Chapter 772: Victory on the Ground

Chapter 772: Victory on the Ground        

At the center of Prism Continent.

More than five thousand three ghoul races’ clansmen were scattered across the bone towers of the floating stones. They were observing the battle situation happening above the sky closely.

Behind the giant rocks, there were countless densely packed spatial rifts and strange-looking holes that connected directly to the chaotic streams of space.

“The five hundred strong battalion we sent to the Absolute Yin Graveyard didn’t send any word back to us. The evil dragons there are probably quite difficult to deal with.” an old Nirvana Realm Heaven Ghoul said with a dark expression.

Beside him, there were dozens of old clansmen of three great ghoul races. Almost each of them was at the Nirvana Realm.

“My race was originally doing very well at the Heavenly Calamity Continent, but now they’d sank into a stalemate too. It’ll be very hard to continue killing humans en masse,” an old Earth Ghoul said.

“We are doing well at the Heavenly Slaughter Continent so far. We haven’t encountered too much resistance up to this day,” an old Blue Ghoul said proudly.

“Let’s ignore the Absolute Yin Graveyard for now and wait until the battle above the cloud is decided,” said another ghoul from the Earth Ghoul Race.

“Mn. I am certain that we will win the battle above the skies! For this battle, we’ve invested sixteen Soul Altar martial practitioners, six of them possessing three-level Soul Altars. In fact, Great Sage Bhutto once attained the Void Realm, and Lord Andrew and Lord Bergson are peak Imperishable Realm experts who are just one step away from achieving the Void Realm. While Great Sage Bhutto hasn’t recovered properly after returning from the chaotic streams of space, Lord Andrew and Lord Bergson’s conditions aren’t as bad as his. They never fell off their peak condition!” the old Blue Ghoul yelled.

“I also believe that the three ghoul races will attain the final victory!” The Heaven Ghoul Race expert who spoke at the beginning also nodded in deep agreement. “Therefore, there’s no need to bother with the humans who entered this continent too much. There’s no need to send anyone else to the Absolute Yin Graveyard either. Once the battle in the sky is done, and our Soul Altar seniors return to us, the evil dragons in the Absolute Yin Graveyard and the humans who are operating on our land will be wiped off the surface of Spirit Realm!”

“That’s right!”

“We only need to be a little more patient!”

The three ghoul races’ clansmen knew just how powerful the experts they invested into the battle in the clouds were.

They had almost no doubt that they would become the final victor of that battle.

The battle of the sky was the battle that would dictate the big picture. Once victory had been decided, the tiny disadvantage they suffered on the ground could be easily overturned.

That was why they weren’t worried.

The next day, when the first ray of morning was cast down on the strange landscape of floating stones.

Thirty or so three ghoul races’ clansmen were chewing at the arms of human females to recover their strength. Suddenly, anxiety sprung inside their hearts.

Before they could react, the blaze imprints that had tortured them for thirty thousand years suddenly erupted into life.

The blaze imprints suddenly became incredibly clear.

Clumps of fire containing many tiny divine characters burned intensely and enveloped them in an instant.

The thirty or so ghouls who were flooded by terrifying flames screamed horribly as they attempted to escape the place as soon as possible.

Only by putting enough distance between themselves and that cultivator who possessed the Blaze Family bloodline would the imprint burn less ferociously. Only then they would have a chance to survive.

They knew this very well.

“That remnant of the Blaze Family has come to us!”

“The humans must be attacking us!”

“How dare they come and show their faces here! What foolishness!”

“Get ready to meet them in combat!”

For a time, the three ghoul races’ clansmen who numbered around five thousand or so sprung into action as the floating stones, big ships made out of the bones of ancient beasts, and all sorts of other strange flying spirit artifacts took to the skies.

Nine out of the thirty or so burning ghouls were at the Nirvana Realm. The rest of them were at the Fragmentation Realm. They were a force to be reckoned with.

The blaze imprint and the divine characters that were stuck deep inside their bones like maggots burned away at their flesh and blood refined energy while they attempted to run away from Qin Lie.

Just like burning trees, their body soon became scorched black in color.

They continued to fly away from the place.

However, the person who flew ahead of everyone else suddenly opened his eyes wide in terrible shock.


A violent and bloodthirsty dragon roar rang from the direction they were escaping to. Then, dozens of evil dragons clad in cold, metallic scales and feathered wings that looked like pairs of sharp broadswords appeared from the distance. The creatures that spanned from tens to more than a hundred meters long flew towards them with green eyes that were full of cruel blood thirst.

“Kill these filthy beings to the last!” Gilbert roared angrily.

In next instant, green and black flames, frosty breaths and acid sprays that stretched as long rivers gushed out of the fourteen evil dragons’ jaws at once.

The thirty or so ghouls who were escaping were caught by the dragon breaths, acid spray and terrific flames head-on. Not able to do anything, they instantly died.

“Eat them all!”

Gilbert roared and caught some of the three ghoul races’ clansmen between his claws. By now the flames on their bodies were gone as Gilbert devoured them after one after another.

The other thirteen rank seven evil dragons followed suit and devoured the ghoul clansmen’s flesh and blood excitedly while circling the air.

Very soon, the group of thirty or so ghoul clansmen vanished into their stomachs.

“What should we do with those people below, Lord Gilbert?” an evil dragon asked using the language of the dragons.

“We will enter the valley and devour those filthy ghouls to the last!”

Gilbert roared madly with brandished teeth and claw, “These ghouls need to eat a lot of flesh and blood to evolve stronger and earn a true name like us! We have slumbered for far too long in order to survive, and the evolution of the Evil Dragon Race requires much time. Thankfully, the thirty thousand years we spent in slumber have met the time requirement, and all we need now is powerful flesh and blood. As long as we can devour sufficient life energy, we may all have the chance to evolve further in the near future!”


“Kill them all!”

The thirteen evil dragons grew excited.

On the other side.

The united human army made up of thousands of martial practitioners finally appeared at the land of floating rocks and chaotic space on their spirit birds and spirit artifacts.

“They actually showed up to die here!”

Cracks began appearing inside the pupils of an old Heaven Ghoul man seated on top of a floating stone.

Beside him, the dozen or so old Heaven Ghoul martial practitioners also did the same.

In an instant, a terrific spatial ripple broke out from the dense spatial rifts behind the floating stones.

A chaotic, distorted and extremely sharp aura started filling the world and became more and more obvious.

“Zzzt zzzt zzzt!”

Many dazzling spatial rifts erupted from the sky where the humans were gathered like bright blades and swam in every direction.

The crystalline war chariots and the Ten Thousand Beast Mountain martial practitioners who were on them were instantly cut to pieces by the spatial blades.

“Get out of the way!”


The dark faced Gong Yangsong flew into the sky like a giant owl.

“Dark Shadows of a Thousand Birds!”

The dark shadows of giant spirit birds covered the sky like the clouds themselves.

These shadows became connected to one another and emanated with powerful soul aura.

The spatial rifts actually couldn’t cut through the areas sealed by the technique like dull blades hitting on plates of iron.

The place where Gong Yangsong and the Ten Thousand Beast Mountain martial practitioners were were no longer affected by the spatial blades.

“Swish swish swish! Boom boom boom! Whoosh whoosh whoosh!”

After that, giant hammers of exploding flames, glowing flying swords, icy hooks, heavy giant pillars, disks of exquisite carvings, golden towers glowing with gem-like brilliance and all sorts of strange high rank spirit artifacts flew towards the concentrated zones of three ghoul races’ clansmen while dragging brilliant tails of light behind them.

All martial practitioners who were at the Fragmentation Realm or above abandoned their war chariots and jumped into the air, attacking towards the three ghoul races behind the spirit artifacts.

Seated above the Golden Winged Luan, numerous lightning swiftly joined together to form a lightning web between the eight slabs of Thunderblitz wood suspended high above his head.

A complicated and amazing-looking spirit diagram was created in the blink of an eye.

A ball of dazzling light appeared between Qin Lie’s palms and became connected with the lightning web that existed between the eight Thunderblitz wood slabs.

The formation came to life and transformed the lightning web into a gigantic, booming Profound Thunder Heart.

Qin Lie’s soul consciousness suddenly entered the Profound Thunder Heart, and in that instant a miraculous connection between his consciousness, the lightning, and the thunder inside the Profound Thunder Heart was formed.

He urged the secret technique that belonged to the Forefather Terminator to life.

“Thump! Thump thump thump!”

The Profound Thunder Heart began beating strongly.

Countless webs of invisible electricity and thunder spread towards the surrounding while aimed directly at the hearts of the three ghoul races’ clansmen.

One after another, the ghouls fell from the sky after their hearts exploded.

“Kill him!”

Almost a hundred three ghoul races’ clansmen set their sights on Qin Lie and charged towards him in a crazed fashion.

However, Bi You, Tu Muo, He Yi, and many more martial practitioners of the four forces had formed a solid barrier around Qin Lie and defended him firmly.

The blood battle between races started off right away with a bang.

At the same time, the roars of evil dragons rang from behind the three ghoul races.

The evil dragons charged madly into the fray and circulated the sky under Gilbert’s leadership. They continuously slaughtered one ghoul after another.

The rank eight Gilbert was the equivalent of a Soul Altar expert. The remaining thirteen evil dragons were at rank seven. The moment his force showed up, the three ghoul races began losing numbers at an accelerated rate.

The intense battle lasted for an entire hour.

The solid wall surrounding Qin Lie was never broken by the three ghoul races’ clansmen. In fact, every last one of the three ghoul races several hundred meters away from Qin Lie was killed instead.

Even further away from Qin Lie, at least five hundred three ghoul races’ clansmen had died to the Profound Thunder Heart.

Nearly a thousand ghoul clansmen were killed and devoured by the fourteen evil dragons.

“Retreat! We must retreat to the chaotic streams of space or the underground and wait until the battle of the sky has ended!”

The three ghoul races’ experts cried out after noticing that the battle was growing more and more one-sided.

And so the Heaven Ghoul Race and Blue Ghoul Race escaped to the chaotic streams of space side by side.

The Earth Ghoul clansmen slipped underground and vanished immediately.

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