Chapter 758: Meteor Shower

Chapter 758: Meteor Shower

Seven Imperishable Realm foreigners.

Xu Ran and Yan Baiyi gazed at the scene of the tombstone with furrowed brows and ugly expressions.

“It’s not just the Heaven Ghoul Race!”

Qin Lie moved his finger away from the Demon Sealing Tombstone and looked at its surface to watch the scenes being displayed. His eyes flashed with lightning.

He was also shocked.

Of the seven individuals, four of them were not Heaven Ghouls. All seven had three-level Soul Altars that floated deep within the clouds.

The seven sat like seven stars in a constellation. The Soul Altars under them expande, releasing shocking soul fluctuations.

Soon, the Soul Altars under the seven people became a pure black color.

They also released dark evil light.

The seven Soul Altars were like seven black suns that released black light. The light gathered, revealing void chaotic energy hidden within.

The speck of light the size of a rice-grain gradually brightened in the sea of black light and pulsed eerily.

The black bead quickly expanded...


…and suddenly exploded.

An enormous hole seemed to open in the firmament. The spatial crystal barrier seemed to be penetrated.

Countless blinding rays of light suddenly flashed within the black hole. Meteors with trailing tails that were roaming through the chaotic streams of space were suddenly pulled by some mysterious power.

The meteors rolled into the world from outside, one after another. There were hundreds of them.

The Soul Altars under the seven foreign race individuals suddenly shot in different directions, emptying the center.

The first meteor had already passed through the black hole.

Seeing this, Xu Ran and Yan Baiyi couldn’t maintain their calm. The two exchanged a look. Without a word, Xu Ran disappeared.

“Master, what is that?” Du Xiangyang shouted.

“Meteor shower!” Yan Baiyi took a deep breath and shouted, “Immediately retreat!”

Almost at the same time, Xu Ran’s shout came from Terminator Sect’s direction. “Meteors are falling from the sky!”

Over at Terminator Sect, the leaders of the five great Silver rank forces started to give orders.

“Move onto the small crystalline war chariots!” Shen Yue hurriedly walked out.

“She’s right. Move onto the chariots and scatter!” Yan Baiyi reacted.

The scenes on the Demon Sealing Tombstone in front of Qin Lie gradually blurred and disappeared.

Putting away the tombstone and suppressing the raging blood in his body, he also walked outside.

He had a bad feeling.

Ten Thousand Beast Mountain’s gathering place.

There were six “Heavenly Lion” battleships that were made from beast bones. Each was more than three thousand meters long.

The six battleships moved towards the Prism Continent like a herd of lions.

A flash of light suddenly appeared above the Heavenly Lions. At first, it was not particularly eye-catching but seconds later, the light grew brighter.

“Whoosh whoosh!”

It was an enormous piece of brown stone that looked like a mountain thousands of meters tall. It was covered in boiling lava and had a long fiery tail. When it was amid the Heavenly Lions, it exploded, causing ear-deafening roars to reverberate.

The enormous stone charged with a roar.

A Ten Thousand Beast Mountain’s Heavenly Lion was struck by the enormous rock. It instantly exploded and turned into a red ball of fire.

The tongues of fire were mixed with rubble, blood, and flesh.

The Heavenly Lion contained hundreds of Ten Thousand Beast Mountain martial practitioners. They only managed to let out a few screams before they were all eradicated.


“Go further away!”

“Look at the sky!”

The martial practitioners on the other Heavenly Lions immediately burst out into screams and wails.

Mountainous meteors appeared on the horizon as they passed through the torn spatial crystal barrier.

Invisible power controlled these meteors and minutely changed their trajectories.

“Boom! Boom! Boom!”

The place where Terminator Sect, Illusory Demon Sect, Heavenly Sword Mountain, Celestial Artifact Sect, and Ten Thousand Beast Mountain were at erupted in destructive explosions.

The blinding light resembling the sun being torn apart flashed constantly in the sky.

Explosions of the battleships and chariots caused many martial practitioners of the five forces to die.

Qin Lie drove a crystalline war chariot. Just as he left Terminator Sect’s ship, he saw an enormous meteor fall down.

The moment the meteor collided with the enormous ship, he saw dozens of Terminator Sect martial practitioners who had not left yet turn into sprays of blood.

That was due to the enormous shock wave produced by the collision of the meteor and the ship.

Then, the ship exploded and burst into flames.

“Old Monster Nan! Go into the sky!” Xu Ran’s voice resounded through the world again. “The seven ghoul elders have forcibly split the spatial crystal barrier and are manipulating space meteors to attack us! If we do not destroy the evil formation of these people, the meteors will not stop falling!”

“Go into the sky!” Nan Zhengtian shouted.

A thick bolt of lightning charted into the sky and moved tens of thousands of meters in an instant.

“Take to the sky!” Qi Yang of Ten Thousand Beast Mountain howled angrily.

The shadow of an ancient beast ten thousand meters tall formed behind Qi Yang. He stood at the ancient beast’s head and charged furiously towards the clouds.

Feng Yi of Celestial Artifact Sect flashed with rainbow light as he stepped on a three-level Soul Altar made from many spirit artifacts and flew into the sky.

Yu Lingwei of Illusory Demon Sect, Luo Nan of Heavenly Sword Mountain, Lei Yan, Xu Ran, and many Soul Altar experts drove their Soul Altars into the sky like a reverse tide, their bodies emanating spirit energy.

They charged into the firmament like deities.

Blinding light exploded in the sky tens of thousands of meters above Qin Lie’s head. As the figures moved, waves of soul power rippled from far away.

The Heaven Grade spirit artifacts that were rarely seen flashed in the clouds and released huge amounts of spirit energy.

Ball of light as bright as the sun exploded. In the void, the space cracks rippled, and the firmament seemed as though it was going to collapse.

Suffocating auras came from the sky and caused many to have difficulty breathing.

In Qin Lie’s eyes, there were vast mountains sitting on the firmament above him. Each Soul Altar expert was like an unmovable mountain to him.

From the beginning of his cultivation until that moment, he had never seen such an intense battle.

This was a conflict between Soul Altar experts!

The void tens of thousands of meters above his head was the battlefield of the Soul Altars. Those that were in the Fragmentation and Nirvana Realms did not qualify to participate.

Feeling the destructive ripples above, he had a deep realization of how minuscule he was. He knew that he was as weak as an ant in the eyes of those Soul Altar experts above.

“Enormous stones have floated up from Prism Continent!” someone shouted.

Qin Lie moved his gaze away from the clouds and looked instinctively at Prism Continent. He found many Heaven Ghouls charging towards them on enormous floating rocks.

There were also unknown foreign races’ clansmen mixed among them.

Looking at the Blue Ghouls and Earth Ghouls, he thought back and searched through his memories for their background.

“The Blue Ghouls and the Earth Ghouls of the three great ghoul races!” A light flashed through his mind as he immediately found corresponding memories concerning the two races. His expression became even more serious.

“Qin Lie! Come with me!” Shen Yue suddenly appeared on the Golden Winged Luan. She reached out a hand and said urgently. “Come with me!”

“Come with you?” Qin Lie’s expression was dark.

“Senior Uncle Xu told me to protect you. I will take you to a safe place so that the Heaven Ghouls cannot find you!” Shen Yue shouted.

“No need. I know how to take care of myself.” Qin Lie refused.

He drove the crystalline war chariot just like the other survivors of the five forces towards the members of the three ghoul races that were coming from Prism Continent.

The Soul Altar experts of the five forcs had charged into the sky to attack the old ghouls of the three ghoul races so that the meteors could not come from the void.

The martial practitioners that survived the meteor shower knew who their opponents were. Their bloodlust was stirred.

In the sky tens of thousands of meters away, Soul Altar experts fought against the Soul Altar experts of three great ghoul races. Below, they needed to stop the main force of their enemies, the Nirvana Realm, Fragmentation, Fulfillment and Netherpassage Realm practitioners.

“Do not be rash!” Shen Yue quickly came close. Her Golden Winged Luan came next to Qin Lie’s crystal chariot. Her face was panicked. She urged, “You are worth much more alive, do not lose your life in a spur of recklessness!”

Qin Lie glanced at her.

“I know about your bloodline.” Shen Yue moved her lips soundlessly.

“I know my worth, and I can do it!” Qin Lie said lowly.

His eyes looked forward.

Blaze divine characters flashed deep in his eyes and caused his blood to churn.

Drops of essence blood suddenly flew out of his body. They were like shining crystal clear red rubies that fell in the center of the three ghoul races.

“Boom! Boom!”

In an instant, dozens of ghouls found their bodies burst into flames.

The imprints of the Blaze Family appeared on their necks, foreheads and chests.

These people were not just Heaven Ghoul Race, even the Blue Ghoul Race and Earth Ghoul Race had people with blaze imprints.

He madly burned his blood.

Before the members of the three ghoul races came into contact with the martial practitioners of the five forces, dozens of powerful members were drowned by the flames and wailed in pain.

“That’s him!”

A member of the Heaven Ghouls immediately locked onto Qin Lie from almost ten thousand meters away.

“We have to kill him at any cost!”

All of the ghouls suddenly went mad and charged at Qin Lie.

“Kill these dirty things!” Luo Kexin’s voice came from the other side.

Qin Lie turned to look. He found that there was Tian Yu, Yu Men, Feng Yiyou and other martial practitioners from Ten Thousand Beast Mountain and Celestial Artifact Sect fighting there.

Their eyes were full of anger.

“Kill all of the outsiders!” Du Xiangyang shouted.

He, Luo Chen, and the other martial practitioners of Heavenly Sword Mountain charged over on their crystalline war chariots.

“Qin Lie! Come with me!” Shen Yue shouted urgently.

“I will not die so easily!” Qin Lie refused again.

As he spoke, he looked above his head where thunder roared. After a moment of thought, he released the eight slabs of Thunderblitz wood.

The eight slabs of Thunderblitz wood the eastern barbarians had gathered were all thousands of years old.

The Thunderblitz slabs could greatly amplify his thunder power.


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