Chapter 781: Island Besieged

Chapter 781: Island Besieged

“Forefather, the White Bone Demon Monarch, Soul Summoning Ghost Mother, Evil Infant Boy have asked for an audience.”

Just as Qin Lie and Dark Wind were talking, Lu Heng suddenly received news and learned that the three old demons as famed as Forefather Dark Wind on the three closest islands had come together.

“Oh? The three came together?” Dark Wind was shocked.

“Also Gu Tuo and Chi Yan. These two people came as well. Also… many of their subordinates.” Lu Heng continued.

Dark Wind’s expression suddenly darkened. “So they have surrounded Dark Wind Island?”

“It seems to be the case.” Lu Heng grimaced.


Gilbert’s roar came from outside of the island, filled with anger and restlessness.

Qin Lie’s expression changed. “Let’s go out and see!”

“Do not!”

Forefather Dark Wind raised a hand, his expression grave. “There are heavy wards and restrictions around the island. They will not have such an easy time charging in. If you leave the wards, they will not protect you.”

“Lu Heng, let those evil dragons come in. I will help them open an entrance!” Forefather Dark Wind ordered.

“Understood!” Lu Heng hurriedly left.

“Green Flame Space Lock!”

Dark Wind charged into the sky and floated hundreds of meters above Dark Wind Island. He shook his sleeves, unleashing thousands of green flame wisps.

Those verdant green flames were cold and dark, giving off great power vibrations.

Thousands of green flames spun like grindstones and quickly gathered to form an enormous green shield of light that covered the sky above Dark Wind Island.

At the same time, the huge trees on Dark Wind Island, their leaves and the thick trunks, gave off green light.

The light turned tangible, shooting into the sky and merging into the green flame shield.

Vast and great vitality merged into the dark and icy shield of light. The light shield seemed able to constantly absorb power and would never run dry.

The stars, sun, and moon outside the green shield were obscured.

Dark Wind Island became a completely enclosed space.

“Forefather! I brought the evil dragons!” Lu Heng shouted.

“Come here!”

Dark Wind swiped with his hands. A long corridor suddenly appeared in the green shield next to him.

Gilbert and his clansmen quickly passed through the corridor with flailing limbs.

“Low and wretched scum!”

Gilbert’s scale body was covered in dozens of wounds. His scales had been pulled off in some parts, and blood dripped.

He swore as he twisted his body, baring his teeth in pain.

The evil dragons that came with him were also covered in wounds. They seemed to have suffered furious attacks in a short while.

“The White Bone Demon Monarch, Soul Summoning Ghost Mother, Evil Infant Boy, these three and their subordinates, as well as Gu Tuo and Chi Yan, attacked. The boundless power and countless spirit artifacts caused the evil dragons to suffer losses.” Lu Heng walked over and explained to Dark Wind and Qin Lie. “They clearly came with hostile intentions!”

“I can see this.” Forefather Dark Wind’s expression was dark. “I do not know how Gu Tuo and Chi Yan persuaded the White Bone Demon Monarch, Soul Summoning Ghost Mother and the Evil Infant Boy. If these three team up with Gu Tuo and Chi Yan, no one in the Ruined Lands will dare to offend them.”

Qin Lie’s expression was grave as well.

When they were speaking, “ke ke” laughter came from outside. A thin and tall man dressed in black in a long black robe embroidered with skeletons in white thread floated onto the island.

The old man’s white eyes gave off inhuman and ruthless light. He shouted, “Dark Wind, what? You won’t come out to see us old friends?”

A slightly plump old woman with a wrinkled face walked forward, holding a snake staff wrapped in ghosts. She smiled and stopped under the green light shield. “Dark Wind, we have something good to talk to you about.”

At the same time, a man who was not even a meter tall came out with an expressionless face. He said, “Dark Wind, other people cannot break your Dark Wind Island formation, but I can.”

The White Bone Demon Monarch, the Soul Summoning Ghost Mother and the Evil Infant Boy came without their subordinates and floated above the island.

Gu Tuo and Chi Yan waited for the trio to arrive before they revealed themselves.

They were disheveled, their bodies showing marks of claw wounds inflicted by Gilbert.

But the two were in good moods.

“Dark Wind, last time on Frost Island, you interfered and let this Yao Tian leave. You even caused us to lose the Ice Phoenix. This time, your Dark Wind Island is surrounded. What are you going to do now?” Gu Tuo said angrily.

“Dark Wind, if you are smart, you will give us that Yao Tian!” Chi Yan screamed. “We only want that Yao Tian! The fourteen evil dragons belong to White Bone, Ghost Mother and the Evil Infant Boy. We will not touch them!”

“Dark Wind, if you are willing to kill dragons with us, hehe, other than that rank eight one, you can pick two of the remaining ones. How about it?” The White Bone Demon Monarch suggested temptingly.

Qin Lie and Forefather Dark Wind exchanged a look. They realized these people’s intentions.

Gu Tuo of the dragonmen and Chi Yan of the Lizard Race wanted Qin Lie’s God Race bloodline.

The White Bone Demon Monarch, Soul Summoning Ghost Mother and the Evil Infant Boy were human monsters. They could not directly feed on the God Race blood to transform themselves so they had no interest in the God Race bloodline.

But the fourteen evil dragons were worth cities and every part of their bodies was a precious treasure.

The rank eight Gilbert might be able to fight one of them but there were three. With Gu Tuo and Chi Yan together, they would not have much trouble capturing Gilbert alive.

Dragons were their ancestors.

“When the dragons decline, even dogs can step on them!” Gilbert roared.

The Evil Dragon Race was one of the strongest races in ancient times before the Heaven Fighting Race came.

When the Heaven Fighting Race came, the evil dragons chose to submit. They became a blade in the hands of the Heaven Fighting Race and fought with the Heaven Fighting Race.

In that time, the ancient beasts, the Nether Race, the Asura Race would retreat wherever the dragon roars appeared.

They never dared to think of killing dragons.

Times changed, and the Heaven Fighting Race lost the War of Hundred Races. They tried to conserve their strength and led the higher ranked evil dragons to leave Spirit Realm.

Low rank evil dragons could only fall into sleep by separating their souls from their bodies and wait for the arrival of a new era.

Right now, Gilbert’s branch of evil dragons awakened and found that the humans, once the weakest of them all, became the new rulers of Spirit Realm.

And they, who had once dominated the world and looked down on all beings, became targets to be pursued.

Gilbert felt a kind of desolate sorrow.

“Dark Wind, you alone cannot change the situation.” The White Bone Demon Monarch continued to laugh. “I’m not afraid to tell you that at this time, some of our subordinates have gone to Seven Eye Island. There are some evil dragons on Seven Eye Island? Don’t worry, soon those evil dragons will be captured. Living evil dragons are more valuable than dead evil dragons! Hahaha!”

“We’re rich! We’re rich!” The Soul Summoning Ghost Mother gave a bone-shivering laughter. “In order to build the second layer of the Soul Altar, I have been gathering materials for two hundred years, but there still isn’t enough. If I can get three to five living evil dragons, I can trade for enough materials to help me refine another Soul Altar level!”

“I think the same,” The Evil Infant Boy said coldly.

The breakthroughs of Soul Altar experts were accompanied by enormous amounts of spirit materials.

The White Bone Demon Monarch, the Soul Summoning Ghost Mother, and the Evil Infant Boy lived the Ruined Lands. They were not supported by Silver rank forces. Each of their breakthroughs was extremely difficult and they could only rely on themselves.

Evil dragons were seas of spirit materials in their eyes. They could be traded for spirit materials that the trio lacked and help them advance forward.

That’s why they had their sights on the dragons.

“My clansmen, the clansmen on Seven Eye Island!” Gilbert roared. He wanted to charge out of the green flame shield and fight to the death against the evil demons outside.

“If you go, everything is finished!” Qin Lie shouted. “They hope that you will do that!”

“Please calm down!” Forefather Dark Wind said urgently.

If they stayed inside the light shield, the evil spirits would need time and energy to come in.

Yet if Gilbert could not control himself and charged out of the green flame shield, no one could reverse the situation.

“My clansmen are about to be captured alive! They will…” Gilbert shouted.

“As long as they do not die immediately, there is still a chance! Do not panic! Give me some time to think!” Qin Lie urged.

“Calm down!” Forefather Dark Wind urged again.

Outside the green flame shield, the White Bone Demon Monarch, the Evil Infant Boy, and the Soul Summoning Ghost Mother, Gu Tuo and Chi Yan were still laughing and mocking loudly.

They were provoking the people below.

The Evil Infant Boy’s words were easy and he did have the ability to break the green flame shield. However, he would have to expend a great deal of energy to tear apart the green flame shield on top of Dark Wind Island.

This would also waste a lot of time.

He did not want to do this.

So the group tried to persuade Dark Wind to ally with them and obtain these valuable evil dragons.

“Let me think.”

At this time, Qin lie suddenly closed his eyes and thought hard. He tried to find a solution to the situation from the depths of his memory.

Dark Wind grimaced as he shook his head. He said helplessly, “I can only try to contact Li Mu and hope that he can come. However… his location is usually uncertain, he may be on other continents at this time. Even if he hurries at full speed, he would not get here in time.”

“What other solutions are there?” Lu Heng sighed deeply.

Gilbert’s panting increased in its heaviness. While he had not gone into a rage, he could lose control at any time.

“I have a solution!” A moment later, Qin Lie suddenly opened his eyes with vicious resolve on his face.

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