked again.

The White Bone Demon Monarch and the Soul Summoning Ghost Mother nodded in unison.

He then looked at Gu Tuo and Chi Yan.

“Why would we be afraid?” Gu Tuo’s stance was firm. “No matter how powerful Forefather Terminator is, he can’t chase us all the way into our auxiliary world!”

“The risk of death is worth it if we can obtain the Heaven Fighting Race’s bloodline!” Chi Yan said fiercely.

“Alright, then I shall make the necessary arrangements to break through Dark Wind’s green flame light shield as soon as possible.” The Evil Infant Boy nodded indifferently,. “There’s something I must clarify first. I will lose forty percent of my power after the green flame light shield is broken. That means that I won’t be able to do my best during the battle itself, so I need all of you to fight as if your life is on the line later. Will that be a problem?”

“It will not!”


And so the Evil Infant Boy stood ten meters above the green flame light shield.

A large, bright mirror suddenly appeared in front of him.

The moment the mirror appeared, it began transforming non-stop.

The light reflected by the mirror took on solid form and became an object with twenty-four levels.

At first glance, it was as if the mirror was instantly cut into twenty-four thin films.

Every level had a different image on it. There were mountains, lakes, stars, planets, forests, bejeweled jade palaces; flying spirit birds, roaring ancient beasts, crumbling worlds and more.

The layers of images looked like layers of space displaying all sorts of sceneries and myriad transformations of the world.

The light projected by the images containing the mysteries and complexities of space slowly descended onto the shining green flame light shield.

“It’s the Heavenly Mirror!”

“Isn’t that Celestial Artifact Sect’s Heaven Grade spirit artifact, the Heavenly Mirror?!”

“Why does the Evil Infant Boy have it?”

“Strange, how strange, too strange!”

The onlookers cried out with great astonishment on their faces.

Every Heaven Grade spirit artifact was well known on the Land of Chaos. This was because the Heaven Grade spirit artifacts were too few and far between even among Silver rank forces.

The Heavenly Mirror was one of the five Heaven Grade spirit artifacts that Celestial Artifact Sect possessed. It had always been famous in the Land of Chaos, and it was said to contain the intricacies of space.

It was rumored that the Heavenly Mirror was the ultimate creation of the late Celestial Artifact Sect master artificer Kong Qi. Kong Qi was Luo Han’s master.

Kong Qi had used up unfathomable number of spirit materials in Celestial Artifact Sect before he finally refined it successfully. However, Kong Qi also died in just three months’ time after exhausting all of his blood essence.

The Heavenly Mirror was the culmination of everything Kong Qi had learned in his entire life. It ranked third out of the five Heaven Grade spirit artifact Celestial Artifact Sect possessed.

Many years ago, Feng Yi, the sect master of Celestial Artifact Sect had used the Heavenly Mirror against the experts of the Asura Race and caused deep fear in his opponents.

To this day, many people thought that the Heavenly Mirror was in Feng Yi’s possession.

But no one could’ve imagined that the evil spirit, Evil Infant Boy would produce the Heavenly Mirror in order to break Forefather Dark Wind’s green flame light shield.

The spirit artifact the Evil Infant Boy produced had reflected rays of light that transformed into twenty-four thin films of space that transformed into twenty-four different kind of worlds. All these characteristics proved that the spirit artifact he wielded was the Heavenly Mirror!

“The green flame light shield will probably be broken very soon!”

It was an understandable thought shared by many of those who were present at the scene. After all, that spirit artifact was the Heavenly Mirror and one of the five Heaven Grade spirit artifacts that belonged to Celestial Artifact Sect. It contained many unfathomable mysteries of space.

How could Forefather Dark Wind’s barrier possibly resist its power?

This was what the Evil Infant Boy himself thought too.

The twenty-four levels of space projected by the Heavenly Mirror landed on the green flame light shield.

The green flames on the light shield started to flicker bit by bit.

It was as if the flames of the shield were being cut, separated and extracted by space.

The fire slowly turned dim.

“Crackle! Boom!”

The barrier imprints and strange restrictions on the light shields started giving off explosive sounds.

The defensive power of the green flame light shield was swiftly weakening.

“You truly were the most talented cultivator in Celestial Artifact Sect in terms of the power of space!” The White Bone Demon Monarch praised.

“This is the Heavenly Mirror alright!” The Soul Summoning Ghost Mother praised the spirit artifact instead of its user, “It does seem that this Heaven Grade spirit artifact was worth betraying Celestial Artifact Sect for!”

“Shut up!” The Evil Infant Boy turned around and reprimanded them coldly.

Both the White Bone Demon Monarch and Soul Summoning Ghost Mother laughed dryly in response, knowing that the Evil Infant Boy disliked people bringing up his past. They said nothing else after that.

“The green flame light shield will vanish in a time it takes for an incense stick to burn. Start planning who should be the one to deal with Dark Wind, and who’s going to capture that rank eight evil dragon,” The Evil Infant Boy said coldly.

“White Bone, you have a two-level Soul Altar. If you, Gu Tuo, Chi Yan and Evil Infant Boy with only sixty percent of his strength left were to work together, it shouldn’t be a problem to capture that evil dragon.” The Soul Summoning Ghost Mother arranged their tasks. “I will deal with Dark Wind. I will hold him down with everything I have and make sure that he can’t disturb the rest of you!”

“This arrangement isn’t bad.” The White Bone Demon Monarch nodded.

Gu Tuo and Chi Yan also expressed their agreement.

The three great evil spirits and the two foreign races’ experts quickly came to mutual understanding.

They were just waiting for the moment the green flames runs out, and the barrier restrictions  are torn apart. They would immediately attack Dark Wind Island when that happens.

Time passed little by little.

An incense stick’s worth of time quickly passed by.

The three evil spirits and the two foreign race experts were all staring wide eyed at the barrier and gearing themselves to charge down to the island at any moment.

The evil spirits and foreign races who had come from other areas of the Ruined Lands to watch the show overheard their conversation too. Therefore, they were also counting down time and waiting excitedly for the bloody battle to ensue.

Everyone was looking at the green flame light shield.

Although the shield looked dim since some time ago, and its barrier and restrictions were destroyed by the Heavenly Mirror, it still persisted above Dark Wind Island.

The light shield was as thin as a cicada’s wing, and it looked like it would break with a simple touch. But it was without a doubt still there.

Even after the time it takes for an incense stick to burn, it hasn’t disappeared completely like the Evil Infant Boy predicted.

The light shield never winked out of existence.

“What’s going on, Evil Infant Boy? There aren’t any miscalculations, are there?” The White Bone Demon Monarch snorted.

“It should have run out of energy already. This film… should disappear naturally with a simple touch.” While saying this, the Evil Infant Boy pointed his finger at the light shield.

A sharp beam of sharp spatial power cut through the air.


Green sparks suddenly appeared from the light shield the moment contact was made.

Soul numbing electricity instantly made its way through the Evil Infant Boy’s fingertip.

The Evil Infant Boy couldn’t stop himself from sneezing.


The indifference on his face was gone, and he seemed to notice that something was wrong for the first time.

“Thump! Thump thump! Thump thump thump!”

Dull thumps suddenly resounded loudly from the geocenter of Dark Wind Island.

The Evil Infant Boy actually found that his heart was beating rapidly.

The tiny wisp of electricity at his fingertip actually felt unbelievably hot at this moment. It was as if he was touching a hot potato.


The thump that sounded like heartbeat of the center of the earth itself resounded again.


Then, the Evil Infant Boy’s tiny body flew uncontrollably backwards as if he was struck by an invisible hammer.

He slammed straight into the unsuspecting Soul Summoning Ghost Mother.

Both martial practitioners cried out at the same time.

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