Chapter 752: Shen Yue

Chapter 752: Shen Yue

It was normal for Chu Li to feel like this.

Back at the Trial, he was the one who strongly suggested that Qin Lie should visit Terminator Sect. He thought of Qin Lie as a brother, and he hoped that his master would acknowledge Qin Lie’s cultivation talents and teach him the thunder spirit arts.

He had treated Qin Lie with utter sincerity.

However, Forefather Terminator had gone so far as to teach Qin Lie the ‘Profound Thunder Heart’. His care for Qin Lie was so great that it was as if he was raising Qin Lie as his own successor. This turn of events far exceeded Chu Li’s expectations, and it made him feel as if he had led a wolf right into his own house.

He couldn’t say anything about it, however.

“It’s not what you guys think. There’s some history between me and the Forefather. Also, I am not a Terminator Sect disciple even though I possess this token. It only serves to provide me with a status.”

Qin Lie took out the token in an attempt to console Chu Li. He said seriously, “Big brother Chu, I am not a Terminator Sect disciple, and I never will be! You…”

“You don’t have to explain anything.” Chu Li shook his head and smiled in response. “That the Forefather values you is the fortune you’ve earned through...

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