Chapter 776: Entering the Ruined Lands Again

Chapter 776: Entering the Ruined Lands Again    

“What? We didn’t get the final victory during the battle of Prism Continent? The Heaven Ghoul clansmen ultimately retreated to safety?”

At Heavenly Sword Mountain, Wang Enze, Zu Xiang, and Yan Dong, three of the five Heavenly Swords had just received the latest news while they were in a meeting.

The thinly built Wang Enze dressed in green clothes wore an obvious look of astonishment on his face.

He seemed incapable of accepting this outcome for a time.

“Baiyi is hurt,” the short and fat Yan Dong said.

“Even Yan Baiyi is hurt?” Wang Enze’s expression turned severe.

“Luo Nan is currently on her way back. She also sent back a message asking us to inform Li Mu about this,” Yan Dong said.

Wang Enze pondered for a couple of seconds before nodding. “Do it.”



At the Setting Sun Islands.

The members of Blood Fiend Sect such as Mo Lingye, Hong Bowen, and Mo Jun, along with the members of the Setting Sun Islands such as Lang Xie, Mo Hai and Tang Siqi were all gathered in one place.

The fat Hong Bowen reported the latest news to everyone with a heavy face.

“The human race did not obtain an overwhelming victory during the battle of Prism Continent. Right now, the three ghoul races are holed up inside Prism Continent and recuperating, while the five great Silver rank forces have went back to their respective sects to recuperate too.”

“In this battle, the human race lost four Soul Altar experts in total. Some, including Nan Zhengtian himself, were severely injured.”

“At Heavenly Calamity Continent, the Earth Ghoul Race’s rampage killed many of the three great families’ clansmen. Black Voodoo Cult has already sent over a Soul Altar martial practitioner to suppress them.”

“The Heavenly Slaughter Continent closest to us is embroiled in war too. It was said that ‘Sky Flame’ has lost nearly all of their experts.”

“The big picture of the Land of Chaos have been changed drastically by the three ghoul races.”

“This time, the war situation is much worse than the time the Asura Race invaded the Land of Chaos!”


Hong Bowen sighed deeply with dark eyes.

All of the Blood Fiend Ten Elders wore very heavy expression on their faces. They all felt anxious on the inside.

“Big Brother Xue is still in seclusion. It is said that his current strength is almost at the level of a one-level Soul Altar martial practitioner.” Mo Jun suddenly said.

“It’s not enough. It’s far from enough.” Hong Bowen shook his head.

At the Setting Sun Islands, Song Tingyu frowned slightly as she asked, “Are we still unable to form a new deal with Illusory Demon Sect?”

Hong Bowen smiled wryly. “Shi Xiuling is the person in charge of this matter, but she hasn’t replied me at all even though I tried to contact her many times.”

“Have we heard anything from Terminator Sect?” Song Tingyu asked again.

Hong Bowen shook his head. “Nothing so far.”

Everyone’s expression was heavy.

“Don’t worry, I will think of a way in these two days regarding the spirit materials necessary to refine the Blazing Profound Bombs.” Mo Lingye consoled the members of the Setting Sun Islands. “Illusory Demon Sect probably didn’t have the time to deal with us right now, considering that those Blue Ghoul clansmen are causing havoc on their lands.”

“Thankfully, the Setting Sun Islands are pretty far away from Sky Flame.” Meng Feng sneered.

“Elder Hong, please communicate with Terminator Sect as frequently as you can. We must figure out where Qin Lie has gone to.” Mo Lingye instructed.


“Everyone, please do your best to increase your strength. For now, it doesn’t look like peace will be visiting the Land of Chaos anytime soon, and I don’t think that we’ll be an exception to the rule. I am worried that those three ghoul races’ clansmen will eventually roam into our territory, so everyone must prepare ahead of time.”

“Mn. Please refrain from operating outside for now, everyone. Let’s do our best to preserve our strength!” Mo Jun said.


The news that the human race and the three ghoul races had failed to decide the war with that one battle spread to every corner of the world in just a short time.

Every Copper, Black Iron and Limestone rank force across all the continents of the Land of Chaos was terrified and worried. This matter was on everyone’s lips.

The battle of Prism Continent barely ended before war broke out once more at the Heavenly Slaughter Continent and the Heavenly Calamity Continent, drawing many people’s attention.

For a time, the price of great sect protecting formations grew by leaps and bounds at many auction markets.

Powerful and deadly spirit artifacts were especially favored by many forces, and the Blazing Profound Bomb was only more expensive than ever before.

The outside threat prompted every force in the Land of Chaos sought to improve their strength as swiftly as possible and great sect protecting formations to defend their lands.

Everyone on the Land of Chaos was feeling threatened by the three great ghoul races.

However, far, far away towards the sea, there was a place that remained calm despite receiving the news the outsider races were rampaging across the Land of Chaos just the same.

This place was the Ruined Lands.

The Ruined Lands was a place that was free from the rule of the Silver rank forces. The population of foreign races on this land was in fact bigger than the human race.

The strayed evil spirits and cruel foreign races living in the Ruined Lands weren’t interested in the three ghoul races and thus felt nothing regarding their return.

After all, the evil spirits and foreign races living in the Ruined Lands had all kinds of ways to leave Spirit Realm.

Therefore, they weren’t worried that the three ghoul races’ arrival might change the bigger picture of Spirit Realm. They didn’t think that the war between the three ghoul races and the human race had anything to do with them either.

The Land of Chaos—in fact, the entire Spirit Realm—was currently dominated by the human race.

The three ghoul races’ appearance in Spirit Realm would definitely threaten the human race’s interest, so conflict was only natural.

Things were different in the Ruined Lands, however.

Most of the evil spirits and foreign races living in the Ruined Lands had no relations with the human race whatsoever. Some had been even oppressed by the human race before.

Therefore, the war between the three ghoul races and the human race would only gladden them.

“We’re almost there.”

Standing atop Gilbert’s incredibly wide back, Qin Lie looked at the islands at the distant horizon while a cold gleam flitted across his narrowed eyes.

“What is that place at the front?” Gilbert was obviously a little surprised. “I sense a lot of strange auras that seem to belong to many different races. Some of these auras… actually made me feel both familiar and disgusted at the same time.”

“The lands before us are called the Ruined Lands. It is a place where many evil spirits and foreign races had entrenched themselves in. The Lizard Race and Dragonman Race are there too; did their auras disgust you?” Qin Lie asked.

“Dragonman race?” Gilbert snorted.

“It’s an ugly spawn that resulted from the messy procreation of your dragon race.” Qin Lie answered with a frown.

“It must be the work of those giant dragons who pose themselves as the true dragon race!” Gilbert’s green eyes sparkled with an evil gleam, “I hate everything that has the Giant Dragon Race’s stench on it!”

“Oh, that’s very good. I don’t like the Dragonman Race either.” Qin Lie grinned.

While the duo was conversing, the group of evil dragons flew past the borders of the Ruined Lands and went deeper into the place.

Beneath them, there were many islands where all kinds of evil spirits and foreign races had entrenched themselves in.

However, none of these evil spirits or foreign races dared to let even a fart loose while Gilbert and the thirteen evil dragons were flying across their domain.

—It was a completely different sight from the time Qin Lie was hunted all over the place.

The Gray Wing Race, the Dragonman Race and the Merfolk Race were all looking up to the sky from their respective islands.

When they noticed that the creatures flying across their heads were evil dragons, everyone broke into involuntary cries.

“They’re evil dragons!”

“God dammit! Why are there evil dragons here?”

“Are my eyes fooling me? Why is a group of evil dragons showing their faces in broad daylight?”

For a time, the evil spirits and foreign races on the islands were shocked to the core.

Seated on Gilbert’s back, Qin Lie continued to lead the fourteen evil dragons wantonly across the Ruined Lands until they arrived at Seven Eye Island.

By now, the rich nether demonic energy that used to fill every corner of the Seven Eye Island had become incredibly thin. Many lizardmen and dragonmen could be seen operating on the island, plucking its fruits and unique spirit herbs for their own uses.

“Kill all of the lizardmen and dragonmen on this island.” Qin Lie frowned at the sight and said, “You and your people can live here temporarily after they’re all killed.”

“Alright!” Gilbert then laid down an order using the dragon’s language.

The thirteen evil dragons roared and pounced towards their enemies.

After the seven eyed monster La Pu had left Seven Eye Island, the island was taken over by the Lizard Race and the Dragonman Race. They started excavating the resources on the island for themselves.

Qin Lie had never forgotten the fact that Gu Tuo and Chi Yan had nearly killed him back at Frost Island, and forced La Pu to abandon his Seven Eye Island.

Now that he had returned to the Ruined Lands with fourteen evil dragons by his side, he couldn’t find any reason to play nice with them.

The lizardmen and dragonmen operating on Seven Eye Island weren’t very strong, so they were swiftly annihilated by the thirteen evil dragons.

“Stop! I am a subordinate of Lord Gu Tuo. How dare you kill our people wantonly in the Ruined Lands! Have you lost your minds?”

An angry voice rang from the outer edge of Seven Eye Island. A stalwart dragonman could be seen rushing towards them with a savage look on his face.

“Oh, it’s Qing Luo! Long time no see.” Qin Lie let out a long laugh.

“Who are you?” Qing Luo asked in puzzlement.

Qin Lie was dumbfounded for a moment before he remembered to take out the fox skin mask and plant it on his face. “Do you remember me now?”

“Yao Tian? You’re Yao Tian?!” Qing Luo screamed.

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