Chapter 753: Illusory Demon Sect’s Oppression

Chapter 753: Illusory Demon Sect’s Oppression

Luo Kexin, Luo Chen, and the others thought the same.

A martial practitioner that cultivated a heterogeneous mix of spirit arts could not have put time into artifact forging. Even a person as talented as her barely had any time to cultivate a fire spirit art on top of studying artifact forging.

The great majority of artificers only cultivated a fire spirit art to supplement their artifact forging.

Only these artificers could find a balance between studying forging and cultivating.

She did not think that Qin Lie who was recognized by Terminator Sect as someone with profound understanding of thunder spirit arts really knew how to forge artifacts.

Luo Kexin’s brow raised slightly. Her gaze when she looked at Qin Lie held tinge of dismissal.

“Not really.” Qin Lie didn’t even lift his head.

His hand that held the Five Flames Flowing Light Sword seemed like a metal hook. Threads of energy emanated from his fingertips and quickly made a circuit through the complex spirit diagram inside.

He frowned slightly.

“It’s normal that you do not understand.” Luo Kexin smiled, her eyes turning into crescents. She said pointedly, “No one can be accomplished in so many different areas.”

She reached out a hand towards Qin Lie with a proud smile at the corner of her mouth. She said with a relaxed expression, “Let me see.”

Du Xiangyang’s eyes lit up. He subconsciously moved forward with evident excitement.

“I’m in a good mood today. I will help fix the problem with Du Xiangyang’s flying sword.” Luo Kexin raised her head.

“Qin Lie!” Du Xiangyang shouted.

Qin Lie understood his meaning and silently handed the Five Flames Flowing Light Sword to Luo Kexin so that Du Xiangyang would not be disappointed.

Shen Yue and the others stared at Luo Kexin with wide eyes in curiosity. They wanted to see how she would fix this flying sword.

“As long as Senior Sister Luo successfully fixes this flying sword for me, the payment... I will definitely satisfy Senior Sister Luo!” Du Xiangyang gritted his teeth. He was clearly prepared to be robbed silly by Luo Kexin.

“I will only know if I can repair it after examination.” Luo Kexin slowly gripped the flying sword.

Shen Yue and the others focused on each and every one of her actions.

When she held the flying sword and tapped along the blade to ascertain the material of the flying sword from the outside, a hint of surprise flashed through Shen Yeu’s eyes.

Luo Chen and Chu Li were also slightly shocked.

From her presence when she held the sword, Luo Kexin did not seem as natural as Qin Lie.

They felt that Qin Lie’s focus, carefulness and presence carried a kind of ancient mannerism like that of an ancient artificer.

That mannerism surpassed Luo Kexin by far.

This was a very strange feeling.

They clearly did not understand Qin Lie, and didn’t even know for sure if Qin Lie actually knew artifact forging, but their heart told them that Qin Lie had some skill.


Luo Kexin flicked her finger. A metallic clang came from the flying sword. Threads of fire flowed from her fingertip and entered the spirit diagram of the sword.

After dozens of seconds.

“This sword is unrepairable.” Luo Kexin threw the Five Flames Flowing Light Sword towards Du Xiangyang as though she was throwing garbage. Her brow held some irritation and helplessness. “The compound spirit diagram inside contains three lost ancient diagrams that are damaged. Not just me, even the sect master of our Celestial Artifact Sect cannot repair it.”

“Not even a sliver of hope?’ Du Xiangyang asked dispiritedly.

This sword could perfectly merge with his fire spirit art. Even damaged, it could still release great power.

Du Xiangyang thought highly of this flying sword. He thought that when the flying sword was fixed, his strength would go up another level.

“No one in our Celestial Artifact Sect understands how to inscribe ancient diagrams. This means that no one in the Land of Chaos can repair this sword. Give up,” Luo Kexin said harshly.

The words sentenced the flying sword to death. They told Du Xiangyang to stop wasting energy on the Five Flames Flowing Light Sword because the sword had no chance of ever being repaired.

No matter how suited the sword was to him, if it was a faulty one, it could lost control at an important time.

A spirit artifact losing control during battle was calamity that could even kill its master.

This was absolutely not allowed.

“It seems my luck is not very good.” Du Xiangyang smiled disdainfully. “Alright, it’s good that I know the result. This way, I can pick a new flying sword as early as possible.”

He was preparing to give up on the Five Flames Flowing Light Sword.

“So lively here.” Xue Moyan’s voice came from the sky. A white crystalline war chariot carried her in her appearance.

Clad in white, she was like a goddess of the moon. Her figure gradually grew distinct.

“Junior Brother Qin, I have a matter to discuss with you,” Xue Moyan said from the chariot.

Qin Lie stood and looked at the group beside him. He suddenly said to Du XIangyang, “Lend the sword to me for a few days.”

“Sure.” Du Xiangyang sighed and threw the Five Flames Flowing Light Sword. He was clearly dispirited.

After all, Luo Kexin said the ancient diagram inside the sword was one that even Feng Yi of Celestial Artifact Sect could not repair. This almost meant that the sword was completely scrap.

A flying sword that could not be repaired was of no value to him.

“Everyone, I will leave first.” Qin Lie put the sword into his spatial ring. After Xue Moyan’s crystalline war chariot descended, he jumped onto it.

The white chariot departed.

“I hadn’t expected that he would be interested in trash.” Luo Kexin sneered and then said, “I’m going too.”

She quickly left.

“Let’s go.” Shen Yue waved her hand and flew away on the Gold Winged Luan.

“Chu Li, are you and Qin Lie alright?’ After everyone else left, Du Xiangyang suddenly frowned.

Luo Chen also looked over.

Chu Li’s face was pained and he shook his head. “Why wouldn’t we be? If my master wants to nurture Qin Lie, what can I do? Become enemies with Qin Lie because of this?”

“Then you?” Du Xiangyang trailed off.

“I’m alright. I just cannot come to terms with it that quickly. I will be fine after a while.” Chu Li sighed with helplessness. He did not say anything else as he flew away.

“Ah, the choice of the future sect master, if Chu Li cannot resolve this, they cannot be like before,” Du Xiangyang sighed.

“I hope the two of them can find a solution.” Luo Chen frowned.


The white crystalline war chariot left the reef and flew aimlessly.

On the chariot, Xue Moyan’s clothing fluttered in the wind. Her eyes were shrouded in worry.

“Why haven’t you gone back?” Qin Lie said in shock.

“Return where?” Xue Moyan sighed and said with a lowered head, “I came with Illusory Demon Sect. Other than you, there are no other sect members here.”

Pausing, she said, full of self-disdain, “Or should I return to Illusory Demon Sect?”

“I heard a bit of your argument with Ju Ruijie. Ignore her,” Qin Lie said gravely.

“I want to ignore her, but she does not plan on doing the same.” Xue Moyan shook her head.

“What happened?” Qin Lie took the hint.

“I heard that after I left, you also argued for a bit with Junior Sister Ju?”

“I did.”

“I just received news from Blood Fiend Sect. Elder Hong told me that Illusory Demon Sect has stopped their partnership with us. They are no longer selling us spirit materials. Blood Fiend Sect, Blood Island and Gold Sun Island, many martial practitioners rely on the spirit materials we purchase from Illusory Demon Sect for their cultivation. Gray Island also needs a constant supply of spirit materials to forge Blazing Profound Bombs. Other than the closest Illusory Demon Sect, no faction will sell such a wide variety of spirit materials.

“Terminator Sect, Heavenly Sword Mountain, they cannot replace Illusory Demon Sect?”

“No, Heavenly Sword Mountain and Terminator Sect are too far away. Many spirit materials cannot be moved using item teleportation formations. Illusory Demon Sect not selling spirit materials to us means that we are immediately in trouble. At least, in the short term, no one can replace Illusory Demon Sect.”

Qin Lie’s face gradually darkened.

He immediately knew that this was because of his conflict with Ju Ruijie, because he refused to sell Blazing Profound Bombs to Ju Ruijie. This had caused Illusory Demon Sect’s retaliation.

Looking back at it, Illusory Demon Sect’s counterattack was extremely strong and effective.

Because of his impulsive action, Blood Fiend Sect, Gray Island, Blood Island, Gold Sun Island, all of the martial practitioners and artificers would have a great drop in their efficiency due to the lack of materials.

“Does your master… know of this? What did your mother say?’ Qin Lie asked a beat later.

“My master doesn’t know, and my mother does not want to trouble her.” With a clear hesitation on her face, Xue Moyan ultimately said, “I also do not want to trouble my master… She has it tough.”

“There is a group of people in Illusory Demon Sect that have great reservations about us. They think we have impinged on their benefits. Even Senior Aunt Xiuling is discontent with us as she is the one in charge of spirit material trades between our sects. Without her consent, Junior Sister Jiu wouldn’t have been able to cut us off. I don’t know how many elders are like that.”

“If there are many of these people, even my master cannot overly favor us.”

Xue Moyan sighed. “Illusory Demon Sect is unlike Terminator Sect. She is not like Forefather Terminator with unparalleled position in the sect. He is like a god. No one dares to object to his decisions even if it is an incorrect one. But my master cannot do the same. My master do not have such strong power and influence as the Forefather.”

Qin Lie’s brow furrowed.

A long time later, he said with a grave expression. “In this enormous Land of Chaos, is there no other force that can solve our problem?”

“Unfortunately no.” Xue Moyan’s expression was pained. “As the largest artifact forging sect in the Land of Chaos, Celestial Artifact Sect possesses a great number of item teleportation formations. Also, the highest quality item teleportation formation they have can transport almost any spirit materials, even spirit herbs. However, the Setting Sun Islands do not have that kind of item teleportation formation. Supposedly, only Luo Kexin’s grandfather knows how to build these.”

“Then we will think of a way to make him build us one!” Qin Lie shouted.

“He never helps any sect other than Celestial Artifact Sect. He’s always been like that.” Xue Moyan had a helpless expression.

“Give me some time, I will think of a way.”

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