Chapter 754: Another Strong Enemy

Chapter 754: Another Strong Enemy

East of the Heavenly Slaughter Continent, there was a desolate and endless ocean with many islands scattered about it. This territory belonged to the eastern barbarians.

There was no life on the islands.

On that morning, before the sun appeared, a gray shadow twisted and manifested high above the clouds.

The gray shadow turned into Bhutto.


Bhutto’s dark eyes looked around the surroundings eerily. His short body suddenly fell down towards the clouds.

The sea of clouds was vast.

Yet as Bhutto’s bodies started releasing spatial cracks, the cracks made this space look like a spider web, or a shattered mirror.

These were cracks even in the firmament.

“Crack crack!”

Sounds of stone shattering came from the space around Bhutto. It was a sound of a blocked passageway slowly splitting apart.

Some time later.

As more and more...

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