Chapter 760: The Enormous Bloody Spear

Chapter 760: The Enormous Bloody Spear

This was the first time Qin Lie was using spirit diagrams in battle.

Above his head, eight enormous pillars floated in the sky like ancient gods that looked down at the world.

Countless bolts of electricity formed into an enormous ball of lightning in the shape of a heart and gave off terrifying rumbles.

“Boom! Boom boom! Boom boom boom!”

The ball of electricity swelled. With each beat, thunderous divine light that couldn’t be seen with the naked eye formed into ripples that spread outwards.

With each explosion, hearts of the clansmen of the three ghoul races exploded.

Their figures, having lost their life and covered in blood, fell towards the ocean.

There were only a few members of the three great ghoul races left near Qin Lie. Those who remained…

...were in Fragmentation and Nirvana Realms.

Anyone below the Fragmentation Realm had died.

“Boom!” The ball of lightning continued.

The remaining Fragmentation Realm outsiders endured the attack of Profound Thunder Heart, but having suffered internal injuries, they were forced to retreat.

They quickly found that the further away they were...

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