Chapter 77: Trade (Teaser)

Chapter 77: Trade

With the experience from mending the longblade’s diagram, Qin Lie now had a pretty good idea on what to do when he mended the Dragon Bone Whip.

This time, he consciously organized his time and split the process into five stages. On each stage, he would mend only one fifth of the Amplification diagram, and after using nearly seven days of time, he had finally mended the Dragon Bone Whip’s Amplification diagram completely.

“The main diagram of this Dragon Bone Whip can condense wind energy, and it should be suitable for people who cultivate wind type art formulas. Hmm, wait, that’s not right; there’s also a bit of the flexibility of water. It looks like the spirit art your friend cultivates is pretty mixed. To mix water in wind, huh? Yeah, I suppose a custom-made spirit artifact is necessary. No wonder your friend would be looking for someone to have it specially made.”

Inside the courtyard, Li Mu held the Dragon Bone Whip Qin Lie had just mended and gave it a casual wave.

There was a sudden gust of wind in the courtyard, and a circle of gray blew over and actually became attached onto the Dragon Bone Whip.

When the Dragon Bone Whip was waved, it drove the thick gray wind to form a wind barrier which encircled the body of the wh...

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