Chapter 768: Ancient Artificer!

Chapter 768: Ancient Artificer!

The sky gradually darkened.

The martial practitioners of the four great Silver forces descended from the clouds and spread out around the entrances of the Absolute Yin Graveyard, waiting patiently.

A lot of large, bright banners, stone pillars and strange glittering metallic threads were placed at the entrances of the holes spouting cold energy.

Special formations of special uses were created using these items.

Qin Lie was also situated at one of the holes.

Qin Lie sat at the center of the eight Thunderblitz Trees that were erected around him like sky pillars.

Not a ray of sunlight was able to enter the Absolute Yin Graveyard even when it was broad daylight, so the place became pitch black after night arrived.

It was literally so dark they couldn’t see their own fingers.

The cold energy exiting the holes of the Absolute Yin Graveyard grew icier and icier.

In fact, it became so cold that the group had no choice but gather their spirit energy and form shields, fire rings or ignite Heavenly Flame Crystals to resist the cold.

The flames illuminated the pitch black Absolute Yin Graveyard and allowed people not far away to see each other.

Time trickled bit by bit.

“Whoosh whoosh whoosh!”

Suddenly, two figures were ignited by terrific blaze far into the sky.

Qin Lie’s bloodline boiled as he gathered his strength and penetrated the Thunderblitz wood with lightning immediately.

“The three ghoul races’ clansmen have arrived!” He reminded everyone.

The moment he said this, wisps of blue light immediately connected the eight Thunderblitz Trees together like tightly knitted ropes.

Lightning swam under the control of his soul consciousness, and he inscribed a composite spirit diagram using the ancient diagram as base in no time at all.

“Kill them!”

An evil and stern voice rang from the distance.

The group of five hundred or so three ghoul races’ clansmen riding on floating rocks had burned because they had the blaze imprint inside them. This also meant that the remnant of the Blaze Family was around the area.

They immediately figured out that the human race was around here somewhere.

When they got closer and saw that the Absolute Yin Graveyard was illuminated by bright flames, they grew even certain that the human had arrived harboring malicious intentions.

“Kill them all!” He Yi also ordered.

In an instant, hundreds of dazzling and colorful lights were fired from the holes and into the air.

Flying lights brimming with tremendous energy were also shot out of the special spirit artifacts made of giant banners, stone pillars and metallic threads.

Dozens of three ghoul races’ clansmen were cut through by the flowing light and killed before their bodies even hit the ground.

Another dozen or so floating rocks exploded because they were struck by the flowing light too.

The three ghoul races’ clansmen screamed and charged downward.


The dull thump of a heartbeat suddenly rippled out from inside the eight slabs of Thunderblitz wood, and a dozen or so Netherpassage Realm enemy martial practitioners instantly screamed, vomited blood and died under the attack.

Their eyes were lightless, and a scorched black holes appeared where their hearts were.

Because their hearts weren’t able to endure the thunderous impact, they exploded and killed their hosts instantly.

The eight slabs of Thunderblitz wood were swimming with lightning that joined together to create a spirit diagram that looked like the starry sky.

Deep in the night, the glowing threads that were lightning in form were so bright that it pained the surrounding people’s eyes a little.

While the spirit diagram might not look all that beautiful, eye catching or dazzling during daytime, it was the complete opposite at night.

Beneath the composite spirit diagram, Qin Lie gripped his hands tightly as he conjured the Profound Thunder Heart spirit art. He refined his strength continuously to gradually build up the gigantic Profound Thunder Heart thumping beside him!

“This is…”

He Yi, master artificer of Celestial Artifact Sect, stared closely at the spirit diagram above Qin Lie’s head with great astonishment on his face.

The composite spirit diagram above Qin Lie’s head was dazzling, unbelievably complicated, and contained an unimaginable of wonders.

At night, the spirit diagram truly looked like the stars that illuminated the night sky.

“He’s not just an artificer… he’s an ancient artificer who can inscribe ancient diagrams!” Luo Kexin said softly.

He Yi shook as the light of disbelief erupted from his eyes, “You knew this from the beginning?”

“Mm.” Luo Kexin lowered her voice and explained, “A few days ago, he helped Du Xiangyang repair a flying sword. I’ve seen that flying sword before, and the spirit diagram inscribed inside the weapon is an ancient spirit diagram. At the time, I concluded that no one on the Land of Chaos can fix the weapon, because there exists no one even in Celestial Artifact Sect who is well versed in ancient spirit diagrams.”

“I have noticed Du Xiangyang’s flying sword. Unless I’m sorely mistaken, I believe that it is probably a Heaven Grade spirit artifact. I had wondered why Heavenly Sword Mountain was willing to gift an early stage Fulfillment Realm kid a Heaven Grade spirit artifact.” He Yi exclaimed in realization.

“That is the flying sword alright.” Luo Kexin affirmed.

“Ancient spirit diagrams, ancient artificer!” He Yi looked extremely excited.

“If I’m right, the Blaze Profound Bombs forged by Gray Island probably had something to do with him too.” Luo Kexin continued, “Although the Blaze Profound Bomb forged by Gray Island seemed like a variation of the Terminator Profound Bomb, my research revealed that some of the techniques used to refine the Blaze Profound Bombs had exceeded the original Terminator Profound Bomb. This is especially true when it comes to the spirit diagrams!”

“Are you saying…?” He Yi exclaimed.

“Yes, I asked my grandfather to break through the exterior restriction of the Blaze Profound Bomb so that we can look inside it.” Luo Kexin nodded.

“Does it have an ancient spirit diagram too?!” He Yi’s eyes lit up.

“That’s right!” Luo Kexin nodded again.

“I understood.” He Yi inhaled deeply.

When He Yi looked at Qin Lie once more, his eyes were filled with the light of excitement.

“Once we’ve cleaned up these outsiders, I wish to speak with him properly and see if we can cooperate with Gray Island.” Luo Kexin suggested tentatively.

“Of course you should! An artificer who knows ancient spirit diagrams will revolutionize the times of artifact forging on the Land of Chaos!” He Yi exclaimed in a low tone.

“Thump! Thump thump!”

Above Qin Lie’s head, the gigantic Profound Thunder Heart continued to let out fearsome heartbeats.

The spirit art was like a giant hammer of god that struck the hearts of the three ghoul races’ clansmen again and again, destroying them and causing the enemy martial practitioners to fall from the sky.

The human martial practitioners gathered above the Absolute Yin Graveyard numbered several thousand strong, not to mention that they had set up many spirit artifacts and strange formations beforehand to attack their enemies.

The three ghoul races’ clansmen who rushed over from the distance numbered only five hundred or so. Therefore, they quickly lost more than half their numbers after several charges.

When the remaining three ghoul races’ clansmen noticed that the situation was bad, they left behind only the Earth Ghoul clansmen to enter the ground and burrow their way towards the Absolute Yin Graveyard.

The Blue Ghoul clansmen and Heaven Ghoul clansmen immediately pulled away from the Absolute Yin Graveyard to summon even more people.

“We’ve killed at least three hundred people!”

“Just wait! They will definitely send more reinforcements over!”

“I don’t think we need to head to the center of Prism Continent anymore!”


“Why didn’t the Earth Ghoul clansmen take their Heaven Ghoul clansmen and Blue Ghoul race clansmen along to burrow into the Absolute Yin Graveyard from outside?” Tian Yu of the Ten Thousand Beast Mountain asked in puzzlement.

Qin Lie cast a glance at her and said, “The underground of the Absolute Yin Graveyard is different from others. What I know is that there exists many layers of yin energy that looks like barriers inside the ground beneath us. These layers of yin energy are so powerful that even the Earth Ghoul clansmen will find it very difficult to break through. Therefore, they weren’t able to bring the Heaven Ghoul clansmen and Blue Ghoul clansmen in with them at all.”

“Got it.” Tian Yu smiled.

Qin Lie nodded and took a liking of Tian Yu. He added, “The reason the Earth Ghoul clansmen wanted to get in from these holes is because they don’t want to waste too much energy in breaking through the yin energy seals underground.”

Although he had fought an intense battle against Tian Yu earlier and even hurt her with his bloodline, Tian Yu hadn’t reacted with hatred like he expected her to be. In fact, she acted like nothing had happened at all.

It was as if Tian Yu paid no mind over the outcome of that fair battle.

“Qin Lie, why don’t you look underground once more?” Du Xiangyang called out to him.


Qin Lie withdrew his power of thunder and lightning and closed his eyes once more. He concentrated his soul consciousness back to the underground.

Suddenly, he realized that there was only one image that was being transmitted by the six spirits of Void and Chaos.

This meant that the six spirits of Void and Chaos had gathered together.

They were currently at an unbelievably vast stone palace with a ceiling that was at least a hundred meters tall. There were huge pillars everywhere inside this palace.

At the center of this stone palace, there was a altar that was at least a hundred fields wide with many giant skulls, carcasses, eerie looking spirit artifacts and strange spirit herbs placed above it.

He could see ninety nine narrow but long ditches that stretched towards the altar like ninety nine streams.

Thick liquid of black, dark green, blood red and dark blue color were running inside these ditches towards the altar. The liquid obviously contained souls of varied strength, and upon closer attention Qin Lie could see that there were shadows concealed inside the liquid.

“What are those things?” Qin Lie sensed carefully.

The weak wisps of shadow slowly revealed their true form under his careful observation.

It was the soul of a mortal!

The weak shadows were the souls of mortals, whereas the stronger shadows were the souls of martial practitioners!

Somehow, the ninety nine ditches were carrying an unbelievable amount of souls from god knows where towards the giant altar.

Above the altar, the pile of blurry shadows looked like they were gathering together and attempting to take form. The clear image of a dragon soul was being built slowly.

This soul altar was also performing an evil ritual which purpose was to awaken or summon an evil dragon.

Moreover, this evil dragon was obviously far stronger than the evil dragons that had awakened earlier!

The six spirits of Void and Chaos were scattered at various corners of the altar and looking at it anxiously.

They seemed to be waiting for the moment the evil dragon awakens and the altar explodes so that they could devour the shattered rocks later.

This altar was situated at the deepest part of the underground, so not even the three ghoul races' clansmen had discovered it yet.

The altar was drawing in soul thoughts and dark shadows through the ninety nine ditches and recreating the dragon’s soul.

Qin Lie was incredibly amazed by the process as he observed the altar and attempted to figure out its secrets from the eyes of the six spirits of Void and Chaos.

Beside the altar, numerous tiny characters that were as small as earthworms wriggled, swam, glowed and appeared into existence.


Qin Lie subconsciously muttered the words from above the Absolute Yin Graveyard when he saw the wriggling words.

This was an evil dragon with a true name!

Only a rank eight evil dragon would be named leader of the evil dragons and granted a true name that belonged to no one but itself.

All evil dragons who possessed a true name were not to be underestimated.

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