Chapter 756: Heaven Grade Spirit Artifact

Chapter 756: Heaven Grade Spirit Artifact

“This flying sword may very well be a Heaven Grade spirit artifact!” Qin Lie said again.

He knew that he would be able to repair the Five Flames Flowing Light Sword since the first time he touched it on the reef a few days ago.

That was because he was familiar with the ancient diagrams inside the sword.

Luo Kexin’s artifact forging talent might be known throughout the world, but she knew nothing about the ancient diagrams. There was no artificer in the entire Celestial Artifact Sect who was proficient in ancient diagrams either.

That was why she came to the conclusion that no one could repair the Five Flames Flowing Light Sword.

She represented Celestial Artifact Sect, the holy land of artifact forging that existed in the Land of Chaos. Her words had thrown him into great despair.

There were two reasons as to why Qin Lie hadn’t repaired the flying sword on the spot. One, Xue Moyan had shown up and sought him out at the time. Two, he had no direct conflicts with Luo Kexin and didn’t wish to slap her face this overtly. He didn’t want to reveal too much of his artifact forging skills either.

After that, he returned to Terminator Sect and repaired the ancient diagram inside the flying sword. He already felt that this flying sword was a little unusual at the time.

However, he didn’t have an accurate measuring tool in hand and could neither measure nor evaluate the flying sword’s grade.

But he knew that this flying sword was unusual.

“Heaven Grade spirit artifact?!”

Two uncontrolled screams and heavy panting could be heard inside the room.

The voices belonged to Du Xiangyang and Luo Chen.

“What’s with the screaming?”

Yan Baiyi, the leader who was guarding this place hadn’t gone along with Luo Nan to chat with Forefather Terminator and the others at the front. Instead, he stayed behind to contact Heavenly Sword Mountain through a hidden method and report what was going on here.

He couldn’t help but scold Du Xiangyang when he heard his strange yell. He appeared inside Du Xiangyang’s room right after.

Yan Baiyi was one of the five Heavenly Swords of Heavenly Sword Mountain, a Soul Altar expert and Du Xiangyang’s teacher.

Du Xiangyang revered him greatly.

However, Du Xiangyang was obviously in a state of extreme excitement right now. Not only did he not exercise restraint after Yan Baiyi’s arrival, his excitement actually grew instead.

“Master, this sword, look at this sword!” He showed off the flying sword in his hand boastfully like a child.

Six colorful sword beams emanated fiery energy from the sword, making the sword seem like it had six blades.

When Du Xiangyang circulated his sword art, the six sword beams that looked like fire snakes began to spin and grow bigger and more terrifying.

After Du Xiangyang’s fire spirit art was channelled through the flying sword, its power seemed to have been amplified again and again to form fiery seas of flames.

The six sword beams swam inside the sea of flames nonstop and dazzled impressively.

Yan Baiyi’s pupils shrank. He was obviously stunned by the sight before him as he stared closely at the sea of flames Du Xiangyang had conjured.

He used his soul to check out the fire’s strength and the flying sword’s trajectory carefully.

A while later, Yan Baiyi shivered before he let out an exclamation, “Heavenly Sword Mountain gained a new Heaven Grade flying sword today!”

“Haha! Hahaha!” Du Xiangyang danced and laughed loudly in excitement. The tongues of fire flying out of his eyes were literally half a meter long.

“Your luck is so good.” Luo Chen looked quite envious.

Heaven Grade spirit artifacts were extremely rare. They were so rare that the number of spirit artifacts of this grade that Heavenly Sword Mountain possessed could be counted on two hands.

Heaven Grade spirit artifacts that were flying swords were even more precious to Heavenly Sword Mountain.

That was because Heavenly Sword Mountain’s martial practitioners were all sword wielders.

A flying sword that was of Heaven Grade was destined to be propped at the peak of Heavenly Sword Mountain. The very first owner of the flying sword was granted the honor to have their name carved into the Heavenly Sword Mountain even after their demise.

This meant that Du Xiangyang’s name would be engraved at the mountain peak of Heavenly Sword Mountain one day.

To all Heavenly Sword Mountain martial practitioners, it was their supreme honor to have their name engraved into Heavenly Sword Mountain.

“What happened?” Yan Baiyi was a Soul Altar expert after all. He quickly calmed down and asked with great astonishment evident in his eyes. “I remember that you were dejected for a while after you obtained this flying sword. The reason you insisted on joining this meeting was so that you can find someone in Celestial Artifact Sect to fix it for you, wasn’t it? Tell me, which Celestial Artifact Sect master artificer fixed this flying sword for you?”

Before Du Xiangyang could answer, Yan Baiyi immediately said, “It shouldn’t have been a junior like Luo Kexin! No matter how extraordinary her talents are, she probably isn’t qualified to work on a Heaven Grade spirit artifact yet!”

“Was it Master He Yi?” He made a guess.

“It was not.” Du Xiangyang shook his head while smiling.

“Then it must have been Master Wu Xie!” Yan Baiyi said affirmatively before praising. “I knew that Master Wu Xie could do this! Last time I even heard a rumor that Master Wu Xie is good enough to forge a Heaven Grade spirit artifact on his own now. At the time I had thought that it was just a rumor, but now it would appear that the rumors were true!”

“It wasn’t him either!” Du Xiangyang laughed loudly again.

The corner of Luo Chen’s mouth was also twitching as he wore an odd expression on his face.

“Not him?” Yan Baiyi looked astonished, “Could it be Feng Yi himself who helped you fix it? But that’s impossible. That old fellow seldom forges artifacts ever since he took the throne of the Celestial Artifact Sect, much less do something as trivial as repairing a spirit artifact. There’s no way he would do this, or did he?”

“Of course it wasn’t the Celestial Artifact Sect’s sect master.” Du Xiangyang stopped laughing.

He suddenly realized just how shocking Qin Lie’s seemingly simple feat was from Yan Baiyi’s reaction.

“Out of all the Celestial Artifact Sect master artificers who showed up this time, He Yi, Wu Xie and Feng Yiyou are the only ones who possess the ability to repair a Heaven Grade spirit artifact. I cannot imagine anyone else who could perform this feat.” Yan Baiyi looked more and more surprised.

“This person is right before you.” Du Xiangyang stopped keeping his master on tenterhooks.

Qin Lie was the only outsider inside the room, which was why Yan Baiyi had come to the realization almost immediately.

He immediately turned to stare at Qin Lie with a look of disbelief. “You can repair Heaven Grade spirit artifacts?!”

“I got lucky.” Qin Lie smiled.

“No wonder Li Mu said that you have some tricks up your sleeves.” Yan Baiyi nodded slightly before saying, “Does Gray Island’s Blazing Profound Bomb has something to do with you?”

Qin Lie was secretly shocked on the inside.

His interactions with Yan Baiyi were few and far between, yet Yan Baiyi seemed to know him quite well for some reason. He was actually able to connect the dots between his ability to repair the Five Flames Flowing Light Sword and the Blazing Profound Bombs.

He realized that there was no such thing as an ordinary Soul Altar expert.

“A little. But the ones who really forged the Blazing Profound Bombs are Gray Island’s artificers,” he explained.

“Impressive. It would seem that Gray Island is an extraordinary force. They may yet become a second Celestial Artifact Sect and lead the trend of all spirit artifacts in the Land of Chaos one day.” Yan Baiyi didn’t spare any energy in praising Qin Lie.

“You praise us too highly, Senior Yan.”

“No, no, the potential absolutely exists in Gray Island! I’ll speak with some people and convince them to cooperate with Gray Island after we take out the Heaven Ghoul Race. We will make a request to Gray Island to forge some flying swords!”

“Then I must thank you first, Senior Yan.”

Qin Lie understood that Celestial Artifact Sect was the one sect that provided Heavenly Sword Mountain with flying swords. Celestial Artifact Sect earned a large profit from these tasks.

If any of the most powerful forces was in need of spirit artifacts, they would seek out Celestial Artifact Sect.

That was how Celestial Artifact Sect managed to accumulate a shocking amount of wealth.

If Gray Island could become famous and rob some of the pie that once belonged to Celestial Artifact Sect, if Gray Island could forge and sell spirit artifacts to all great Silver rank forces, they would definitely rise as the new power of the Land of Chaos and accumulate an enormous amount of wealth in no time.

It was a far faster path to success than mining ores.

“No need to thank us. I have high expectations for Gray Island.” Yan Baiyi smiled and nodded at him. Then, he vanished from the room like lightning.

Right now, Du Xiangyang was still fondling his Five Flames Flowing Light Sword admiringly. From time to time he would let out a silly laugh that made him look like he just lost a few brain cells.

Luo Chen looked rather envious too.

“Ahem, say… how much do you guys know about Terminator Sect’s Senior Sister Shen?!” Qin Lie suddenly asked.

“Senior Sister Shen?” Du Xiangyang was surprised for a moment. His attention finally shifted from the flying sword bit by bit as his expression turned dubious. “What, you’re interested in Senior Sister Shen too?”

“That’s not it.” Qin Lie shook his head.

“No need to explain! Relax, I swear that I won’t snatch anything that you fancy since you fixed my flying sword! And that includes women too!” Du Xiangyang was feeling extremely generous right now.

However, he continued after a moment’s pause, “But didn’t you have Song Tingyu already? I noticed that Xue Moyan also shares an ambiguous relationship with you, and oh, you also have a fiancée, right? Er, Qin Lie? You’re wonderful in almost every aspect, but when it comes to women… don’t you think you’re a little too fickle in love?”

Luo Chen nodded slightly but very seriously in agreement.

Qin Lie looked utterly embarrassed by their claims.

“Never mind, never mind. To be fair, where would you find a man who isn’t like this?” Du Xiangyang smiled generously, “Isn’t Chu Li just the same as you are? Oh right, if you want to learn about Senior Sister Shen, why didn’t you go look for Chu Li instead? There isn’t anyone who knows her better than him.”

“Did the two of you not interact with each other after that day?” Luo Chen looked surprised.

“Seriously? You’ve both been at Terminator Sect for several days already. Haven’t you even talk with each other even once since that day?” Du Xiangyang exclaimed.

“I was busy fixing your flying sword.” Qin Lie spread his arms in a helpless gesture.

“I see…”

Du Xiangyang dragged his voice before he suddenly said, “Senior Sister Shen is the granddaughter of Terminator Sect’s Elder Shen. She i regarded highly by Old Monster Nan, and I heard that even Xu Ran and Tong Zhenzhen like her a lot. She has outstanding cultivation talent, and her realm is higher than even the two of us. She’s also a very smart person. I heard that she assisted her grandfather with the internal matters of the sect for quite some time already. Everything she does always turns out outstanding, and she seldom makes any mistakes at all. She…”

Du Xiangyang rattled off a bunch of stuff related to Shen Yue.

Qin Lie interrupted his rambling. “I’m not interested in all of these. I just want to know about her private life.”

“Revealed your true intentions, eh? And you say you don’t fancy her. That act is a little too poor, you know?” Du Xiangyang said disdainfully.

“Whatever you say.” Qin Lie didn’t feel like explaining any longer as he asked, “Is she a promiscuous person? Did she date a lot of men?”

“Promiscuous? Watch your mouth, Qin Lie! We’ve never heard any negative news relating to Senior Sister Shen! As far as I know, Senior Sister Shen’s standards are so high that she never showed any real interest in anyone of them. No one was able to win her heart all this time, so there’s not even a private life to speak of. So how could she possibly be promiscuous?” Du Xiangyang exclaimed.

“There are no bad rumors that exist regarding Senior Sister Shen,” Luo Chen echoed.

Qin Lie looked astonished.

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