Chapter 755: Repairing the Flying Sword

Chapter 755: Repairing the Flying Sword

Shen Yue and Xu Ran’s act was a little obvious.

Qin Lie could sense Shen Yue’s great interest in him. She seemed to be observing his every move and plotting something in her head.

He thought he knew what Shen Yue wanted. That was why he cooperated with her and supported her.

This dumbfounded him, however.

“Senior Sister Shen, can you really help us?” Qin Lie asked without revealing his thoughts after pondering for a moment.

Shen Yue nodded smilingly.

“Don’t mind us, we’re heading to the front for a look,” Xu Ran held Tong Zhenzhen’s hand and led her to the ship before them.

Tong Zhenzhen cast a glance at Lin Liang’er.

Lin Liang’er quietly followed behind them with an indifferent look on her face.

That was how Qin Lie and Shen Yue were the only ones left inside the somewhat spacious meeting hall.

Most of the Terminator Sect martial practitioners were either waiting by cultivation areas or preparing themselves for the next battle. No one had the time to come here for an idle chat.

“Please teach me, senior sister.” Qin Lie bowed slightly.

Shen Yue suddenly sat down on a soft chair and relaxed her body completely. She beckoned him to come over...

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