Chapter 762: Ambushed

Chapter 762: Ambushed   

Qin Lie ignored all external distractions and completely focused on recovering himself.

The effects of the Soul Cloud Saint Spirit Pill was extremely strong. After the pill had melted in his stomach, a stream of rich, refined soul energy scattered into millions of tiny tendrils that entered his mind through his blood vessels.

The soul energy gathered in his Soul Lake upon entering his mind.

The Soul Lake that had shrunk one third of its original size were regrowing at a visible rate thanks to the injection of millions of soul tendrils.

The feeling where his soul energy was so full it was about to overflow slowly surfaced to his mind. It soothed his True Soul, and the process felt like his soul and mind were being washed by a fountain of ambrosia. Even his Soul Lake felt incredibly cleaned.

It felt as if his True Soul was being sublimed to a higher level.

There was another rich stream of spirit energy that spread down to his stomach and surged into his dantian’s spirit sea.

The wisps of milky white spirit clouds condensed inside his dantian’s spirit sea and replenished his depleted spirit energy swiftly.

Not only could the Soul Cloud Saint Spirit Pill recover one’s soul energy swiftly, it could fill up one’s spirit sea with spirit energy too. It was a pill that regenerated both soul energy and spirit energy.

“At his current realm, it would appear that a Soul Cloud Saint Spirit Pill is more than enough to restore him to full.”

Not far away, Celestial Artifact Sect’s Bi You narrowed his eyes slightly with an odd expression on his face.

He was the one who gifted the Soul Cloud Saint Spirit Pill to Qin Lie, so he knew better than anyone just how precious the pill was. It was also how he knew with one hundred percent certainty that a single Soul Cloud Saint Spirit Pill was enough to restore Qin Lie’s soul energy and spirit energy to full.

This also meant that Qin Lie didn’t need more pills to restore his soul energy or spirit energy.

He refused to believe that Shen Yue wasn’t privy to the value of a Soul Cloud Saint Spirit Pill.

In his opinion, Shen Yue’s act to request pills from other martial practitioners was overstepping the line a little.

“It is enough for now, of course,” Shen Yue smiled, “However… this war against the outsider race may last for a very long time. It may end in just ten days’ time, but it may also drag out for a whole year. Qin Lie is capable of dealing the outsiders a destructive blow, so the outsiders will suffer as long as he remains energetic and lively. That’s why there’s no harm in hoarding as many pills as possible ahead of time. They will all be used eventually.”

Bi You thought that Shen Yue’s words made sense after thinking for a moment. Therefore, he stopped questioning further into her actions.

The martial practitioners continued to advance towards the center of Prism Continent while protecting Qin Lie.

Fifteen minutes later, while the group was passing by Moonstone City, Qin Lie abruptly cut his recovery short and opened his eyes.

Dozens of fierce blazes and innumerable unknown divine characters sprung out from inside his pupils.

“What’s going on?” Shen Yue was the closest to Qin Lie, so she was the first one to notice his strange reaction.

“Over there!” Qin Lie pointed at a stone tower at the southeastern corner of Moonstone City.

“Follow me!” Bi You charged towards it.

Another Nirvana Realm martial practitioner who was followed closely by two Fragmentation Realm martial practitioners charged towards that direction as well.


Qin Lie pressed his tongue against the upper part of his mouth and verbalized an unknown divine character in a strange note.

The blood inside his body boiled as the blaze divine character glowed with extraordinary strength.

The divine characters inside his blood swam in an unfathomable, worldly pattern as if they were planets orbiting within a sea of stars.

This was the wondrous interconnection that existed within the power of bloodlines.


The painful cry and the burning figure of an evil ghoul appeared from under the stone tower Bi You was charging to.

It was an Earth Ghoul clansman who was currently engulfed in flames.

“Kill him!”

Strangeness occurred in Moonstone City once more.

The grand stone palaces of the ruined Moonstone City instantly shattered into smithereens.

Giant rocks and stone pillars were turned into deadly projectiles and shot towards their direction.


The ground fissured and revealed many dark cracks as the Earth Ghoul clansmen hiding deep underground burst into the open.

The gravity around the area abruptly increased by hundreds of times.

The crystalline war chariots, the Fragmentation Realm martial practitioners flying in the sky, the spirit birds and the giant carriages abruptly plummeted towards the ground because they were unable to adapt to the sudden increase of gravity immediately.

The explosions of flying spirit artifacts illuminated the whole area.

Plenty of Netherpassage Realm martial practitioners or martial practitioners who weren’t protected by spirit artifacts who were attacked by frenzied groups of Earth Ghoul clansmen the moment they plummeted to the ground.

Dozens of unrecognizable human corpses instantly appeared on the floor.

Hundreds of Earth Ghoul clansmen swarmed these corpses in an instant, tearing and devouring them like wild animals.

“Whoosh whoosh whoosh!”

Brown yellow colored storms mixed with stone fragments, wood, the carcasses of spirit beasts and blood suddenly appeared from every part of Moonstone City.

Heaven Ghoul clansmen were unleashing their spatial power and drawing many spatial blades amidst the storm.

Blue Ghoul clansmen were clutching chain bracelets, necklaces, and bone staffs made of animal bones and dancing madly.

Gray colored evil energy gathered from every direction and tore at the humans like meat grinders.

In an instant, dozens or so humans were enveloped by the terrible power of those storms, cut into pieces by the spatial blades, or penetrated by the evil energy again.

Even more Earth Ghoul clansmen burst out from underground and charged towards them suicidally while still chewing on human flesh and bones, looking like real ghouls that had emerged from the abyss.

The human martial practitioners fell into panicked disorder.

“This place’s gravity field was altered by the enemy!” Qin Lie turned pale.

He couldn’t use the eight Thunderblitz Trees because the gravity of this place had been increased several hundred times than normal. This also meant that he couldn’t inscribe another spirit diagram and reactivate the destructive Profound Thunder Heart.

Even worse was that the Golden Winged Luan he and Shen Yue was on was also falling heavily towards the ground.

Innumerable amount of Heaven Ghoul, Earth Ghoul, and Blue Ghoul clansmen were waiting beneath them.

Countless pairs of dark, violent and evil eyes were staring at him closely.

It was obvious that the anomaly in Moonstone City was a devious trap specifically prepared by the foreign for him.

The Earth Ghoul clansmen’s alterations to gravity so that it was hundreds of times stronger than normal made it impossible for him to use the eight Thunderblitz Trees.

The Blue Ghoul clansmen who were good at hiding slipped deep underground with the Earth Ghoul clansmen aid and avoided the human martial practitioners’ soul scan through a secret art. After the human martial practitioners had come to them, they emerged without warning and ambushed their enemies.

They instantly turned the situation on its head.

In just a short time, almost a hundred human martial practitioners were caught off guard and killed. After their corpses had fallen to the ground, they were torn and devoured by the outsiders, leaving not a single corpse behind.

The scene was incredibly bloody and violent.

Many of the young human martial practitioners had never experienced a fight like this. When they saw that the companions and senior brothers and sisters that they were just talking to a moment ago turning into fleshy bits inside the outsiders’ mouth, when they saw the way blood splattered from the outsiders’ mouth with every chewing motion, they almost broke down there and then.

The crumbling of their minds caused their combat strength to fall far below normal. Since they weren’t able to pay attention to the battle, they naturally weren’t able to unleash their full strength.

The human race’s morale was currently low.

“Eat this!”

While the Golden Winged Luan was falling swiftly towards the ground, Qin Lie’s spatial ring sparkled as several Blaze Profound Bombs winked into existence.

With him as the center, the scarlet metal balls flew towards the places where the outsiders were densely packed like fire beams.


In an instant, terrific explosions appeared from the spots where the outsiders were entrenched.

Thunder erupted while lightning swam like living dragons. Wildfire instantly engulfed Moonstone City in a sea of flames.

Blaze Profound Bombs might could be amplified. When two Blaze Profound Bombs were to clash against one another, their destructive strength could be multiplied by several folds.

The impact caused by the simultaneous explosions of multiple Blaze Profound Bombs instantly caused a group of dozens or so Earth Ghoul clansmen to scatter into bloody rains.

“The Terminator Profound Bombs!” Shen Yue reacted.

The martial practitioners of Terminator Sect looked incredibly invigorated.

They began throwing silver metallic balls too towards the outsiders and into the storms.

For a time, every corner of Moonstone City resounded with devastating booms of destruction.

The Blaze Profound Bombs and Terminator Profound Bombs were incredible weapons that could turn a battle on its head and deal unbelievable amounts of damage to the enemy in a short time.

The three great ghoul races’ clansmen had obviously failed to react in time.

Many of them were crushed and killed in the explosions.

Using the opening created by the bombs, a dozen or so Nirvana Realm martial practitioners who were well versed in the power of gravity combined their strength and unleashed them.

“Crack crack crack!”

The exterior of Moonstone City rippled like a tidal wave or a carpet flapping to the wind.

Many palaces crumbled and was destroyed.

The powerful gravity fields deep beneath the fissured ground and the geocentric formations the Earth Ghoul clansmen had set up there became ineffective as the ground rippled.

The gravity field that made everything several hundred times heavier than normal was gradually fading.

“Retreat for now!”

A tiny Earth Ghoul clansman howled eerily when they saw that the situation had taken a turn for the worse.

Many dark underground holes magically appeared under the effects of the Earth Ghoul Race’s energy.

Many Blue Ghoul and Heaven Ghoul clansmen plunged head first into those dark holes and instantly disappeared.

Many Earth Ghoul clansmen were able to merge into the ground like fish in water the second they set foot on the ground surface.

To them, the dark and lightless underground was almost like home.

They were capable of moving freely underground.

This was their unique racial talent.

The human martial practitioners who just turned the tides a little and was about to counter attack the outsiders suddenly discovered that their figures and auras had all disappeared.

By now Moonstone City was riddled in holes and completely ruined. Pools of blood could be found everywhere, but not one of the deceased could be found at all.

Both the humans and outsider races who had died in the battle were taken away by the Earth Ghoul clansmen into the underground. They would bury their clansmen, but the humans… they would eat them.

The gravity field of this place suddenly turned back to normal.

“They already left,” a Celestial Artifact Sect martial practitioner who reached the late stage of Nirvana Realm sighed helplessly while staring at the ground with a dark expression.

Illusory Demon Sect’s Shi Xiuling was frowning deeply before she stared at Qin Lie, “That burning outsider was bait!”

Everyone came to realization when they heard this.

Qin Lie could detect some special outsiders and burn them to death through a secret art that they had no understanding of.

The outsiders also knew this.

That was why they had set up a trap, altered the gravity and left behind a special outsider to bait them into this place.

As expected, the group had noticed that outsider’s existence from the anomaly in his bloodline and exposed him while they were passing through this place.

This caused them to pause above Moonstone City, and Bi You charging out on his own accord to hunt down that outsider.

After that, they were ambushed by the enemy and forced to pay a terrible price. More than a hundred human martial practitioners died without a body to show.

“He is largely responsible for the damage we suffer!” Shi Xiuling accused Qin Lie.

Fifty of the people who died horribly in this battle were her disciples and subordinates.

This was because the Illusory Demon Sect had a lot of female martial practitioners, and these foreign races found the flesh of young human females tastier than human males.

That was why they spent more energy on taking down Illusory Demon Sect martial practitioners when they ambushed them earlier, causing them to suffer the heaviest casualties.

Shi Xiuling didn’t know this.

She assumed that Qin Lie harbored malicious intentions and purposely caused the deaths of many Illusory Demon Sect’s disciples.

Although she could offer no reason, evidence or method to support her theory.

That was what she thought all the same.

Otherwise, why on earth was the number of casualties they suffered half of the total number of people who died out of all five great Silver rank forces?

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