Chapter 773: Celestial Artifact Sect’s Conditions

Chapter 773: Celestial Artifact Sect’s Conditions

The three ghoul races’ clansmen had no choice but to escape back to the chaotic streams of space after realizing that their people were dying and that they couldn’t achieve victory.

The Earth Ghoul clansmen slipped to the underground.

A thousand or so three ghoul race corpses littered every corner of the mountain range. Since these ghouls didn’t possess much outstanding spirit artifacts, the martial practitioners of the four forces didn’t waste time trying to loot from their bodies.

One might say they cared nothing for their bodies at all.

On the other hand, the fourteen evil dragons kept circling the sky and devouring the corpses of the three ghoul races' clansmen whenever they could find them.

“There are more than a thousand ghoul corpses! We will have a feast, Lord Gilbert!”

“These energetic bodies will be enough to restore our strength!”

“Do eat to your heart’s content, everyone!”

The flying evil dragon conversed excitedly through the language of dragons as they devoured the ghoul corpses.

Back at the humans, the crowd had gathered once more to stare at the spatial rifts behind the floating stones.

These floating stones came from the chaotic streams of space, and they floated in the air as if they were unaffected by the gravity of Spirit Realm.

Behind the floating stones, they could see many dark passages leading towards who knows where behind the intersecting spatial rifts.

“If only we can destroy these spatial rifts and block the passages they came from. That would save us a lot of energy.” He Yi said while looking at the crowd, “Is there anyone here who’s well versed in the power of space and is confident that they can shatter these spatial passages?”

No one among the four forces spoke up as they revealed helpless looks on their faces.

A while later, Heavenly Sword Mountain’s Qiu Qingzhu said, “Perhaps Duan Qianjie is the only martial practitioner who can detonate these naturally occurring chaotic streams of space and block off all the passages behind them.”

The crowd fell silent.

The amount of Land of Chaos martial practitioners who were well versed in the power of space were few to begin with, and those who reached the level of Imperishable Realm and was strong enough to build spatial tunnels like the great sages of the Heaven Ghoul Race were even fewer.

Duan Qianjie was among the very few people who might be able to achieve such a thing.

However, Duan Qianjie was a loner who didn’t fall under any forces’ control. Naturally, he couldn’t possibly show up here.

Luo Han of Celestial Artifact Sect was very familiar with the power of space, but his research was focused on the construction of teleportation formations. He probably wasn’t very familiar with naturally occurring spatial tunnels that appeared without the need of spirit formations or spirit materials like these too.

This was without mentioning that Luo Han wasn’t even here to begin with.

“It’s useless. We can’t change anything even if we destroyed them.” Qin Lie suddenly interrupted and looked at the sky. He frowned while explaining, “As long as those Heaven Ghoul great sages aren’t all dead, they will always be able to get unclog the tunnels some day or create a new one.”

Everyone nodded slightly after hearing his answer. They knew that Qin Lie was right.

Bhutto of the Heaven Ghoul Race possessed a three-level Soul Altar, and he once stood at the Void Realm, not to mention that his race was naturally familiar with the power of space. Therefore, it wouldn’t be a problem to Bhutto to open a new spatial passage to Spirit Realm at all.

“The Earth Ghoul Race who can hide underground is even more difficult to deal with.” He Yi looked regretful when he said this.

“It is their racial talent, and it definitely makes them very difficult to deal with.” Qiu Qingzhu shook his head slightly.

While the crowd was conversing to each other, the evil dragons led by Gilbert were still enjoying their feast and devouring the bodies of the three ghoul races' clansmen.

Qin Lie noticed that a tremendous amount of energy and blood energy were gathering inside the evil dragon’s body after they fed on their enemies’ bodies.

It was obvious that the evil dragons also possessed the original powers of a giant dragon, and they were able to digest the living beings they consumed directly to obtain strength from their powerful flesh.

He also noticed that the gleam inside the evil dragons’ pupils were growing more and more intimidating as the evil dragons fed more and more.

He knew that the fourteen evil dragons were growing more and more stronger.

In this regard, they were completely identical to the eight God Corpses who devoured the bodies of martial practitioners to recover too.

He himself ate the dried meat of spirit beasts to relieve his body’s fatigue and enliven his bloodline powers. The concept was the same.

“It’s probably the instinct of all powerful ancient races to consume food to replenish their energy and blood. Unfortunately, the human race do not possess great digestive abilities. Therefore, they are unable to strengthen and temper their flesh and blood swiftly through consumption.”

Enlightenment appeared in Qin Lie’s mind.

“We shouldn’t stay here any longer.” A while later, He Yi said loudly, “The Soul Altar experts of the three ghoul races will return once the battle of the sky has ended. If our own Soul Altar experts did not follow them, we will die here in a very short time.”

“That’s right. It’s better if we leave now that the battle has ended!” Tu Muo agreed.

“Let us split up then!” Qiu Qingzhu exclaimed.

The four great forces quickly came to mutual understanding and took to the skies once more in war chariots, giant carriages, and spirit birds.

“Qin Lie, will you be interested in coming with us and negotiating about some matters in the future?” Luo Kexin invited him first.

He Yi, Bi You, and everyone else were wearing smiles on their faces too.

Feng Yiyou aside, he had to admit that Celestial Artifact Sect martial practitioners had been well mannered. They also looked like they would like to build a deeper relationship with him.

“Alright.” Qin Lie accepted the invitation easily.

“Then please come with us.” The crystalline war chariot Luo Kexin was on floated towards him.

“Senior Sister Shen, I’ll be returning together with Celestial Artifact Sect.” Qin Lie said.

“Be careful.” Shen Yue nodded but didn’t say anything more.

“Allow me to talk with the evil dragons for a minute.” Qin Lie motioned for Luo Kexin to wait a moment before heading to where Gilbert was and called out to them.

Gilbert was currently tearing into the ghouls’ flesh and blood excitedly as blood dripped all over its mouth.

The evil dragon with a true name actually looked reluctant to move away from its food after hearing Qin Lie’s summons.

“What is it?” Gilbert flew over as its giant shadow loomed over Qin Lie. It said impatiently in the language of dragons, “If there’s nothing else then stop bothering me from my food. I don’t have too much time to waste on you.”

“It is best if you leave Prism Continent as soon as possible. Once the battle on the sky has ended, the Soul Altar experts of the three ghoul races will return for sure.” Qin Lie pondered for a moment before adding, “Also, there are a lot of human Soul Altar experts up there. I cannot guarantee that those fellows will obey the promise and don’t attempt to hunt you. The three ghoul races’ bodies may not attract humans, but the same cannot be said about you dragons. According to my knowledge, all dragons are a treasure trove of precious spirit materials, and every one of them are rare even in auctions. I dare say that a living, breathing dragon is only rarer.”

“We will leave after we feed for a moment longer.” Gilbert snorted in response.

“Alright.” Qin Lie nodded and said nothing else. He turned around and climbed up Luo Kexin’s crystalline war chariot.

And so, the four silver forces of Heavenly Sword Mountain, Celestial Artifact Sect, Ten Thousand Beast Mountain, and Terminator Sect parted ways and escaped from Prism Continent through four different directions.

He Yi, Bi You, and Luo Kexin were all sitting inside Luo Kexin’s crystalline war chariot. Feng Yiyou was excluded from the party.

“I can ask my grandfather to build a high rank item teleportation formation on your Gray Island. After that, both our sects can cooperate fully with each other. Gray Island may purchase any spirit materials they lack from Celestial Artifact Sect, and I guarantee that we can provide you what Illusory Demon Sect can or cannot provide you either!”

Luo Kexin was full of confidence when she said this, “You should know that no one has greater spirit material resources than our Celestial Artifact Sect, on the Land of Chaos at least!”

“I believe you.” Qin Lie nodded.

“We are very interested in the ancient spirit diagrams.” Luo Kexin suddenly said.

He Yi and Bi You’s eyes lit up slightly as they stared deeply at him.

What they said earlier was Celestial Artifact Sect’s conditions.

The ancient spirit diagrams was just too attractive to an artificer, and Celestial Artifact Sect was made up of an entire group of artificers.

A spirit diagram was the heart and soul of a spirit artifact. It was the root of all artifacts that determined the final grade and quality of a spirit artifact.

An ancient spirit diagram was rumored to be the the product of those cultivators who had seen through the world’s true laws and principles and inscribed them in imitation of the changes of seasons, the evolution of all things, the orbit of stars and other laws of nature.

Every spirit diagram that existed today were simplified versions of the ancient spirit diagram.

It was also rumored that the current spirit diagram could only affect a spirit artifact, while the ancient spirit diagram of an ancient artificer could affect a lot more things.

The most powerful ancient artificer could conjure unimaginable power through the ancient spirit diagrams and even alter the laws of the world themselves, creating many seemingly impossible miracles.

Just the same, ancient spirit diagrams sat at the heart of an ancient artificer’s strength. It was said that it could improve an artificer’s realm and temper their body too.

As the strongest artificer force on the Land of Chaos, Celestial Artifact Sect knew a lot about the ancient spirit diagrams. Therefore, the moment they realized that Qin Lie was connected to Gray Island’s knowledge of the ancient spirit diagram, they immediately made up their minds to trade for his knowledge and secrets of the ancient spirit diagrams at all cost.

“You guys want the ancient spirit diagrams?” Qin Lie broke into an involuntary laugh.

Everyone in Celestial Artifact Sect nodded hopefully in response.

“Impossible!” Qin Lie shook his head and turned down the request immediately, “We can talking just about anything but the ancient spirit diagrams!”

The reason Gray Island was able to make a name for themselves on the Land of Chaos in just two years’ time was because of the Blazing Profound Bombs, and sitting at the heart of the Blazing Profound Bomb was none other than the ancient spirit diagrams themselves.

Although he seemed to have won all four forces’ recognition and regard through the ‘Profound Thunder Heart’, his true reliance was in fact the ancient spirit diagrams.

Without the ancient spirit diagram, he wouldn’t have been able to create a composite spirit diagram using the lightning inside the eight slabs Thunderblitz wood as the veins of the network. Without the ancient spirit diagrams, he wouldn’t have been able to amplify the power of thunder and lightning and create the gigantic ‘Profound Thunder Heart’ that was so powerful that even a Nirvana Realm expert would be hardpressed to outmatch.

In the past, he didn’t realize just how precious the ancient spirit diagrams were. But now, he did.

Therefore, when he discovered that Celestial Artifact Sect’s true aim was the ancient spirit diagrams he possessed, he turned them down without a second thought.

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