Chapter 763: The Three Great Battlefields

Chapter 763: The Three Great Battlefields

Shi Xiuling waved her hand.

The members of Illusory Demon Sect who had been scattered around Moonstone City gathered around her.

Qin Lie frowned.

There were more  than three hundred members of Illusory Demon Sect, all of them in Netherpassage, Fulfillment, Fragmentation and Nirvana Realm. This faction was not weak.

At this time, all of these members had hostile expressions.

“We, Illusory Demon Sect, decide to leave the campaign against the other races!” Shi Xiuling said coldly.

“Why?” Ten Thousand Beast Mountain’s elder, Tu Mou, asked gravely.

The other people from Terminator Sect, Heavenly Sword Mountain, and Celestial Artifact Sect frowned as well as they looked with dark expressions at Illusory Demon Sect.

“Qin Lie is purposefully directed against Illusory Demon Sect!” Ju Ruijie said coldly.

“Against Illusory Demon Sect?” Celestial Artifact Sect’s Luo Kexin had a pleased smile on her face. “Who doesn’t know how close the Setting Sun Islands and Illusory Demon Sect are. Everyone knows of the great friendship between Elder Mo of Blood Fiend Sect and your Sect Master Yu. When did Setting Sun Islands and Illusory Demon Sect end on opposite sides?”

“Things are really difficult to predict.” Du Xiangyang sighed.

“So strange.” Tian Yu shook her head.

Bi You also frowned deeply.

The four other Silver forces had always thought that Setting Sun Island and Illusory Demon Sect were close knit and the most reliable allies for each other.

Yet the recent string of events showed that there was a great divide between the Setting Sun Islands and Illusory Demon Sect.

This puzzled them.

“What conflict occurred between the two?” Many people thought inwardly.

“One mountain cannot hold two tigers,” Shen Yue sighed softly.

Many people realized after hearing her sigh and thinking carefully.

“So that is how it is.” Yu Men nodded in understanding.

“Illusory Demon Sect is too small-minded!” He Yi, an artificer of Celestial Artifact Sect, snorted coldly and said.

“Ah, how generous do you think a force made out of women can be?” Du Xiangyang laughed scornfully.

“Whatever you say, Illusory Demon Sect will retreat out of Prism Continent. We do not want to become cannon fodder, and become food for the foreign races!” Shi Xiuling said coldly.

“Let’s go!” Ju Ruijie said.

The remaining three hundred members of Illusory Demon Sect got back on their flying spirit artifacts, gathered together and were about to go back where they came from.

At this time, everyone looked towards Qin Lie. They wanted to know what he thought.

Qin Lie did not express any opinion!

From beginning to end, he did not explain one word. He didn’t think there was a need.

He did not try to keep them, and didn’t allow Shi Xiuling’s words to affect his mentality.

In truth, he was holding spirit beast meat in one hand and bright spirit stones in the other as he narrowed his eyes and recovered his strength on top of the Golden Winged Luan.

He didn’t even blink an eye.

“Aren’t you going to say something?” Shen Yue was shocked.

Shaking his head, he remained silent and decided to disregard the women from Illusory Demon Sect.

“We are right! You don’t even dare to argue!” Ju Ruijie smiled coldly, “After the other races are eliminated, Illusory Demon Sect will go to the Setting Sun Islands to get justice for today!”

Shi Xiuling’s expression was dark. She gave the order and the members of Illusory Demon Sect who had gathered finally left.

Among the crowd, the martial practitioners from Heavenly Sword Mountain, Celestial Artifact Sect, Ten Thousand Beast Mountain, and Terminator Sect frowned slightly but did not speak.

They did not change anything because of Illusory Demon Sect’s departure.

In their eyes, Illusory Demon Sect was throwing an unreasonable tantrum. Maybe Qin Lie was a part of the reason the outsiders had hid in Moonstone City and then suddenly made an ambush.

But at the important moment, Qin Lie had been the one to throw out the greatest number of Blaze Profound Bombs to awaken Terminator Sect so they would throw out the Terminator Profound Bombs and kill the crowds of other races.

Objectively speaking, the humans had not suffered great losses in this battle. More than a hundred of the other races had died.

For the martial practitioners of the four Silver forces, as long as the fatalities and wounds on both sides were about the same, they thought that it was worth it.

Humans were great in number, and so were martial practitioners. Also, humans were a race famed for their reproduction. They had countless Fulfillment and Fragmentation Realm martial practitioners in the Land of Chaos.

The hundred or so people that died were nothing to the Land of Chaos, so small they could not be counted.

This was not true for the outsiders.

The Heaven Ghouls, Blue Ghouls, and Earth Ghouls were far too few in comparison to the human race. They did not have a way to make up for their losses.

If it was one for one, not long in the future, the foreign races would die out.

The human race would not die in this.

“What do you say now?” After a while, Qin Lie lifted his head and looked at the crowd with a serene expression. “Choose to believe me, continue to charge into Prism Continent, or stop now, and retreat?”

“Of course we will go in!”

“Definitely believe in you!”

“We are not those irrational women!”

“We cannot participate in the battle in the skies. But we must win the battle on the ground!”


The Fragmentation and Nirvana martial practitioners of the four remaining silver forces expressed their opinions.

“Alright! Then let’s continue!” Qin Lie shouted.

Shen Yue softly patted the Golden Winged Luan.

The rank six spirit bird immediately flew into the air and carried her and Qin Lie towards the depths of the continent.

The spirit artifacts rose back into the sky.


East of the Heavenly Slaughter Continent.

There were many vast palaces on the endless plains that formed cities.

An enormous lizard-like ancient beast broke apart the gray clouds and suddenly appeared above those cities.

In the next instant, Blue Ghouls controlling bone-like spirit artifacts flew down off the ancient beast.

The Blue Ghoul clansmen immediately started to kill human martial practitioners and massacre the cities below.

Those cities belonged to the strongest copper force under Illusory Demon Sect—Sky Flame.

Copper forces rarely had Nirvana Realm martial practitioners. Even Sky Flame had just five Nirvana martial practitioners.

Yet the leader of these Blue Ghoul clansmen was an Imperishable Realm ghoul sitting on top of a one-level Soul Altar.

“Evil race invasion! Immediately call Illusory Demon Sect and ask them to send an Imperishable expert!”

Screams rang out of the cities. The Nirvana Realm martial practitioners of Sky Flame contacted Illusory Demon Sect at their fastest possible speed.

Almost at the same time.

On the Heavenly Calamity Continent controlled by the three families.

Black Jade City in Razed Desert.

On this moonless night, deep under Black Jade City, shadows flowed like evil ghosts.

Suddenly, shaking vibrations came from below Black Jade City.

Bottomless canals tore apart the ground of Black Jade City like cracks in glass.

An icy, cold and evil aura surged out of the ground. The Earth Ghoul Race charged out during the night.

“Evil race invasion!”

“Damn it! The evil races have come!”

“Evil ghouls have come!”

Wails and cries came from every corner of Black Jade City.

Many members of the Xiahou Family and the martial practitioners under their command were not able to react and were killed by the other races that came out of the ground in the middle of their cultivation.

At the same time, Blue Flame City and Scattered Rain City were invaded by the Earth Ghoul Race at the same time.

The Earth Ghoul Race that could hide under the ground coincidentally landed on the Heavenly Calamity Continent.

Numerous Soul Altar experts of the Earth Ghoul Race took a portion of their race to help the Heaven Ghoul Race at Prism Continent, but there were many members under the leadership of the strongest of their clan that communicated with their fellows on Prism Continent and chose to attack the Heavenly Calamity Continent.

The strongest of the three families, their patriarchs, were coincidentally not present.

At this time, the three family patriarchs were discussing matters with Jiang An at Black Voodoo Cult.

The powerful invasion of the Earth Ghoul Race caused the death of many members of the three families in Black Jade City, Blue Flame City, and Scattered Rain City.

When the three patriarchs received the news, they immediately hurried over from Black Voodoo Cult.

Experts from Black Voodoo Cult also arrived at the Heavenly Calamity Continent with the three families through a large-scale teleportation formation.

On the same day, the Land of Chaos divided into three battlefields.

The five forces at Prism Continent, Illusory Demon Sect at the Heavenly Slaughter Continent, and the three families of the Heavenly Calamity Continent.

None of the nine Silver forces could stay out of this. Even Black Voodoo Cult who had wanted to stand by and benefit were forced to send experts to the Heavenly Calamity Continent and was pulled in.

The flames of the racial war was ignited from three points and burned stronger and hotter, spreading to more areas.

This was a calamity that was worse than the invasion of the Asura Race.

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