Chapter 757: The Three Ghoul Races

Chapter 757: The Three Ghoul Races

While Qin Lie was trying to understand Shen Yue through Du Xiangyang and Luo Chen, the giant ships, luan birds, Flowing God Fire Phoenix, Star Moon Divine Boats and other flying spirit artifacts were slowly approaching Prism Continent.

First ray of sunlight shone from the horizon.

The large flying spirit artifacts of Heavenly Sword Mountain, Illusory Demon Sect, Terminator Sect, Celestial Artifact Sect, and Ten Thousand Beast Mountain began spreading out across Prism Continent under their leaders’ command.

The five great Silver rank forces started to surround Prism Continent layer by layer in attempt to capture the turtle in the jar, the Heaven Ghoul Race.

Nearly at the same time.

At the center of Prism Continent, numerous spatial rifts slowly flowed together to form a dark and empty hole in the sky.

Bhutto of the Heaven Ghoul Race walked out of the hole unhurriedly while wearing a gloomy look on his face.

“How is it?” Bhutto asked.

“The human powers have gathered together, and soon they will have us surrounded completely. The situation is not looking good,” Matthew said hastily.

“You see who I’ve brought with me?” Bhutto let out an odd chuckle.

He slanted his body and revealed the giant hole behind him. The Heaven Ghoul clansmen who had gathered at this place all turned to look at the hole entrance.

Several figures of savage countenance walked out of the hole. In the space around them lingered a seemingly fathomless aura that stifled everyone’s breath.

This aura came from the outsiders who had walked out of the hole after Bhutto.





The Heaven Ghoul clansmen couldn’t help but scream.

Linton and Bergsen of the Blue Ghoul Race, Andrew and Barham of the Earth Ghoul Race were once reputable figures of the three great ghoul clans. They thought that these old ghouls had lost their Soul Altars and perished in the long rivers of history. They thought that those power families were eliminated by the Heaven Fighting Race just like how the Blaze Family had slaughtered most of them.

They didn’t think that these seniors of the three great ghoul clans were still alive despite the fact that thirty thousand years had passed.

More figures walked out of the black hole. They were all Blue Ghoul and Earth Ghoul clansmen at the Nirvana or Fragmentation Realm.

The Earth Ghoul clansmen had bluish black skin. They were just as short as most Heaven Ghoul clansmen, but they had exceptionally sharp claws growing out of their fingers.

Faint, black aura circulated their bodies, seemingly hinting that their life for the past thirty thousand years had been underground where light couldn’t reach.

The Blue Ghoul Race and Earth Ghoul Race’s arrival immediately filled Matthew and everyone else with incredible confidence.

“Unfortunately, the greatest experts of our three races had destroyed their Soul Altars and perished during the fight against the Heaven Fighting Race to protect us and our bloodline. Otherwise, this Land of Chaos would’ve succumbed to our might and be transformed into our farm in no time!” Bergson said while baring his teeth.

“It’s all those damnable betrayers’ fault!” The eyes of Andrew of the Earth Ghoul Race were brimming with infinite killing intent.

All the clansmen of the Heaven Ghoul Race, the Earth Ghoul Race, and the Blue Ghoul Race were filled with murderous intent.

Their killing intent was targeted towards all living being in Spirit Realm!

The human race especially!

In the ancient times, the Heaven Ghoul Race, Earth Ghoul Race, and Blue Ghoul Race were known as the three great ghoul races. Prior to the invasion of the Heaven Fighting Race, they once travelled unhindered across the world, ruled many lands, fought against giant dragons, ancient beasts, ancient giants and the Dark Nether Race, plundering the infinite resources of Spirit Realm.

At the time, the three great ghoul clans were one of the various powerful races of Spirit Realm who reigned over an entire territory of their own.

After the Heaven Fighting Race travelled through the infinite void and descended onto Spirit Realm, they immediately began their path of domination.

While the invasion was ongoing, many defeated races surrendered and paid allegiance to the Heaven Fighting Race.

The human race was a weak race, but they were the most tactful out of all other races. They were the very first race to surrender and pay allegiance to the Heaven Fighting Race.

The powerful Dark Nether Race, Giant Dragon Race, Ancient Beast Race, Ancient Giant Race, Asura Race, Yaksha Race fought back.

The three great ghoul races were one of the retaliators too.

Unfortunately, as more and more Heaven Fighting Race clansmen entered into Spirit Realm from the outer realms, the races’ retaliation gradually weakened over time.

In the end, more and more powerful races knew that they were not a match for the Heaven Fighting Race and chose to surrender and pay allegiance to them.

But the Heaven Fighting Race didn’t accept all races.

In their eyes, the three great ghoul races were the filth of Spirit Realm and possessed no value whatsoever. They believed that the air of Spirit Realm could be clean only after they had annihilated their race completely.

The Heaven Fighting Race rejected their request to surrender.

A bloody feast of genocide began at the three ghoul races’ vast territories. Wherever the Heaven Fighting Race’s families went, tens of thousands of the three ghoul race’s clansmen died by their hands. Blood ran like river, and corpses piled like mountains on their lands.

The three great ghoul races weren’t willing to give up their lives like this. They thought that they still had a chance to fight back and united as one, swearing to fight the Heaven Fighting Race down to their last breath.

Many bloody battles were fought, many lives were lost in this war.

The strongest cultivators of the three great ghoul clans such as the patriarchs, elders, sages; four-level, five-level and even six-evel Soul Altar experts all perished.

They paid a heavy price for their decision.

When all of their five-level and six-level Soul Altar experts were eliminated by the Heaven Fighting Race, the three great ghoul races finally realized their standing.

They understood very well that the Heaven Fighting Race wouldn’t stop until they were annihilated for as long as they remained in Spirit Realm.

Their, the ghoul race’s, resistance was futile.

When even their four-level Soul Altar clansmen were hunted down and killed one after another, the ghoul race despaired and finally came to the painful decision of retreating from their native land.

And so the Heaven Ghoul Race escaped into the chaotic streams of space, while the Earth Ghoul Race and the Blue Ghoul Race entered into two lifeless auxiliary worlds they once explored before resolutely destroying the spatial passages that connected them to Spirit Realm.

Since then, they cut off all connections with Spirit Realm and struggled in those cold, lonely and lifeless places of death for thirty thousand years.

Many more of the clansmen died because they were unable to get used to the terrible environment.

Every time a clansman passed away, a new shred of hatred was born in their hearts. They hated every living being in Spirit Realm!

They hated the Heaven Fighting Race and the races that submitted to them. They hated them for not holding out against the God Race until their last breaths.

They had lost too many people in the past thirty thousand years. The deaths gorged a deep sea of hatred in their hearts.

“The humans deserve to be annihilated the most!” Bergsen said sinisterly.

“They were the very first ones to surrender to the Heaven Fighting Race which led them to preserve their whole strength. They even benefited from the Heaven Fighting Race and accumulated strength over time. Many years later, they united the hundred races and declared war against the Heaven Fighting Race, ultimately stealing Spirit Realm from their hands!” Bhutto snorted coldly.

“This world is ours to begin with! Thirty thousand years ago, if the human race hadn’t surrendered at the beginning and started a vicious cycle of surrender, misfortune would not have befallen us!” Andrew roared. “If every race had done everything in their power to retaliate against the Heaven Fighting Race, there was no way they would’ve reigned over Spirit Realm! We wouldn’t have lost so many people. We wouldn’t have been forced to escape and abandon our land. We wouldn’t have been forced to live in those lightless, dark places for thirty thousand years!”

“Kill the human race!”

“Kill them all!”

“Tear them apart!”

The clansmen of the three ghoul races hooted as their killing intent transformed into wisps of dark energy that surged to the air.

“Attack!” Bhutto exclaimed.


“We’re almost there.”

Qin Lie stared at the continent that was slowly growing bigger at the horizon as he stood on top of the Heavenly Sword Mountain’s giant flying fish ship. He couldn’t help the solemn expression that sprung to his face.

This was the third time he came to this place.

The first time he came and discovered the anomaly that was the Heaven Ghoul Race, he had chosen to evacuate immediately.

The second time was when he came together with Xu Ran and Tong Zhenzhen, but was chased away just the same by the Heaven Ghoul Race.

He hoped that the same outcome wouldn’t repeat itself a third time.

This time the five great Silver rank forces had sent out all their experts. If even they weren’t enough to suppress the outsider race, it meant that the Land of Chaos would be embroiled in a very long time of turmoil.

The Land of Chaos might even be taken over by the foreign race!

Representing the strongest forces that existed on the Land of Chaos, failure was not a word in their dictionary. The lives of all living beings in the Land of Chaos were in their hands.


Suddenly, his blood began to boil uncontrollably once more as many blaze divine characters jumped out of his blood.

“Tell your master to send Senior Xu Ran over here right now!” He immediately yelled at Du Xiangyang.

Du Xiangyang was confused. “What’s wrong?”

“There are Heaven Ghoul clansmen nearby! Find your master and relay my message immediately! Go!” Qin Lie looked extremely worried.

While he was speaking, he sat down and sucked in a deep breath. He forcefully suppressed the restless bloodline in his body and took out the Demon Sealing Tombstone in a hurry.

He forced a drop of lifeblood essence from his fingertip and began drawing the Blaze Family’s symbol right in front of Du Xiangyang and Luo Chen.

“Go get your master already!” Luo Chen gave Du Xiangyang a strong push.

Du Xiangyang finally reacted and cried out to his master using a secret art that only he knew.

A fierce sword beam abruptly entered the place.

Yan Baiyi appeared and asked strangely, “Is there something else?”

“Qin Lie asks that you message Xu Ran to come over as soon as possible. He says that there are Heaven Ghoul clansmen nearby. I am not exactly sure what’s going on either!” Du Xiangyang cried out.

Yan Baiyi looked shocked as he cast Qin Lie and the Demon Sealing Tombstone a deep glance. Then, he closed his eyes.

Tiny sword shadows that were indiscernible with the naked eye flew out of his glabella and spread several thousand meters to the surroundings in an instant.

At the same time, Xu Ran was asking Shen Yue what she had said to Qin Lie.

Suddenly, his countenance changed as if something had surprised him. He grabbed onto Shen Yue and said, “Let’s go!”

Shen Yue had no idea what was going on.

A few flashes later, she and Xu Ran had arrived directly next to Qin Lie.

“He’s the one who’s looking for you.” Yan Baiyi nodded at Xu Ran and pointed at Qin Lie.

Xu Ran wore a serious look on his face.

Everyone’s gazes were trained onto Qin Lie right now.

Qin Lie swiftly swiped his fingers across the Demon Sealing Tombstone’s surface until the lifeblood essence finally turned into a ball of fire.

The fire wriggled and gradually turned the Demon Sealing Tombstone’s surface into a mirror.

Stars began to appear on the tombstone’s surface. A few especially bright stars were gathered around each other.

Qin Lie pointed at that particular group of stars.

A blurry image slowly grew clearer as Bhutto, Bergson, Andrew and other ghoul race clansmen appeared on the Demon Sealing Tombstone’s surface.

These people were seated in a straight line like seven aligned planets deep within a certain space inside Prism Continent. They were unleashing shocking amounts of energy from their bodies, as though they were using some secret art.

All seven people were sitting on top of their own Soul Altars. Each had three levels.

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