Chapter 762: Ambushed

Chapter 762: Ambushed   

Qin Lie ignored all external distractions and completely focused on recovering himself.

The effects of the Soul Cloud Saint Spirit Pill was extremely strong. After the pill had melted in his stomach, a stream of rich, refined soul energy scattered into millions of tiny tendrils that entered his mind through his blood vessels.

The soul energy gathered in his Soul Lake upon entering his mind.

The Soul Lake that had shrunk one third of its original size were regrowing at a visible rate thanks to the injection of millions of soul tendrils.

The feeling where his soul energy was so full it was about to overflow slowly surfaced to his mind. It soothed his True Soul, and the process felt like his soul and mind were being washed by a fountain of ambrosia. Even his Soul Lake felt incredibly cleaned.

It felt as if his True Soul was being sublimed to a higher level.

There was another rich stream of spirit energy that spread down to his stomach and surged into his dantian’s spirit sea.

The wisps of milky white spirit clouds condensed inside his dantian’s spirit sea and replenished his depleted spirit energy swiftly.

Not only could the Soul Cloud Saint Spirit Pill recover one’s soul energy swiftly, it could fill up one’s spirit sea with spirit energy too. It was a pill that regenerated both soul energy and spirit energy.

“At his current realm, it...

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