Chapter 760: The Enormous Bloody Spear

Chapter 760: The Enormous Bloody Spear

This was the first time Qin Lie was using spirit diagrams in battle.

Above his head, eight enormous pillars floated in the sky like ancient gods that looked down at the world.

Countless bolts of electricity formed into an enormous ball of lightning in the shape of a heart and gave off terrifying rumbles.

“Boom! Boom boom! Boom boom boom!”

The ball of electricity swelled. With each beat, thunderous divine light that couldn’t be seen with the naked eye formed into ripples that spread outwards.

With each explosion, hearts of the clansmen of the three ghoul races exploded.

Their figures, having lost their life and covered in blood, fell towards the ocean.

There were only a few members of the three great ghoul races left near Qin Lie. Those who remained…

...were in Fragmentation and Nirvana Realms.

Anyone below the Fragmentation Realm had died.

“Boom!” The ball of lightning continued.

The remaining Fragmentation Realm outsiders endured the attack of Profound Thunder Heart, but having suffered internal injuries, they were forced to retreat.

They quickly found that the further away they were from Qin Lie, the smaller the damage they received.


The ghouls reacted. Someone shouted, and the others immediately followed suit. The ghouls that had been charging at Qin Lie were like a reverse tide.

They were aware of the danger Qin Lie and the Blaze Family imprint posed to them, but they had no other choice. They had to retreat.

Had they chosen not to leave, they would have exploded.

—That was an outcome they didn’t want to see.

“Hm, weren’t they just shouting to kill Qin Lie at any cost?” Tian Yu of Ten Thousand Beast Mountain grumbled with a shocked expression.

“He’s stronger than before.” Yu Men had a complicated expression.

Luo Kexin from Celestial Artifact Sect looked at Qin Lie with gleaming eyes.

First, she looked deeply at him, then at the Thunderblitz wood formation and lightning ball inside. She probed it with her soul.

Gradually, Luo Kexin’s eyes grew brighter, and her body started to tremble minutely.

She detected the channels of spirit diagrams from inside the lightning ball.

“Whoosh whoosh whoosh!”

Six blazing flame tongues slithered around Du Xiangyang like six fire spirit snakes.

The six nimble fire snakes charged at three Earth Ghouls in the Fulfillment Realm. The ghouls were immediately pierced by the sword energy as bloody holes appeared on their bodies.

Du Xiangyang clearly held the upper hand and occasionally gave howls of excitement and pride.

His performance attracted Luo Kexin’s attention.

Luo Kexin looked over and immediately saw the Five Flames Flowing Light Sword in Du Xiangyang’s hand. She watched as the flying sword she had judged to be unrepairable scrap displayed astounding power in Du Xiangyang’s hands and released many wondrous fire snakes. There was a bitter grimace on her face.

The light and nimbleness of that flying sword was like a heavy slap to her face.

Her face burned, not in pain, but shame.

Thinking back to the conversation and scene a few days ago, her beautiful eyes changed expression and landed on Qin Lie again.

Qin Lie had taken the “Five Fire Flowing Light Sword” from Du Xiangyang at the end.

Thinking about the dazzling spirit diagram inside the eight Thunderblitz wood slabs, Luo Kexin understood everything.

The Five Flames Flowing Light Sword she had thought no one in the vast Land of Chaos could repair had been successfully repaired by Qin Lie.

She knew what was inside the Five Flames Flowing Light Sword.

“Ancient diagram…” Luo Kexin murmured.

“Everyone, please move aside!”

At this moment, Qin Lie shouted loudly. The eight slabs of Thunderblitz wood above his head slowly moved forward as though supported by enormous hands.

“I can only injure and kill the outsiders if I get close to them!”

Thousands of human martial practitioners from the five Silver rank forces instinctively retreated.

They made way for Qin Lie, creating a path leading to a gathering spot of three great ghoul races.

Qin Lie could move forward directly.

“Protect Qin Lie! His value is at least equal to a Soul Altar expert!” Celestial Artifact Sect’s Bi You waved his arms and shouted.

He once had a deep conflict with Qin Lie.

Three years ago, when Qin Lie first came to the Land of Chaos, Qin Lie had stolen the Demon Sealing Tombstone from Bi You near Sea Moon Island.

In order to find Qin Lie and Song Tingyu, he had sent out dozens of martial practitioners from Celestial Artifact Sect and searched the area around Sea Moon Island for multiple months.

To achieve his goal, he had even found the Blue Star Association and had all their members cooperate with him to find the culprit.

But in the end, he had come out empty-handed

After the Graveyard of Gods’ Trial ended, Qin Lie’s fame spread through the world. Capturing the remains of the ancient elites, stealing from Jiang Zhuzhe and destroying his agreement with Celestial Artifact Sect.

Only then did he learn that Qin Lie had been the one who had stolen the Demon Sealing Tombstone back at Sea Moon Island.

This had caused him to feel hatred towards Qin Lie.

He felt that if Qin Lie hadn’t stolen the Demon Sealing Tombstone, Celestial Artifact Sect would have reaped more rewards in the Graveyard of Gods.

Yet today, facing the savagery of the three great ghoul races, in front of the enemy of all humans in the Land of Chaos, when he realized Qin Lie’s importance in the battle against the ghouls, he decided to support him.

“Old Li! Old Wu! Come with me!”

Bi You called over two of his close friends in the Fragmentation realm. He charged first towards Qin Lie to protect him.

His two friends trusted him deeply. They followed without a word to reach Qin Lie.

“Send three Fragmentation Realm and one Nirvana Realm experts to protect Qin Lie!” Yu Men of Ten Thousand Beast Mountain hesitated and then ordered gravely.

The experts of Ten Thousand Beast Mountain protecting him and Tian Yu looked in shock at him.

“I don’t like him! I dislike him greatly!” Yu Men snorted. “But his use in this battle is indescribable. At least right now, he is much more important than I am!”

“What are you dawdling for? Go!” Tian Yu urged.

The four experts of Ten Thousand Beast Mountain that were supposed to guard the pair had complicated expressions. They nodded and then flew away.

Yu Men had fought Qin Lie a few times in the Graveyard of Gods. Due to this, they had become enemies.

Tian Yu had been wounded a few days ago by Qin Lie.

But at this time, they chose to temporarily forget their grudges with Qin Lie, and had their retinue protect Qin Lie instead.

“What are you dazing there for?” Chu Li glared at the old members of Terminator Sect around him.

Those people nodded silently and landed next to Qin Lie to protect him.

“Go over there!” Luo Chen commanded coldly.

And so, Heavenly Sword Mountain also sent a group of experts.

Four Silver rank forces, Ten Thousand Beast Mountain, Celestial Artifact Sect, Terminator Sect, and Heavenly Sword Mountain sent a portion of their elites to Qin Lie and proactively protected him.

Only Illusory Demon Sect’s martial practitioners didn’t move.

Shi Xiuling, Ju Ruijie, and the martial practitioners from Illusory Demon Sect were silent from beginning to end. They did not give any orders.

No one came over of their own accord.

This scene was awkward and eerie.

“I thought that Illusory Demon Sect would be his strongest ally,” Luo Kexin said disdainfully.

“The Setting Sun Islands are within Illusory Demon Sect’s borders. The great majority of Blazing Profound Bombs that Gray Island produced used are sold to Illusory Demon Sect. Shouldn’t Blood Fiend Sect and Illusory Demon Sect be the closest?” Tian Yu looked in shock at Yu Men.

Yu Men also had an astounded expression.

All this time, Celestial Artifact Sect and Ten Thousand Beast Mountain had no interactions with Blood Fiend Sect. Naturally, they shared no relationship.

However, when they realized Qin Lie’s existence itself could explode the bodies of the outsiders, they didn’t hesitate and chose to protect Qin Lie.

They thought it would be natural for anyone with the slightest bit of intellect.

What puzzled them was that they, who had conflicts with Qin Lie, could see the situation and make the correct choice. Why didn’t Illusory Demon Sect do the same?

It was an outcome they found strange.

Fortunately, with the protection of Heavenly Sword Mountain, Celestial Artifact Sect, Ten Thousand Beast Mountain, and Terminator Sect, Qin Lie’s safety was almost guaranteed.

Qin Lie continued to move towards the gathering place of the three great ghoul races.

The strongest of the four Silver rank forces came and formed a circle around him.

“Boom boom boom!”

The blinding lightning ball at the center of the eight Thunderblitz wood slabs continued to explode.


The members of the three great ghoul races coughed up blood as they screamed, clenching their chests.

These were all in the Fragmentation Realm.

Large groups of Fulfillment and Netherpassage Realm martial practitioners had died as the lightning ball pulsed.

At least half of the hundreds of outsiders that had ridden the floating rocks from Prism Continent had died due to Qin Lie.

Among them, there were six Nirvana Realm experts that had been turned to ash by the blaze imprint before the fight even began.

Dozens of Fragmentation Realm ghouls had their hearts wounded by the Profound Thunder Heart. They lost their balance, and the great part of their strength. Their opponents successfully killed them.

Qin Lie’s effect was astounding.

The ghouls that followed saw the strange, mysterious deaths of their clansmen and slowed their charge.


The surviving ghouls recognized the state of the situation and retreated towards Prism Continent.

The battle that should have been evenly matched became completely tilted due to Qin Lie’s appearance.

The humans had the upper hand.

“The outsiders are retreating!”

“They are fleeing back to Prism Continent!”

“What to do?”

“How should we attack?”

The martial practitioners of the five Silver rank forces started a heated discussion when they saw the situation change.

Many people had excited expressions and bright eyes. They seemed as though they couldn’t control themselves.

Many of the Nirvana Realm martial practitioners from Terminator Sect, Heavenly Sword Mountain, Ten Thousand Beast Mountain, and Celestial Artifact Sect heard the discussion and looked instinctively towards Qin Lie.

The damage Qin Lie could cause along could match a hundred, or even a thousand people!

They thought of Qin Lie as the sharpest and deadliest spear in the hands of humans!

Strength determined the right to speak, and status!

By this criterion, it was Qin Lie’s words that held the most weight, so everyone instinctively looked at him.

Despite their stares, Qin Lie’s expression was steady and his eyes cold as he said, “To the core of Prism Continent!”

“Alright! Fight to the core of Prism Continent!”

“Protect Qin Lie to the core of Prism Continent!”

“We do not know the state of the battle in the firmament, and have no power to participate! But we have to win the battle of Prism Continent! We need to destroy the future foundations of the foreign races, and cut off their future!”

“Go! Follow Qin Lie into Prism Continent!”

The crowd was excited.


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