Chapter 765: Invitation

Chapter 765: Invitation

“Everyone, let’s discuss how we should act against the three great ghoul races in the Absolute Yin Graveyard.”

He Yi of Celestial Artifact Sect narrowed his eyes as he motioned for everyone to sit down and discuss.

“Yes, serious matters first.”

“Let’s discuss how to attack.”

“Sit down and talk.”

As they spoke, they sat down around Qin Lie. Smartly, no one discussed Illusory Demon Sect.

Xue Moyan sighed inwardly.

She was from Illusory Demon Sect and had great feelings towards Illusory Demon Sect as well as admiration towards her master, Yu Lingwei. Even though Shi Xiuling and Jiu Ruijie made some decisions detrimental to Blood Fiend Sect, she still hoped that Illusory Demon Sect wasn’t isolated by others.

Especially at this important time when the foreign races were invading.

She knew that Illusory Demon Sect was not as united as other sect. She knew that Wen Bin desired to only replace...

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