Chapter 774: Negotiations Fail!

Chapter 774: Negotiations Fails!

On the war chariot, He Yi, Bi You, and Luo Kexin of Celestial Artifact Sect suddenly fell silent.

Qin Lie stood tall with a resolute look on his face. He didn’t plan to give even an inch of ground in regard to the ancient spirit diagrams.

“The ancient spirit diagram might be precious, but our friendship is just as rare.”

A while later, a gleam passed through He Yi’s eyes as he said leisurely, “Celestial Artifact Sect can aid Gray Island in dealing with their troubles and cooperate in absolute good faith, helping them swiftly accumulate a great amount of strength. In fact, we plan to become allies with Gray Island. We can even promise you to send experts to help Gray Island fight against the Illusory Demon Sect after you clashed against one another!”

But Qin Lie shook his head once more.

He Yi’s expression turned dark.

Luo Kexin sighed, “Tell us. What will it take for you to accept sharing the ancient spirit diagram with us?”

“I told you earlier. Anything but the ancient spirit diagrams are up to negotiations.” Qin Lie didn’t waver.

Celestial Artifact Sect’s expression grew uglier and uglier.

“We know a little something about you.” Luo Kexin switched to a different method of persuasion and frowned, “The Demon Sealing Tombstone is not the only reason you are able to detect the outsiders’ movements beforehand, ignite their imprints and negotiate with the evil dragons.”

The gleam in Qin Lie’s eyes abruptly grew fierce.

“You have the blood of the Heaven Fighting Race inside you!” Luo Kexin said word by word.

“This is your suspicion? What foolishness! What proof do you have?” Qin Lie snorted coldly.

“The Graveyard of Gods is a place of trial where the Heaven Fighting Race uses to temper their descendants. Moreover, the Demon Sealing Tombstone… can only be used by someone who possesses the bloodline of the Heaven Fighting Race!” Luo Kexin continued, “We have sufficient evidence to prove that you possess the Heaven Fighting Race’s bloodline! You should know very well what the Heaven Fighting Race means to a lot of people including some of the races on the Land of Chaos, don’t you?”

“If you’re willing to cooperate with us, we’ll hide this fact for you and guarantee that it won’t be be revealed.” He Yi expressed.

“But if you aren’t willing to cooperate with us, then we will expose you after the war with the three ghoul races have ended!” Luo Kexin steeled herself and threatened Qin Lie.

Qin Lie’s face darkened as he nodded, “In that case, do your worst!”

Once he said this, he took out his own crystalline war chariot from his spatial ring and left Celestial Artifact Sect.

“Elder He? Did the negotiations fail?”

Not far away, Feng Yiyou drove his own crystalline war chariot over and asked hastily after he saw Qin Lie leaving with a dark expression on his face.

“What do we do now? Should we make him stay?” A Nirvana Realm martial practitioner with an aquiline nose voiced the question anxiously at He Yi.

Bi You and Luo Kexin were also hesitating.

They all knew Qin Lie’s weakness.

After all, Qin Lie was only at the Fulfillment Realm. It took sizable amount of time to deploy the eight slabs of Thunderblitz wood and amplify the Profound Thunder Heart’s strength through the ancient spirit diagram.

Taking out the Thunderblitz wood took time, inscribing the ancient spirit diagram took time, and even activating the Profound Thunder Heart took time too.

In the meantime, if any Fragmentation Realm expert were to disrupt any step of the process, Qin Lie wouldn’t be able to resist them.

This was not to mention that Celestial Artifact Sect’s group had eight Nirvana Realm experts right now.

Therefore, it would take next to no effort at all to capture Qin Lie if they wished so.

“Elder He?”

Everyone’s gazes became focused on He Yi. They waited for him to come to a decision.

“Qin Lie is backed by old monster Nan.” He Yi frowned deeply, “Moreover, we are currently fighting against the three ghoul races. If we attack him and trigger a war between Celestial Artifact Sect and Terminator Sect, the consequences will be unimaginable.”

“If we missed out on this opportunity, we may not be able to suppress him any longer.” The restless expert with an aquiline nose exclaimed.

“Let me think for a little while longer.” He Yi couldn’t make up his mind immediately.

However, their faces suddenly changed at this moment.

Riding alone on his crystalline war chariot, a strange, long roar suddenly cut through the sky just after Qin Lie had put some distance between him and Celestial Artifact Sect while flying away from Prism Continent.

The roar had a strange penetrating quality that allowed it to grow louder the further it spread.

Not long after the roar had resounded, another evil dragon roar shook the skies from afar.

The thirteen evil dragons led by Gilbert didn’t know where to go after leaving the center of Prism Continent. Before they knew it, they chased Qin Lie’s scent and flew towards him.

In reality, they never moved far away from Qin Lie.

From the connection built between the blaze imprint in Gilbert’s pupils and his bloodline, Qin Lie was able to sense their rough locations.

Therefore, he had summoned Gilbert through his secret art immediately after retreating from Celestial Artifact Sect.

Although Gilbert wasn’t willing to comply to the call, he still responded with a dragon cry and rushed over with his clansmen.

Before the Celestial Artifact Sect group could react, the fourteen evil dragons had appeared from the distant clouds.

Gilbert quickly appeared beside Qin Lie as he roared impatiently, “What did you summon me for again?”

“You guys can’t stay at Prism Continent. Do you have a destination in mind?” Qin Lie asked carelessly.

Gilbert snorted coldly in response, “I’m thinking!”

“Just save the thought and come with me. I can find you a place to stay.” Qin Lie offered the invitation first, “At the very least, I won’t try to harm you all. Also, I’m the only one you can trust in this world, am I not?”

“So what?” The evil dragon said in dissatisfaction.

“If you’re with me, I can negotiate with the humans on your behalf if you ran into some troubles.” Qin Lie said sincerely.

“You are so weak. How can you possibly help us?” The evil dragon didn’t believe him.

“I have my own methods. Come with me if you think you trust me.” Qin Lie continued to persuade him.

“We have nowhere to go for now, so we may as well come with you.” After thinking carefully for a moment, Gilbert realized that he actually didn’t have a second choice in mind. In the end, he agreed to Qin Lie’s proposal.

“Don’t worry, soon you’ll realize that this is the best decision you’ve made in your life.” Qin Lie grinned, “Wait a moment, will you? I’m going to chat just a bit more with those people.”

Qin Lie went back to the Celestial Artifact Sect group and stopped a short distance away from them. He looked at He Yi and everyone from a distance and taunted, “What’s wrong? Planning to restrain me by force?”

Celestial Artifact Sect's martial practitioners both felt embarrassed and helpless at the thrown question.

“Qin Lie, we sincerely do want to work with you.” Luo Kexin forced a smile.

“So your sincerity involves threats when a negotiation has failed, is that it? And if threats don’t work, you restrain the other party forcefully, is that what you’re telling me?” Qin Lie’s sneered with a dark expression, “What would happen if I was restrained by you, I wonder? I’m guessing you would use the Memory Fragment Crystal to extract my memories and rob me of all everything relating to the ancient spirit diagrams. Am I right?”

Everyone in Celestial Artifact Sect was silent when they heard this.

It was true that a lot of them thought the same way.

“I’m sorry to disappoint you.” Qin Lie continued to ridicule them, “At first, I thought that Celestial Artifact Sect is worth talking to, but as it turns out you don’t deserve it at all. The Forefather is very right in that artificers… are a bunch of treacherous and shameless bastards!”

The Celestial Artifact Sect group grew more and more embarrassed.

“See you later!”

He returned to where the fourteen evil dragons were after throwing down these words. None of the Celestial Artifact Sect experts dared to do anything as they watched him leave.

Gilbert was an evil dragon with a true name, and its power was comparable to that of a Soul Altar expert. Considering that he had another thirteen rank seven evil dragons under his command, Gilbert’s forces were only stronger than their own.

They dared not take the risk.

So they could only watch Qin Lie leave.

“Let’s go.”

Qin Lie’s crystalline war chariot stopped behind Gilbert’s neck. He wore a dark look on his face.

The fourteen evil dragons conversed with each other using the language of dragons while flying away from Prism Continent. After they built up speed, it took them only two hours to leave the continent.

“Over there!” Qin Lie pointed at a new direction after they left Prism Continent.

The evil dragons continued to fly and interact excitedly with each other.

It was the middle of noon, and the sun was supposed to be blazing brightly. However, thick, multicolored clouds hid the sun completely from view.

From time to time, terrifying energy would ripple out of the clouds and caused the living beings below to feel as if they couldn’t breathe.

“Are those Soul Altar beings all fighting up in the sky?” Gilbert looked up to the sky. He couldn’t help but look up after he noticed that shocking tremors coming occasionally from it.

Qin Lie copied its movements and answered, “It’s been going on for a while now.”

“We have to leave this place as soon as possible!” Gilbert yelled.

The group of evil dragons sped up and flew faster down the path Qin Lie had pointed without needing him to urge them.

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