Chapter 765: Invitation

Chapter 765: Invitation

“Everyone, let’s discuss how we should act against the three great ghoul races in the Absolute Yin Graveyard.”

He Yi of Celestial Artifact Sect narrowed his eyes as he motioned for everyone to sit down and discuss.

“Yes, serious matters first.”

“Let’s discuss how to attack.”

“Sit down and talk.”

As they spoke, they sat down around Qin Lie. Smartly, no one discussed Illusory Demon Sect.

Xue Moyan sighed inwardly.

She was from Illusory Demon Sect and had great feelings towards Illusory Demon Sect as well as admiration towards her master, Yu Lingwei. Even though Shi Xiuling and Jiu Ruijie made some decisions detrimental to Blood Fiend Sect, she still hoped that Illusory Demon Sect wasn’t isolated by others.

Especially at this important time when the foreign races were invading.

She knew that Illusory Demon Sect was not as united as other sect. She knew that Wen Bin desired to only replace her master Yu Lingwei and become the sect master of Illusory Demon Sect.

She knew that Shi Xiuling and other elders of the sect were discontent at the connection between her master and her mother.

In a state like this, the Blue Ghoul Race invaded Illusory Demon Sect.

Without the help of this small alliance, Illusory Demon Sect would receive a painful blow.

She did not want this to occur.

“Do not worry too much. Illusory Demon Sect is a silver force, and they will not have too hard a time against one of the three ghoul races,” Chu Li said as he walked close.

“The three-level Soul Altar experts of the three ghoul races are in the firmament above our heads. The battle above is what will truly determine the direction of the Land of Chaos!”

Xue Moyan stilled. After thinking, she nodded slightly and didn’t say anything else.

The group continued to discuss how to attack the Absolute Yin Graveyard.

An hour later, they got back onto their chariots, sedans, spirit birds and flew into the sky.

“Qin Lie, may we talk alone?”

Luo Kexin of Celestial Artifact Sect stood inside a blue crystalline chariot, her eyes shining, as she gave an invitation.

“Talk about what?” Qin Lie said coolly.

“Celestial Artifact Sect hopes to purchase Blaze Profound Bombs from Gray Island!” Luo Kexin said seriously.

Qin Lie was astounded.

“I only knew from these past few days that Gray Island does not belong to Blood Fiend Sect, but rather to you.” Luo Kexin’s bright eyes flashed.

The martial practitioners of other forces in the surroundings were astounded.

In the last year, Gray Island had gained some small fame in the Land of Chaos based on the “Blaze Profound Bomb.” Many forces noticed Gray Island and bought Blaze Profound Bombs through Illusory Demon Sect.

They thought that Gray Island and Bloody Fiend Sect were the one and the same.

Hearing Luo Kexin say this, people were both shocked and puzzled. Did Qin Lie really have something to do with Gray island?

What they didn’t know was since Luo Kexin found that Qin Lie knew how to inscribe ancient diagrams, she had extreme interest in Qin Lie.

In these two days, she used the wide information sources of Celestial Artifact Sect to learn information on Qin Lie.

She learned that Qin Lie was in charge of Gray Island, Blood Island, and Flaming Sun Island. She learned that Qin Lie didn’t have any relationship at all with Blood Fiend Sect, they were just pure allies.

She increasingly felt that Qin Lie contained many secrets.

“Celestial Artifact Sect really wants to purchase Blaze Profound Bombs.” Qin Lie’s mind moved.

“Of course, we can buy according to the market price, and even the price that Illusory Demon Sect gives! You know that Celestial Artifact Sect does not lack spirit stones!” Luo Kexin said proudly.

Illusory Demon Sect purchased Blaze Profound Bombs from Gray Island at a low price and then sold them at a high price. In this recent year, they had earned a great amount.

Illusory Demon Sect’s price was higher than market price but forces still fought over the bombs because the Blaze Profound Bombs were of astounding effect in large battles.

“I wish to agree but unfortunately, we have encountered some obstacles.” Qin Lie motioned for Shen Yue to move closer.

Shen Yue smiled slightly and had the Golden Winged Luan go closer to Luo Kexin’s crystalline chariot to decrease the distance between Qin Lie and Luo Kexin.

“What obstacles?” Luo Kexin pressed.

“The materials we use to forge Blaze Profound Bombs have been limited by Illusory Demon Sect. The forging has stopped recently,” Qin Lie explained.

Luo Kexin’s eyes lit up and then she giggled. “So that is how it is. It seems that this is one of the reason your relationship with Illusory Demon Sect has worsened.”

She guess the truth.

Qin Lie did not refute it. “Yes, because of the foreign race invasion, I had Gray Island transport over all the Blaze Profound Bombs they made. But this way, there were no left to give to Illusory Demon Sect. They cut off their spirit material supply to us, so that the forging of the Blaze Profound Bombs and the cultivation of the martial practitioners have stopped.”

“Transactions of large amounts of spirit materials usually need countless large flying spirit artifacts and large ships. This is also being transported across continents. All of this takes times.” Luo Kexin gave a understanding smile. “Gray Island doesn’t have so many large spirit artifacts, nor transportation ships, or time, right?”

“That could be said.” Qin Lie nodded.

“You do not have them, but my Celestial Artifact Sect does! Also, we have the highest level of item teleportation formations! If we build the highest grade item teleportation formation on Gray Island, all of your present problems will be resolved!” Luo Kexin was full of confidence.

Qin Lie took a deep breath and said, “That is so!’

“Only my grandfather can build the highest grade artifact teleformation.” Luo Kexin smiled brightly.

“I know.” Qin Lie said.

“Then, should we... have a chat after this battle?” Luo Kexin smiled slightly.

“Of course.” Qin Lie agreed.

“Then let’s first do this?”


The two formed a verbal agreement.

The Golden Winged Luan separated from Luo Kexin’s crystal chariot.

Shen Yue smiled faintly. “It seems that you do not need my help.”

Turning, Qin Lie looked deeply at her and asked, “Senior Sister, how did you prepare to help me?”

“Truthfully, also through Luo Han. Have him build a top tier item teleportation formation on Gray Island.” Shen Yu forced a smile.

“I heard that Luo Han was hard to deal with.”

“Other people are not able to move him, but my grandfather can. He owes my grandfather a favor. If my grandfather goes to find him, he will agree no matter what.”

“So that is how it is.”

“Now it seems you do not need my help. That Luo Kexin is clearly interested in some aspect of you.”

“What aspect?”

“Spirit diagrams, more accurately... ancient diagrams.”

Qin Lie was silent. His thoughts were the same as Shen Yue, he thought that Luo Kexin had come for those.

A few months ago, when he left with the “Five Flame Flowing Light Sword,” Shen Yue and Luo Kexin had both been present.

At the time, Luo Kexin had determined the sword had an ancient diagram.

Right now, the power that the “Five Flame Flowing Light Sword” displayed in Du Xiangyang’s hands showed everything.

He had been the one to take the sword away in the end. He was the master of Gray Island. Gray Island was formed from a group of artificers, and they produced Blaze Profound Bombs.

Everything was clear.

“I will talk with her.” After a while, Qin Lie calmed down and took out meat to eat.

Shen Yue looked deeply at him, nodded and didn’t speak further.

The Golden Winged Luan continued to move forward.

Half a month later.

The chariots, flying sedans, spirit birds, and thousands of human martial practitioners appeared silently in the clouds above the Absolute Yin Graveyard.

Even the loudest crystalline chariots almost didn’t make any sounds.

People deliberately suppressed their energy fluctuations and examined the Absolute Yin Graveyard from the sky.

“It’s a bit cold.” Du Xiangyang frowned.

This was at sunset, and the rose colors filled the sky. Yet when they appeared, they found the sky was dark and without any of the lights of sunset.

Gray clouds shrouded the sky above the Absolute Yin Graveyard. The clouds carried darkness and coldness. The coldness could reach into their consciousness and made people feel ill at ease.

Underneed, there were graves of many sizes. Many graves had been dug open with dark black holes that produced cold and dark wind.

For some reason, everyone felt a thread of coldness after looking at those holes.

“This doesn’t feel the same as before,” Chu Li suddenly said.

“It is not quite right.” a Terminator Sect member who had came here before frowned. “The yin energy here wasn’t so heavy, there weren’t this many holes, nor such coldness that could reach the soul.”

“Of course it is the three great races that are behind this.” Bi You snorted.

Qin Lie was about to speak when his eyes suddenly lit up. He couldn’t stop them.

Inside the Soul Suppressing Orb, the six spirits of Void and Chaos passed through the third and second space through a strange ray of light and wanted to come out.

They seemed extremely hungry.


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