Chapter 767: Graveyard of Evil Dragons

Chapter 767: Graveyard of Evil Dragons

Deep inside the Absolute Yin Graveyard where a vast stone palace could be found, dozens of evil race clansmen were clutching their heads and screaming loudly.

They were seated at the center of an altar made of clean jadestone.

The heads and cores of many spirit beasts and decrepit spirit artifacts that glowed green in color were put above the altar.

A faint green bubble had enveloped the entire altar.

Right now, those Heaven Ghoul, Earth Ghoul, and Blue Ghoul clansmen were clutching their heads with bulging eyes.

Qin Lie could see clearly that their souls were floating uncontrollably out of their body bit by bit.

They were wisps of outsider souls.

The souls were fused into the altar as ghastly shadows flickered.

The faint green bubble enveloping the altar abruptly shrank and changed form continuously. The ripples on the bubble grew more and more turbulent.

Countless tiny soul tendrils slowly appeared from the gaps beneath the altar and entered into the concentrated green cloud.


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