Chapter 761: We Need You!

Chapter 761: We Need You!

Deep inside the clouds, the battle between the Soul Altar experts of the human race and the ghoul races triggered many spatial tremors and storms. Meteors penetrated the firmament, and dazzling explosions looked like stars as they lit the world.

Be it the human race or the three ghoul races, the peak experts made sure that their battlefield was limited to the sky and the sky alone.

They knew very well that a battle at their level would wreck disastrous levels of havoc if they were to fight on the ground.

No one could participate in their level of battle unless they were of the same cultivation. Not even Nirvana Realm experts were qualified to participate.

This was a true battle of the pinnacles.

Under the sky, the battle of martial practitioners beneath Imperishable Realm was cut short before it could escalate.

The outsider races were retreating back to Prism Continent.

“Charge into the heart of their base!”

War cries were raised by the men of the five great Silver rank forces as dozens of Nirvana and Fragmentation Realm experts surrounded Qin Lie like typhoons and flew towards Prism Continent alongside him.

Right now Qin Lie had temporarily withdrawn the eight slabs of Thunderblitz wood to preserve his strength.


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