Chapter 761: We Need You!

Chapter 761: We Need You!

Deep inside the clouds, the battle between the Soul Altar experts of the human race and the ghoul races triggered many spatial tremors and storms. Meteors penetrated the firmament, and dazzling explosions looked like stars as they lit the world.

Be it the human race or the three ghoul races, the peak experts made sure that their battlefield was limited to the sky and the sky alone.

They knew very well that a battle at their level would wreck disastrous levels of havoc if they were to fight on the ground.

No one could participate in their level of battle unless they were of the same cultivation. Not even Nirvana Realm experts were qualified to participate.

This was a true battle of the pinnacles.

Under the sky, the battle of martial practitioners beneath Imperishable Realm was cut short before it could escalate.

The outsider races were retreating back to Prism Continent.

“Charge into the heart of their base!”

War cries were raised by the men of the five great Silver rank forces as dozens of Nirvana and Fragmentation Realm experts surrounded Qin Lie like typhoons and flew towards Prism Continent alongside him.

Right now Qin Lie had temporarily withdrawn the eight slabs of Thunderblitz wood to preserve his strength.

“Just focus on recovering and ignore everything else,” Shen Yue said softly.

Qin Lie was sitting atop her Golden Winged Luan.

The top speed of a rank six Golden Winged Luan surpassed the top speed of every crystalline war chariot in Qin Lie’s possession. In order to make his way faster to the outsiders’ gathering grounds and to avoid losing his concentration, Qin Lie didn’t turn down Shen Yue’s invitation and chose to ride on her Golden Winged Luan.

He took out pieces of dried spirit beast meat from his spatial ring, chewing and devouring them piece by piece.

The jerky strips were made out of rank five or six spirit beasts. They contained a tremendous amount of refined flesh and blood energy, and they were extremely useful to recovery of one’s stamina and bloodline power.

At the same time, Qin Lie was also clutching many spirit stones of great purity with his other hand and absorbing the spirit energy inside it.

Both his physical body and spirit sea had used up a lot of energy during the battle earlier.

He activated his bloodline and the blaze imprints, causing all the experts of the three great ghoul races who were branded in the past to be flooded by terrifying flames and burned to ashes before they could do anything.

Every one of these enemies were at least at the late stage of the Fragmentation Realm.

Most of the martial practitioners who were branded by the Blaze Family were of incredible cultivation. Branded late stage Nirvana Realm martial practitioners could be found wherever he looked.

The blaze imprint had dealt a severe blow to the three great ghoul races’ forces and eliminated their strongest experts in the very beginning of the fight.

Of course, the price of activating his bloodline power was his body’s physical strength.

Later on, he manipulated the eight Thunderblitz wood slabs and drew a compound spirit diagram with lightning itself. He conjured the Profound Thunder Heart and killed many enemy martial practitioners continuously at the cost of his spirit energy and soul energy.

That was why he needed to do his best to recover his spirit energy, soul energy, and physical strength in the shortest time possible. It was the only way for him to continue his miraculous feats and deal a destructive blow to the outsider races.

He focused all of his concentration on recovering his powers.

“Take this Soul Cloud Saint Spirit Pill and do your best to recover as soon as possible. We need you!” Suddenly, Celestial Artifact Sect’s Bi You passed over a pill to him.

Qin Lie opened his eyes.

The pill glowing with jade-like luster was about as big as a Dragon Eye Fruit. A small cloud floated above the pill and emanated with a refined aura of souls.

The amount of refined soul energy in this pill actually felt bigger than ten soul crystals combined. When he sniffed the small cloud floating above the pill, his Soul Lake felt cleansed and his soul felt improved.

“Celestial Artifact Sect truly is rich and generous.” Shen Yue couldn’t help but let out a praise when she saw the pill. When she saw that Qin Lie was still blanking out, she grabbed the pill from Bi You’s hands without hesitation.

Showing no regard for the common courtesies between men and women, she stuffed the pill directly into Qin Lie’s mouth beneath Bi You’s astonished gaze.

“Both your hands are occupied, aren’t they? I’m just helping you by doing what little I can do.” Shen Yue smiled softly.

Before Qin Lie could react, the fragrant-smelling pill was stuffed into his mouth.

Even better, Shen Yue’s delicate finger touched his lips once lightly.

He was surprised.

Shen Yue could’ve avoided the contact if she paid a little more attention, but she hadn’t done so.

In fact, he felt that Shen Yue had done it on purpose.

Right now, countless martial practitioners were looking at him. Therefore, not even the tiniest movement of Shen Yue’s had escaped their eyes.

The thousands of Heavenly Sword Mountain, Illusory Demon Sect, Celestial Artifact Sect, Ten Thousand Beast Mountain, and Terminator Sect martial practitioners were all staring at him and Shen Yue in shock.

They all saw the close contact between Shen Yue’s fingertip and his lips.

Everyone’s eyes sparkled like they had discovered a new continent and fell into deep thought.

“There are countless flying spirit artifacts and spirit birds around him, but Shen Yue’s Golden Winged Luan was the one he chose to sit on. Moreover, Shen Yue had just made intimate contact with Qin Lie without caring for common courtesies at all. What does this mean? This means that their relationship is deeper than normal.”

“It would appear that they are a pair of lovers.”

“So he and Shen Yue share a relationship like this. In that case it’s no wonder Terminator Sect regarded this kid so highly. Shen Yue is Shen Kui’s granddaughter, and Shen Kui is a martial practitioner whom even Nan Zhengtian and Lei Yan greatly respected. Even if it is just for Shen Kui’s sake, Nan Zhengtian had no reason not to protect him with all he got.”

“So this is why Nan Zhengtian demanded Black Voodoo Cult to not harm Qin Lie.”

A lot of people wore a look of realization on their faces.

“God dammit, this bastard acts as swift as lightning! Why the heck did he come to me to ask about Senior Sister Shen’s private life when they’re this close with each other already? Does he have a screw loose in his head?” Du Xiangyang complained on the inside.

A hint of bitterness hung at the corners of Luo Chen’s mouth.

There were plenty of Terminator Sect, Heavenly Sword Mountain, Celestial Artifact Sect and even Ten Thousand Beast Mountain young men who admired Shen Yue.

Therefore, these people were both envious and jealous of Qin Lie right now. They were feeling all kinds of emotions.

“Senior Sister Xue, did I mistake your relationship with Qin Lie? Or… do you and Shen Yue serve the same husband?”

Ju Ruijie and Xue Moyan were not far away from each other.

After moving her gaze away from Shen Yue and Qin Lie, she looked disdainfully at Xue Moyan and did her best to ridicule her.

“Regardless, it would seem that you have failed terribly.”

“If you and Qin Lie share no ties with each other, then I can only say that you are a blind fool. I may dislike the guy, but the fact that he could cause such a huge commotion in the Land of Chaos proved just how capable he really is. If I were you, I would’ve held him tight and won his heart over back at the Graveyard of Gods. I would’ve made sure that his heart is filled only with my image.”

“If you are as clever as I am and did so, then you may ignore what I said earlier. But this also begs another question: how did he get together with Shen Yue? Is your control over your man really this pathetic? How can you be so careless as to allow Shen Yue to get so close to him? You should be doing what Shen Yue is doing right now; she’s robbing you of your man right before everyone’s eyes! How can you stand this?”

“Heh. If I were you, I have to admit, there would be no way for me to tolerate this.”

Xue Moyan’s eyes were dim as she said softly with a lowered head, “There’s nothing between us.”

“Then you are an even greater failure than I expected!” Ju Ruijie sneered. “I’ve asked about you two, and I know that he’s the one who extended your life back at the Graveyard of Gods, saved your father and helped awaken your mother from her deep slumber. He even brought back the Blood Progenitor’s body to your father, helped Blood Fiend Sect establish themselves on the Setting Sun Islands, and helped in your fight against the Black Voodoo Cult and the three great families… I don’t know what else he had helped you with.”

“The point is that he gave you plenty aid and played roles of incalculable significance in many cases. If you cannot bind someone who contributed so much to you and the Blood Fiend Sect by emotions, then what else can you offer to influence him into continue helping Blood Fiend Sect in the future?”

“Forgive my directness, but what other qualities do you possess that could attract him other than your slightly pretty looks?”

“You no longer possess the dazzling status or identity of Illusory Demon Sect successor. Your current status is far inferior to Shen Yue’s in this regard.”

“I admit that you possess incredible talent, and that you are in no way inferior to Shen Yue in this regard. However, Shen Yue has incredible management skills which you don’t possess.”

“The greatest mistake you made was to let him slip through your fingers when you had the chance back at the Graveyard of Gods. It may be impossible to rectify that mistake now.”

Ju Ruijie’s analysis made Xue Moyan look a little uncomfortable. Even her eyes looked a little dull.

She subconsciously looked at Shen Yue some distance away from her and noticed the trace of redness coloring both sides of her cheeks. The emotion of jealousy suddenly sprang into her heart.

At the same time, Shen Yue suddenly turned around to look at her as if she had noticed Xue Moyan’s gaze.

Shen Yue’s eyes lit up aggressively, and the corners of her lips curled slightly upwards. She seemed to be taunting Xue Moyan soundlessly.

Xue Moyan’s face stiffened.

Shen Yue let out a soft laugh and withdrew her gaze proudly. She didn’t continue looking at Xue Moyan any longer.

“Everyone, please share with us some high quality pills if possible so that Qin Lie can recover as soon as possible,” Shen Yue said seriously to the experts around her.

“I have a Yin Yang Calibration Pill here.”

“I have a Seven Apertures Mind Nurturing Pill.”

“Here’s a Nature Pill.”

Terminator Sect, Heavenly Sword Mountain, Ten Thousand Beast Mountain, and Celestial Artifact Sect martial practitioners passed over the pills with slightly pained looks on their faces.

“Don’t move. Allow me to take them for you.”

Shen Yue went over and accepted the offered pills kindly. She then stood fearlessly beside Qin Lie.

“Notify me when the pills you’ve consumed are fully refined. I’ll give you a new pill when you’re done,” she said gently.

As of that moment, the Soul Cloud Saint Spirit Pill he just swallowed was releasing a tremendous amount of refined soul energy throughout his body. He couldn’t talk to Shen Yue because he was doing his best to digest it.

In everyone else’s eyes however, Qin Lie was submitting judgment to Shen Yue completely and allowing her to deal with the trifle matters.

This made them feel even more certain that Shen Yue and him shared a close relationship with each other.

“How unfortunate. If Shen Yue hasn’t gotten to him first, I would’ve introduced my disciple to him.”

“Shen Yue sure acts quickly. I wanted to see if he fancies my daughter too, but, alas, I guess that’s no longer possible.”

“We, Heavenly Sword Mountain, have a good lass too.”

Beside Qin Lie, the Nirvana Realm experts who just passed over their pills to Shen Yue shook their heads and muttered regretfully to themselves.

Qin Lie’s name was destined to spread throughout the Land of Chaos and turn him into the most sought after person after this battle.

Judging from today’s battle, Qin Lie would likely become one of the greatest person on the Land of Chaos In the near future.

An engagement would’ve been the perfect alternative to tie down a free agent who listened to no sect like Qin Lie.

That was what they all thought.

—If only Shen Yue hadn’t gotten ahead of them.

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