Chapter 779: Bosses

Chapter 779: Bosses    

A strange smile appeared on Qin Lie’s face.

This breakthrough came a little out of nowhere to him.

After all, all he did was to take a nap that lasted for more than three months. After he woke up, not only had he broken through to the middle stage of the Fulfillment Realm—gaining a bigger spirit sea, Soul Lake and a greater amount of spirit energy as result—he even learned many secrets of the three ghoul races and the evil dragons. On top of that, he learned a Blaze Family spirit art technique called “Ring of the Burning Sun”.

It was all so unimaginable.

“Should we head out now?” the evil dragon beneath him asked.

“Let’s go!” Qin Lie nodded.

The three evil dragons that had stayed behind to protect him rose into the air in unison while letting out a roar. They appeared outside Seven Eye Island in the blink of an eye.

Balls of green flames hung in the sky like green lanterns as they burned with an aura that seemed capable of corroding everything.

Gilbert was right at the center of those green fireballs.

Led by Gu Tuo of the Dragonman Race and Chi Yan of the Lizard Race, subordinates of the duo were surrounding, attacking and hooting loudly at Gilbert.

“Foolish ants!”

Gilbert roared angrily and tore at their bodies with his claws, causing rains of flesh and blood to fall from the sky.

Plenty of dragonmen and lizardmen were sliced into chunks of flesh that fell to the sea.

At the bottom, six obviously excited evil dragons opened their mouths and swallowed the chunks of flesh into their stomachs.

Glowing like two light bulbs, Gu Tuo and Chi Yan were roaring and attacking Gilbert continuously.

Chi Yan had a lizard tail behind his back, and every time it swayed from side to side it caused the air the explode.

He had summoned a shadow of a giant lizard with his strength and seemingly fused with it. He was trying to tie Gilbert down.

Gu Tuo let out a loud, dragon-like roar as a light beam filled with great divine aura exited his glabella.

The light beam seemed to have an incredible amount of penetrative power.

“Nine Heavens Soaring Dragon!”

Gu Tuo shook his head back and forth, and the light beam in his eyes took on the shape of a dragon and meandered towards Gilbert’s pupils.

“You fools who do not even possess any bloodline powers dare raise your hand against me?”

Gilbert laughed in a ridiculing manner before extending his vast wings. They were so huge that they nearly covered the sun itself.

“Golden Body of Dragon Scales!”

Rays of golden light were set loose from the densely packed scale armor of Gilbert’s body. They looked brilliant and eye catching.

Gilbert suddenly looked like a golden dragon that was made out of liquid gold.

Suddenly, he gave off a boundless, mighty, honorable and sacred feeling.

Gu Tuo and Chi Yan’s combined attacks actually failed to do anything to its golden dragon scales.

Gilbert swiped its claws at the air around him.

Many dragonmen and lizardmen perished under his attacks yet again.

Even Gu Tuo and Chi Yan had suffered from bone-deep wounds after the golden claws had disappeared.

“We will be back, you evil dragon!”

Gu Tuo yelled in astonishment before running away from the place, afraid to stay even a second longer.

Chi Yan also ran away with his lizardmen behind him.

“Eh? That’s it?”

Qin Lie wasn’t in time to witness the bloody battle that ended in Gilbert’s victory. He only saw some dragonmen and lizardmen corpses falling to the sea.

“Food carrying idiots, those two.” Gilbert snorted and stuffed a few lizardmen and dragonmen corpses into its own mouth. “You’ve finally woke up.”

“Mn.” As he stared at the running dragonmen and lizardmen, Qin Lie asked, “Why didn’t you just attack their islands?”

“There are some dangerous fellows entrenched at the sea bottom near that Gu Tuo and Chi Yan’s territories.” Gilbert smacked his lips. “I can kill them, but I will surely suffer some injuries in the process. It is very possible that those fellows hidden deep within the Ruined Lands may decide to attack me and earn themselves some dragon flesh or dragon blood while I’m hurt.”

“Oh, I see. So even you have things to watch out for,” Qin Lie said.

“We are the only group of evil dragons that exist right now, and I am literally the only named evil dragon left in this world. Times have changed, and we can no longer act as wantonly as we did in the past. We can only obey certain rules and learn how to protect ourselves,” Gilbert lamented.

“That’s not true. Don’t you know that there are a couple more evil dragons in Spirit Realm?” Qin Lie smiled.

The light of astonishment appeared in Gilbert’s green eyes. “I know of their existence, but I don’t know where they are right now. I know that they have separated their souls from their bodies and fell into suspended animation just like us. We did it in order to conceal our unique draconic aura and hide from the humans and other powerful races. But I don’t know that where these brethren of mine are hiding.”

“I do.” Qin Lie smiled.

“You must have gotten a lot of memories regarding us from the Chaos Blood Realm,” Gilbert said in pleasant surprise.

“That’s right. Back then, the God Race left Spirit Realm with many of your race’s experts. However, the outer space is dangerous and infinitely deadly, and those who are weak are unable to live in this environment. That was why some of you were left behind in Spirit Realm. The God Race and your seniors hadn’t abandoned you on purpose.”

“They chose a lot of special places for your people to hide, and the underground of the Absolute Yin Graveyard is one of them.”

“Also, there are another two special places in the Land of Chaos where your people are probably slumbering in!”

Qin Lie declared seriously.

“Where are they!?” Gilbert grew excited.

The other evil dragons were also roaring spiritedly.

“Finding them is easy, but gathering their souls and waking them up from their slumber won’t be so simple.” Qin Lie frowned.

“That is true.” The light in Gilbert’s eyes dimmed. “The reason we were able to awaken ourselves is because those Heaven Ghouls slaughtered every living being there was on Prism Continent. A long time ago, the disciples of the Moon Worshipping Cult helped build those evil formations of awakening in the underground of Absolute Yin Graveyard according to the secret arts we left behind for them. These evil formations were able to draw in the soul fragments of those who died on Prism Continent and turn them into energy, aiding us in regathering our souls.”

“If the living beings on Prism Continent weren’t all slaughtered so quickly by the Heaven Ghoul Race, if there weren’t so many dead souls in this place, my people wouldn’t have awakened so quickly.”

“I believe that the rest of my people slumbering in other secret sites also need a great number of souls as sacrifice to awaken.”

Gilbert knew very well that it wasn’t easy for his people to awaken from their slumber.

“There is a place that may urge your people into awakening once the time is right,” Qin Lie said with an odd look on his face.

“Where is this place?” Gilbert hastily asked.

“It is the Shadow Earth Palace in the Heavenly Calamity Continent.”

“It is said that the Shadow Earth Palace exists underneath Blue Flame City. In the past, Blue Flame City was a powerful kingdom that used to bury the deceased of the royal family inside the Shadow Earth Palace. Legend says that the royal family of that ancient kingdom possessed the blood of true dragons, and from what I learned about the evil dragons through the Chaos Blood Realm, I know for sure that there is another small group of evil dragons hiding beneath the Shadow Earth Palace.”

“I believe that this lost kingdom once awakened one of your clansmen under the Shadow Earth Palace. That evil dragon had even mated with one of the humans, thus giving birth to a line of descendants who possessed the so-called blood of true dragons. Unfortunately, that ancient kingdom was destroyed not long after the emergence of Blood Fiend Sect.”

“Thankfully, they probably kept the secret of Shadow Earth Palace under wraps and revealed it to no one but their own people.”

“Naturally, that ancient kingdom had long since disappeared, so long that even Blood Fiend Sect had left the Heavenly Calamity Continent. A new city had been built atop Shadow Earth Palace, and its name is Blue Flame City. It belongs to the three great families.”

“Right now the situation on the Heavenly Calamity Continent is dangerous, and the three great families are warring constantly against the Earth Ghoul Race. A lot of human practitioners died during the war, which I believe will aid your people in their awakening.”

Qin Lie finished his explanation.

“Perhaps we should head to that the Heavenly Calamity Continent soon!” Gilbert cried.

“No, the time isn’t right just yet.” Qin Lie shook his head. “First, we don’t know if the battle between the Earth Ghoul Race and the three great families have ended yet. Second, there are currently Black Voodoo Cult Soul Altar experts on the Heavenly Calamity Continent, not to mention that the three great families themselves have Soul Altar experts as well. Most importantly, the three great families and Black Voodoo Cult are my sworn enemies!”

“Are you saying that we’re not a match for them?” Gilbert snorted.

“Not now, at least. Even if the evil dragons under Earth Shadow Palace did awaken, at best there would be two named evil dragons. So… we must wait,” Qin Lie advised.

“When will be a good time to head there then?” Gilbert asked.

“I’ve slept for more than three months, and I’m not sure what is going on with the world too. Allow me some time to learn this before I give you an answer.” Qin Lie pondered for a moment before instructing the evil dragon beneath him, “Send me to the island where Forefather Dark Wind is.”

“I’ll come with you.” Gilbert said.

“No problem.”


Dark Wind Island was situated very deep into the Ruined Lands, and was more than five times bigger than Seven Eye Island. Dark Wind Island was famous throughout the Ruined Lands, and very few people dared behave atrociously there.

This was because Forefather Dark Wind was one of the most famous evil spirits that existed in the Ruined Lands.

Seven evil dragons led by Gilbert left Seven Eye Island and carried Qin Lie deeper into the Ruined Lands.

Along the way, there were plenty of evil spirits and foreign races who were staring at the evil dragons with astonishment and secretly gathering information about them.

“That Gu Tuo and Chi Yan just escaped Seven Eye Island. It would appear that they were hurt again.”

“This is the fourth time those guys failed to achieve anything on Seven Eye Island.”

“It would appear that the evil dragons entrenched on Seven Eye Island are pretty powerful.”

“But of course! The evil dragons were one of the God Race’s sharpest claws at the time. How can they not be powerful?”


The evil spirits and foreign races discussed the evil dragons amongst themselves.

On their way to Dark Wind Island, Gilbert flew right through the islands’ air space.

He cared nothing for the fact that these islands were swarming with evil spirits and foreign races with their respective bosses.

These island masters were only at the late stage of the Nirvana Realm just like La Pu in the past.

Naturally, their strength were nothing in Gilbert’s eyes. That was why he dared to ignore their rules.

These island masters could only swear with bowed heads as they watched the evil dragons fly over their islands. They didn’t dare stop them and declare their right over their territory.

This was because their strengths were leagues apart from each other.

However, when Gilbert passed through those islands and ventured deep into the Ruined Lands, he suddenly started controlling himself.

When they flew past the islands closest to Dark Wind Island, Gilbert would automatically swerve out of the way and avoid flying right across those islands.

“The master of this island is called the White Bone Demon Monarch. He is more dangerous than even Gu Tuo and Chi Yan combined.”

“The island at the front is called Soul Summoning Island. It is the Soul Summoning Ghost Mother’s territory, and that old woman isn’t a small fry either.”

“The island to our right is Evil Infant Island. It is the territory of the Evil Infant Boy, and his temper is pretty bad. We should fly around his island too.”

Gilbert was obviously acting a lot more cautiously after he reached the depths of the Ruined Lands. He would explain about the islands and their masters to Qin Lie every time they circumvented them.

Qin Lie smiled wryly in response.

The White Bone Demon Monarch, Soul Summoning Ghost Mother and Evil Infant Boy were people who caused headaches for other people just like Forefather Dark Wind. They were bosses who lived in the Ruined Lands for many years and were feared by everyone.

Even a rank eight evil dragon like Gilbert had to avoid flying over their islands, not to offend them. It showed just how terrifying they really were.

Sometimes, even Qin Lie thought that the evil spirits and the foreign races who lived in the Ruined Lands could be a match for the nine great Silver rank forces if they weren’t so busy killing each other.

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