Chapter 778: Chaos Blood Realm

Chapter 778: Chaos Blood Realm

The invisible jets of air looked chaotic and blurry. They seemed to bear the same chaotic color when the world was first created.

The crystal-like ice bubbles looked like stars or diamonds. Some were as big as mountains and seas, while others looked as small as light particles. They floated weightlessly in this chaotic, blurry space.

Vague bright lines glowed inside these translucent ice bubbles. He could see many tiny, sparkling divine characters that looked like they contained the records of many secrets and arts.

The outline of a soul slowly became clear beside a small light dot. The soul twisted and turned until it finally took the form of Qin Lie’s soul.

Qin Lie stared blankly at this unknown land.

The last thing he remembered was him tempering his body with Heavenly Thunder Eradication. He had used the eight Thunderblitz wood slabs to create a gigantic lightning spirit diagram and temper his body repeatedly with its thunder and lightning.

When his bloodline boiled and unleashed a powerful heat that felt like molten lava, and when his soul consciousness entered deep into his own bloodline, he felt as if he had passed through a long and deep tunnel.

And so, he found himself here.

He had no idea where this place was.

There were many ice bubbles beside his soul. These ice bubbles were only as big as balls.

When he attempted to look at his surroundings with his soul consciousness, he realized that there were probably millions and millions of bubbles further away from him. They stretched endless towards the horizon.

The delusion that he was stranded in an infinite sea of stars sprung to his mind. He suddenly felt incredibly lonely and helpless.

“What is this place? What are these translucent bubbles?”

While thinking, he tried to touch the bubble closest to him.

Miraculously, his soul actually slipped into the ice bubble instantly.

In an instant, innumerable tiny lights and divine characters inside the ice bubble rushed into his soul like fireflies.

Many scenes and many stretches of divine texts containing memories regarding the Heaven Ghoul Race, Earth Ghoul Race, and Blue Ghoul Race, records regarding all of the three ghoul races’ experts, the three ghoul races’ flow of power, as well as the knowledge regarding their racial talents all surged into his soul.

He had the terrifying feeling that his brain was about to explode, and his soul was about to crumble.

Past memories of Bhutto, Andrew, Bergson, Matthew; the living, the dead, or the escaped all fleeted through his mind.

He passively accepted all of the information.

An unknown amount of time later.

His soul finally walked out of the ice bubble. He discovered that the light inside the bubble was changing back to normal.

It seemed to be waiting for the next soul to receive all of its information.

Qin Lie’s soul now possessed the sea of information regarding the three ghoul races after he walked out of the bubble.

He now knew that the ghoul races once had a lot of Void Realm experts during the war against the Heaven Fighting Race. He even knew their names, their spirit arts, and the things they said before they perished.

He learned that the Heaven Ghoul Race was naturally sensitive to the power of space, and that they could cultivate and grow stronger in places where space was chaotic and distorted.

He also learned that the Earth Ghoul Race could easily slip into the underground and the land of darkness they spent thirty thousand years in before returning to Spirit Realm.

The fact that the Blue Ghoul Race possessed a powerful physique and near demonic strength, but was lacking in soul perception didn’t escape him either.

He had never known the three ghoul races so deeply until this moment.

The vast amount of knowledge and memories regarding the three ghoul races inside that ice bubble had been imprinted directly into the depths of his mind. It made him know everything about these races.

He started recalling the memories of the three ghoul races inside his mind.

Another long, long while later.

Again, he tried to slip into another nearby ice bubble, and again he met next to no resistance.

In an instant, the divine characters and bright lines surged into his soul like a sea of stars.

The memories regarding the Evil Dragon Race flooded into his brain like a river and became a part of his memories instantly.

The evil dragons’ temperament, the details of their past campaigns, the most powerful named evil dragons, their unique offensive techniques, things that one should pay attention when dealing with the evil dragons, the most valuable parts on an evil dragon and their secrets became imprinted deep inside his mind once more.

Just like that, he gained an unbelievable amount of understanding regarding the Evil Dragon Race.

He slowly digested the information, but the clear imprint of his soul was starting to blur.

He started to feel tired as an incredible wave of fatigue washed over him. He felt like he could fall asleep immediately.

He hastily made his way to the third closest bubble.

The divine characters rushed into him once more!

This time, the information inside the bubble had nothing to do with the three ghoul races or evil dragons.

Instead, it contained the profound art unique to the Blaze Family called the “Ring of the Burning Sun”. It was a technique that required Blaze Family bloodline to execute.

The cultivation process of “Ring of the Burning Sun”, the execution process, the notable points of the technique and all sorts of other details were imprinted into his mind and turned into a part of his soul.

But before he could learn more about the Ring of the Burning Sun, the sense of fatigue suddenly overwhelmed his senses. He fell asleep as a result.

After sleeping for what felt like an entire century, he opened his eyes and awakened slowly.

He felt a little dazed as he looked at his surroundings. He wasn’t quite able to distinguish what was real and what wasn’t.

He discovered that he was lying at the center of the Thunderblitz wood formation, and that the lightning whirlpool had long since exhausted its strength and vanished from existence.

No more lightning continued fell from the sky.

Beside him, there were three evil dragons staring with green eyes, protecting him.

He slowly regained his senses as he asked carelessly, “Where’s Gilbert?”

“My lord is currently outside, teaching those two fellows named Gu Tuo and Chi Yan a lesson.” An evil dragon let out a lazy, murky breath and added, “This is the fourth time he’s done so already.”

“The fourth time?” Qin Lie looked astonished.

You’ve been asleep for three months,” the evil dragon answered slowly.

“Three months?!” Qin Lie exclaimed.

“More specifically, you’ve been asleep for three months and twenty one days. It’s not really that long; we normally take longer naps than that,” the evil dragon said.

“How could this be? Why did this happen?” Qin Lie muttered in a low tone.

When he recalled the state he was in while he was slumbering, he discovered that a lot of memories had suddenly appeared in his mind. It was the memories regarding the three ghoul races, the evil dragons and the secret art “Ring of the Burning Sun”.

He actually managed to retain everything he learned inside his dream!

An amazing gleam burst out of his eyes all of a sudden.

“My lord says that you’ve gone to the ‘Chaos Blood Realm’ belonging to your God Race. He says that you’ll probably gain something from it,” the evil dragon interjected.

“The Chaos Blood Realm?” Qin Lie looked very confused.

“Only those of true ancient races will possess a ‘Chaos Blood Realm’ that is unique to their own race. To make a comparison, the ‘Chaos Blood Realm’ is similar to the human race’s scripture tower. The records of an ancient experts’ glorious past and their race’s eternal inheritances are all recorded inside a ‘Chaos Blood Realm’. You may find the knowledge and understanding of power, and even the life experiences of the greatest practitioner to have ever lived in your race.”

“An ancient race’s bloodline is the key to opening a Chaos Blood Realm. If an ancient race descendant’s bloodline is sufficiently pure, they will have a chance to enter their race’s Chaos Blood Realm when their realm, strength and bloodline are sufficient. They would be able to gain a vast amount of knowledge from their race’s bloodline vault.”

“This knowledge may relate to the method to temper one’s physique, the way to activate the secrets of a bloodline, the secret tales of certain enemies or the principles regarding the exploration of the soul.”

The evil dragon explained what it knew about the Chaos Blood Realm leisurely and a little lazily.

“Do the evil dragons have their own Chaos Blood Realm? Have you gone inside too?” Qin Lie exclaimed in surprise.

“Of course we do!” The light of pride lit up in the evil dragon’s eyes. “The Evil Dragon Race, the Giant Dragon Race, the Demon Dragon Race, the Bone Dragon Race and so on all share the same Chaos Blood Realm. The dragon races’ Chaos Blood Realm records the entire glorious history of the great dragon races that ever existed and all kinds of unique cultivation arts.”

“However…” Depression suddenly entered its eyes. “Only those who possess true names may, by chance, enter the dragon race’s Chaos Blood Realm and accept their baptism. Otherwise, they cannot obtain the dragon race’s unique secret inheritances.”

This particular evil dragon was only at rank seven, stuck for some time now. Therefore, it was currently impossible for this evil dragon to enter the Chaos Blood Realm.

“Has Gilbert entered the Chaos Blood Realm before?” Qin Lie asked again.

“My lord, my lord was asleep for far too long, so he… does not yet have the opportunity to get in.” The evil dragon answered coweringly.

“Where is this Chaos Blood Realm?” Qin Lie asked in amazement.

“It is said that a Chaos Blood Realm exists deep within the world’s whirlpool of chaos origin. Is is a place where only souls can enter. The Chaos Blood Realm records the true secrets of a power ancient race’s bloodline, and every race that possesses a Chaos Blood Realm is truly powerful. For example, the Heaven Ghoul Race, Earth Ghoul Race, Blue Ghoul Race do not have a Chaos Blood Realm of their own. This also means that they aren’t ancient enough to have a long racial history,” the evil dragon explained proudly.

“Long racial history?” Qin Lie grew more and more amazed.

“Some races were born not long after chaos first bloomed, and only the races who were born at that time possess their own Chaos Blood Realms. The races that come after that such as the three ghoul races, the human race, that shitty Dragonman Race, Lizard Race, Merfolk Race, Aqua Dragonman Race, and all the other random races that were created later on fall under that category. Therefore, they do not have an ancient history and a Chaos Blood Realm of their own.” The evil dragon shook its head proudly.

“So you’re saying that you possess an ancient and noble bloodline too?”

“Of course!”

“That’s great.”

Qin Lie broke into a laugh and pondered for a moment. Then, he asked again, “So, Gilbert managed to beat back that Gu Tuo and Chi Yan a couple of times already?”

“That’s right! Lord Gilbert is stronger than even both of them combined!” The evil dragon snorted coldly. Suddenly, it recalled something and asked, “Speaking of which, there is a guy named Forefather Dark Wind who visited a few times but didn’t intrude by force. He says that he wishes to meet you.”

“Forefather Dark Wind, is it?” Qin Lie nodded, “I got it. Now, take me up there so I can watch Gilbert’s battle against Chi Yan and Gu Tuo.”

He leaped up to the evil dragon’s back while saying this. After he moved, he suddenly realized that his spirit energy had increased to nearly five times its former amount.

He had appeared above the evil dragon’s back almost instantly.

When he narrowed his eyes and probed around his spirit sea and True Soul carefully, he noticed that even his Soul Lake had expanded by three times or so.

“The middle stage of the Fulfillment Realm!” He immediately understood the reason behind the transformation.

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