Chapter 771: Join Hands

Chapter 771: Join Hands        

“What do you think he might be talking about with the evil dragon?”

Above the Absolute Yin Graveyard, Du Xiangyang, Luo Chen and other Heavenly Sword Mountain martial practitioners were guarding an entrance while they waited for Qin Lie. Du Xiangyang started talking out of boredom.

Luo Chen said indifferently, “Who knows.”

“That kid is growing more and more indecipherable.” Du Xiangyang’s eyes glowed as he rubbed his chin while thinking. “Could the Demon Sealing Tombstone he got from the Graveyard of Gods really be that useful? He used it to detect the three ghoul races, trigger their imprints, and even negotiate with the evil dragon right now. It really is surprising.”

“He must have another secret that we still don’t know.” Luo Chen deduced.

Du Xiangyang nodded in deep agreement. “I think so too.”

“I hope that he can come out alive.” Luo Chen frowned.

“He has always been like a cockroach, tough to kill!” Du Xiangyang answered.


On the other side.

Celestial Artifact Sect’s He Yi, Bi You, and Luo Kexin had gathered together and seemingly started discussing something in a low tone.

“Elder He, don’t you think that Qin Lie… did not just master the Demon Sealing Tombstone?” Luo Kexin lowered her voice.

“I doubt that he can do so many things through the Demon Sealing Tombstone too!” Feng Yiyou snorted.

He Yi looked at the crowd and pondered for a moment. Suddenly, he said, “The Graveyard of Gods is not as simple as you think.”

“Oh?” Great curiosity poured out of Luo Kexin when she heard this. She straightened herself and listened seriously.

Feng Yiyou was also paying attention to his words.

“Some of these things are known to only a few people. Your father once instructed us not to reveal this to any outsider.” He Yi looked at Feng Yiyou.

“You guys, move away from us a little!” Bi You ordered the Celestial Artifact Sect martial practitioners beside him.

The few Fragmentation and Fulfillment Realm martial practitioners quietly retreated until they were at least several hundred meters away.

Now, the only people who were still gathered around He Yi were either Nirvana Realm martial practitioners or special people like Luo Kexin and Feng Yiyou.

“The many rumors out there are true. We… are secretly communicating with Jiang Zhuzhe. I believe that both of you know about this, don’t you?” He Yi looked at Feng Yiyou and Luo Kexin.

Both of them nodded.

Feng Yiyou especially was bowing his head in defeat. “I know that the reason I survived the Graveyard of Gods was all thanks to Jiang Zhuzhe. I would’ve been dead for sure otherwise.”

“It’s good that you understand that.” He Yi nodded and thought for a moment. Finally, he said, “Jiang Zhuzhe’s understanding of the Graveyard of Gods far exceeds ours. According to him, the Graveyard of Gods is supposed to be a training ground for the Heaven Fighting Race’s descendants! The Pure Soul Springs, the ancient elite remains and the pure Soul Altars were supposed to be the prizes they prepared for the victors!”

Luo Kexin and the others looked shocked.

Although they were special in Celestial Artifact Sect, Feng Yi and Luo Han had never told them about this.

Therefore, they knew nothing about the true secrets of the Graveyard of Gods.

“Back at Sea Moon Island, the reason Qin Lie was able to take the Demon Sealing Tombstone from Jiang Tianxing…” He Yi looked at Bi You and continued, “...and you, is probably not because fate had destined it so. It may be because he possesses… the bloodline of the Heaven Fighting Race!”

The revelation was like a bomb in their ears. Bi You, Feng Yiyou and Luo Kexin nearly broke out into a scream.

In fact, Luo Kexin had to cover her mouth tightly to stop herself from screaming.

“The Heaven Fighting Race’s bloodline? How can he possibly have the Heaven Fighting Race’s bloodline?!” Bi You turned pale with shock.

“This isn’t something we can learn.” He Yi shook his head and continued analyzing. “Only the descendants who possess the bloodline of the Heaven Fighting Race can win the Demon Sealing Tombstone’s approval so easily! Moreover, only those who have the bloodline can easily ignite the imprints inside the bodies of three ghouls races’ clansmen and detect where they are through the Demon Sealing Tombstone!”


He Yi looked at the Absolute Yin Graveyard beneath them. “Only those who have the Heaven Fighting Race’s bloodline would dare go underground and meet with those evil dragons!”

“Those bloodthirsty evil dragons hated many races, and the human race were among the ones they hated the most! If he was just a human, the evil dragons would kill him the second he encountered them. There’s absolutely no chance he would survive the meeting!”

“Does that mean that he may very well come to an agreement with the evil dragons?” Bi You asked in amazement.

“That I cannot say for sure. I can only say that the Evil Dragon Race will never go back on their promise, and they will not kill him beneath the Absolute Yin Graveyard. This also means that he will probably come out safely, if there are no accidents.” He Yi said.

“Elder He, how sure are you that he possesses the bloodline of the Heaven Fighting Race?” Luo Kexin asked seriously.

“I am at least ninety percent sure!” He Yi answered seriously.

The group of martial practitioners exchanged a glance with each other before falling silent. They weren’t sure what to do next.

“The Heaven Fighting Race was ultimately chased away to outer space by us, the human race, after we united all the races of Spirit Realm.” Bi You said with a dark expression, “In my opinion, the Heaven Fighting Race won’t let us go if they one day come back to Spirit Realm, will they? Could this Qin Lie be a… pawn? A pawn that’s buried in Spirit Realm so that he may be activated at a critical moment?”

“No one can answer your question.” He Yi sighed.

“So… how should we treat Qin Lie?” Luo Kexin asked carefully.

“We must keep him alive! We can only learn about the secrets of those ancient spirit diagrams if he is alive! Therefore, we must conceal and guard the secret of his bloodline closely!” He Yi said severely.

His eyes were staring straight at Feng Yiyou when he said this.

Feng Yiyou cowered under the gaze and said weakly, “I’m not that foolish, am I?”

“You’d better watch your own mouth, or not even your father will forgive you!” He Yi snorted coldly.

“I know.” Feng Yiyou nodded obediently.


Above the Absolute Yin Graveyard, thousands of martial practitioners of the Heavenly Sword Mountain, Terminator Sect, Celestial Artifact Sect, and Ten Thousand Beast Mountain were waiting for Qin Lie.

Two hours quickly crept by.

Qin Lie still hadn’t come back from the underground or sent any message to them. They couldn’t sense him either.

A lot of people thought that he was either endangered and carelessly killed by those evil dragons. Therefore, some of them thought that they shouldn’t keep waiting idly like this. They thought that they should either retreat from the Absolute Yin Graveyard or venture into the underground.

Just as the crowd grew more and more impatient, He Yi stood up and said, “Relax, everyone. I believe that Qin Lie is still alive, and that he will come out from the Absolute Yin Graveyard for sure!”

“Elder He, where does your confidence come from?” Tu Muo of the Ten Thousand Beast Mountain exclaimed in surprise.

“Yeah, he’s only at the Fulfillment Realm. He’s not even fit to be grabbed by an evil dragon’s claw. How do you know he’ll survive?” Even some of Heavenly Sword Mountain’s martial practitioners had gotten impatient.

“He had proven his strength all the way up to this point!” He Yi exclaimed.

Everyone fell silent when he said this. When they looked back carefully, they realized that Qin Lie really had given them too much aid.

From his actions, they knew that Qin Lie wasn’t a reckless person. They also knew that he was a calm and clear-headed person who wouldn’t risk his life over things that he had little confidence in.

“Let us wait a while longer.” Tu Muo consoled his people.

Those fellows who cried out in impatience hesitated only for a moment before they fell quiet and went back to their posts, waiting.

Another hour slipped by.

When these people started growing impatient again, the evil dragons’ roars suddenly rang from underground.

Everyone’s complexion changed abruptly.

War chariots, giant carriages, and spirit birds took to the skies almost instantly, and nearly all of the martial practitioners of the four great Silver rank forces had taken out their spirit artifacts again in preparation for any surprises.

“Don’t attack first! Let us wait until the situation is clear!” He Yi hastily said.

“Crack crack crack!”

The sounds of stones crumbling began ringing from the entrances into the underground of Absolute Yin Graveyard. It was as if giant beasts were slamming into them.

The crowd grew anxious and worried.


A figure flew out of the hole Luo Chen and the others were guarding. It scared the Heavenly Sword Mountain martial practitioners so much that they nearly attacked.

“Don’t move! It’s Qin Lie!” Du Xiangyang shouted loudly.

When those people got over their shock, they noticed that the figure did belong to Qin Lie.

“Elder He, I’ve made an agreement with the evil dragons inside the Absolute Yin Graveyard. I would like to know if you can take responsibility on behalf of our group?” cried out Qin Lie, standing on the ground and looking up to the crystalline war chariot He Yi was in.

Everyone’s attention naturally gathered on Qin Lie.

“Tell me first what it is that you wish to speak.” He Yi answered.

“There is one rank eight evil dragon and thirteen rank seven evil dragons down there. They are willing to help us and kill the three ghoul races at Prism Continent.” Qin Lie yelled while looking upward. “However, they wish that the humans of the Land of Chaos won’t pursue them and attempt to kill them in return.”

He Yi looked deeply at Qin Lie with an odd gleam in his eyes. A moment of silence later, he nodded, “I will promise this, but I can only represent the Celestial Artifact Sect!”

Qin Lie turned to look at the leaders of the other three forces.

At Ten Thousand Beast Mountain’s side, Tu Muo turned to look at an elder with a long goatee.

This old man had stayed beside Tian Yu without ever leaving her side even once during the entire battle. Naturally, he wasn’t among the protectors who joined Qin Lie.

His name was Gong Yangsong. He was a peak Nirvana Realm martial practitioner, and he was the true person in charge of the group.

“I can agree to this on behalf of the Ten Thousand Beast Mountain!” Gong Yangsong’s voice was ear piercing and ugly. A lot of people frowned because of this. “However, those evil dragons must agree not to create havoc in the Land of Chaos either!”

“Alright!” Qin Lie nodded.

“Senior Uncle Qiu?” Du Xiangyang and Luo Chen looked towards a thin middle-aged man dressed in blue clothes.

The man was called Qiu Qingzhu, and he was also a peak Nirvana Realm expert. He was the strongest person in this Heavenly Sword Mountain group.

“Heavenly Sword Mountain is fine with this too.” Qiu Qingzhu smiled coolly.

“I agree to this on behalf of Terminator Sect!” The last call was given by Shen Yue of the Terminator Sect. Many seniors of the Terminator Sect nodded slightly at the same time after she spoke.

It was obvious that Terminator Sect seniors in this group all acknowledged her status.

“Alright!” Qin Lie grew spirited as he stomped the ground and yelled, “Come out!”


The evil dragons’ roars rang from underground as many entrances of the Absolute Yin Graveyard exploded.

After that, one evil dragon after another looking as black as the night flew into the open while flapping feathered wings that only they possessed. They looked like demons who were charging out of the underground.

In the end, a total of fourteen evil dragons including Gilbert had flown into the night sky from behind Qin Lie.

The stench of blood and tyranny unique to the evil dragons caused many people to pinch their nose and look a little green.

When they saw the fourteen evil dragons and Qin Lie standing straight as an arrow before them, they all had the strange feeling that these evil dragons listened to no one but Qin Lie.

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