Chapter 777: Refining the Bloodline

Chapter 777: Refining the Bloodline

Qing Luo was clearly surprised.

A half year ago, Gu Tuo, and Chi Yan had teamed up in attempt to capture Qin Lie alive and seize the God Race blood inside him.

At the crucial moment, Forefather Dark Wind interfered and suddenly took Qin Lie and La Pu’s side. He stopped Gu Tuo and Chi Yan.

Because of that, Qin Lie and La Pu could flee from Frost Island.

After that, Gu Tuo and Chi Yan repeatedly caused trouble for Dark Wind. The Dragonman Race and the Lizard Race sent many clansmen to roam around the Ruined Lands. They wanted to find Qin Lie.

Alas, Qin Lie was nowhere to be found after the incident. Gu Tuo and Chi Yan ultimately gave up.

When Qin Lie appeared again with fourteen evil dragons, he astounded Qing Luo.

“Yao Tian! You dare to return to the Ruined Lands?!” Qing Luo snarled.

“Why not?” Qin Lie motioned to Gilbert. “I want this one alive.”

“Leave him alive!” Gilbert ordered.

An evil dragon covered densely in scales shook his head and a corrosive dragon breath carrying spilled like a waterfall onto Qing Luo.

Qing Luo’s copper armor started to dissolve after coming into contact with the acid. Even the spirit energy was being corroded.

Many holes appeared on Qing Luo’s body as the liquid welled up.

“You dare to attack me!” Qing Luo shouted.

The claw of the evil dragon slammed down and pinned Qing Luo to the ground.

The other evil dragons continued to move around Seven Eye Island to tear and eat the remaining dragonmen.

An hour later, the dragonmen and lizards on Seven Eye Island were no more. Those people became food in the stomachs of the fourteen evil dragons.

Qin Lie came to the wooden towers where La Pu had been before.

This place had clearly been searched and robbed after La Pu left. Many places were a mess. The valuable items probably have been taken away by the dragonmen and the lizardmen.

“How strong are you compared to martial practitioners? One-level Soul Altar? Two-level, three-level?” Qin Lie suddenly asked.

The evil dragon Gilbert was slightly tired after a long, ten-day journey.

He lazily lay on the ground, his eyes half-closed. However, his voice was still loud. “About the same as a two-level Soul Altar human expert. Oh, I will get stronger with time. Soon, I will be able to fight a three-level Soul Altar.”

“Not bad. That is enough.” Qin Lie’s worries were eased.

Gu Tuo of the dragonmen and Chi Yan of the Lizard Race possessed strength equivalent to human one-level Soul Altar experts.

Even the two of them together might not be able to threaten Gilbert. Also, there were thirteen other rank seven evil dragons.

The strength of this evil dragon group couldn’t compare to the nine great Silver forces. In places like the Heavenly Silent Continent and the Heavenly Slaughter Continent, they could not be considered a major faction.

But in the Ruined Lands, these evil dragons were strong enough.

“If evil dragons are active for a long time near the Land of Chaos, you will attract the pursuit of the Silver rank forces sooner or later. Only here might you escape the pursuit of humans, and be able to live a relatively peaceful life,” Qin Lie said as he rubbed his chin.

He had thought hard and deeply about taking these evil dragons to the Ruined Lands.

The Ruined Lands were full of demons and all kinds of other races.

Most of the beings there were disliked by the nine Silver rank forces.

However, the nine factions knew of the Ruined Lands, but rarely came to cleanse it. This meant that there was a reason for this place to exist.

The Ruined Lands had many rare and strange spirit materials, sold all kinds of forbidden items, many evil secret arts and sacrificial items.

Even the nine forces that considered themselves as orthodox had people who secretly cultivated evil arts or had close relations with other races.

They either needed the materials of the Ruined Lands for themselves, or they would purchase the items that the other races they worked with through the Ruined Lands had manufactured.

The Ruined Lands’ existence was needed.

The martial practitioners of the nine Silver rank forces wouldn’t usually come to the Ruined Lands. Even if they came, they would change their appearances and not easily expose themselves.

As a result, they could not act freely.

In the Ruined Lands, this group of evil dragons only had to face the local demons and evils, as well as foreign races that cultivated evil arts.

“Let’s stay here for a bit,” Qin Lie said.

The fourteen dragons, led by Gilbert, made Seven Eye Island their home. The fourteen dragons spread out and chose new places to rest.

Some evil dragons liked bogs, so they found themselves a bog. Some liked seawater, so they built a nest by the sea. Some evil dragons like shade, so they built a cavern by the mountains.

Qin Lie stayed where Gilbert was.

He took out pieces of dried meat and filled his stomach. After recovering his physical energy, he started to cultivate.

He propped up the eight Thunderblitz wood slabs and sat in the middle. He used lightning power to form a new spirit diagram.

In a short amount of time, an extremely complex and large spirit diagram drawn with lightning formed in the middle of the Thunderblitz wood slabs.

Standing in the middle of the enormous spiderweb-like spirit diagram, Qin Lie’s eyes turned bright as he looked at the eight slabs of Thunderblitz wood.

He couldn’t help but reminisce.

At Herb Mountain, he used the eight rock pillars inside the cavern to attract thunder through metallic threads connecting the pillars. He weakened the lightning power to slowly refine his body and cultivate Heavenly Thunder Eradication.

Now, these eight slabs of Thunderblitz wood and the spirit diagram formed from lightning were extremely similar to the unique formation inside Herb Mountain.

In the night, the moonlight was pure, and the wind was gentle. This was not the time that lightning and thunder should occur.

He suddenly channeled Heavenly Thunder Eradication.

He focused, and used his mental consciousness to guide the lightning in the clouds and attempt to have the lightning fall.

“Boom boom boom!”

Thunder booms resounded.

Dozens of thick bolts of lightning shot down from the clouds.

A sudden attractive force came from the enormous lightning diagram in the middle of the Thunderblitz wood formation.

The lightning spirit diagram suddenly changed.

An enormous lightning whirlpool formed in the middle, looking like an abyss which could endlessly devour the lightning in the sky.

“Crack crack!”

The bolts of lightning fell from the sky and landed in the lightning whirlpool.

Threads of electricity became even more wild and violent after Thunderblitz formation’s amplification. The lightning in the whirlpool became even stronger and berserk.

Sitting in the center of the whirlpool was Qin Lie.

The currents of lightning coming from the sky were guided into his body through the lightning whirlpool.

The lightning whirlpool consisted of Spirit Storage, Spirit Gathering, Amplification, Materialization, and other wondrous ancient spirit diagrams.

At the center, Qin Lie became the source of the Spirit Storage ancient diagram and used his body to absorb lightning.

In just a span of ten breaths, the natal palaces in his spirit sea which were made from thunder were overflowing with power.

More thunder and lightning power continued to surge in.

“Pew pew pew!”

He became a person made out of lightning. Lightning swirled around him, and crackling sounded in his bones, meridians and blood vessels.

His organs, limbs, blood vessels, bones, mind and acupoints were undergoing refinement by thunder while being cleansed by lightning.

The pain which he hadn’t felt for a long time attacked his body once again and caused him to roar out loud.

Near the end, his soul was slightly unable to tolerate the lightning amplified by the Thunderblitz wood slabs and the spirit diagram. He had to enter the state of Thoughtless Tranquility.

His soul floated, letting go of his senses. He silently endured the cleansing of the thunder and lightning.

At his side, the evil dragon Gilbert lay on the ground as though he was resting.

After the first sound of thunder, his eyes opened a little as he started observing Qin Lie’s actions.

When the bolts of lightning from the depths of the clouds were drawn into the thunder spirit diagram at the center of the Thunderblitz wood slabs, his eyes opened even wider.

When the lightning spirit diagram suddenly changed into a lightning whirlpool that furiously sucked in the thunder and lightning from the sky, his eyes were wide as the Thunderblitz wood slabs and spirit diagrams amplified the powers of heavenly lightning.

When Qin Lie came to the center of the lightning whirlpool and used his body to absorb the lightning from the sky, the evil dragon’s large eyes almost popped out of his head.

He was deeply astounded.

“As expected of one with the insane bloodline of the God Race… his blood may not be pure, but this mad personality is still the same.” Gilbert’s eyes showed the light of reverence.

The madness of the God Race was famed in the world. This race who could pay any price to get stronger never had any weak members.

All members of the God Race were born fighters. There we no exceptions. Even the women and infants were full of madness.

The rumors said that before the God Race descended to Spirit Realm, they fought with the ancient races in the outer space. As long as their race existed, they fought and invaded other worlds.

After they came into Spirit Realm, they immediately started wars against all existing races in Spirit Realm, ultimately conquering it and becoming its rulers.

After conquering Spirit Realm, they didn’t stop. They used Spirit Realm as a leverage point and used the space passageways connected to the auxiliary worlds. They started wars against the auxiliary words, secret realms, giant dragons, ancient beasts, and nether races.

This was a mad race to whom the concepts of fatigue, rest and peace were foreign!.

Gazing at Qin Lie at the center of the lightning whirlpool, Gilbert suddenly gasped in surprise. His green eyes locked onto Qin Lie’s body.

He felt a strange bloodline ripple.


In the state of Thoughtless Tranquility, Qin Lie was suddenly and forcefully pulled out of the Soul Suppressing Orb by an unknown force.

He immediately howled.

He found that the small threads of lightning, and the wild thunder energy gradually entered his blood as they refined his sinews, organs and bones.

The thunder and lightning finally started to refine his blood!

His blood boiled like lava and released astounding heat.

Wisps of flame and bright red divine characters rose out of the lava-like blood and burned fiercely.

The vault imprinted in his blood was torn open by the thunder and lightning. His soul was immediately pulled in.

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