Chapter 758: Meteor Shower

Chapter 758: Meteor Shower

Seven Imperishable Realm foreigners.

Xu Ran and Yan Baiyi gazed at the scene of the tombstone with furrowed brows and ugly expressions.

“It’s not just the Heaven Ghoul Race!”

Qin Lie moved his finger away from the Demon Sealing Tombstone and looked at its surface to watch the scenes being displayed. His eyes flashed with lightning.

He was also shocked.

Of the seven individuals, four of them were not Heaven Ghouls. All seven had three-level Soul Altars that floated deep within the clouds.

The seven sat like seven stars in a constellation. The Soul Altars under them expande, releasing shocking soul fluctuations.

Soon, the Soul Altars under the seven people became a pure black color.

They also released dark evil light.

The seven Soul Altars were like seven black suns that released black light. The light gathered, revealing void chaotic energy hidden within.

The speck of light the size of a rice-grain gradually brightened in the sea of black light and pulsed eerily.

The black bead quickly expanded...


…and suddenly exploded.

An enormous hole seemed...

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