Chapter 756: Heaven Grade Spirit Artifact

Chapter 756: Heaven Grade Spirit Artifact

“This flying sword may very well be a Heaven Grade spirit artifact!” Qin Lie said again.

He knew that he would be able to repair the Five Flames Flowing Light Sword since the first time he touched it on the reef a few days ago.

That was because he was familiar with the ancient diagrams inside the sword.

Luo Kexin’s artifact forging talent might be known throughout the world, but she knew nothing about the ancient diagrams. There was no artificer in the entire Celestial Artifact Sect who was proficient in ancient diagrams either.

That was why she came to the conclusion that no one could repair the Five Flames Flowing Light Sword.

She represented Celestial Artifact Sect, the holy land of artifact forging that existed in the Land of Chaos. Her words had thrown him into great despair.

There were two reasons as to why Qin Lie hadn’t repaired the flying sword on the spot. One, Xue Moyan had shown up and sought him out at the time. Two, he had no direct conflicts with Luo Kexin and didn’t wish to slap her face this overtly. He didn’t want to reveal too much of his artifact forging skills either.

After that, he returned to Terminator Sect and repaired the ancient diagram inside the flying sword. He already...

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