Chapter 775: Moving Away from the War

Chapter 775: Moving Away from the War

Qin Lie left together with the evil dragon.


Deep inside the clouds, a shocking boom and a vast burst of energy that felt like the collapse of the galaxy itself rippled down from the sky.

Gilbert came to a stop, and even Qin Lie was looking up to the sky with a dark expression on his face.

Bright rivers of light that were tens of thousands meters long and thousands of meters wide crisscrossed the sky and tore at the space they were sitting at.

A dazzling ball of light sat at the point where the rivers of light intersected, refracting into innumerable rays of brilliant divine light.

A figure fell down from the ball of light like a meteor and was pierced by the rays until they were full of holes. The Soul Altar shattered under the attack.

The figure fell from the sky.

Qin Lie focused his thoughts to learn who the falling person was, but he was unable to distinguish if they were a human or a ghoul.

“Is it a human or a ghoul?” Qin Lie said solemnly.

The evil dragon Gilbert shot out a pair of green light nearly a hundred meters long from its green eyes.

Many dragonic characters and symbols appeared from the green light. It contained a power that could see through the knowledge of the world.

It was the dragon race’s secret art “True Decipherment of Sky Dragons”. The dragon uses its breath, eyes, and language to decipher the world and pry into its secrets.

“It is a human.” Gilbert observed the falling figure while looking a little surprised, “His Soul Altar had exploded, and his soul was cut into many pieces and extracted into many different unknown spaces. It is highly unlikely that his soul can reunite once more.”

“So you mean that they’re… dead?” Qin Lie’s expression changed.

“More or less, yes.” Gilbert answered.

Qin Lie grew worried.

The battle on the sky decided the big picture of the war between the human race and the three ghoul races. If the Soul Altar experts of the four silver forces couldn’t defeat the old ghouls of the three ghoul races, the enemy would definitely earn more time to recuperate.

If the three ghoul races were given more time, they would be able to recover faster and become even harder to deal with later on.

The fact that a human Soul Altar expert had fallen from the sky meant that the human race didn’t manage to obtain a decisive advantage over the enemy.

It made the future a lot more unpredictable as a result.


Another two violent explosions that looked as bright as the sun came from the clouds. After the explosions had ended, two obvious black holes appeared in the sky.

The moment the black hole withdrew unto itself, the fragments, soul thoughts, and blood traces caused by the explosions were instantly absorbed into it.

Qin Lie turned pale with shock again.

“Two Soul Altar experts had killed each other.” Great fear appeared in Gilbert’s eyes, “We should leave as soon as possible!”

Qin Lie instinctively felt that the situation was bad too.

From his observation of the battle on the sky, he realized that the human race might not necessarily be able to gain the advantage of the battle.

If the human race couldn’t win, it would be pointless for him to return to the Heavenly Silence Continent. Moreover, he might run into many unexpected variables along the way.

Moreover, he was worried that Celestial Artifact Sect would reveal the truth of his bloodline. The revelation might cause Heavenly Sword Mountain and Ten Thousand Beast Mountain to birth malicious thoughts.

The fact that Soul Altar experts were dying one after another meant that the battle of the sky was nearing its end.

Perhaps the result might even be decided in the next moment.

It truly was unwise to stay here any longer.

“Let’s change directions!” He suddenly yelled.

“Where to?” Gilbert said urgently.

“Over there!” Qin Lie pointed at another path.

The path strayed away from Prism Continent and the Heavenly Silence Continent. It was where he was came from at the beginning.

It was where the Setting Sun Islands were.

He was going to return back to his home immediately.

He had did everything he could to heavily damage the three ghoul races during the battle on the ground. He had forced the Heaven Ghoul Race and the Blue Ghoul Race back into the chaotic streams of space and the Earth Ghoul Race into the underground.

He had did everything he could possibly do to aid with the tides of war.

The battle of the sky was too distant for him right now, and even if his presence could cause the old ghouls who were marked with the blaze imprints some trouble, it still wasn’t enough to decide the outcome of the battle.

Although the blaze imprint could burn all Nirvana Realm and Fragmentation Realm three ghoul race clansmen to death, the same couldn’t be said about Soul Altar level ghouls.

Judging from the current situation, it would appear that the battle of the sky was about to end. Moreover, he, Qin Lie, was the number one target the three ghoul races were sure to target the moment they were free!

He needed to leave this place as soon as he could.


Gilbert called out to his clansmen using the dragon’s language and caused the group to change directions. They transformed into beams of light and flew away from the battlefield at top speed.

Half a day later, Qin Lie and the evil dragon had gone far, far away from Prism Continent completely.

Three days later, Qin Lie was no longer within Terminator Sect’s boundaries.

Qin Lie and the evil dragons continued to fly towards the Ruined Lands.

He didn’t know that the battle of the sky above Prism Continent had ended the day after he left Prism Continent.

In this battle, on the side of the human race, four Soul Altar martial practitioners were killed while another five suffered grievous injuries. Among them, the Forefather Terminator Nan Zhengtian, Xu Ran, Qi Yang, and Yan Baiyi were among the grievously wounded.

On the side of the three ghoul races, three Soul Altar experts were killed while another six suffered grievous injuries.

The human race and the three ghoul races ultimately failed to end the war with this battle.

The reason both sides agreed to cease fighting was because they knew that they might all die if the battle were to continue.

In the end, the three ghoul races’ Soul Altar experts tore a passage in space and went back to Prism Continent in hiding.

The human Soul Altar experts also gave up on attacking Prism Continent further and retreated immediately.

The Soul Altar experts of Ten Thousand Beast Mountain, Heavenly Sword Mountain, Illusory Demon Sect, and Celestial Artifact Sect immediately went back to their respective sects through spatial teleportation formations after the battle.

Illusory Demon Sect was busy trying to suppress the Blue Ghouls invading the Heavenly Slaughter Continent.

Ten Thousand Beast Mountain, Heavenly Sword Mountain, and Celestial Artifact Sect also had to recuperate for a moment because their Soul Altar experts were grievously injured and had return to the sect to recover via secret arts.

The bloody battle between the human race and the three ghoul races on Prism Continent had ended for now, but the battles on the Heavenly Slaughter Continent and the Heavenly Calamity Continent was still as fierce as ever.

On a huge black iron ship.

Nan Zhengtian, Xu Ran, Tong Zhenzhen, Lei Yan, Shen Kui, Shen Yue and many more high ranking officials of the Terminator Sect were all gathered in one place.

Forefather Terminator was currently caked in blood, and his messy hair was completely shaved. There seemed to be many tiny cracks on top of his bald head, and the cracks were sparkling with both electricity and the sharp auras of space.

Xu Ran was leaning against Tong Zhenzhen and smiling wryly with a pale face.

Lei Yan was also hanging his head dispiritedly.

“Cough cough…”

The moment Lei Yan started speaking, large amounts of blood immediately bubbled from inside his mouth. He had to spit them all out and smack his lips a few times before he could speak clearly.

“Bhutto, Matthew, Andrew, Bergson… these old ghouls are seriously strong.”

Fearful respect appeared in Lei Yan’s eyes, “No one could predict that they still had so much strength even though they spent thirty thousand years in exile at the chaotic streams of space, some unknown auxiliary worlds or dark lands!”

“If Old Monster Nan hadn’t held that Bhutto and Andrew back on his own, we might have lost horribly.” Xu Ran sighed.

“You’re pretty good yourself, Boss Xu. I thought that you would have a one-level Soul Altar at best, but…” Lei Yan looked full of praise, “You singlehandedly kept that Matthew in one place! You’re just as impressive as you were back then!”

“Qi Yang, Yan Baiyu, Luo Nan, and Feng Yi are pretty strong too.” Xu Ran added, “Without their aid, there was no way Terminator Sect could’ve taken on so many enemy Soul Altar experts alone!”

“How goes the battle on the ground?”

A tiny bit of sharp spatial energy was sparkled around Nan Zhengtian’s chest the moment he spoke. He careless crushed it to nothingness with his hand.

“We won the so-called final victory on the ground. We lost about five to six hundred people, but the three ghoul races lost almost two thousand.”

Under everyone’s gaze, Shen Yue announced the battle results first after she straightened her expression.

Then, she carefully explained everything that happened on the ground.

“With the eight slabs of Thunderblitz wood as foundation and lightning as the formation, Qin Lie created a gigantic Profound Thunder Heart to kill the ghoul race clansmen en masse? Is this true?” Xu Ran exclaimed.

“You mean he also spurred the fourteen evil dragons to action and aid you in killing the three ghoul race clansmen?” Lei Yan was also shocked.

Tong Zhenzhen and Lin Liang’er’s eyes were sparkling at the news.

Lin Liang’er never left Tong Zhenzhen’s side after the battle had begun. This didn’t change even after the battle had ended.

“It would appear that we are incomparable to this kid.” Nan Zhengtian curled his lips into a savage grin, “We failed to kill those old ghouls and obtain victory in the battle of the sky, but that kid still won us the battle of the ground. Haha, I’ll take a victory and a draw, why not!”

He sounded pretty happy as he said this.

“Where is he?” Xu Ran asked concernedly.

“He was tricked away by the people of Celestial Artifact Sect to discuss a business of sorts. He hasn’t returned along with us.” Shen Yue curled her lips.

“Celestial Artifact Sect?” Lei Yan’s expression changed, “But I hadn’t seen that kid with Celestial Artifact Sect after I came down to the ground with Feng Yi.”

“He’s not with Celestial Artifact Sect?” Xu Ran’s expression changed as he said urgently, “The three ghoul races are certain to think ill of Qin Lie, because his bloodline causes great agony all ghoul experts who was marked by the blaze imprint. Just the same, the ghoul experts are able to sense his location within a certain range!”

“Elder Shen, please contact Celestial Artifact Sect personally and inquire about Qin Lie’s current location.” Nan Zhengtian said solemnly.

“Got it!” Shen Kui took out a mirror and contacted Celestial Artifact Sect using a special soul thought.

Everyone was looking at him.

A while later, Shen Kui frowned deeply and said, “He Yi said that Qin Lie had left with the fourteen evil dragons.”

“Evil dragons?” Lei Yan looked surprised.

“Then evil dragon with a true name is probably at rank eight. The remaining thirteen dragons are also at rank seven.” Shen Yue explained.

“Qin Lie possesses the bloodline of the Heaven Fighting Race, and the evil dragons are the Heaven Fighting Race most loyal dogs. I think he’ll be fine.” Tong Zhenzhen spoke up.

“I’m not worried that the evil dragons will harm him. I’m worried that those old ghouls would send out one or two of their Soul Altar experts to search for him all over the place.” Xu Ran frowned deeply, “All the old ghouls of the Heavenly Ghoul Race are experts in the power of space, and among them two are only mildly injured. If they left Prism Continent to hunt after Qin Lie, he won’t be safe anywhere within a radius of ten thousand kilometers.”

“He hasn’t came over to us, so I’m guessing that he either departed for the Heavenly Silence Continent or the Setting Sun Islands.” Shen Yue ventured a guess.

“I need to recuperate in seclusion, so it will be better if he stays away from the Heavenly Silence Continent for now.” Nan Zhengtian frowned deeply.

“Elder Shen, please contact Heavenly Sword Mountain and tell them that Qin Lie is not with us. Tell them to inform Li Mu on Qin Lie’s latest movements. We won’t need to worry for Qin Lie once Li Mu learns of this.” Xu Ran said.

“Alright.” Shen Kui nodded.

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