Chapter 767: Graveyard of Evil Dragons

Chapter 767: Graveyard of Evil Dragons

Deep inside the Absolute Yin Graveyard where a vast stone palace could be found, dozens of evil race clansmen were clutching their heads and screaming loudly.

They were seated at the center of an altar made of clean jadestone.

The heads and cores of many spirit beasts and decrepit spirit artifacts that glowed green in color were put above the altar.

A faint green bubble had enveloped the entire altar.

Right now, those Heaven Ghoul, Earth Ghoul, and Blue Ghoul clansmen were clutching their heads with bulging eyes.

Qin Lie could see clearly that their souls were floating uncontrollably out of their body bit by bit.

They were wisps of outsider souls.

The souls were fused into the altar as ghastly shadows flickered.

The faint green bubble enveloping the altar abruptly shrank and changed form continuously. The ripples on the bubble grew more and more turbulent.

Countless tiny soul tendrils slowly appeared from the gaps beneath the altar and entered into the concentrated green cloud.

It didn’t take long before a soul in the shape of a dragon was slowly formed.

The dragon soul looked blurry, and it seemed to be searching for something as it roamed around the altar.

“Whoosh whoosh whoosh!”

Very soon, the beast bones, cores and decrepit spirit artifacts were fused into the dragon soul.

The dragon soul slowly swelled as dark sparks became scattered to the surroundings. Powerful energy rippled from inside the dragon soul.

“Crack crack crack!”

The altar beneath the dragon soul abruptly shattered into countless pieces.


A dragon’s roar abruptly resounded from beneath the shattered altar. An evil dragon that was dark brown in color and dozens of meters long was abruptly revealed.

The dragon soul above the altar sank.

And submerged into the evil dragon’s body completely.

The gray brown evil dragon twisted its body with a bit of rustiness before flapping its unique feathered wings and flew out of the room, roaring.

The palace where the evil dragon once was exploded into smithereens instantly.

About a hundred or so three ghoul races’ clansmen were operating around the area. They hastily rushed over to attack the emerging evil dragon the second they saw it.

The evil dragon roared and spat out green flames from its mouth. The flames contained a high concentration of corrosive aura.

Many three ghoul races’ clansmen who were touched by the green flames immediately started melting as flesh and skin fell off their bodies.

The evil dragon seized the opportunity to grab these heavily injured evil race clansmen and tossed them all into his mouth, chewing.

The bloody battle here was just starting.

Another image appeared in Qin Lie’s mind, and although it was a scene that was similar to this bloody battle, it was a lot fiercer.

Inside an underground palace that was even bigger than the one Qin Lie saw earlier, the corpses that belonged the three ghoul races could be seen everywhere. A grand total of six evil dragons were letting out violent roars inside this palace while spitting black flames, icy breaths and dark green poison.

Hundreds of three ghoul race clansmen—even the weakest among them were at least Netherpassage Realm—were surrounding the six evil dragons tightly and doing their best to kill them.

While a lot of three ghoul race clansmen were killed in the process, they managed to leave many wounds on the six evil dragons.

The battle was fiercer than ever before.

More images appeared in his head thanks to the six spirits of Void and Chaos.

There was a third underground palace beneath the Absolute Yin Graveyard where two groups of three ghoul races’ clansmen were fighting another two evil dragons.

The final image he saw was that of a dead evil dragon surrounded by five Nirvana Realm experts and dozens of helpers of the three ghoul races.

The three ghoul races’ clansmen looked as excited as madman as they pounced towards the evil dragon like flies to rotten meat, taking chunks of bloody flesh from the beast with every mouthful.

The scene was incredibly bloody.

“Before the Absolute Yin Graveyard was discovered by Moon Worshipping Cult and used as a place to conduct their evil rituals, this place was probably a dragon’s graveyard! It is the graveyard of evil dragons!” Qin Lie suddenly said.

Right now, the experts of all four forces were gathered around him and observing his every movement.

When they heard his random claim, they grew astonished and hastily asked for the reason he said so.

“Right now, the three ghoul races’ clansmen were engaged in fierce battle against a dozen or so evil dragons deep beneath the Absolute Yin Graveyard!” Qin Lie inhaled deeply and withdrew his mind temporarily. He forced himself to ignore the images being transmitted by the six spirits of Void and Chaos and reopened his eyes, “In the past, Moon Worshipping Cult discovered this dragon’s graveyard and built the Absolute Yin Graveyard above it to hide its existence. Not only that, Moon Worshipping Cult even conducted all kinds of evil rituals in attempt to help them regenerate their soul thoughts through the collecting of soul fragments.”

“I don’t know how this turned out to be, but at any rate there are a dozen or so evil dragons at the dragon’s graveyard beneath the Absolute Yin Graveyard right now.”

“Many of the three ghoul races’ clansmen were torn and devoured by the evil dragons, but they also managed to kill one in return and are devouring its flesh and blood.”

When he was done, the human experts around him sucked in a deep breath of shock.

“Evil dragons? Living evil dragons? And dozens of them, you say?”

“The evil dragons are an evil offshoot of the Giant Dragon Race. They seem to be a mutation of the pure dragon race. Unlike the Giant Dragon race, they have feathered wings behind their backs. They have sharp claws and are normally brutal, vicious, immoral and bloodthirsty.”

“Evil dragons are hated even by giant dragons. Whenever they commit evil, it is the giant dragons who mobilize first to kill them all. So how are there a dozen or so evil dragons hiding beneath the Absolute Yin Graveyard?”

“The three ghoul races are a pain already, but now even the evil dragons have reared their heads! Dammit!”

The crowd discussed with serious looks on their faces.

“What do you guys think? Should we continue deeper into Prism Continent?” Qin Lie asked.

They frowned.

“This may not necessarily be bad news.” Shen Yue suddenly said.

Everyone subconsciously looked towards her.

“At the very least, the evil dragons are fighting the three ghoul races right now!” Shen Yue smiled.

“The flesh and blood of the evil dragons are probably very useful to the great sages’ recovery. Moreover, they probably give great benefits to the three ghoul races’ Fragmentation Realm and Nirvana Realm experts.” Qin Lie concluded from his observation, “They’re probably trying to hunt down these evil dragons.”

“So you’re saying that the three ghoul races would be able to recover swiftly if they were to succeed in their hunt of the evil dragons?” He Yi said worriedly.

“I believe so.” Qin Lie nodded.

“The situation is a little troublesome then.” He Yi frowned.

The underground even deeper than the Absolute Yin Graveyard was a cold and lightless domain. Here, neither the evil dragons nor the three ghoul races were affected by the environment in the slightest.

On the other hand, they were completely unfamiliar with this environment. They would definitely suffer heavy losses if they were to join the battle recklessly.

They couldn’t interfere with the battle happening below.

While they were thinking, another group of three ghoul race clansmen about five hundred strong flew over on floating rocks again.

These martial practitioners all stared at the humans upon arriving at this place. After a brief moment of hesitation, they charged wordlessly towards the underground in a flash.

They moved so quickly that it was as if they were afraid that the humans would stop them from entering.

“It would appear that the evil dragons below are far more important to them than us!” Du Xiangyang exclaimed in amazement.

“A human’s physical body contained only a small amount of refined flesh and blood energy compared to evil dragons. To them, the evil dragons are the real tonics that could help them recover swiftly!” Qin Lie added.

“How goes the battle below?” He Yi asked seriously.

Qin Lie closed his eyes once more.

Borrowing the eyes of the six spirits of Void and Chaos, he observed the battle situation underground and noticed that they were devouring the shattered rocks of the altar.

Every altar seemed to hide an evil dragon underneath because evil ritual needed to be performed to draw in souls and awaken the evil dragons.

If the evil dragons were to break out of the altar, the altar would certainly explode into smithereens and scatter everywhere in the surroundings.

It would appear that these rock fragments were exactly what the spirits of Void and Chaos were looking for. They were the reason the spirits of Void and Chaos had insisted to stay.

The battle between the evil dragons and the three ghoul races were bloody and intense. No one had the time to pay attention to the six spirits of Void and Chaos.

Moreover, the spirits of Void and Chaos were beings that existed between the planes of void and reality. They had also hidden themselves on purpose amidst the dark underground environment, so even less attention were paid to them.

They were seizing the opportunity to eat to their hearts’ content.

From their bodies, Qin Lie could see occasional sparkles that was invisible to all eyes but his own. These sparkles were the reflection of a rich and pure single attribute energy manifested in real form.

Qin Lie suddenly had a premonition that the six spirits of Void and Chaos would be able to evolve for real after today’s feeding!

“The battle down there is still in a deadlock. In fact, it seems like… the evil dragons have a slight upper hand.” Qin Lie reopened his eyes after a moment of observation.

“Alright, then let us guard the Absolute Yin Graveyard’s entrance!” He Yi pondered for a moment and said, “We must stop more three ghoul races’ clansmen from going underground!”

“That’s a good idea!”

“Let’s do as you say!”


Everyone expressed their agreement to the plan.

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